Written onboard M/T Ek-Star September 2010

Aladdin in jail

I came home from Bangkok just in time for Easter. We were at a friend's apartment on Hisingen Göteborg/ Gothenburgfor some Easter dinner. Well, it was mostly Göteborg/ Gothenburgdrinking. At least for me. Jansson's frestelse and herring so it was easy to skip the food.

I had brought few bottles of Mekong from Thailand so when we finished with the food we left for my place to try the Mekong. No, it's not Göteborg/ Gothenburggood. Tastes much better at Lucky Luke with fresh orange juice.

I don't remember were we gone later on, but I'm Göteborg/ Gothenburgsure we managed to make tits out of ourselves down town.

One thing is for sure, I don't remember much of the spring of 1993. Should have had a digital camera back then. But I found a picture and we're drinking tea. This is the first picture so far when we drink tea. So it was not only party.

Göteborg/ Gothenburg
Göteborg/ Gothenburg
Göteborg/ Gothenburg
I also had visitors from Stockholm, 2 guys and they were not in the size S. They Göteborg/ Gothenburgstayed in Gothenburg for one night before they returned to Stockholm.

Strangely enough, Bjäbben were quite happy when they spent the night so it ended well. And we came back home in the middle of the night after a night on town.

But by the look of the pictures I took back then I understood why I was deported to Bangkok. I don't remember when I came back home from Thailand and as I don't have all my pictures and I lost several cameras back then I don't know if I went back to Bangkok in April.
Göteborg/ GothenburgBecause one time when I came home from Bangkok, Friday and I was home alone. We threw a party and that's how I got kicked out. I think it was in the spring of 1993. Almost sure and I remember having pictures from a trip to Thailand, no slides so it was paper pictures that I threw away.

Well, never mind what year it was, now I live in Bangkok, all by accident. I blame it on the vodka and I remember me and my friend having 2 bottles of vodka. Drinking beer and you get tipsy before you get drunk. But when you throw back a bottle of vodka you don't get tipsy. You don't get drunk until it all hit you like a freight train.
And when it hit you the music should be on full volume. And back then I had a huge stereo. My friend told me that we had disco level all the way down to the taxi station. You're staggering around, music on full volume and the neighbours are on the door every 10 seconds.
Well, I gave up booze after this incident. I also swapped my stereo for a linguaphone course in the Thai language and, well, I had no option but to move to Bangkok. I could not stay on the streets of Gothenburg. So I gave it a thought and it took me 3 seconds to come up with the idea to move to Bangkok. So that's how I ended up in Bangkok.

Monday 17th of May 1993
and my friend signed off a ship in Gothenburg and he called me.
- You want to join me go celebrating Norway’s national day in Oslo?
Göteborg/ Gothenburg - Yes
I have heard about how they celebrate 17th of May in Oslo.
The whole town turns in to a giant party.
- We take the train. I see you at the pub on the train station.
- OK, I will bring a lunch box.

I packed a lunch box containing a bottle of vodka and a package of orange juice. Hmm, I had given up the booze. Maybe it was in the spring of 1994 I got kicked out. Or just simply enough that it was more convenient to bring a bottle of vodka than to carry a case of beer. I went to meet my friend at Centralen's pub and this was one of the best bars in Gothenburg back On the way to Oslothen. We had a few beers while waiting for the train and then we took off towards Norway.

I think we had to go to Trollhättan to change the train. We spent an hour or two in Trollhättan waiting for the train to Oslo. And I remember that we went looking for a pub. Monday afternoon in Trollhättan, Good luck!

There was exactly nothing, a Chinese Restaurant but I think they were closed. Or if they didn't served beer. I don't remember witch it was, but we returned to the On the way to Oslotrain station. We had music, vodka, orange juice and it was a gorgeous day so we were OK.

After Trollhättan it was a Norwegian train with a Norwegian crew and when we came to the Norwegian border the train became quite full of people going to Oslo to celebrate 17th of May. The spirit was high and the people were in a party mood.

More and more people got on the train and there must have been thousands of Norwegians and 2 Swedish going for the party in Oslo. When we arrived to Moss they told us to leave the train. Only the two Swedish guys. No one Taken by the policebothered the Norwegian passengers.
- Why?
We thought it was something with our tickets so we went out on the platform and we were greeted by 2 Police officers.

we could not understand what the was going on. But we had to take a seat in the police car and they took us to the, yes, I call it the Nazi HQ in Moss. We were locked up in cell, of course, one cell per man so there was no one to talk to. A concrete bed and that's it and while staying there I could hear the other people in the cells around me screaming profanities ending with the word cop. Silence for a few seconds and another outburst of profanities from another cell.

Tuesday 18th of May 1993
and it was really nice to wake up on the concrete bed. I started to scream for water and there was an A-hole coming and I could hear them outside and then there was a jet of water coming out from a nozzle in the wall. Straight out in the cell so as you understand it was not easy drinking.

My fellow inmates continued with their insults against the police and the language had not turned politer since the night before. But I and my friend were the last two to be released. I was awake in my cell, impossible to sleep, and I heard them release the other people around us.

So of course, the Nazi Motherf@ckers releases the Swedish guys last and the insulting, screaming Norwegians sailed off with a path on the shoulder.
- Hmm, maybe that's the problem.
We should have screamed profanities and we would soon have been released.
Moss, Norway
We were called to the Head Nazi at the police station. He introduced us to a police report.
“Oppfört seg slik at de hadde varit till sjenanse för d andre passejerer”
- No, we don't confess to this BS!
Well, so we were forced to pay the fine, I think 300$, to get out of there. So we went to have a pizza and then we went to the train station to continue our trip to Oslo. Of course, we should have turned around to go back to Gothenburg. But Oslo or bust! So we had a few beers while waiting for the train. Oslo, not very exciting, we had a few beers at Akers Brygge before we returned to Gothenburg. Needless to say, I have not been to celebrate 17th of May after this incident.

My next ship was M/T Forsvik and it was nice to leave for a while.


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