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Wednesday 28th of May 2008 and before going to my school I will have a few days off with Charisma Man in Los Angeles. I will get back home around the 10th of June if my plan works out. We see, but I could have made it to the DP course. But it was very uncertain how long we should have been anchored and now I'm under no stress to get home. So the plan is to extend my stay in Los Angeles and I will go to Thai Airways tomorrow to check out if I can get a seat next Sunday. There is always someone. . . . . Then I will still have a few days before leaving to Norwegian Training Center in Manila for the Gas Tanker
1 physically strong, fit, and active: big, muscular, athletic boys.
2 [ATTRIB.] of or relating to athletes or athletics: athletic events | an athletic club.

ORIGIN mid 17th cent.: from French athlétique or Latin athleticus, from Greek athletikos, from athletes
course 16th of June.

Well, a new city and it always a good idea to check out internet so you know what to expect. The extra days anchored while waiting gave me ample time to check out Los Angeles on internet. It took me some times, but I found Athletic There is always someone. . . . . Singles.
- Hmm, athletic Singles and I'm right on the spot on Venice beach.
One of our Technicians on Barcarolle repairing the auxiliary engine lived in Los Angeles.
- Venice beach, that's where they are lifting weights all day long on the beach.
- Seems to be the place for me then, I said.

We stepped ashore in Galveston at 1630 and we were expecting our ride to be there waiting. She was, but she was just standing there, like miles away behind containers and old wrecked cars and shit. One of the Technicians had to go ask if she was sent by the agent.
• 5-7 minutes lost
I was pretty upset, what the BIP is she doing standing over there. I don't know why the Technician went over there because all the rest of us where standing at the boat waiting for a van to come pick us up.

We took off to the Immigration, no Immigration Officer at the office.
• 20 minutes lost
Waiting until the security came to throw us out. When we came down the Immigration Officer was there busy with 2 crew members from another ship. By now I was sure that I would miss my flight.
My driver talking on the mobile all the way to Houston, driving like she was afraid of the car.
• Another 20 minutes lost

Next flight with available 1st class was at 2255 and I went to Continentals President Club for internet and snacks. Luckily enough I wasn't going to Funky Town tonight, which would have been a missed flight.

I meet the Danish Technician in the lounge.
- Did you miss your flight? He asked.
He was supposed to go with me, but the driver refused to take him.
- I'm here to pick up the Chief Officer and no one else, she said.

He had to call a taxi and he was on the airport in 1h 15m and my ride took ages.
- So you will miss all the action in Los Angeles tonight, he said.
- Yeah, but I will feel great tomorrow, I replied.

I arrived to my hotel around 1 o'clock in the morning and no reservation I started my computer and I showed my 2 confirmation e-mails. The Supervisor checked his bookings and my reservation were cancelled. OK, we remember the drama on the flight with Continental to Panama City last year. At arrival to Panama City I was desperate for a fag, even though I gave up smoking years ago. OK; Continental will not win the airline of the year this year either. It was slightly better than the horror flight to Panama City. Slightly better and that was even though I was flying 1st class.

So while the Supervisor was looking for my reservation I asked if they were selling cigarettes.
- No, but my friend have cigarettes!
- OK, can I have one. PLEASE! I'm fresh of a terrible flight!

His friend gave me 4 fags.
- Hey! One is enough, I gave up smoking, and I just need something after the flight.

I was out smoking with his friend and when we came back in he had found my reservation. I asked about Las Vegas.
- If I can change my flight I will go to Las Vegas for a few days.
I asked if he had a store room where I could keep my luggage while in Las Vegas letting my hair down.
- No, but I like your style. Just ask for Miguel and I will fix for you.
- That's very nice of you!
- I like your style, relaxed and friendly. No attitude.

OK, we will see about that when I have been on town a few nights drinking beer. I still remember Houston 10 years ago. I was dead drunk and when I came to my room the key card didn't work. Well, I came up with a plan, I didn't have the energy to go down to the reception.
- If I lay down in front of my door screaming someone will complain and they will come from the reception and open my door, I thought.
Said and done and the day after the Boss called me when I passed the reception.
- I'm impressed! I have never seen anyone so drunk before!
Finally I made it to my room with my entire luggage. Hopefully it will be less when checking in on my next flight. I will use plenty snus and B12 vitamins during my stay so. Anyway, I hope this will Bedroomtake a considerable load off my luggage.

It was a beautiful room. Not a room, it was a 2 room Bedroomapartment with a full kitchen so 300 US per day is a bargain. It's not like I will cook any dinner, but Houston and Marriott fresh in mind. It's nice to be able to make tea and breakfast in the room those days when you don't feel like meeting strangers in the morning.

OK, as I said to our Danish friend at the airport in Houston:
- I will miss the night life tonight, but I will feel great tomorrow.

So I will be ready to take on the world and I will start with Thai Airways. My new reservation is in process according to an e-mail yesterday. But the office is not far away from my hotel so I might Barber shopPOP ” by to check out on the progress.

I left my room around 12 o'clock and I walked along the beach looking for a TAXI or a nice cafe for my breakfast. I found neither and I walked back up to Pacific Avenue. Next to my hotel were a barber shop and a restaurant. I started with a haircut and then I had a cheese & ham omelette next door.

It was a Korean lady running the Breakfast place and she had been living here since 1982. It was a very nice place with a friendly atmosphere. There Thai Airwayswas also a very beautiful waitress working there so I will have my breakfast there again.

I left and I stopped a TAXI outside the restaurant and 50 US later we were outside Thai Airways office. It took me 2 minutes to change my flight to the 8th of June. I'm in Premium Economy now, or as I said to the Thai girl and boy working there:
- Scooby Doo class!
They felt off their chairs laughing. When they had picked them self up from the floor they informed me that business is full.
- But you have a confirmed seat in Scooby Doo class on the 8th and you're on waiting list 7, 8 and 9th of June in business class. We don't have any 1st class from LA to Funky Town.
- Thank you!
- Do you have any contact number in LA?
- No
- Any e-mail?
I handed her my card and she felt of her chair again.
- Mai Mi Mia!

Well, the guy in charge over the mileage department was playing in a band during the weekend and the girl gave me the address. Well, most likely our hero, the Charisma Man will show up there.
- Nä, nu ska morfar ut o supa!

OK, what the BIP went wrong? When I got dressed for a night on town I discovered that all my cloths smelled of snus. All my luggage, only computers, snus and the cloths that I bought at “Tjock & Fläskig” in Freeport. Mu new cloths smelled of snus and I had to soak myself in Deo and after shave and 3 quick beers at the first bar. And after 3 beers Charisma Man took over the show, and he don't care about some smell.

Well, waking up was not the experience I was hoping for. What's wrong with a simple hotel room? Now I have to find my way all the way out to the kitchen to find me some cold water. I guess myself medication yesterday didn't did the trick, I have to wait for the B12 to kick in.

We remember our Lebanese Doctor on Rainbow Warrior. She was chocked when she saw the bucket Rainbow Warriorof pills that I ate before going to town.
- What is all that? she asked.
- My “pre hangover” medication
- Are you crazy? Medicating yourself!

Well, my “pre hangover” didn't do me any good today. I woke up with my snus, half of it in the bed and the rest in my mouth. My bed sheets were black and I remembered China. We remember when the Agent called me at 0845.
- I come and pick you up in 15 minutes!
- No you're not! Come in 1 hour, I said.
My bed was black of snus and when I checked out I had to pay 20 Scooby dollars for the sheet. Embarrassing, not the 20 Scooby dollars, but my black sheets. They must have thought that I had had an accident in the bed. I didn't bother explaining about the snus.

Well, Venice Beach and the hangover was noting different from where ever you have your hangover in the world. I had a bowl of cereals and when the world started to spin in front of me I returned to bed.
- The darn B12 should kick in any minute by now!

I watched a movie while drinking water and orange juice. Kitchen in the hotel, what a great idea! I bought milk, juice and cereals yesterday and I don't have to meet anyone until Då e d dags igenmy B12 has kicked in. For sure I don't have the guts to look in my valet, that takes more than a few B12. I suspect it to have been expensive yesterday.

I was walking around Venice and I ended up in Santa Monica and I stopped for a beer. Venice, well, there was not any place that I liked.
Tattoo shops everywhere, every second shop were a tattoo shop and the rest was selling t-shirts and pipes to smoke marijuana and hashish and other stimulation in.

- Yeah, you know the kind of place. I'm so cool, I haven't had a shower for 3 weeks and I have travel around the world with 25US.

So I had reached Santa Monica when I found the first place for a beer. First beer, tasted like BIP, the second one was a wee bit better and the third one disappeared like a diet drink.
Charisma Man
- Welcome back Mr. Charisma Man!
From this place it was a brisk 2 minutes walk to my next stop. SHUSHI club, Reggae music on full Då e d dags igenblast and a little hot sake and I had reached the point of no return.

The SUSHI club turned out to be a nice place and I was, well, tipsy when I left the place. Walking towards the spot they had recommended at SUSHI Club.
- There are plenty clubs and bars!

I had been on the road for 10 minutes and not a bar in sight and I was about to piss my pants. I really needed a bar with a rest room. I passed a restaurant, but they didn't have beer and they didn't had any restroom.
You won't believe it, but I almost pissed myself before reaching a bar on the beach.

I had 3 or 4 beers before leaving, I ended up with 2 guys in the bar and I asked for a place with music. They recommended a place around the corner and I went out to take a TAXI. By the time I On the waywas in the TAXI I had forgotten about the place.
- Take me to Hollywood, but we need to stop at my hotel first.
I needed more snus before leaving for Hollywood. When we left my hotel I asked the driver if he could make a quick stop.
- I need one beer for the trip!

- BIG PROBLEM! Police very strong in Los Angeles
- HEY, I wrap it in a paper bag!
- BIG PROBLEM! Police very strong in Los Angeles. We will go to jail, Police very strong.
OK, I get the picture and I didn't bother telling him the tale about our TAXI trip to Helsingborg a few years back. I guess it was pure luck the Los Angeles Police Department wasn't around then. One of the passengers was throwing up all over the car and the driver when we hit the freeway in Gothenburg.

OK, we were soon on the high way to Hollywood and the driver told me he was from Armenia.
- I'm born in Armenia.
- Are you 100 years old or something? Armenia ceased to exist a long time ago!
- My grandparents was in the last big shooting 1950, he said.
- Well, Sir, I don't know what Armenia you're talking about.
- There were two killings, the last 1950, he continued.
- You must mean 1915 and if you were born in Armenia you must be 100 year old. Either that or On the wayyou're way younger than you look.

He called his brother for tips about places with good music. We remember our adventure in Oslo, Norway when we asked the TAXI driver for a good place. The driver was 100 years old and we ended up in a place that we might have enjoyed if we were 80 years older.

I don't understand Armenian or whatever language he was speaking but I could hear Music, bangla boom and I understood that he meant business. 75 US later we ended up in Hollywood. Bars, clubs and Hollywoodentertainment as long as I could see.
- What the hell am I doing in Venice? 150 US Hollywoodfor taxi, what a waste when I could have been living here.

Well, I will leave Venice beach first thing and move to Hollywood. Here is plenty to do and again, thinking about Oslo, Norway. The Captain from American Eagle Tankers might like Venice, but I don't like it. ZIP to do, unless you like to get a tattoo or a stupid t-shirt.

The driver dropped me off outside a restaurant and I entered and I took a seat in the bar. I Hollywoodordered white wine and, well, from now on I lost track about time Hollywoodand where I went and what the places were called. But I ended up at a place with live music and for sure, the guy from Thai didn't play in the band.

For sure I don't remember when I came home, but waking up this very morning with a hangover force 9,6 and snus was not a very nice experience.

But we never learn, it will happen again and most likely tomorrow morning again. My B12 kicked in
Welcome to Best Western Hollywood Plaza Inn!
Discover the very best of Hollywood!

The Best Western Hollywood Plaza Inn is located in the heart of Hollywood, the entertainment capital of the world. Our hotel overlooks the scenic Hollywood Hills and is located minutes from Universal Studios, two blocks from the Chinese Mann & Kodak Theatre(home of Oscar awards),Walk of Fame, Ripley's Wax Museum and the Hollywood Bowl. The Best Western Hollywood Plaza Inn features excellent contemporary accommodations and personal service to make your vacation, business trip or weekend a truly unforgettable experience. Our courteous and professional staff here stands ready to assist you in making your stay pleasant and comfortable. The Best Western Hollywood Plaza Inn also offers a large outdoor swimming pool and spa/Jacuzzi� & FREE Parking.

We are located just blocks from Hollywood and Highland, a truly unique complex, LA's newest gathering place for entertainment, dining, fashion and nightlife.
Hollywoodand 5 glass of fresh orange juice later I had the energy to get out to the living room and my computer. 5 minutes later I had a room in Hollywood and I will check out tomorrow. 150 US a day in TAXI and I can as well stay close to the action. Everyone told me that it's so nice HERE in Venice. Relaxed atmosphere, hell, I don't Hollywoodwant any relaxed atmosphere. Action 24/7 is what I want.

I will give Santa Monica, or is it Santa Barbara. I don't know, but I will give it one more chance tonight and tomorrow I'm off to Hollywood.

Well, I will pack my bags. It doesn't take much imagination to understand how fun that will be tomorrow morning, B12 or not. Sen ska Morfar ut o supa igen!

I left the hotel and I stopped a TAXI. 15 minutes later we stopped at a mall and I entered an Italian restaurant. Italian restaurant, a real restaurant and I were really happy to have left TEXAS behind. TEXAS must be the worst place in the world, at least in the civilized world.

Only Wal-Marts and, for example, you want to go to an Italian restaurant and Olive Garden is the only thing around. Yeah, you remember the place where they dumped half a kilo of melted cheese in front of me. When you left the place you felt like shit.

I haven't been in a real city in TEXAS. Houston, we remember when we arrived to Downtown Houston Saturday afternoon. Downtown and Saturday, not a single person was to be seen on the streets. How many beautiful girls did we see in TEXAS? Exactly ZIP. Around here there are Time again. . . . . . . millions of beautiful girls.

Los Angeles is a real city and you walk around between bars, restaurants and shops. Like in any European city. Well, Italian restaurant and I Veniceordered an Amstel beer while waiting for my food. This very morning I decided not to drink any more Heineken. I was watching the movie this morning and the product placement was really annoying. OK, a few Heineken in the fridge is OK, but who put a picture of 3 friends with a bottle of Heineken in their mouth on the wall? No more Heineken for me and Amstel taste much better.

And this beer tasted good and I was in a good mood when I left the restaurant. A TAXI to Santa VeniceMonica and more beers. I was walking around stopping at a few bars, but I gave up. My hangover is not very fun. Sitting in a bar and when they start talking to me I was just jerking and I could not talk. So I gave up and returned to my hotel.

I had a pizza and I went to my room and a movie. Too tired for the night life, but I will feel good tomorrow and I can book my ticket to Las Vegas. One day ahead of my schedule, hangover tomorrow and then I had to wait until Tuesday for Las Vegas. No chance I get on the plane with a hangover.

What a good idea to go home yesterday, even though I had traces of the hangover when I woke up, I felt good. Today it's time to move to Hollywood and I won't miss Venice Beach.

After checking in at my new hotel I took a walk around the area. After 2 minutes I was at some place and suddenly I found myself surrounded by Charlie Chaplin and millions of Mickey Mouse and other characters. I turned around and I got the BIP out of there. Not the place I wanted to be with my hangover.
I don't know what happened, but suddenly I wanted a fag and I stopped to buy a pack.
- Do you have ID? You must be 18!
- Yes, I have ID, I said taking up my valet. Just to discover that I didn't had my ID with me. I left everything at the hotel.
No ID and he refused to sell me cigarettes, never mind, I was in a good mood looking like 18.

Never ever underestimate the forces of a hangover, this is what I learned while plunging down Hollywood Blvd. I came to a restaurant and it looked very nice.
- It looks empty I thought while heading for the door.
Empty restaurant and this was exactly what I was looking for, not in a mood to sit with a lot of strangers. I pulled the door open and while open the door the noise hit me. The restaurant was full and it was like someone lifted me and pulled me out on the side walk again.
Sunset Blvd- WOW! What was that??!!
I was a little bit shaky and disappointed while continuing down Hollywood Blvd. I came to THAI TOWN and I passed the restaurant where the guy on Thai was playing and when they opened the door I could hear music. 3 o'clock in the afternoon and music, good! I stepped inside and I ordered a beer.

2 beers later and I took a TAXI to my hotel and I changed cloths and took a shower. A new taxi and 3 minutes later I was on Sunset Blvd.
- Take me to a place with music!
- OK, the driver said and took off.

It didn't take long for me to get tipsy and, well, I ended up RIKTIGT DRÄNGA FULL. I was in a place with, OK, the music left very much to wish for and I was finishing my beer and I Sunset Blvdwas just about to leave. But I went to the rest room upstairs.

The music was blasting high and there were three girls sitting in the bar. They were members in a Heavy Metal band and the female DJ was playing good old Heavy Metal from back in the days when I was young. Well, after a bottle of vodka. OK, I don't remember how I got back to my hotel. But I remember a guy from Miami joining us in the bar. He had bought a Hip Hop CD and I handed the CD to the DJ.
- If you want to listen to Rap you're better off in Hollywood, Sunset is for Rock!

- OJ OJ, vad var det som gick fel?
Waking up was nothing but agony and pain. I haven't had a hangover like this since J was visiting me in Funky Town. Nausea, big time, I was about to throw up. The hotel was shaking and the world was spinning in front of me.
Never again and now I want to go home. I had it with hangovers in Los Angeles. I called Thai and I could not speak, but as I understood it there was no seat.

After 2 bottles of water I called again and they had a seat in Business class tonight.
I'm out of here- PLEASE! Put me on this flight.
- OK, you're confirmed tonight.
- Thank you! You just saved my life!

I did an iCheck in and I changed my seat so I hope the seat next to me will be empty. There were only 4 available seats so the flight is pretty full, but I have a seat and I'm very happy to leave Los Angeles now.

Believe me, I'm not looking forward to a 17 and a half hours flight, but I need to get home now. I had enough of party and doing nothing by now. Well, it will be nice to get back to school for 2 weeks and I wish I didn't cancel the DP course. But I will check if I can rebook the course again.

I called my taxi driver and he will pick me up at 9. I was thinking about going out to a restaurant, but I decided to use the room service. I'm not yet ready to meet any people. But I really want to go to the Japanese restaurant on Sunset Blvd. Yesterday I was in for a few hot sake and avocado sushis. I asked if they had Kare Udon, they didn't have it, but the Cook asked if I wanted him to do some for me.
- No, but I will come back tomorrow.

- Room service, where is the darn room service??!!
Well, I waited for one hour and my room service was a no show. DARN! I have to leave my room. I took the elevator to the bottom floor and the restaurant where I had a quick spaghetti and a few avocados before returning to my room.

I was in my bed watching TV until 9 o'clock when my TAXI came to pick me up.
- TO THE AIRPORT! Take me out of here!

A smooth check in and security. Security, what the hell is going on at American airports? Every time I have been passing the security there is a guy screaming.
One of the guys stand in the middle of the floor screaming and all the security guys are running around. It's a form of, I don't know, maybe a drill or something. Everything freezes and the girl in front of me got scared and started to cry. She must have thought that a bomb was about to go off and I don't blame her. Impossible to hear what the f@cker is screaming.

3rd of June disappeared, good, one day with hangover I can live without. We left Los Angeles 2310 the 2nd and I was home with all my luggage 8 o'clock in the morning the 4th of June.

Sunday and I had it coming, a hangover force 9, 8. But it's Sunday and I guess hangover is the normal state on a Sunday. But I was happy that I woke up in my own bed and not in Los Angeles.

I will go to Manila next week and when I'm back home it's almost July and I will go to my new ship. So I really don't have time for this party stuff. OK, a few hours of party is no problem. But the 2 days in bed watching movies with a hangover I can do without. I have plenty to do before I'm taking off to Manila and today was a wasted day.

I was actually going out on Friday afternoon and I started at my restaurant. But I ended up
Oxford Suites Makati
Located in the center of the city's business and entertainment district, the Oxford Suites Makati (Philippines) is close to the Greenbelt and Rockwell shopping areas. Approximately 30 minutes from domestic and international airports, this property offers convenient access to an array of local sights.

I like the entertainment district detail.
- Hmm, I wonder why I always end up in the entertainment districts?
ordering Papaya and I went to buy a wireless router and I went home. So I will set up this router when my hangover is history. I have My home for 2 weekswireless, but one router is not enough for 100% coverage of my apartment.
Well, today was a missed day and tomorrow I will start early with going to the embassy and book a ticket to Manila. I booked a room for two weeks a few days ago so I know I have a place to stay. So no need to worry about sleeping on the streets.

Philworld recommended a hotel, but I could not find them on the internet. But this hotel is in the My home for 2 weekssame area and this should be about 20 minutes from Norwegian Training Center. School starts at 0820 in the Potted plantsmorning, so I can sleep until 0700 and still have time for a shower and breakfast.

I'm looking forward to school and then I can have 2 or 3 weeks holiday before leaving to my new ship in Portugal in July. She will be at shipyard, and I'm looking forward to it.

2 weeks in Manila and at least I don't have to worry about my potted plants. I have a lady coming once a week to give my flowers some water and after 10 months I came home to a green apartment. After 10 months it's OK to spend the 600 - 700 US on new trees, but it's expensive to do it every time I have been away for a few weeks. A few years ago I had to go to the potted tree shop every time I came back home, but no more.
Well, Sunday has come to an end and I will set sail and take off to Marriott for dinner before going to bed.

Wednesday and Sunday is approaching quickly. Time to book the ticket and I logged on to Thai No problem to get a ticketAirways web page and 2 minutes later I had a Royal Silk Class leaving FUNKY TOWN at 1515. What a difference from KLM and Northwest.

I had mileages' for 3 round trips Sweden - Funky Town and I did as I had read in pamphlets. Just to book your award ticket and go. Every time flying with KLM the flight attendants had been walking around handing out pamphlets and application forms for the FLYING DUTCHMAN. The even promoted it on the PA system full blast.
The scheme seemed to be so good so all backpackers took an application with a smile thinking about their next trip around the world with 20 US.
- Well, they will soon see, I thought
Well, not if I can avoid it!Never failed, it was always the returning backpackers taking an application. I guess the rest of us knew better.

Well, I had the gold card and 3 free round trips and I was logging on to my page at NWA and after 2 minutes I had discovered that there was no available seats on the flight I wanted to leave with. Surprisingly enough there was no available seat within a month and I was just about to give up when I discovered the “Do you feel lucky?” button. I pressed the button and �tre une surprise! There were plenty seats, but now the price was a wee bit different. My 3 round trips turned in to shit and I Äntligen e han med på internet!!!!gave up KLM and NWA.

They sent me a pen holder made out as a Dutch house and they thanked me for the support. I would have preferred if they had answered any of my enquires (at least 10) why they kicked me out from the lounge in Amsterdam, but no reply and I will hopefully never set foot on a KLM flight again.

Okidoki, time to leave for Manila and I had time to meet my Äntligen e han med på internet!!!!LIFE COACH Saturday evening before leaving. I was lucky to catch him, he is home from India for a few days and he will fly to Sweden tonight with his family for vacation.

Well, we should meet up at a cafe in his neighbourhood and we spent a few hours drinking tea talking about the good old time. I could not help myself, but I was thinking:
- Who could have thought off spending Saturday evening drinking tea 10 years ago?
For sure we're getting old. I was back home at 8 o'clock and I started to get my things together and I'm off for new adventures tomorrow morning.

Sunday and I'm leaving my condo with plenty empty bags and my school bag. I have ordered 21 rolls of snus to be delivered to my hotel and I need bags in order to get them back home in 2 weeks. Now I really hope my snus don't disappear, I need snus when I'm off to my next ship in July. Snus, important! Let me tell you a story about the other day:
I was off to buy a keyboard for my new computer. Yeah, remember, I gave away my laptop to our OS when signing off and I need a computer for my bedroom. I bought a computer, homemade and when I got home I could not start the darn thing. I only have wireless keyboards and installing the program on an empty hard drive and there are no drives for the keyboard. Well, I needed a keyboard with a cord.

I waved down a taxi, unloaded my snus and opened the door.
- Pantip, I said to the driver while looking for my box of snus.
Well, My good mood evaporated pari passu with the growth of my withdrawal symptoms. Not a nice experience.
And while talking about snus and bad experience. I wedge a snus first thing when I wake up every morning.

The other day I woke up, grabbed my box of snus. Opened the lid still half asleep and I wedged a fresh snus and put it under my lip. Just to discover that I had managed to get the whole box in one wedge and my mouth was full of snus.

Arriving to the airport and at the check in I got a sudden urge for a cigarette. I asked for a minimart.
- I just need one pack, I gave up smoking long time ago.
- There is no minimart and we only sell cartoons in the duty free.
In Thailand they have pictures of the most disgusting things on the cig pack and I really hate them. They are horrible and sometimes it looks more like they have been hit by a train or felt down a 20 storey house. I can't stand see even a drop of blood and, well, I don't buy this cigarettes. But I was hoping to dodge the pictures on the DUTY FREE cigarettes. Entering the tobacco section in the DUTY FREE shop made me sick. I was surrounded by horrifying pictures and I went outside screaming at the people working in the shop.
- Can I have 1 carton of Prince? And take out the cigarettes from the carton!
I was once again hopping that the DUTY FREE packs were free from the pictures. One of the guys taped paper on the carton to cover the pictures and he handed me the bag. I was off to a book store and I bought two books.

I asked the girl if she was smoking.
- NO!
I left my carton of cigarettes, I had had my one fag and I didn't want the rest of the coffin Soon at the hotelpins, especially after being exposed to all the pictures.

Arriving to Manila at 0730 after 3 hours (1 hour time difference) and Immigration and Custom was a quick formality. Finding a diet drink was not easy.
- Where can I find a diet drink?
- Downstairs
I could not find any “downstairs” and I went to the airport taxi and when I had ordered my taxi I asked for a place to buy a diet drink.
- Outside!
- Outside??!! Of f@ckingcourse! I can see that you don't have any diet drinks here! But where can Soon at the hotelI buy diet drinks? It's a big international airport, here must be a place to buy a diet drink!!
- Outside the airport?
- What the...??!! No place to buy a diet drink on an airport! Very strange!

It was a 10 minutes ride to my hotel and we passed plenty restaurants and pub on the way.
- Good! Seems to be a nice place, plenty to do, I thought.
When we turned in to the street where my hotel Picture from hotel entranceis the streets turned in to Disneyland, bars and lights everywhere.
- Is these discos? I asked the driver.
- Yeah

I was soon to find out that all the light had nothing to do with disco, I was in the middle of the red light area. After checking in I left for a late dinner.
- Massage?!
I was 15 meters from my hotel when the 2 first girls asked if I wanted massage. What the BIP is this? I'm just walking down the street for a late dinner and I can't walk 1 minute without being harassed about massage.
- NO! I'm married!
And after 1 million, “what's your name”, “where do you come from” and “do you want massage” I was pretty feed up.
I woke up when they called from the reception at 7. Dead tired, jet lag, but a hot shower helped a little. It was a nice morning with sunshine and I was in a good mood going for breakfast.
Good morning view from my window

I'm living on the 20th floor and I really don't like it. But when I had plucked up my courage Good morningI extended my arm out the window and I took a few pictures.

20th floor, when I checked in yesterday I took the elevator to the second floor and DARN! My first thought was that it always looks better on internet than in real life.

But I found out that I had ended up in the laundry department. I ran in to two very helpful guys and they told me that I was living on the 20th floor. OK, I have room number 2003 so it should have been obvious. But I can swear that I asked for a low floor when I booked the room on the internet.
- Hmm, but I'm not sure.

Well well, after my breakfast I asked for a taxi in the reception and I was soon on my way to the Norwegian Training Center. The clock was 0800 on the dashboard and I asked the driver what time it was. I haven't seen two clock's showing the same time sine I arrived to Manila. I checked my wrist watch when getting off the plane and when I came to my room there was a 20 minutes Where the hell are we?difference.

And there was 10 minutes difference between my room and the taxi driver's clock. So I asked him and he took his mobile phone. I was a little surprised when he dialled a number and handed me the phone.
- You ask!
I was puzzled, but there was a man on the other end.
- I'm the drivers Supervisor! Where are you going?
I was just gaping at the phone in disbelief, don't they know where we are going. When we had sorted out my destination I tried to find out the time from my driver.
- What time is it?
- One hour!
- One hour??!! What do you mean?
- Maybe 1 hour to NTC
- What the BIP??!! Yesterday it was 20 minutes and now its 1 hour!

I just gave up and I was just riding along thinking “I don't care”. Our driver stopped after 20 minutes to ask a Police for the way. We did a U-turn and after 5 minutes we arrived to school.
Norwegian Training Center
I was in school 20 minutes after 8 and I found a vending machine selling diet drinks. But I only had a 1000 Woody dollar bill and I went to get change. It proved to be a wee bit more complicated than expected to break the 1000 Woody dollars bill. I was around looking for someone that looked Time to studylike they had change.
- Try the cashier!
- OK, thanks!
It turned out that the cashier was late for work. DARN! But I managed to brake the bill in to two 500 bills and after a little more walking around I had a few 20 peso bills. 1 diet drink is 20 peso and I could get 2 diet drinks and I was off to Time to studyclass.

We start at 0830 in the morning and we finish at 1600. Most of the other students wanted to start at 7 in order to dodge the traffic. I wasn't happy about it, 0830 is way better. I don't want to go up at 5. The Teacher asked if I minded to start at 7.
- Then we can go home at 2, he said.
- Then it's better we skip lunch and we can go home at 1, I said.
So from now on it's from 7 to 1. So let's see if I can manage to be there Time to studyat 7 tomorrow.
We are 11 students in class, 9 Filipinos, 1 Bangladeshi and ,yes, one from Skåne.
Our Teacher is a Chief Officer in Bergesen and he works at Norwegian Training Center when he is on holiday. And he is a very good and fun Teacher and our lessons are fun and interesting.

We got right on the cargo handling, we will take a ship from dry dock to dry dock and that is from gas free to Preparing for loadinggas free. Much was the same as on oil tanker. Well, nothing was the same, but after working on a tanker for several years there was no problem to be a few steps ahead of the other students.

When we finished for the day we had inerted the ship. This was pretty straight forward, the only difference was that we used cold IG. More about this later. When the tanks were inerted it was time to purge the tanks with liquefied butane.

Open the butane tank and let it through a heat exchanger. If the gas is warm we need Time to go back to the hotelless liquid gas to purge the tanks and when we have 100 VOL% it's ready. Then we need to cool the tanks. You can imagine putting a cargo with a temp of 150°C below zero in to a tank that keeps 20 °C

Well, 1600 and time to return to my hotel. A sunny day had turned in to a rainy afternoon.

Well, so now you have plenty excitements to look forward to. Cooling cargo tanks, well, more about this tomorrow, I'm off to bed and my books. Plenty to study. As I told my teacher when he said that he thought that we would never open our binders.
- Hey! We're not 13 anymore. Now we study because we want to learn something!

I woke up at 0550 and I opened my last diet drink from yesterday. I was tired but it's better to have a little time for a shower and breakfast before going to school.

Well, I have to give one passport picture to my school for my certificates and I went to a shopping mall yesterday evening to get my pictures. When I was ready with the pictures I was unlucky Makatienough and I ended up at an Italian restaurant. I was back on my room at 10 after stopping at 7/11 where I bought a few diet drinks.

When I checked in I asked them to empty my refrigerator and fill it with diet drinks. They emptied the minibar but they never brought back any diet drinks. Room service and now I bought a few cans at 7/11, just enough to keep me going during the evening. Well, and as you know by now, there was enough to leave me one for this very morning.

After breakfast I went out and I hopped in to the first taxi.
- Easter Service Road!
When we were around the corner the driver realized that he didn't know where Easter Service Road was so I got out and stopped a Inerting tanksnew taxi. I was lucky at my third try and I arrived to school a few minutes after 7 and 3 minutes later I stepped in to the classroom with two diet drinks.

I was foresighted enough to ask if the driver could come pick me up every morning at 0645. So hopefully this was Time to go homethe last morning chasing taxi outside the hotel. But I was not the last to arrive to school. They dropped in one by one and the last one came at 0750.
- You have to stay until 4 when the rest of us go home at 1! I My snus soon to arrive (Hopefully)said.

Cargo simulations and 5 diet drinks later it was 1 o'clock and time to go home. Nice, and I brought the address to my hotel today so I don't have to go through yesterday's drama again. Circulating Makati looking for my hotel.

I asked the driver to stop at 7/11 so I could buy a diet drink. I'm not sure if they have filled up my refrigerator with diet drinks yet. And the stop at 7/11 turned out to be a smart move.

I stopped in the reception on the way to my room.
- Any packages for me?
- No, I'm sorry!
Back in my room I tracked my parcel on internet and it has arrived to Manila and I hope I can get it tomorrow.

I left my school bag at my room and I left for lunch and The Mall of Asia, according to rumours, the biggest mall in Asia. Biggest Mall, where have I heard this before?

Well, I was very tired when I received my wakeup call at 0600. I felt asleep around 3 o'clock in the morning and 3 hours of sleep is not enough. Coming home from Mall of Asia yesterday and I was starting to read my gas tanker binder.
I didn't felt asleep, but I dozed off for a few minutes. Lack of sleep and I was tired, up at 7 every morning and now I'm on a 6 o'clock wake up call.

Shower, breakfast and I was on the street at 0645, well, not exactly expecting to find my taxi waiting for me, but I expected the taxi to arrive any second. After 5 minutes I decided that my taxi was a no show and I stopped a taxi. After coming around the corner the driver wanted 300 Scooby dollars for the ride.
- Piss off! I said and I went out of the taxi.
2 minutes later I was in a new taxi and I stepped in to the classroom a few minutes after 7 with a cold diet drink in my hand.

I paid my school fee today, 26400 Scooby dollars so now (hopefully) I'm ready with all the paperwork regarding my school. I only expect my certificates next Friday (If I pass the class) I withdrew the cash at Mall of Asia yesterday and I was using my VISA card. After three times I realized that the ATM didn't accepted VISA. Only Master Card, and luckily enough I have a Master Card so I could get cash.

Good, I was relieved, what an embarrassment not to be able to pay the school fee. But me, money and problem has a long history on the Philippines. And I discovered why at arrival to Manila last Sunday. I remember one time a few years ago arriving to Manila. I had no cash and, well, no problem. OK, I was a wee bit tipsy after the flight and when your tipsy you never have any problem.
- I will get cash from the ATM at the airport, was my thought.

After several tries with the ATM my valet was still empty and my good humour evaporated with every failed try to get cash. Last Sunday I tried to get cash and after 3 times I still had achieved to get ZIP out from the ATM.
• Insert your card.
• Enter your pin and push ENTER
OK, this is exactly what I did and after pushing enter the ATM ejected my card and the same screen came up again.
• Insert your card.
• Enter your pin and push ENTER
- What the...??!!

Last try and I could see 0,00 in the bottom right corner just before the ATM ejected my card and I inserted my card again.
• Insert your card.
• Enter your pin and push ENTER
I didn't push enter after entering my pin and after 2 seconds the screen asked me for the desired Manilaamount. I entered the amount and enter and after 3 seconds I had the cash. Follow instructions it not always a very wise move.

We were ready a few minutes before 1 o'clock and I returned to my hotel. At every stop for red light there are beggars and small children begging for money. What a shame! And they complain that they don't have enough skilled workers.
- What about putting all this children in Manilaschool? Then there will soon be educated people with a skill to start work and contribute to the society.

What a waste with human recourses! They need a skilled workforce that pays tax instead of begging for money on the sidewalks.

Well, time for a shower and I'm off to the UN Avenue and a medical examination. I'm off to my new ship in July and IManila will take this opportunity to take my medical and I can concentrate on the relaxing when I'm finished with school.
I will have 3 weeks holiday after school for relaxing and have a good time between school and my next ship.

When I came down to the reception the rain poured down. DARN! I was lucky, there was a taxi just outside dropping off people at the hotel. I hopped in to the taxi and we took off to UN Avenue. Times Plaza at the corner of Taft Avenue. This is 3 minutes walking from the former world famous night spot Mabini Street. But they closed it down several years ago and I don't think anyone is sad because of that. Back then it was a real sleazy place.
Mabini Street
UN Avenue
I was really motion sick when we arrived to Times Plaza. Our driver was driving like a maniac while Maniladodging the traffic. A one hour ride through Manila afternoon traffic was cut down to a 15 minutes ride.

He was cutting corners, driving in the wrong line and he was almost running down all the pedestrian and bikers on the streets. He was using his horn nonstop the whole way while zig zagging his way through the traffic and I was motion sick when we arrived. But it Manilawas a quick trip and I appreciated that.

I stepped in at the Doctors office on the 10th floor 2 minutes later. The place was full of sailors and I lost my hope for a quick service. But the Doctor was really nice and I was taken to all the different stations. Test of hearing, sight, ECG, Dental check up, Laboratory tests and X-ray of my lungs.

Well, you have grown used to see it all at so I was taking Manilapictures at the different checkups. And, well, I'm almost sure that this was the first time they experienced one of the patients taking pictures while undergoing the examination.

They wanted me to come back for the blood sample tomorrow.
- You cannot eat or drink anything for 8 hours.
- I haven't been eating in 9 hours. I have only been drinking diet drinks all day long.
- Carbonated drinks are no good!
- There is no sugar in the diet drinks, I tried.
- You're not allowed to eat or drink anything in 8 hours!
- Not even water?
- Just a sip every now and then.

- OK, I will be back tomorrow afternoon
I took my folder and I left for my first examination, the ECG. I was a little nervous but my heart turned out to be in good condition. I went from ECG to the dental check up. The Dentist looked a little puzzled when I took out my camera and started to take pictures.

My teeth were in good condition.
- You only need to polish them, otherwise they are good.
When the dentist was ready I had to go check my eyes and then it was time for the X-ray.
X-ray, will they discover cancer? Yet another examination I don't liked.
When they were ready I asked them if it looked good.
- We have to wait 5 minutes.
I returned after 5 minutes and I asked if they had discovered any cancer.
Manila- It looks good!
30 seconds later it turned out that they had to give the pictures to a Doctor and the Doctor will give the final result.
- What the BIP??!! Who are you running around telling me it looks good if you don't know?

So, I have to wait until tomorrow before I know if I have cancer. I went to see my Doctor and I told her that I can as well take the blood test today.
- I don't want to fast tomorrow as well.
- OK, but you have to sign a paper that you accept the result even though you have been drinking diet drinks.

I signed the paper and I took the sample. While taking the sample my Doctor came back and told me that there was a Doctor available to make my last examination.
- So tomorrow you only have to come back to pick up your results.

I was glad to leave the place behind. The Doctors and Nurses were very nice and friendly, but I don't like hospitals and places like that. X-ray, I told the Doctor that I didn't wanted any x-ray.
- We don't do it Sweden anymore because it's very dangerous, I said.
- I'm a Doctor and believe me, it's not dangerous!
- Oj då! Nu känner man sig riktigt trygg!

When I came in to the x-ray room East Germany back in the 70's sprang in to mind.
- Take a deep breath!
And the machine made sounds reminding me of laser weapons from a space movie. And it's didn't made me feel better when they had to take a second picture.

I was back in my room just after 7 and a few diet drinks and a movie later I went to bed and I hope I will be thoroughly rested when they call me at 6 o'clock tomorrow morning.

Luckily enough I managed to fall asleep at 10 yesterday and I was pretty OK when they called at 0600 and hopefully I will manage to stay awake in class today. But we know the effect class rooms Manilahave on me. And that's even though I'm drinking diet drinks like there is no tomorrow and I did my blood test yesterday so ManilaI can have a few drinks today without thinking about this.

Lo and behold, the first taxi I stopped took me straight to the Norwegian Training Center and I was in class in time. They have started already, but their clock is 5 minutes before mine so, well, I was in time.

It was simulation all day, except for a 20 minutes blackout. So time was pretty quick and after my full night's sleep I felt very good. We did even stay 20 minutes longer in school today so I got a little more out of the fee I paid.

I was back in my room just before 2 o'clock and I had a diet drink before leaving for the Doctor. I got my medical certificate and I was happy, no cancer and I were in good shape.
I went to bed at 10 o'clock yesterday but I didn't felt asleep until after midnight so I was pretty tired when they called me at 0600. I bought books and I brought my language course expecting me to have plenty time for reading and stuff here in Manila. But coming home between 7 and 8 every day and it's soon 10 and time for sleep, so far I only had have time for a little reading in my Gas tanker binder.

I was 15 minutes late for class, yesterday was the exception with a problem free taxi ride. This morning and it was back to the normal problem and nagging with the drivers. Today there was no problem finding a TAXI. The first taxi stopped and he knew where we were going. We passed Refrigeration PlantNorwegian Training Center and I pointed at the school.
- This is the place!
We did the same U-turn as we do every morning, but today the NTCdriver only turned 90 deg instead of 180. We ended up in a totally different place.

At first I lost my GOOD MOORNING mood, but then I thought:
- Never mind!
But if I had had a cancer stick I would for sure have lit it up in order to calm myself, but never mind. I was in a good mood when I stepped in to class with two cold diet drinks. We got right down to Time for weekend adventurebusiness and the day disappeared quickly and it was soon time to go home again.

But we had to do a “MIDDLE OF THE COURSE” test before we left. This is for our Instructor to see the progress. And I wrote that our Instructor was Chief Officer in Bergesen, I was wrong. He had been Captain in Bergesen for 11 years and I take every opportunity to pester him.
- Captain, that's to relax all day long, I use to tell him.

I was back in my room at 1330 and I checked my e-mail while having sippin' on a diet drink. When my diet drink was empty I was off to the ATM to fill up my valet.

Well, finally it's WEEKEND! No more going up at 0600!

Wow, waking up in my room was not one of those nice experiences. I popped a fist full of B-12 vitamins first thing.
- Are you crazy! Are you going to kill yourself?
As you understand I was not alone.
- It's only vitamins!

- I feel like shit! I'm used to fresh orange juice in my vodka & orange, I said.
- Are you blaming the orange juice for your hangover?

Well, I asked the girls in the reception for the area with the good night life when I left my hotel yesterday. They recommended The Fort, the place for the rich and famous in Manila. I had done some internet research as well, and The Baywalk was mentioned.
Is this at Roxas or at the mall of Asia? I asked the girls.

I took a taxi and he was taking me to the boardwalk at Roxas. On the way he told me that LA Cafe was a nice place.
- Plenty foreigners there, he said.
- Then I don't want to go. Plenty foreigners means a lot of prostitutes.
Mall of AsiaI told the driver that I wanted to go where the Filipinos went. I'm in Manila and I go where the locals go, in America I go where the Americans go.

We arrived to the baywalk and it turned out to be a heap of shit, yeah, literally, a heap of shit.
- OK, let's go to Mall of Asia and the bars along the beach, I said.
- It's too early, the music starts around 7 o'clock, the driver informed me.

So, yeah, I ended up at LA Cafe, a terrible place and I had a few beer before moving to Cowboy ManilaGrill at Mabini. At school they told me that this was a popular place with the Filipino sailors. The music was good and I was soon tipsy and I was almost the only foreigner. There were 1 girl and a boy and two persons that I could not tell the gender off at my table. They were from an office next door and this was the start of the weekend celebration.

After 10 beers it was time to move on to The Fort. A place called The Strip and plenty clubs and bars, my kind of a place. Of course they stopped me in the door at the first place.
Manila- No shorts allowed.
I could see the management come running down the catwalk. Yeah, you entered the place on something looking like a catwalk.
- Let him in! This is the kind of people we need at this establishment!

I was roaming around the clubs and at the last one I stayed until they closed. There was this girl that jumped me and, well, she was not very impressed when I was sleeping on the table
- I take you home to your hotel, she said.
- You cannot drive! You have been drinking, I suggested.
- We're not in America, she said.

We took a taxi and when we came to my hotel at 5 or so I jumped out and said good night.
- Can you manage to get to your room?
- Hey....
-I better make sure!

So I didn't wake up alone in my room as I had wished for. And to make things worse she said that we were invited to a BBQ and Pool party.
- It's in a gated community and it will be great.
- We will start with cocktails in my cousin's house. He is the head of the foreign affairs. And then we will go to this French guy's house and they will throw a BBQ and Pool party. Plenty famous people there, she said. - Hmm, I have a hangover, I said reaching for my B-12s.
- Don't do that, she said taking my pills. She gave me 2 tablets and said that's enough.

- You cannot wear your pink socks and your colour full shoes. Do you have something else.
- No
- OK, I will buy you shoes and socks, she said.
- Don't you like a free pair of shoes and socks?

OK, I'm out of here, a social event is coming up and I cannot run around with my hangover. I need to go get drunk before she comes and pick me up at 2015.
Today I need Charisma Man. BIG TIME!
Charisma Man
We remembered when my LIFE COACH was arranging a date for me. OK, I'm shy so I had a few B-52 before leaving. Hmm, turned out to be more like 25 of them and needless to say, the date was down the drain and my LIFE COACH was very disappointed. He still talks about it, and this must be something like 15 years ago.
- OK, I'm off the get drunk! I was planning to study tomorrow, but this social event requires extreme measures.

I was off to the ATM and my valet was brimmed in a jiff. On my way back to the hotel I stopped at a water hole. Remembering my old DATE trick I ordered 4 B-52s. OK, as mentioned before this is an extreme measure and normally I can't stand thinking of alcohol when I have my hangover. But today I need a boost for my self esteem.
- 4 B-52s and a glass of water!
I can't say that I like the B-52 and I need water to get it down the hatch. After 4 of them I had a few beers and I was tipsy when I returned to my hotel and my date.

Lo and behold, my 2nd date called and I had to tell her that I was in a bad shape and that I would call her tomorrow. I mean, how unlucky can you get, a white man in the latest gadget to be Manilaseen with in SE Asia, no matter how ugly he is. So now there is nothing stopping them calling.

- Do you have a cell phone?
- What??!! Who is not having a cell phone?
- I'm not having one, I say not even lying. I hate to carry my phone around and I have enough self-confidence to be seen without a cell phone. OK, nu ska morfar ut o supa igen.

But I really don't like these Embassy people and head of the foreign affairs. What the hell do I have to do with this people? You're getting motion sick and threw up in the pool. Ipsi wipsi wu and they have planted some H in your pocket and the Police are arriving with the blue light on. Hell, they don't even have to plant it on you.
- Take this guy! He is trafficking H!
And I'm a goner without further questions. My friend was in Jail in Manila and it had not been a nice experience. So I would even prefer an eternal hangover if I had to choose between being in jail or the hangover.

SO I was sitting in the restaurant drinking a beer. 7th beer after the B-52s and as you understand, I felt like a million dollars. Tipsy is the best state and I can't help but thinking about one of the TAXI drivers in LA, the very same that brought me to the Italian restaurant and my first beer.

We were talking hangovers, he was 60 and I asked how the hangovers were at that age.
The first one.....- Must be terrible!
- Yes, but not only that. You're tipsy after 2 beers.
- Yeah, tipsy is the best state, but it's difficult to keep it just tipsy, I said.
- After 2 beers the girls (Interesting, he's 60 and he still calls it girls. That's the spirit!) loves you. You're witty and handsome. But after 3 beers it's another story.
- Who is this obnoxious guy? Take him away!

OK, at 2030 my date arrived to the restaurant, only 15 minutes late. But she is 36 years old (It's like dating granny) so she should know the clock. Well, she was half way in to the restaurant when she gave me the evil eye and I understood that it was my hat.

I got the second evil eye a few minutes later. Going to a party and I don't want to be mistaken for a freeloader so I bought 2 bottles of wine and 2 bottles of ABSOLUT. She caught sight of my Bagplastic bags.
- What is that?
- You're not coming to a party with plastic bags! We will stop on the way to buy proper bags.

The music at the restaurant left more than a little to wish for and we decided to go to another place. When I was in the taxi she took my hat and gave it to the hotel staff.
- Keep this until he comes back.
Loosing time, we had to go around the block and come back to pick up my hat.

We made a stop at the liquor store to buy 4 bags for the bottles and I was about to say, losing more time. But actually, it was a great idea to buy the bags, Musiclooks way better than coming with plastic bags. I made a mental note for the future.

We stopped at a place called the Jummin for a drink before going to her cousin for cocktails before the pool part. And why Musicdo they call it cocktails.
- We will have a cocktail at my cousin's house before going to the party.
Cocktail, well, it sounds better than “Nu ska vi supa” I have to give it that.

They didn't want to let me in to the establishment wearing shorts. But my date got me in.
-I'm Natasha and it's no problem. We use my table.

We supposed to be at the cousin's house at 9, but we meet a Senator that my date knew and a British girl at Jummin and we ended up being delayed. 4 or 5 beers later we got on our way and it was not without delays.
- We must stop for Redbull, I said.

We stopped for the redbull and we lost plenty time.
- Back a little!
- A little more!
- Oh, forward a bit!
- Back a little!
- A little more!
- Oh, forward a bit!
We were losing time, instead of just going out of the taxi walking the extra 2 meter we had to sit in the car while the driver tried to get us in exact position under my date's supervision. I was almost loosing it.
- Why don't you just go out the car and walk the extra meter?
SE Asia and if you have a little more money than someone else you have to show it. Like yesterday at the strip. We were sitting at a table and the position off the table turned in to a source of irritation and the displeasure was brought to our waitress attention. After moving the table a few mm this way and a few mm that way I lost it.
- FER F@CKS SAKE! Where do you want the table? I asked and I moved the table to a position that, at least for me, was in a good position.

I was waiting in the car while she arranged the redbulls, if you think it was just to buy the bottles and put in a plastic bag, well, think again. OK, we were running late and now my date started to scold the driver. Screaming at the poor gay.
- Hey, it's not the drivers' fault that we are late, I said and I asked the driver to crank up the music

What a surprise, when we arrived to the cousin they were gone. Of course, we were 2 hours late. There were 3 or 4 maids letting us in to his house and I really needed the restroom after 12 beers and 4 B-52s.
It was a huge house and I understood that it takes a few maids, gardeners and drivers to keep the household running. My date called her cousin and he came to pick us up. Huge car and her cousin were driving and his friend was riding next to him. The friend's wife was in the back and there was plenty room for us to sit next to her.
- What a nice hat you have!
This was the first thing she said, not even hello and I got the evil eye for the third time this very evening. Well, the evening had turned in to night.

We arrived to the house 2 minutes later and I was disappointed when we got out of the car.
Music- I can't hear the music!
When I throw a party the music is for everyone to hear and my neighbours line up in front of the door complaining about the music.

We entered the house, NO MUSIC! What is this, I could hardly hide my disappointed.
But a fun remark for my LIFE COACH: It was exactly the Musicsame wallpaper in the living room as I have in my living room. But this living room was bigger and circular, very nice. Especially the wallpapers.

OK, the house was gigantic and we were escorted by an army of maids' trough the house. In the back of the hose there was a stair leading down to the pool.
Candles all the way down and at the pool was an underground Musichouse with terrace doors towards the pool area. The music was blasting and I was green of envy.
- Great! Music on full blast and the neighbours hear BIP all!

Even though we were fashionable late (As my date called it) there were not very much people. I got myself a vodka redbull and my date was drinking vodka with ice. I was surprised, the bartender pored half a glass of vodka and when he was going to add the mixer she said no thanks. Well, she was drinking from a wine glass so maybe she thought it was white wine, I guess she's in for a surprise.

Our Senator and the British girl came some 10 minutes after us and I hope you're not planning to ask me anything about time and stuff. But it might have been 1 hour after our arrival and the place was full. The pool area was full and I ran in to two girls and one guy from the Swedish MusicEmbassy.
- Oh yes, very nice and blah blah!
After we had exchanged the obligatory pleasantries I kept away from the Swedish Embassy people. I don't want them to see me if (by accident) I make a complete tit out of myself.

Well, I managed to avoid any embarrassment, at least I think so. Honestly, I don't remember how I got home or what time it was. Please, don't tell anyone!
It was a very nice party and plenty beautiful girls and nice people. But waking up Sunday afternoon was no nice experience. I was to find out that there was no AC or any electricity in my room. Black out due to the typhoon and the whole of Manila was without electricity.

I spent the day in bed starring at the ceiling (happy that its school day tomorrow) thinking about life. How is it possible to get so hangover that you want to die? Waiting for the B-12s to kick in and I was happy that I managed to sneak away from my date yester, well, this morning. No cell phone and I were really happy that I don't have any cell phone. But does it help?

Around 6 o'clock it was knocking on my door. It was knocking for 10 minutes.
- God, don't they give up?
The knocking ceased and 3 minutes later my phone started to ring, millions of signals. I really don't feel like meeting or talk to anyone today. I'm not very social with a rampant hangover and I I want to be aloneprefer to be alone. Thus I sneaked away from the party yesterday alone and I can eat my B-12s without anyone screaming:
She made it sounds like I was a drug addict.

Well, I found a message inside my door and I called back at 9.
- Why did you leave yesterday?! I was worried! I brought you to the party and you were my responsibility.
You see, exactly the reason I didn't opened the door.
- I feel like I want to throw myself in front of a bus, I said.
- Of course. You're in your room pooping pills all day long!
Very niceShe made it sounds like I was a drug addict.
I really don't need this and I told her that I would call her after school tomorrow.

And exactly how nice is it to discover EARTHQUAKE INSTRUCTIONS sitting on the 20th floor with a raving hangover? I will find it hard enough to fall asleep with my hangover and for sure, the last thing I need is to have to worry about earthquakes.

Well, yet another Sunday have come to an end and I'm off to bed looking forward to a busy day tomorrow. My 21 rolls of snus have arrived and I hope they will deliver them tomorrow. I will also change my return ticket from Friday to Saturday.

Weekend is over and it's time to go back to school. And what a weekend, wasted for 2 days and I can't remember the last time I was drunk two consecutive days. It's a very long time ago, but I needed the 4 B-52s to get me started. And school, perfect, I didn't had any agony yesterday because I'm not wasting my time here, I'm in school. That's the reason I'm in school back in FUNKY TOWN as well. If I had had nothing to do except relaxing and have a good time on my holidays I would go crazy. And meeting the people at the party.
- Hello, I'm Aladdin and I'm a sex tourist!
A major embarrassment, but:
- Hello, I'm Aladdin and I'm a student!

OK, I didn't missed my 0600 GOOD MORNING calls during Schoolthe weekend, but here we go again and I'm off to school. It will actually be exciting to go through the GOOD MORNING taxi adventure again. But first breakfast and after my omelette and toast I was on the street and I was lucky with the first taxi.

Back from school and I called the girl from the weekend and we will go to a German restaurant at 7. So I have a few hours to get to Thai Airways and change my ticket.

I'm still hungover from the weekend excitements and I will be in bed Very niceearly. I only got 2 hours of sleep last night, it's a pain in the behind trying to sleep with the hangover.

And hangover, it could have been worse. I could have been hanging outside the 26th floor in a 30mm 3 strand rope painting. When I checked in on my hotel I found a note on my desk.
Dear Guest!
We are painting the house and don't be alarmed if you see a man in a BAMBOO gondola outside your window.

I arrived to the German Restaurant at 7 and she was waiting. We had a nice dinner and the owner of the place came out to say hello to my new friend. Hugging and kissing and he gave me his hand.
- Hello!
- We are way past the handshake, I said giving him a hug and a kiss.
The guests were gaping in disbelief and the owner looked shocked and he didn't found words for several seconds. Of course, if we spend money at his restaurant we expect to get a hug and a kiss out of it.

Today I received my wakeup call at 7 o'clock. 1 hour extra in bed and I'm lovin' it. Well, when I came out of my shower I discovered that it was 0620 and they had waked me up at 0600.

I don't know if it's my hat or my shoes. I suppose that my LIFE COACH would have givin' the credit to my WINNING PERSONALITY. But I was invited to yet another party that was going off tonight. And I was so happy when I could say NO.
- I have school on Wednesday and I need to wake up early.
I just got out of a two days raving hangover and I'm not in a hurry to catch a new one.

Well, it will be exciting going down for my breakfast. I ordered a lunch box yesterday and I will pick it up at breakfast. Today will be a long day in school and, well, the lunch at school is, well, how can I say it? OK, I will bring a box with an omelette.

I can handle the day without any food, but I'm falling in love with he girl in the reception and I'm running down there every 5 minutes. And, honestly, the lunch box was just another scam to get a reason to see her.
- Can you wake me up at 7 tomorrow morning?
5 minutes later I'm very concerned and I ask her what time she will wake me up tomorrow.
- They are crazy at school, they change the times all the time.
And she smiles and I'm just standing there drooling. 5 minutes later I need matches and there is no end to it. I guess I'm lucky that she don't work the night time. Imagine me coming home 5 in the morning, knee walking drunk trying to explain my feelings for her. A MAJOR EMBARRASSEMENT!

I will check school for a new course today, maybe I can stay an extra week in school. I'm only waiting for the joining date from my new company so I know how many days I have before joining. And all the party I can attend during the extra week. Well, I'm off to my breakfast and lunch box then I'm off to school.

At school our teacher was 20 minutes late. We got a new Teacher yesterday and we watched a movie about EXXON Valdez. One of my class mates got very furious.
- What is this bullshit? What the hell are we doing here? I will report this to my company.
I agreed with him and today it was my time to get furious. Teacher 20 minutes late and when we took a break at 1015 I expected it to last for 5-10 minutes. At 1045 I left and I was furious, what a waste of time.

Today we start school at 0830 and it will be chemistry all day long. I received my wakeup call at School0745 and I was a wee bit late for school. We have a female guest lecturer that works as a chemist somewhere. I don't know where because I missed the introduction.

Damn, I was half sleep during morning class. And this is even though we started 1 and a half hour later today. I could not believe it when my phone rang at 0230 in the morning. I thought I was dreaming.
- Someone wants' to talk with you!

Yes, it was the girl I meet last Friday. She was in the reception and obviously the party without me wasn't very fun.
- Can I come up?
- No!
- I have problem with the driver!
- I'm up to school in a few hours!
- I want to tell you something!
- NO!
She started to scream in the phone and I hang up. I was raving mad and I could not fall asleep again.

- What about yourself Aladdin? Never done stupid things when drunk?
- Oh yes! I have had more than a fair share of mishaps and incidents when I have been drunk. (And my LIFE COACH never fails to remind me of my mishaps)
But the difference is that I'm embarrassed and ashamed when I have done something stupid, but Paintingthis morning call was my fault and I was the Asshole. So I'm in a lose lose situation, I make a fool out of myself and I'm repentant. Someone else makes a fool of themselves and I'm still the a-hole and should feel .

I returned to my hotel for the lunch hour and UPS had been here Bamboo gondolawith my 21 rolls of snus. I sent them an email and as I wrote.
I remember writing to you last week that I'm in school in the morning and the best time to deliver the parcel will be around 2 o'clock in the afternoon.
After one diet drink in my room I went to the convenient store and I bought 2 diet drinks and I was off to school. The soda machine at school has broken down so I can't buy any diet drinks in school, DARN!

So, I was back in my room just before 5 o'clock and I found all the lights on and the AC on full blast. It's the same every day, before I leave for school I turn off Snus, enough to last me for a whilethe AC and lights (You know, the global warming) and when I'm coming back home everything is on again. It's the HOUSE KEEPING department that leaves it on when they are ready with the room.

Well, I turned off the lights and I checked my e-mail. UPS was sorry that they had missed the information I had sent about the times I would be home. The snus will arrive today and I don't have to worry about 1000 US worth of snus anymore.

UPS arrived with my snus 15 minutes after 5 and I signed the papers and paid the 7500 Pesos custom and tax. Back in the room I packed the box in my bag. This was the reason for me to carry an empty duffel bag with me from FUNKY TOWN.

I left my room when I had received my snus and I was back 2030 something and there was a message for me in the reception. One of my class mates had been here, but I missed him with 20 minutes. Well, I have books to read.

OK, school is back to normal and we start at 0700. Even though I slept all night I was tired when they called me at 0600. But tomorrow is my last 0600 wakeup call and that's nice. LunchIt's been nice to be in school here in Manila and I don't know if I'm coming back in a week for the DP course. I also got information from Singapore so I might go to Singapore for that course.

We finished school a few minutes before 1 o'clock and my class mate from Bangladesh shared a taxi with me to Makati Avenue. Neither of us had had our lunch and I asked if he wanted to join me for a Japanese restaurant. It's a restaurant I use to stop by every now and then. So we stopped for a Japanese lunch before returning to our respective hotels. Stepping in to my hotel was a pleasant surprise, my favourite girl was back in the reception.
- Where were you yesterday?
- I had my day off

Well, I went to Glorietta in the afternoon and I walked around for a few hours. I ended up at an art gallery on the 3rd floor and I bought a little something for my bedroom wall. I walked around the different galleries and I found an oil painting that I liked. I bought 2 of the same artist and they asked for 85,000.
- 50,000, I offered.
We agreed on 65,000 and when I should pay with my AMEX they asked for another 5%.
- I give you 1000 extra, I said.
At the gallery they needed 40 minutes to pack the picture (including dismounting it from the Dinner frame). I was back after 10 minutes and I could see that this would take time.
- Where is Tony Roma's? I asked.
We agreed on that they should deliver the paintings at DinnerTony Roma's and I was off for a Baked Potato Soup and a baby back.

Tony Roma's Baked Potato soup and the Kao Soi I eat in FUNKY TOWN must be the best soups in the world. OK, a real Kare Udon is not bad, but then it must be better than the Manila styled Kare Udon I ate the other day.

I was back in my room just before 8 o'clock and that gave me some time to prepare for our final test in school tomorrow.

Last day in school and my last 0600 wake up call. OK, I was thinking about the LNG cargo handling Course next week, but I think I will skip that one and do it on my next holiday.
SchoolOK, I'm off to my last breakfast and school.

I arrived to school just after 7 and we got the studies going just a few minutes after my arrival. I was not the last one to arrive, but when we agreed on starting 7 o'clock in the morning on the first day I told them that I would be 5-10 minutes late every day.
- They don't start the breakfast until 0630.

Our friend from Bangladesh got flunked from school. He missed two day last week and the Teacher told him that he would be flunked if he missed any more days or if he was late to school.
Our class and Teacher (Except our friend from Bangladesh)

Well, even though he was warned by the Teacher he came late by 2 or 3 hour and today he was 4 hours late and our Teacher had enough.
Bonus picture by our Teacher (Our friend from Bangladesh is missing)

I asked him where he had been when he arrived at 11 o'clock, 4 hours late.
- I have been sleeping.
We use to talk everyday but now he just got on my nerves.
- Why? This is not your business!
No, but I can choose which people I want to socialise with. He is going to stay for 6 more weeks for 4 more courses. He missed his first course and he pay for himself like I do. He came to Manila, checked in on a 40 US/ night hotel. After 2 days he moved to a 20 US/ night hotel and he is looking for a “Less than 10 US/ night” hotel because he is on a 12 UD/ day budget.

So why do I care? Well, I don't want to be together with people that obviously don't have common sense. If I were on a shoestring budget I would make sure that I finished my courses ASAP. And we're not 15 years old anymore, back then school was a pain in the A. Why bother pay for school, Schoolhotel and air tickets when you prefer to stay in your room sleeping.

To make it short, why will I waste my time on a guy with this attitude?

Well, final test and we were off. One of my class mates are going to cowboy grill tonight and he asked if I wanted to come.
- I don't know, my flight is tonight. But I might change the flight.
I will call Thai this very afternoon. Last time trying to change the ticket the flights were all full and I will give it a new try. Otherwise I will arrive home around midnight and, well, afternoon is a way better time to arrive home.

Well, we see what happens. Waking up on my room with a hangover force 9,6 or in my own bed in Funky Town. One thing is for sure though (almost). I will not go to The Fort risking running in to the girl from last weekend. Talking about attitude.

But again, nothing is for sure. We know Charisma Man by now and, honestly, the best would be to wake up at home. I'm running very low on my B-12 stash here in Manila, maybe enough for one more night on town and then I must fill up with new vitamins.

You just make sure you pop by and you will soon know!

Back home
So, it turned out to be the second best, I woke up in my own bed with a terrible hangover. My first choice would have been to wake up at home and my last choice was to wake up in Manila with a hangover force 9,8. As you know I was on waiting list at Thai airways for a seat back to FUNKY TOWN. Next available seat was Sunday evening and I would rather take poison than spending Saturday and Sunday on my hotel room with a rampant hangover.

I checked out at 1700 and when I came to the reception I asked my favourite girl for tape to the box for my oil painting. She smiled and I was really happy that I could have a few LAST words with her. I could not believe my eyes when suddenly the “not so beautiful” girl came running with tape. Totally unexpected, it was like a bolt from a clear sky and my favourite girl had to go back with her tape. She looked very disappointed.

I was on the airport at 1830 and check in was a quick routine. I was walking towards the AIRPORT TAX booth when the girl from the check in came running after me.
- Sir! (If I only could have a dollar every time someone called me Sir) Can I see your passport?
- Yeah! Why not, I have already showed my passport 100 times since arrival to the airport.
I don't know what she wanted, but I suspect it was something about my ticket out of FUNKT TOWN.
- Do you live in FUNKY TOWN?
She gave me my passport and I paid the airport tax and I went to the immigration. If check in was quick the Immigration was a different story. Of course, I choose the wrong line and my good mood evaporated while standing in the doldrums' watching the other lines move on.
- What the hell is going on!!??

Why do I have to pick the only line with departing passengers that don't know how to fill up their departure cards. It's pretty simple, name, address and date of birth. Finally, I was through the immigration and I passed a second security check.

It's the same everywhere I go. Your wrist watch! Can I have an earring? Your shoes are very nice!
I had it by now, is it Massagetoo much to ask for that I can have my wrist watch without everyone I meet having to make a comment?
- Hmm, I must say that it's better that they keep their eyes on my shoes and wrist watch so my waist is overlooked.

I expected to find a cart for my schoolbag, computer and oil painting when I had passed the security. No cart and I had to carry my stuff around. I needed to go to the bathroom, I mean, I REALLY needed to see the bathroom after several diet drinks. MassageSo what to do? I cannot bring all my stuff in to the bathroom unless I have them on a cart. I spotted a massage place and I ordered a massage.

- Can you take care of my luggage while I run an errand?
I was back in a jiff and they asked me to lie down.
Massage- I want to sit, I said.
- Are you sure?
I tried to explain that I didn't like massage. I understood that they didn't understood what I meant when they asked me if it was itching.
- No, but I don't like any massage, only scratching!

The girl started to scratch and it took less than 43 Massageseconds and there were 4 or 5 girls scratching on me. When the female manager saw us she froze on the spot. She just stood there gaping and roaring:
- What the hell is going on?!

Everyone coming in started to scratch on me, OK, male masseur don't need to bother. We remember the massage place at FUNKY TOWN international.

They sent a guy to give me massage and I stood up asking for a female. They guy went away and I got a masseuse. No guy is Massagegoing to scratch on me. I could see that half of the guys getting massage from a masseur were making mental notes.
- Next time ask for a masseuse! They also cursed them self for failing to ask for a masseuse this very time. The last memory from the holiday will be a guy giving them foot massage.

Well, back in Manila, all the girls were scratching on me. Even the girl giving massage to the guy at the bench next to mine. He was under the sheet laughing when I was joking with the girls, but he stopped laughing when his masseuse started to scratch on me.

At 8 o'clock I left and I made a quick stop at TAX FREE before going to gate 10 and my flight to FUNKY TOWN. The guy from the massage place was ahead of me in the boarding cue. And what a difference, I could hardly recognize him. At the massage parlour he was Massagerunning around in underwear and a white undershirt.

Now he was wearing a chalk-striped suit and he was taking the seat in the row next to me at the plane. I was sitting next to a old lady that was sleeping all the way to FUNKY TOWN. Our friend from the massage parlour got a very beautiful girl next to him. What a waste! I mean, Mr. Massage didn't seem to be a great entertainer.
- HEY! Mr. Personality is sitting here! I tried.

I skipped food and I went straight for the wine. The Stewardess was running between the Winegalley and my seat with wine during the flight. The other passengers had their dinner, cheese and dessert. The Stewardess asked if I wanted salad or just dessert.
- No thanks! Just keep the wine coming.

The girl next to Mr. Massage was obviously a model, 50% Farang and 50% Thai and her special meal was a half cup of instant noodles and water.

When she finished that cup, I mean, it disappeared like a B-12 pill. There wasn't very much of it. But she had more instant Winenoodles in her carry on, a BUCKET size of instant noodles. I have never seen something like it. There is CUP NOODLES, but BUCKET NOODLES. She asked the Stewardess for hot water and she was munching on her noodles until descending to FUNKY TOWN International.
Well, she should have been in the seat next to me, I'm a real entertainer, especially after a few glass of wine. And what a difference from Finnair. We remember my flight a few years ago. I had a bottle of wine and as you can see on the picture it's a very small bottle.
Finnair's SHOT sized wine bottles, what a difference from Lufthansa. I asked for wine and they got fed up with running to my seat with wine all the time so they dumped a JUMBO sized bottle at me seat. Must have been a 2 litres bottle and I was tipsy at arrival.

A wee bit different from Finnair.
- Excuse me! Can I have one more bottle of wine.
- NO! You're drunk!
- Good, go sit in the back pick your nose, lazy bastard!
The Finnish Stewardess said that I was drunk, they must have found her in the primeval forest at the Russian border district.

At least I woke up in my own bed with a hangover, and it was no joke. I should have had my dinner on my flight yesterday instead of drinking all the wine. I would for sure have felt better today.
- B-12, where are my B-12 pills?
I took a fistful of B-12 and I was almost choking myself trying to swallow the pills.

I didn't got out of my apartment until late afternoon. It was a severe hangover and I don't feel like meeting any people with my hangover and an raving agony.

I miss Manila, well, maybe it is the school that I miss. Study during the week and I could spend the weekends having a good time without agony. So I need something to do and I don't mean hanging around takin' it easy having a good time. Actually, before going to Manila I was visiting a new school here in FUNKY TOWN and I think I will take up classes on Monday or Tuesday.
So actually it's not Manila that I miss, even though the city had gone through a major improvements the last 20 year. A major improvement and now it's a nice city. Still have big areas that I would like to call “worn down”. But 20 years ago it was a big heap of shit.

So I guess it's the meaningful activities that I miss. At the end of the week I had achieved something and I could have a beer or two listening to music without the agony. It was such a good feeling that I'm thinking about going back next week to take the DP course. But I don't have any joining date for my next ship so we see what's happening.

OK, now you might be under the impression that I wasn't haunted with agony while in Manila. But believe me:
When the girl called my at 0230 I wasn't feeling that good.
- WHY!! WHY ME!!
I was about to throw myself out from the 20th floor. We had a drink together and yes, we went to the party together and she never failed to remind me that I just left without a trace.
- We went together! We should have left together!(My plan was to leave alone) I was worried! I was crying!
- Blah-blah, enough already! Man blir ju alldedes sval!

What the hell, a drink together and a late night dinner don't mean that we have to spend the rest of our life's together and for sure it don't mean that we have to be together 24/7.
Well, agony or not, at least I had managed to get all my stuff home yesterday. Computer, oil paintings, vodka and all the other stuff. It took me a while to find all the stuff when I woke up, but eventually I found all my stuff.

And agony, I spent the whole Sunday at home trying to hide from the rest of the world.
- I'm wasting my life! My diet down the drain! I must do something about it!
So at 2130 I went to Foodland and I bought salad. 2 big bags of salad and now my fridge are full of health food, everything the alleviate my agony.
We have to see what happens with the salad tomorrow.

Monday and I packed my school bag and I dashed off to school. I was a little hungry and I planned to have fruit and tea at my special “fruit and tea” place. But the traffic made it take a little longer to get there and I asked the driver to take me straight to school. I had 40 minutes before class and I was hungry.

I don't know any salad place around here so I went to a Pizza nearby. It is a 2 minutes' walk and Foodit's one of those OPEN 24 HOURS place. I was a little nervous that I would run in to any staff that have meet me there 5 o'clock in the morning. I'm not very distinguished at that time of the day, especially after 2 cases of beer.

But I haven't been there for a very long time so I had a good feeling about it. And this will be the last time, I Schoolhave to think about all my salad I bought yesterday. My new life will soon take off!

I had a quick pizza and the only one recognizing me was a waiter that had been working at my “fruit and tea” place 4 years ago.
- Aladdin, do you remember me?
- No!

I finished my pizza and I was in school 5 minutes before class. It was me and a British couple in class and it was fun. 2 hours turned quick and it was soon time to go home. I bought a case of diet drinks at 7/11 and I went home.
California WOW
2nd day in my new school and after class I had an appointment with a guy that I had not seen for a few years. Before going to school I asked if he wanted to go to GYM.
- NO!
We decided that we should take a look at the place when I was ready at school. The GYM is a 5 minutes' walk from my condo and it's conveniently located next to my school. Time to shape upWe hesitated to go inside, plenty people and I was not in a shape to show myself at the GYM. Plenty beautiful girls and it took 10 minutes of plucking up courage before we went inside. We asked for the price
- 5000 per month or 800/ day.

We got a tour of the place, 3 floors of exercise equipment and I will soon look good. Bottom floor was equipped with weights and stuff. Sauna and dressing room were also located at the bottom floor.

The ground floor was filled with jogging machines and the second floor were equipped with all kind of stuff. Training bikes, stair masters (you will never see me in a stair master) and more weights. Aerobics and boxing with personal instructor.

After the tour we needed to think about it and we stood outside when they came out and asked if we wanted to be members.
- 1900 per month!
- What?! You said 5000 10 minutes ago!
2 minutes later it was 1500 per month and I started to feel bad about the whole idea. Why should it feel like buying share time apartments in Spain to be member at a GYM? We were seated in a sofa and two sales girl came with a sheet of paper and a calculator.
- Oh no! What the BIP is this?
When they started to write down numbers and stuff I took the paper and the calculator.
- Hey! I just want to pay my member fee!
- If you pay for 12 months......
- HEY! I just want to try 1 month to start with!
- But..... You must pay for 3 months and then you can cancel.
- OK! WE SKIP THE WHOLE THING! LET'S LEAVE! My school bag- I will call my manager!
She came back after 2 minutes and now the member ship was 1700/month. 5000 » 1900 » 1500 » 1600 » 1700 per month within a few minutes.

We got our membership and we left the place.
- Let's go for tea!
Arriving to the coffee shop and my spirit was high. Tomorrow we will start to kick behinds at California WOW. Actually, the spirit was so high so I ordered a brownie and a caramel cake. It was not exactly like a bolt from a blue sky when the agony came. I took the last bite of the brownie and it hit me.
- Very stupid to order the cakes!
I stopped at the supermarket and I bought three peppers before going home. Salad tomorrow and EXERCISE!!!
So, today it's the day with capital D. Time to get serious with the exercise. I planned to leave in my training shorts for school. The basketball shorts we got from our 3rd Officer on Thanks!Barcarolle.
I passed the mirror on my way out and I
- What the...??!!
I looked like a Zeppelin in my trousers and no chance in hell I will walk down the street in those shorts. I really need to get goin' with the diet. Jesus Christ!
- I got scared!
Thanks to Captain and the Chief Engineer on Barcarolle for Time to get seriousthe Snickers. Really helped my diet.
I changed pants and thus I was a few minutes late for school. The Teacher was waiting outside when I came and I asked why she was here and not in the class room.
- No students!
- Where is the British couple? I asked.

I finished school at 7 and I meet my friend outside the GYM 2 minutes after.
- What about going for a beer instead? My friend suggested.
Time to get serious- What about a massage? I suggested.
I got a terrible pain in my right arm and shoulder going all the way down on my back. I can hardly lift my right arm and I could barely walk due to my back pain, and going to the GYM was the last thing that I wanted. But we decided to enter the GYM and it was time to enter the GYM for the first time.

We started with a jogging machine and it seems like a waste of money to pay for this when you can walk for free outside. But here Time to get seriousis good music blasting high, and just to watch all the beautiful girls is worth the fee. And talking about the fee, I must mention:
Yesterday they started with 5000 per month and we ended up paying 1700. Today they offered me three years for an
additional 10000. That was an offer that I will take under consideration, but I will try the place at least one time before I make my decision.

OK, the jogging machine is way better than walking on the street, Time to get seriousregarding burning calories. It's pretty hard to walk on those machines and it's better to sweat on the GYM. Must be pure ghastliness to see me plunging down Sukhumvit sweating like sitting in a sauna. At the GYM they expect you to sweat.

When we finished our POWER walk it was time to lift some weight. I had to Time to get seriousdo all the exercises with my left arm, but I hope my right arm is OK tomorrow.

We lifted some weights and then we did a wee bit of boxing and after 90 minutes it was time to go home. You don't want to overdo it, especially on the first day.

When we left I bought the 3three year's member ship and hopefully I will look good before the membership expires. I walked down to my German bakery and I bought 2 pumpernickels and I was home at 2130. DARN! The time is turning way too quick. It's the same every day, suddenly it's 10 o'clock and it's time to go to bed and read a few pages in a book before sleeping.

I'm happy that I don't watch TV, then it would have been a few hours wasted every day. But I always have a few DVDs stand-by in case that I will wake up with a hangover.
But I will hopefully not have a hangover for a very very long time. I'm off to bed and tomorrow they will deliver my paintings from Manila. I went to pick them up today, but they will not be ready until tomorrow and I told them that they had to deliver them to my home when they had mixed up the dates when they would be ready. Good, they are big and I don't know how I would have got them home by myself.
Well, Wednesday the 2nd of July will go down to history as the day when Aladdin got serious with Manila Souvenirshis diet and I expect result very soon.

The delivered my paintings on Thursday afternoon. They were knocking and ringing on my door and they had been there for quite some time. I had the music on full blast so I could not hear them knockin', it was what I use to call a “BETWEEN TRACKS” discovery.

I just finished hanging up the paintings when my personal trainer called. Well, it could have Manila Souvenirsbeen my personal trainer, but this was an offer to get a personal trainer. What the BIP is this??!!
- Becoming a member in a GYM and it's like being in a book club. They just send you books no matter what you do. You cancel your membership but they keep on sending bills for book you don't want.
Well, anyway, a membership at California WOW will look excellent in my CV.

So I meet my friend outside the GYM after school and we did 2 hours of exercise and it felt good when we were finished.

Yeah, school for a week and exercising, who knows? Maybe it's time for a few beers this upcoming weekend. That's the danger of feeling good!

Sunday and we finished the week with a movie and dinner. It will be nice to go back to school and the GYM tomorrow. At least I managed to get through the weekend without any agony and that's even though I had a force 9,7 hangover Saturday morning. A fist full of B-12 and I was in my bed most of the day waiting for the B-12s to kick in.

We had a few drinks after the GYM Friday afternoon and the idea to paint my dead tree came up. It has been dead for years and the tree is dry. But the leaves are still on the tree and my friend thought it looked nice.
- I will throw it out one of those days. I only need to muster some energy, I said.
- It looks nice! My friend said.
Maybe some paint and it will be better. I bought some spray paint and I spent Sunday painting the tree and thus I was a few minutes late for the cinema.
So, time to sign on again. At first it was planned for me to join the 24th of July. So I was a wee bit surprised when they asked if I could go the 17th.
- No problem!
Well, it ended with the 19th and I will leave with Lufthansa in the evening and arriving to Portugal around lunch time the 20th of July.

Well, it's about time to leave now. I had my holiday and even though it was a very pleasant holiday I will be glad to join. 2 weeks in Manila, and it was very fun. I will take 2 courses on my next holiday and then Brostr�m has to pay.

School every day and the GYM and I can't remember feeling better. I can even have a few drinks
the word, was used as an insult in both Germany and Sweden. In Sweden from the 18th century. If you read Nationalencyklopedin they think that they started to call the bread for Pumpernickel because of the effect the bread has on your digestion.

Pumpernickel means a person that is clumsy, ungainly in German dialect. Pumper= fart and Nickel is disparaging for Nikolaus. Or as Captain said:
- A farting Santa Claus!

Pumpernickel is dark, dense German bread made from coarsely ground whole meal rye. Originally from Westphalia in Germany.

Hmm, I though they called me Pumpernickel because of my healthy lifestyle.
during the weekend without the usual remorse.
- Soon Monday and it's school and GYM again.

I have lived a healthy lifestyle and I have not eat any bread, Plenty to choose fromexcept for Pumpernickel. I found real Pumpernickel at Bei Otto, a German Restaurant and Bakery/ Deli at Soi 20.

I buy Pumpernickel for a week while there, I try to avoid running in Plenty to choose fromto any temptations. And there are plenty to be tempted with at Bei Otto.
- Are all this food for you?
I'm very quick to reply:
- NO! My friend is sick and I do some shopping for him!

I had reason to be proud of myself last time at Bei Otto, and I think Plenty to choose from(hope) this was the last time before leaving for my ship. Well, anyway, I Plenty to choose fromgot my 2 Pumpernickel and I was checking out the pastries.
- HEY! There were almond paste croissants, cinnamon rolls, Danish and cakes!
I asked the girl if this was fattening, just in hope she would have said no. Then I would have bought a bag of goodies and returned home with screaming and smokin' tyres.
- Yes, they are very fattening, she informed me.
Good, I thought. But I didn't leave, I was walking up and down the display for another 10 to 15 minutes before running out of the Bakery/ Deli shop. I was glad when I was eating my Pumpernickel back home, imagine the agony if I had eaten 10 of the almond paste croissants.

Well, it's time to live through a weekend again, my last before going to the ship.

MOTHERF@CKER!! I had to start the Saturday with a double dose of Ginseng and a fist full of B-12s. And I'm not talking about the 4000% B-12s. This was the real thing, each tablet contains 34000% and I can't wait for them to kick in because I have felt better.

A hangover force 9,8, but no agony and I think the reason for the absent agony is our new and healthy life style.
A full week of school and exercise and I can spend the weekend having fun. And I'm even looking Soon in a good shapeforward to the weekends drinking spree.
And it was great yesterday. We started at the GYM with some heavy duty exercise and when we were finished we should do a wee bit of boxing before leaving the gym. There is a room for
The Pilates Method
or simply Pilates, is a physical fitness system developed in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates.

Pilates called his method Contrology, because he believed his method uses the mind to control the muscles. The program focuses on the core postural muscles which help keep the body balanced and which are essential to providing support for the spine. In particular, Pilates exercises teach awareness of breath and alignment of the spine, and aim to strengthen the deep torso muscles.
PILATES next to the boxing ring. Pilates, I have no idea what this is. But there is a girl working there and she is very beautiful.

So I'm always hanging around the Pilates room a little extra.
DAMN! She is beautiful, actually, it should be against the law being so beautiful. Well, we did the “hanging around” outside the PILATES room preparing for boxing when the Russian girl running the PILATES came out starting to talk. She is an EX ballet-dancer and now she does the pilates and teach a few girls to be instructors at the same time.
My friend receives a FREE Pilates lesson

The Russian EX Ballet-dancer offered us a free Pilate's lesson, I turned down the offer. But my friend accepted it and I was happy. I could court the beautiful girl. Well, she left when we came in and I lost all interest in the Pilates.

When we left the Russian girl asked why I was always carrying my bag around.
Soon in a good shape- Why don't you get a locker?
- How do you know that I'm always carrying my bag around?
- I see you every day with your bag!
- And you remember me. WHY!!??
I was hoping for her to say that it was because I was so handsome and that she and the girls (especially the beautiful girl) were sitting around discussing me.
Well, I don't need to tell you that this was not the reason for them to remember me. But that's obvious!

After the gym it was time for a beer and I went home Wellfor a shower and a change of clothes. Time to get drunk and today I hope to make it longer than to the GLOW. The first disco, a mere 2 minutes walk from my home. Tonight there is a DJ from the UK on the programme and I might POP by.

I have a long history with GLOW and I always get to drunk and I have to go home. Hell, I was even waking up in one of their sofas a few years ago. I British girl( NO, I cannot remember her as beautiful) was giving me a foot massage while interviewing me.
- Where do you live?
- What's your name?
- Blah-blah-bla!
Yeah, it was the usual drivel and I don't think she noticed that I was asleep. Well, anyway, yesterday I by passed GLOW and I ended up at Khaosan, my favourite place in FUNKY TOWN. I ended up at a place with good music and I didn't left until they closed. I had the time of my life and it was very fun. I was the only foreigner at the place and that's what I like. All the back packers are sitting on the side walk drinking water.

When they closed it was time for disco. I really don't understand why, I should have going straight home for my bed. But no, disco it was. I was moving towards the bar when a girl came screaming. It was one of the girls working at my GYM and she recognised me. She was there with her boyfriend and I could not help, but I noticed that she was both smoking and drinking beer. It was around 4 or 5 in the morning and I don't remember exactly what we were talking about, but I'm in no hurry back to meet her at California WOW again. Well, Saturday, will our hero wake up with a new hangover tomorrow?

Sunday, this must be the worse hangover, ever! I didn't made it out of bed until 1930 when I had to go check my ATM card. I lost my ATM in the machine yesterday and I had to go try my second card. Well, my ATM card was working and I returned home.

My last Sunday at home was spent in bed and I will be onboard M/T Bro Provider next Sunday.


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Jiffy (also jiff)

noun [in SING.] informal a moment: we'll be back in a jiffy.

ORIGIN late 18th cent.: of unknown origin.

So as you understand, in a jiff pretty much depends on your internet.
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