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Pond Heron, Ardeola

Pond Herons (Ardeola) are herons, typically 40–50 cm long with an 80–100 cm wingspan. Most breed in the tropical Old World, but the migratory squacco heron occurs in southern Europe and the Middle East and winters in Africa. The scientific name comes from Latin ardeola, a small heron (ardea).

These pond herons are stocky species with a short neck, short thick bill, typically buff or brownish back, and coloured or streaked fore neck and breast. In summer, adults may have long neck feathers. Ardeola herons are transformed in flight, looking very white due to the brilliant white wings.

Their breeding habitat is marshy wetlands. They nest in small colonies, often with other wading birds, usually on platforms of sticks in trees or shrubs. Two to five eggs are laid.

These herons feed on insects, fish and amphibians. They are often found on small ponds giving rise to the English name shared by most of the species.


Indian pond heron, Ardeola grayii

• Squacco heron, Ardeola ralloides

Chinese pond heron, Ardeola bacchus

Javan pond heron, Ardeola speciosa

• Malagasy pond heron, Ardeola idae

• Rufous-bellied heron, Ardeola rufiventris

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Sighted: (Date of first photo that I could use) 1 January 2016
Location: Suan Rot Fai, Bangkok

Pond Heron, Ardeola
Pond Heron, Ardeola - 1 January 2016 - Suan Rot Fai, Bangkok

Pond Heron, Ardeola
Pond Heron, Ardeola - 16 August 2020
eBird hotspot: Wat Nang Sao (Nang Sao Temple) vicinity, Samut Sakhon

Pond Heron, Ardeola
Pond Heron, Ardeola - 16 December 2020
Greater Bongkot North Field, Gulf of Thailand

From Nick Upton's web page,
Non breeding Javan and Chinese Pond Herons looks the same
and you will have to wait until March-May to tell them apart

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