With Singapore Airlines from Sydney to Bangkok

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Söderhavs Resor - Destination Downunder - Southern World
WARNING!! If you ever go to Australia/ Oceania avoid the above companies. What a scam it turned out to be.
My 3 days Great Ocean Road tour for 2500$ turned out to be a scam
VARNING! Söderhavs Resor - Destination Downunder - Southern World är skojare och lurendrejare.
Använd inte några av deras tjänster!!

Monday 15th of August 2016 and my Koala and Kangaroo adventure have come to an end. My alarm went off at 6 and I was soon receiving my wake-up call. I was having my tea and I was pretty much ready when my phone rang 20 minutes to 8. My car, I missed the call and I called back, no answer.

I'll be darned, it called 10 minutes later and this time it was only 2 signals. My mood turned sour. What the duck is wrong with this guy? He was in the reception when I came down.
- What time is it? I asked
- 3 minutes to 8
- Don't you ever ducking call me again disturbing me in my room!

I had already paid the fare and as I'm from Sweden 8 o'clock i 8 o'clock, no need to call and disturb me every 10 minutes in my room. We took off and I ripped open my last 600ml bottle of Diet Drink. I have one 150ml bottle in my bag that I will enjoy in Bangkok tonight.

Before I left for Australia I bought long life milk and as I have a bottle of Diet drink in my bag I can go straight home without any stops at any supermarkets. This is a technique we call “plan ahead”

We were turning the taxi towards the town and I asked where we were going.
- We are going to pick up two more passengers.
- What are you going to do?
- No problem, they sit in the last row

OK, I was in the back seat and I, well, exploded. No need to turn off your parental filters as I will spare you from any explicit. But I was not happy. I have booked and paid for a airport With Singapore Airlines from Sydney to BangkokTAXI. This guy have planned to make some extra money.

So this is why the wanker twat was calling me all morning, to hurry up long before the agreed time.

Now he had the kindness to bring me trough the morning traffic in town with the bonus stops at every ducking traffic light.

And Twat Man was obviously expecting me to pay 50 dollars. I would have been at the airport cheaper and quicker in a taxi. He was a crook.

If you are in Sydney, take a TAXI, never pre-book anything as this just turned out to Calling you in the room, yeah, this is what we all want early morning

He gave me the full song and dance on how he had to help his friend as his car had broken down
- Then they can just take a taxi
You think I make this shit up, but you just can't make up stuff like this. What a twat! Of course, I asked for my money when we arrived to the airport.

No doubt that he have done this before. My friend problem... I'm helping him... I'm so sorry...

And what do you say, you are on the way back home from a gorgeous holiday. You have had the time of your life, you have even spotted a Koala and you’re in a great mood!!

Yes, people are happy, how do you think they places gets all the good reviews? They see a Koala and then it is rated 5 start. I never bother to read any 5 or 1 star reviews for obvious reasons. Well, I have almost given up writing any reviews. Anyway, you tell the driver that it is OK. NO PROBLEM!

But you don't do like this, ducking up my morning by start calling my room before the appointment and then bring me through the city traffic. As we know, airports and flying are boring, and you really just want to have a quite and quick ride there.

I checked in and I passed immigration and the security, quick and friendly service.

Sydney International Airport
We can see my plane on the tarmac
We can also see the Thai Airways 747 - I would have been flying Thai a few years ago, and only THAI!
But now they charge me 10 times more than Thai nationals to enter any of the National Parks.
They have Cigarette Police praying on tourists and several other scams going on.
So yes, I will not support Thai Airways and their owner when they only cheat us
Of course, have always been like this, but now, the new management in Thailand have promised to fight corruption! Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.st

Sydney International Airport
Moving the plane to the gate

Sydney International Airport
Parked at the gate

Sydney International Airport
This is an airline I don't care much for anymore

Thai Airways

I have sent several e- mails, but still no answers. Amazing customer care! Well, I was walking around Sydney’s International Airport and it was as nice as the other airports I have been on this time around in Australia.

I have bought a glass kangaroo and a glass koala. But I have not found my “new” favourite animal yet, a glass platypus. I was looking around on the airport but I only found a cuddle toy platypus

I had two soda water in the lounge, well, a plate of lasagne went down as well. I left for the gate and after 10 minutes or so it was time to board Singapore Airlines flight SQ 232 to Singapore. I was not very hopeful to find any diet drinks on board even though it is a few weeks ago now I asked them if they could arrange any.

6 bottles would be nice to have during the flight

Silver Kris Lounge at Sydney International Airport
Silver Kris Lounge at Sydney International Airport

Sydney International Airport
At the gate

Sydney International Airport

Sydney International Airport
It was a long way to walk even after boarding

Singapore Airlines Airbus 380
Our flight

Sydney International Airport
Last walk up the aerobridge

Singapore Airlines Airbus 380, flight SQ 232
Finally, almost on board Singapore Airlines flight SQ 232

Singapore Airlines Airbus 380, flight SQ 232
It looks to be comfy seats

Singapore Airlines Airbus 380, flight SQ 232
It looks to be comfy seats

Singapore Airlines Airbus 380, flight SQ 232
Plenty space in the bathroom

Well, no diet drinks, and I was better of. I was drinking tea instead and it was OK as soon as the Singapore Airlines Airbus 380, flight SQ 232Stewardesses got the hang of bringing me two mugs and not cups at the time.

They expect 7 hours and 25 minutes to get to Singapore so there will be a lot of time for tea and enjoyment.

Singapore Airlines Airbus 380, flight SQ 232

And as no surprise it got boring after about 3 hours in the air. We had finished our lunch and when the dessert Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.stwas coming they had ice cream and some cake to choose from.

And I know, I'm on diet. But I was just trying to get both the ice cream and cake. First she didn't understand and when she understood she just left. What a shame that Turkey have turned in to a shit hole of a country or I would have flown with Turkish Airways, best airline in the world.

Their food, amazing and when they bring the desserts, there are so many different to choose from. And they are almost forcing you to try everything. Baklava Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.st and cakes and puddings, ice cream and fruit. You name it, and they want you to eat of everything.

We are flying with an Airbus 380 and the seat are huge. Flying with Thai Airways and we had the same seats as in the Boeing 777. But this is a seat arrangement that I have never seen before. Singapore Airlines Airbus 380, flight SQ 232But still, ANA have had the best seats.

I watched 2 movies and the time was not passing very quickly, but it was OK and I have had worse flights.

I was off the plane at 5 o'clock and that gives me just a wee bit more than an hour to get to terminal 2.

I had to take a sky train to terminal 2 and the Silver Kris Lounge is Silber Kris Lounge in Singaporelocated between the sky train station and gate E12. So I have time for 2 or 3 cans of Diet Pepsi there before continuing to my gate.

And, well, one thing first, the food at the Silver Kris Lounge in Singapore isn't really any challenge for my diet. Chicken tikka and, well, the main event at the Silver Kris is the Diet Pepsi. But I had 2 slices of bread with cheese.

And I was really disappointed that they had not been able to arrange Pepsi Max or Diet Pepsi for the flight. Especially after always sounding the “great service” fanfare. But I guess it pay off. In Cairns during the “Wait A While - Rainforest” tour I asked the girl from Finland on which airline she had come with.

The other passengers got involved and we had come to Australia with Lufthansa etc. When I said that I had come with Singapore Airlines they become green of envy
- You travel in luxury!
I explained that it was the same as the other airlines. It is the same food and service and as I told them: It is not like we're looking at the latest Jason Statham movie while they have to watch Laurel & Hardysome old Laurel & Hardy bullsh** on the other airlines.

I have found Singapore Airlines service and food pretty average, Turkish Airlines have Singapore Airlines Airbus 380, flight SQ 978been the airline sticking out as serving top notch food.

I left the Silver Kris Lounge just before 6 o'clock and it was a little trotting to do to reach gate E12.
Of course, gate E12 was the gate furthest away.

Security check and they had started the boarding. So for me it was just to board when I was through the security. I stopped to see if the seat next to me was Suvarnabhumi International Airportempty. And I was lucky, the seat next to me was empty. And I cannot complain about the flights on my Australian koala and kangaroo adventure.

I have been alone on all flights except the last flight between Melbourne and Sydney. There it was a full row.

So I cannot complain. Anyway, we were soon taking off towards Bangkok and, well, the flight was OK, but time was for sure not passing quickly. We were out of the plane around 8 o'clock and I stepped inside my apartment at 9 o'clock. And I was soon to discover that my “Bring home a bottle of Pepsi MAX” plan failed big time.

I discovered that I had not just bought long life milk before leaving for Australia, I had also bought Diet drinks. And I was convinced that I had given p th edarn thing before leaving. Well, now I have to drink diet drinks like there are no tomorrow.

BAck home from the Australian outback, smack in the middle of Bangkok. No wildlife or whales to bee seen around here. Well, actually, next weekend, whale watching in Bangkok? If I haven't joined my ship by then I will join a whale watching tour on Saturday morning.

Love Wildlife

I also came across Love Wildlife here in Bangkok. Love Wildlife is a non-profit foundation registered in the country of Thailand, and in the State of Texas (U.S.A.) as a foreign non-profit. We work hard at educating the younger generations about the importance of wildlife and their connection to the world we all live in.

So check out their web page www.lovewildlife.org And you can support them. And you can start right on by helping them to save the Slow lorises

Slow lorises

are a group of several species of nocturnal strepsirrhine primates that make up the genus Nycticebus. Found in Southeast Asia and bordering areas, they range from Bangladesh and Northeast India in the west to the Sulu Archipelago in the Philippines in the east, and from Yunnan province in China in the north to the island of Java in the south.

Download the “Erwin the Loris flyer front” by clicking HERE

Download the “Erwin the Loris flyer back” by clicking HERE

Well, seems like I will have to work while you are all helping out with the “Save the Loris;” campaign. I came home from school and there was an e-mail. Joining in Singapore and I will have to fly to Singapore on Thursday. So no whale watching, but I will make some very much needed money instead.

So we just have to click HERE to find out about the adventure in Singapore. Any Hornbills this time? I'm pondering the idea to bring my camera as we remember last time I was in Singapore when I saw the Hornbill but I only had my Scooby 500 camera.

It is a lot of camera to carry around so we will have to see about that. One thing is for sure, the diet will be taken seriously this time and it won't surprise me if it will turn out as the most severe diet of all times. It would be like winning the lottery if I could lose a few tons before I'm back home again in October/ November (With a V-shaped torso?)

Oriental Pied Hornbill at Singapore Botanic Gardens
Oriental Pied Hornbill

Oriental Pied Hornbill at Singapore Botanic Gardens
Oriental Pied Hornbill

Oriental Pied Hornbill at Singapore Botanic Gardens
Oriental Pied Hornbill


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