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White-naped Woodpecker, Chrysocolaptes festivus

The White-naped Woodpecker (Chrysocolaptes festivus) is a Woodpecker which is a widespread but scarce breeder in the Indian Subcontinent.

This flameback is a species associated with open forest and scrub with some trees. It nests in a tree hole, laying one or two white eggs.

Like other Woodpeckers, this species has a straight pointed bill, a stiff tail to provide support against tree trunks, and zygodactyl or “yoked" feet, with two toes pointing forward, and two backward. The long tongue can dart forward to capture insects.

The white-naped Woodpecker is a large species at 29 cm in length. It is a typical Woodpecker shape. The white hind neck extends down the back, and the black shoulder patches also continue onto the back to form a V-shape bordering the white. The rest of the upperparts and wings are golden yellow.

The rump and tail are black, and the underparts are white with dark chevron markings. The head is whitish with a dark moustache stripe and a black eye patch that extends down the neck sides.

The adult male white-naped Woodpecker has a red crown and females have a yellow crown. Young birds are colored like the female, but duller.

White-naped Woodpecker, Chrysocolaptes festivus

Range map from Ornithological Portal
Range map from - Ornithological Portal is one of those MUST visit pages if you're in to bird watching. You can find just about everything there

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Conservation status
White-naped Woodpecker, Chrysocolaptes festivus
Least Concern (IUCN 3.1)
International Union for Conservation of Nature. Retrieved 26 November 2013.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Sighted: (Date of first photo that I could use) 30 January 2016
Location: Kanha Tiger Reserve, India

PLEASE! As I'm a first time birdwatcher bear in mind that some of the bird can be wrongly named. I have bought books and I confirm on the internet to get the right identity on the birds I take pictures off. But there can still be mistakes.

I have had most help from my friend, the bird pal I met at Suan Rot Fai. Sending pictures of birds I have not been able to identify to him via Line. 3 minutes later he and he have managed to identify most of the birds I have had problems with. THANKS! Visit his web page m☥lever for his beautiful pictures.

And my new aid, maybe, and I say maybe the best aid. I brought my mobile phone as my SIM card have stopped working and I tried to get it to work again so I can use the internet. Thus I had my phone in my pocket on my first game drive in Jim Corbett National Park.

We saw a bird and I asked my Guide and the driver if they had a pen and a paper as I had forgot my pen and paper in my room. I remembered my LG phone and I recorded the name. And thus I will always bring my phone. Writing the name in the car and I have found more than once that it can be hard to read what I had wrote when I'm back in my room.

So now I always have my mobile in my pocket and it has been a great help. And from November 2018 I use eBird. Bird watching in U.A.E and Oman and my guide in Dubai recommended eBird and I have used the app since then and I note every bird I can identify in my eBird app.

White-naped Woodpecker, Chrysocolaptes festivus
White-naped Woodpecker - 30 January 2016 - Kanha Tiger Reserve, India

White-naped Woodpecker, Chrysocolaptes festivus
White-naped Woodpecker - 30 January 2016 - Kanha Tiger Reserve, India

White-naped Woodpecker, Chrysocolaptes festivus
White-naped Woodpecker - 30 January 2016 - Kanha Tiger Reserve, India

Sorry for poor quality pictures! The bird was far away!
Will update when and if I manage to get other pictures

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