Jetstar flight JQ 920 from Cairns to Darwin

Jetstar flight JQ 920 from Cairns to Darwin

Friday 22nd of July 2016 and my alarm went off at 8 o'clock. I have booked and pay for a late check-out so I will leave at 3 o'clock in the afternoon and my Jetstar flight JQ 920 are departing Darwinat 17:00.

So I have a few hours to kill, nut there will be no problem to kill time as I have plenty pictures to look at. Updating my web page with the latest drivel from the Australian wilderness.

I will not have breakfast at Pacific Hotel here in Cairns again. Not after last time I tried to get breakfast and it ended with me asking for my money back. But I really liked the place next to Tokyo Dumplings and I went there at 10 o'clock. It was a nice morning and I enjoyed the walk 2 blocks up the road.

I came around the corner and holly duck! The place was full so I just continued to walk around looking for a place for breakfast. All places were full and with my Breakfast in Cairnsexperience with these places. Staffed with one person only I just knew that it would take ages before I had any food on the table. Nothing I wish for.

I passed the fish and chips place that I had passed the other night. It looked to be open and I went inside.

They had tea, smoked salmon and avocado so that was breakfast good enough for me. The avocado was a disappointment, they only had mashed avocado and only God knows what they had mixed in the mushy mash.

But it was OK and, well, I never asked for a second plate, but it was OK. And I have also planned a last visit to Tokyo Dumplings before I leave for Darwin. I walked back to my hotel and it was a Sunshine in Cairnsreally nice day.

Sunshine and perfect temperature and I really enjoyed my constitutional Yet another Smiley on back to my hotel.

It is a public holiday and there were not much people on the streets. Mostly in the restaurants curing hangovers as it looked like.

I bought 4 cans of diet drinks in the vending machine before getting in to the elevator.

I spent 3 hours in my room before I left for lunch at Tokyo Dumplings and I really hope Yet another Smiley on that they are open. I came around the corner, not so many people at the coffee shop. But this time I Tokyo Dumplings in CairnsJapanese lunch in Cairnswasn't here to eat breakfast. Now it is lunch time.

I saw that Tokyo Dumplings were open and I went inside. I asked for 6 potato & cheese dumpling and 6 potato, curry & beef dumplings and a plate of teriyaki fried noodles. And a bottle of water.

It was good, I will actually miss this place. Yet another Smiley on Hmm, maybe good that I will never find this place again. I would have been eating myself out of my clothes. So I'm better off without any Tokyo Dumplings restaurants.

I was full when I left and I was soon back in my room. I meet the guy that had been knocking on my door at 11 o'clock to tell me it was time to checkout
- I have paid for late check out
- No
- I will stay here until 3
- It is 11 o'clock and check out time

He continued like this and when he told me for the fifth time that it was 11 o'clock and time to check out I lost my temper.
- What the duck! I'm here discussing this with you in the door. DUCK OFF!
- I just do my job!
- NO! Your job is to tell me that it is time to check out. And when I tell you that I have paid for late check out you should just say sorry and check this information with the front desk. Not to Tokyo Dumplings in Cairnshave me here to discuss this with you in the door! Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.stDuck off Wanker Twat!

Now they were so nice, asking if I wanted coffee and I don't know what to my room. I said no thanks, I would soon come down and I asked if they thought it would be a good idea to book the taxi in advance.

They suggested me to call a taxi when I was ready or I would have to pay for the taxi waiting if I wasn't ready when the taxi arrived. OK, I went up to my room and I was back down at 3 o'clock. They called a taxi and the car was here in less than 3 minutes. We were soon on the way to the airport leaving Pacific Hotel and Cairns behind.

The driver interrogated me on what I had been up to here in Cairns. And as we talked it turned out that he had never been on the Great Barrier Reef.
Yet another Smiley on - Are you shitting me??!!

He had never bothered going out there, he had been snorkelling in Pattaya, and he didn't like it, if I put it mildly. He would never go back to Thailand. I told him to go snorkelling here as you cannot compare Pattaya with the Great Barrier Reef.

Cairns Airport
Check in went surprisingly quick

Cairns Airport
I spend the time waiting with drinking healthy stuff and updating my web page and the time passed by very quickly

Cairns Airport
Cairns airport was pretty nice

Cairns Airport
No sign of any boarding at gate 20

Cairns Airport
No sign of any boarding at gate 20

Jetstar flight JQ 920 to Darwin
Our plane

Jetstar flight JQ 920 to Darwin
Our plane

Jetstar flight JQ 920 to Darwin
Our plane

Jetstar flight JQ 920 to Darwin
Our plane

Jetstar flight JQ 920 to Darwin
Boarding the plane

Jetstar flight JQ 920 to Darwin
Boarding completed, and I ended up with my own row

Jetstar flight JQ 920 to Darwin
Safety demonstration before we can take off

Jetstar flight JQ 920 to Darwin
Waiting for the GO from the tower

Jetstar flight JQ 920 to Darwin
Here we go! Darwin next!

Jetstar flight JQ 920 to Darwin
Leaving Cairns and all the fun behind. It have been marvelous!

Jetstar flight JQ 920 to Darwin
Setting course for Darwin and I ask for a Diet drink
She brings the drink and she tells me that I have a 5$ voucher so I don't need to pay. What voucher? I ask but no answer

Jetstar flight JQ 920 to Darwin
Suddenly it is evening
I ask the Stewardess if there is any time difference between Cairns and Darwin. She said no, there is no time difference

Jetstar flight JQ 920 to Darwin
Approaching Darwin and I can see bush fires below

Jetstar flight JQ 920 to Darwin
Coming down below the clouds

Jetstar flight JQ 920 to Darwin
Coming down below the clouds

Jetstar flight JQ 920 to Darwin
Coming down below the clouds

Jetstar flight JQ 920 to Darwin
Almost there

Jetstar flight JQ 920 to Darwin
At the gate and I was surprised when the pilot informed us about the 30 minutes
time difference between Cairns and Darwin. Well, anyway, good that someone knows

Jetstar flight JQ 920 to Darwin
Getting off the plane in Darwin

I bought a refill for my Telstar while waiting for my luggage and then I was off to find a taxi for transportation to Palms City Resort in Darwin.

It was maybe 15 minutes to the hotel from the airport and I checked in and I was soon back on the “road again” going to look for diet drinks and a restaurant. I didn't had to walk far, just next Char Restaurant in Darwinto the hotel there is “THE” steak house of Darwin. The Char restaurant, a steak house and obviously the place to be seen at when eating steaks in Darwin

I went inside and I asked for a pot of tea, spring rolls for starter and a TUGU steak with mashed potatoes and mustard sauce. And some bread. I had my bread and spring rolls but no sign of any tea. I had to remind them about the tea, and when they brought the smallest pot of tea I have ever seen I had to remind them about the milk. And later on I had to go to the bar to get my milk.

The steak came and no sauce and my second pot of tea was what we call silver tea. Just hot water and I didn't noticed until I started to drink the “tea” I called someone responsible for the place. I was furious, 125$ and no sauce to the steak, of course they tried to charge me for the sauce and 2 pots of tea.

This was nothing but a scam, tourists only and the twat working there asked where I came from and some chit chatting when the bill came so I shouldn’t notice the scam.
Yet another Smiley on - Where I come from? You just make sure things are working here

And I could not believe my ears when the wanker twat said that he hoped it would be better next time I came. How stupid is this guy?
- Do you think I will ever come back here?

They stole 125$ from me, it was something of the worst I have ever had. And when I crossed the street to the supermarket my mouth started to water and I felt nauseous. I had passed a Darwin Police forcepolice station and I was walking on a street lined with bars. I just knew that I was going to Char restaurant - Steak house in Darwinthrow up, outside the police or the bars?

I choose to go back to the police station and I threw up outside the police station. I was actually hoping Yet another Smiley on that the police would arrest me.
- Come here you drunk!

I have not had a drop of alcohol for a very long time and when they would have found out they would ask me what have happened.
- I just had a 125$ dinner at Char Restaurant

I could keep my 125$ steak for less than 5 minutes. As soon as I had threw up I felt better and I bought a milkshake in an ice cream place around the corner. I told the girl what had happened
- Char Restaurant, it is not very good, she said.

I bought my diet drinks and I went back to my room. I asked the guy in the reception for the password to the internet. He told me he had given it to me already.
- No you never gave me the password
- You put it in your valet
- You're a twat! Never mind the ducking internet!

I had put the receipt in my valet, well, never mind. My alarm is set to go off at 05:25 and they will call me from the reception at 5 thirty. An exciting day to look forward to and we just need to click HERE to find out if it will be an adventure or not.


Jetstar flight JQ 920 from Cairns to Darwin

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