Melbourne Public transport
Melbourne Public transport

Monday 8st of August 2016 and to get out of bed when the alarm went off at 5 was not so fun. A bucket of tea and I was ready to take the 10 minutes’ walk to the bus stop. My flight departs at Melbourne12 o'clock so I hope I will make it in time.

And I will Yet another Smiley on hopefully step in to my hotel room between 2 and 3 o'clock this afternoon. Just sorry to have to go through everything between leaving this room and to step in to my room in Sydney

But as this is just wishful thinking I will have to spend the next 8 to 9 hours on the GO. But it is worth it, Phillip Island have been absolutely beautiful. And the Go West Tours day tour was very entertaining. So I have had a good time.

And the humpback whale breaching, priceless!! This is nothing we're seeing every day and I will live on this memory for quite a while, at least until I'm on board the next whale watching boat in Sydney.

But before that I will have to survive Qantas flight QF 430 from Melbourne to Sydney. And when I checked in on the internet there was only one seat available. BETWEEN TWO OTHER! So Phillip Island Apartmentsbelieve me, I was not looking forward to this even though the flight is only 1h 25m long.

Morning tea and I took my roller luggage and I left to catch the bus just up the hill, 200 meters away.

It was dark but the birds was singing. I dropped my key at the entrance and I left Phillip Island Apartments behind. It took a few minutes to walk to the bus stop and it was not as cold as I had thought it would be.

Phillip Island Apartments
I said good bye to the tree with the parrots and the wattlebirds.

Cowes, Phillip Island
Main Street in the dark

Cowes, Phillip Island
Main Street in the dark

Cowes, Phillip Island
Cowes from the bus stop

There was no one at the bus stop when I arrived. Am I at the right place? Will there be a bus? I really hope so because here is no taxi and I have not seen any taxi since I left Melbourne. There Cowes, Phillip Islandwas a car with two people in the front seats.

It was a beautiful morning and it was no problem to wear shorts even though it was a wee bit nippy. I could see a lady approaching the bus stop and when she came closer I asked if she was going with the bus.

She was also going with the bus and we expect the bus to come in a few minutes. The bus was approaching and one of With bus from Cowes, Phillip Island to Dandenongthe guys in the car got out so we were 3 passengers boarding here in Cowes.

We took off towards Dandenong and I was very happy to be on the bus. I will most likely make it in time for my flight to Sydney departing @ 12.

I dozed off and I woke up when we crossed the bridge from Phillip Island to the mainland.

With bus from Cowes, Phillip Island to Dandenong
We arrive to Dandenong

With bus from Cowes, Phillip Island to Dandenong
I can see the airport bus stop

We arrived to Dandenong 10 minutes before 10, a few minutes before scheduled tide. I don't know what I had expected of the Dandenong train station. Dandenong is a suburb to Melbourne and it was a commuter station. I had expected something big as my airport bus would depart from bay # 15.

I saw bay # 15 across the street and it was a 1 minute walk to get there. It had been working very well and I had been a little worried to make it to the airport bus in time. But this was not a big station and it was easy to see bay #15 from where I got out of the bus.

I said good bye to the driver and I was off to bay #15. There was a lady sitting on the bench reading a book. I asked if she was going with the airport bus. And yes, she was going to the airport to catch a flight to Brisbane.

We talked and she was a frequent flyer and had used this service many times so she gave me the ropes. I told her that I had expected them to be here by now so we could get in to a warm car
- They never come until 20 minutes past 10.

But we were lucky, the airport shuttle arrived early and we could get inside. We were 5 passengers on board when we left Dandenong bound for Melbourne airport.

Dandenong Airport shuttle
The bus arrives

Dandenong Airport shuttle
Loading the bus

Dandenong Airport shuttle
On the way

Dandenong Airport shuttle
Approaching Melbourne

Dandenong Airport shuttle
Approaching Melbourne

Dandenong Airport shuttle
Driving through a tunnel in Melbourne

Dandenong Airport shuttle

Dandenong Airport shuttle
Arriving to Melbourne airport

Qantas domestic

Dandenong Airport shuttle
Leaving the Dandenong Airport shuttle behind and I go to check in

It was a very nice trip and we arrived to Melbourne airport 15 minutes before scheduled time. So there will be plenty time for check-in. I took my bag and I said good bye and I left for Qantas domestic terminal 2 minutes away. The Dandenong airport service is something that I can recommend if you ever end up on Phillips Island.

Now I will have to find out if I will have to sit between two other passengers on Qantas flight QF 430 to Sydney. You just need to click HERE to find out.


Melbourne Public transport

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