Updated with new and bigger pictures at Singapore OPL anchorage February 2012

Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T CT Star
CT Star
M/T CT Star
Picture from www.shipspotting.com   Photo by Andreas Spörri

CT Star was built 1980 at Oskarshamn's shipyard in Sweden as OT Sulphur for OT Shipping in Skärhamn. She's a chemical tanker and she loads Aladdin's adventure with ChemTrans AG10886,3m³ (98%) in 21 tanks with 16 segregations.
She has 6 stainless steel center tanks and she has 16 FRAMO deep well pumps.
Gross tonnage: 6,060 tons
Summer DWT: 8,790 tons
Length: 129.6 m
Beam: 19 m
Draught: 5.2 m

Former name(s):
- Havi Trader (Until 2009 Mar 05)
- Ct Star (Until 2006 Sep 10)
- Sulphur (Until 1987 Sep 11)
- Stena Sulphur (Until 1987 Mar 07)
- Sulphur (Until 1986 Dec 31)
- Ot Sulphur (Until 1983 Oct 04)

Brostöm Ship ManagementWe transported Caustic Soda, sulphuric acid. ChemTrans AG owned the ship but Broström Management had the technical and crew management for M/T CT Star.

Here are some interesting Milestones from ChemTrans AG web page.

Friday 4th of July 2003 and I stepped off M/T Framnäs at 10:15 @ NYNAS jetty #283 in Antwerp. The taxi was waiting for me and we arrived to Brussels International Airport around 11
Yeah, as you understand this was written back in the day when I had Aladdin's adventure with Thai Airwaysmy gold card with KLM. Now a day, 2012 I would avoid KLM. I had several bad experiences with KLM and Northwest airline and I changed to Thai Airways frequent flyer system. Never any disappointments with Thai.

I had several “Free” trips between Asia and Europe and when I Aladdin's adventure with Thai Airwaystried to book one of those free trips I ran in to our trouble. All flights are full.

But try our DO YOU FEEL LUCKY extravaganza scam. I hit the link and suddenly I had a seat. But now it had turned from 50,000 miles or something like that in to millions of miles for a ticket.

Aladdin got pissed off and I have avoided them ever since. I even think I have some miles left. Well, so far I have never had any problem with Thai airways
o'clock. I went to pick up my ticket at KLM's office, I asked the company to send me with KLM. That will give me frequent flyer points.

I need heaps of these points when Sue and I will travel around the world on our honeymoon.

After check in I had to pass a boarding pass control and then it was to walk another KM or 2 before I came to the security check. Brussels airport is the worst airport I have ever been on.

Luckily enough I don't go there too much. After the security I passed a trattoria on the way to gate 58A and my flight to Amsterdam. I sat down and I ordered a spaghetti Carbonara and a bottle of water.

12 Scooby Doo $ for a lunch. I thought it was very cheap for being on an airport.

Motherf@cker!! When I saw the plate arrived I thought it was the deal of my life. A plate the size of a lake, but when they put the plate in front of me I could hardly see the Carbonara. There was a little in the bottom. The Aladdin's adventure in BrusselsCarbonara disappeared like an Aspirin, no problem to finish my meal before the flight.

My flight was at 1200 and we arrived to Amsterdam just before 1 o'clock. It was a 25 minutes flight but with taxi and waiting it was about 1 hour from gate to gate. I had to wait for 2 hours in Amsterdam. I went to my special restaurant and I ordered my usual Lobster soup and Lamb filet. Now I had had my Aladdin's adventure with KLM at Schiphol International Airportlunch and I arrived to gate D 06 just in time for my flight to Humberside.

And of course, my favourite way of spending time, a bus from the gate to the airplane. You are already in a bad mood when entering the gate to board the plane and on top of that they put you on a bus.

We left from Amsterdam on time 1445 and we arrived to Humberside just before 1500 local time. At arrival I picked up my luggage and there was a driver to pick me up. He told me that the ship was delayed and that I had to stay at a hotel over night

It's strange, a few minutes on an airplane and you have to sit on the different side when riding in a car and they have a different time. He drove me to Habrough Hotel in Habrough village just outside Immingham. It was a 10 minutes ride through the English country side on a gloomy and grey day. I was looking forward to a shower and a night at the hotel.
Aladdin recommend Habrough Hotel
Habrough Hotel

After a shower I should take a walk to Immingham. It's about 5km to Immingham from the hotel. When I left the reception the agent called and told me that the ship will arrive 2300 LT
Aladdin recommend Habrough Hotel

The Habrough is an elegant boutique Hotel, offering contemporary design, luxurious accommodation and exceptional levels of personal service. Each one of the rooms has been individually designed, giving them their own

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Luxury in Lincolnshire
character and ambience.

Lying in the heart of the hotel is the Habrough's popular restaurant and bar.

The restaurant offers a wide selection of European cuisine, using excellent locally sourced produce. The bar offers a range of fine wines and champagnes as well as a selection of real ales.

A new addition to the hotel is a newly crafted 'al fresco' terrace featuring an American styled barbecue.

Luxury in Lincolnshire
The Habrough is renowned in the locality for ceremonies and celebrations, whether stunning weddings, stylish receptions or lavish extravaganzas or
Aladdin recommend Habrough Hotel
Weddings - Find out more
birthday parties.

The Habrough is also licensed for civil wedding ceremonies.

All wedding packages are bespoke ensuring couples get exactly what they want for their special day.

The Habrough prides itself in maintaining a happy balance between formality and friendliness.

The Habrough ... meeting your every need.
and that they will pick me up 0700 LT tomorrow. Good, I will have a good nights' sleep, of course, it would have been better if I could have had a few more hours Never mind, I was in a good mood when I left the hotel for my walk to Immingham.

I reached Immingham and I was very very happy that I didn't live in that town, or village. There were a few houses made of corrugated sheet iron. This is the kind of houses I was sitting drinking beer in when I was in Kingston, Jamaica. I have seen trash cans in Sweden looking better than those houses. Broken windows and the small piece of garden in front of the junk heap looked like a junk yard.

Of course, I thought that this was abandoned houses, this is Europe 2003 fer f@cks sake! When I walked back to my hotel it was getting dark and I could see lights and people watching TV in these “Houses”.

There was a pub, hair dresser, fish and chips shop and a book maker on the main road. A very dull place and I was happy that I was going to leave 1st thing in the morning. I asked about the shopping center that they had told me about on the hotel.
- Just continue down the main road.
- Thank you! I said and left

I was about to miss the shopping center because it was not how I had pictured a shopping centre. It was a building in front of something that looked like a square. There were a few shops on the ground floor, a book maker (big surprise), frozen food center and a bakery. The bakery looked like it had been closed down for several years. In the corner there was a Chinese restaurant. The sign was kept together with duct tape. The restaurant was on the second floor and the entrance looked like a place where they rob people. The curtains had been white some 20 years ago and had never been cleaned. I never went in there. I should have brought my camera, I will ask my driver tomorrow to pass it slowly so I can show you.

I took the walk back to my hotel and my dinner. I didn't expect much and I ordered Broccoli soup and the Lamb saddle with fresh potatoes. It was very good and the people working on the hotel were very nice and if you stay in Immingham I can recommend Habrough Hotel. But don't expect too much from the rooms, unless they had done some serious renovation since I stayed there 2003. The “Luxury in Lincolnshire” from their web page is, at least back in 2003 a huge exaggeration. But of course, much can have happened in the 9 years from 2003.

Saturday 5th of July 2003
and they called me 10 minutes before 0700 LT to tell me that my driver had arrived. He drove me to the ship but we didn't pass through Immingham, so no photos. I was onboard just after 7 o'clock (8 o'clock Swedish time). Captain had bought snus for me and he gave it to me when I came onboard and we completed discharging at 12 o'clock so I had some time with the off signing Chief Officer before he left the ship. We left Immingham for Rotterdam at 14:00.

Now I'm on the 4-8 watch when I came on my watch at 1600 I had some tea and I listened to some good music. We have ETA to Rotterdam pilot is 6 o'clock on Sunday morning. We recived we received e-mail from our agent in Rotterdam during my watch: our jetty is occupied and we have to drop our anchor at arrival. After my watch I wrote some e-mail and then I was off to bed.

Sunday 6th of July 2003
and they woke me up at 0340 for my morning watch. It's terrible to go up at 4 o'clock in the morning. 15 minutes in a hot shower and I was off to the bridge and we dropped our anchor at Maas West 0610. There was no wind but the ship was rolling due to Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T CT Starswell. Even though there wasn't much swell the ship was rolling heavily and it was very annoying.

Always the same problem outside Rotterdam, the ship turns with the tide and the swell coming in from the side.

After my morning watch I went down in our cargo tanks to inspect them. We have to check the tanks for cracks and leaks before loading. When the double bottom ballast tanks are full with water we can see if there is any leaks between the cargo tanks and the cargo tanks. If there are any leaks it could be very dangerous when we have Sulphuric Acid in the cargo tanks. Our cargo tanks are made of stainless steel but the rest of the ship is ordinary steel. So there will be hole in the ship if the acid comes out of the cargo tanks.

After the inspection I went for my nap. When I woke up 1 o'clock we were on the way to our jetty. They had told us that we had to wait until 4 o'clock, but in shipping business everything can happen. We were secured alongside Chemtrade's jetty in Europort at 14:40. We should load from 2 barges and from shore tank. We started to load from barge #1 at 1540 and we completed loading at 1905. Barge #1 left us at 1915 and then a bunker barge arrived. We started to load from the shore tank at 10 minutes pas 8 o'clock in the evening.
Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T CT Star
Loading or bunkering from a barge

Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T CT Star
Coming from the Swedish Seaman's church with news paper

We were very busy during the evening. Ship chandler delivered provision, Seaman's church came Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T CT Starwith news paper so he had to help us carry the provision

Not what he had expected, but he got fresh mackerel that the crew had cought while we were at the anchorage so he was beaming of joy.

I would not eat mackerel even if they gave me a million, but many people loves the fish. And I really mean loves, the season in Sweden to fish mackerel is in the late summer ( I think, I'm not sure) and people are waiting the whole year for this.
- Moi?
I like the fish called fish finger and is caught at the freezer at the nearest convenient store by the help of a valet. Well, anyway, there was plenty provision but no summer potatoes from Skåne.

Well, I hope we can get some when we come to Sweden. Anyway, at 2030 a was off to look for apartments for sale in the news paper they had brought us from the seaman's church. Then it was bed time for me. But first I had to have a hot shower and to up date my web page.

Monday 7th of July 2003
and they called me at 0340 for my watch. My friends, I really hate this 0340 early morning wake up call. I expected us to be nearly completed with the loading when I came to the CCR at 0400. During the night we had loaded from barge #2 via shore line and at 0415 we started to load the last from the shore tanks.

The man from the shore terminal told me that they expected us to be ready around 10 o'clock when he was onboard with a new battery for the radio.
- Well, we see about that, I said.
By now I have heard so many different times for us to be ready. Everything from early this morning to late tomorrow evening. At 7 o'clock in the morning there was a taxi to pick up our Pilipino 2nd Officer. He was signing off and he was happy to go home. The new 2nd Officer had arrived when we arrived yesterday.

After my watch there was not very much to do except waiting for us to be ready. At 0930 2nd Officer called me and said that we will be ready in 30 minutes. Well, hmmm, I'm writing this and it's almost 11 o'clock. They are stripping a shore tank and from 10 o'clock until 11 o'clock we have received a few cubic metres only.

Well, that gave me time to encode my French Hip Hop to MP3 and to update my web page. I had time for 2 phone calls to Sue. But what I want the most (except meeting Sue) is for us to be ready so I can have my nap. Captain passed by the CCR and told me that he had ordered Diet Coke for our arrival to the Kiel Canal. He is also growing to be a favourite Captain.
Aladdin's adventure with HKF - Andreas
Our man from HKF
Captain reading fresh newspaper in the back helping me to look for an apartment

At 11 o'clock they came from HKF with newspaper and magazines. Our man from HKF was the

Handelsflottans Kultur- och Fritidsråd is the people taking care of the sailors. HKF provides books and movies. They arrange soccer, Ping-Pong tournaments and track and field sports for sailors staying in ports. They have mini vans with which they pick up sailors at their ships and take them to the Seaman's church and/or HKF's sport ground. They change and update ships library in ports all over the world.

They have their own magazine "Look out" and it's about a little bit of everything concerning the life onboard Swedish ships and social events. There is also book and film reviews.
cover boy of their magazine "Look out" so I took a picture of him with the magazine. He told me that the cover was on internet and that he would e-mail it to me so I can show it for you. Always a little something happening at www.aladdin.st!! But you knew that allready.

When our HKF man left Captain read the classified for me and gave me suggestions for apartments that I could call for. I called a few but nothing for me.

Original picture uploaded by mobile phone 2003

Roger, Milas, Garcia and Alfonzo
2nd Officer and 2 of the ABs and Bosun waiting for departure

And the same picture uploaded 2012 at Singapore OPL Anchorage

Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T CT Star
2nd Officer and 2 of the ABs and Bosun waiting for departure

Finally at 1205 we completed loading. Paper was onboard 1335 and pilot ordered for 1400. 14:00 and I'm in bed, but I called Sue before I went to bed. 2nd Officer called me at 1930 for my watch. I had a long nap. I swapped watch with 2nd Officer so now I'm on the 8-12 watch. 4-8 watch is the traditional watch for the Chief Officer but now it's quite common that Chief Officer stands the 8-12 watch.
So there will hopefully there will not be any 0340 calls for me anymore.

Tuesday 8th of July 2003
and our 2nd Officer called me 0715 for my watch. I told 2nd Officer that it was enough to call me 0740 in the morning, it gives me 20 minutes for a shower before my watch. The Elbe pilot had just got onboard when I came on watch so I had to spend my Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T CT Starwatch with the pilot. But Captain was on the bridge and he had a few stories from the 7 seas to tell me so the time went pretty quick. I really had a very good time with this Captain and it was fun most of the times.

Pilot was drinking tea with me and at 10 o'clock our Chief Engineer joined us. Captain is only drinking coffee but we will see for how long. Steward came along with fresh baked "Kanel bullar"
- Please!! I'm on a diet. Can you please keep your "Kanel bullar" down below, I said.
Well, when he had gone through the trouble to bring them up to the bridge I could as well have a few. I asked the pilot if he wanted a doggy bag, but I had no luck. Hmmm, I think that I have to finish them myself.
Hey!! I can invite Chief Engineer for some tea tonight and maybe he can eat them.
We meet Tärnhav in Elbe and I took some pictures of her. It's for my page with photos of Swedish ships. I will try to upload the page when we come to Sweden next time. You will find a link here when the pictures are uploaded.

We entered the lock in Brunsbüttel at 11 o'clock. Our Swedish 2nd Officer signed off in the lock and there will come a new in the other lock at the Kiel side of the Canal. When we left the lock we meet M/T Bonito so I took a few pictures of her. Plenty photos for my new page. During the passage of the Canal 1 of our generators caught fire. So now we only have 1 generator. We need 2 generators to have enough power for our bow thruster and we also need 2 generators if we want to use all our cargo pumps. So it looks like we can only use 1 or 2 cargo pumps while discharging in Finland. But then we have to turn off everything onboard that uses much energy.
Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T CT Star
2 ABs on the fo'c's'le when we're approaching the lock in Holtenau

Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T CT Star
2nd Officer and a truck of Diet drinks and Coke is waiting for us

Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T CT Star
Chief Engineer and Motorman is off to the Kiosk to buy candy

Our 2nd Officer was waiting for us in Holtenau lock when we arrived around 1830. There was a delivery truck loaded with diet drinks and coke so I was quite happy, not for the Coke, but for the diet drinks. We left the lock at 1900 and the pilot was off 1950 at Kiel L/H.

When I got off my watch at midnight we were just SW of Gedser and I hope I can get contact with my Swedish network tomorrow so I can upload my web page and send some e-mail to Sue.

Wednesday 9th of July 2003
and we had an alco test during my morning watch. We have to do a alco test every 6 months onboard and all crew have to do the test. I went to inspect the double bottoms after my watch. We had to inspect # 1 & 2 double bottoms and I'm lucky to be built like a cat, slender but not delicate. It helps while crawling around on all 4 in the tanks. They looked good. We have to check the ballast tanks for rust and the condition of the coating, anodes and frames etc.

When we came up from the tanks I had a shower and I went to Captains store and got myself 2 cases of Diet Coke.

Then I was up to the bridge and checked when there was a chance for network coverage. We will pass Visby on Gotland around 2300 tonight. Good, then I can send e-mail and update my page. 2 days without e-mail from Sue is enough and I really hope I get some e-mails tonight.

At 2200 I got network coverage and I could send my e-mails, there was plenty e-mails from
Our cover boy in action.
Sue. I also uploaded my new page with photos of Swedish ships. As you can see I got the cover of HKF's magazine. Our man delivering newspaper to a Wallenuis ship in Gothenburg.

It was very nice weather with no wind when we passed Visby. Swedish summer and I can just imagine all the parties going on in Visby. Visby is a real summer city on the island Gotland with music and party 24h a day. But in the winter nothing is happening there.

At midnight I was off my watch again and I uploaded the latest updates on my page and I was off to my cabin to finish a movie that I had started to watch in the afternoon.

Thursday 10th of July 2003
and when I came on my morning watch there was a force 6 wind from NW and it was 15°C. Gloomy and grey and it's in the middle of the summer. We entered Ålands hav around 1030 and there was sailing boats crossing between Finland and Sweden. I thought they should stay home in this weather. But it's the month of holiday in Sweden so they have to sail no matter what the weather is.

After my watch I did some paper work, ordered stores and then I was off to my cabin giving the movie a 3rd chance to end before a fall asleep and When I woke up from my afternoon nap and I finish the movie. This is what I call long play. At 2105 ship time pilot was onboard and at 2335 we had all fast.
We could not use our bow thruster so we had a tug assisting us coming along side.

Friday 11th of July 2003
and we started to discharge our Caustic Soda with 2 cargo pumps thirty minutes past midnight. There was a whole gang of workers waiting for us at arrival. They were going to lift ashore our burnt generator. The generator weight 5,5 ton. Our fitter had to cut open our deck so they can lift the generator through the hole.

We completed discharging at 1225 ship time and we left 1355 for Tahkoluoto. We did tank cleaning on the way to Tahkoluoto and we were scheduled to arrive at 2030 and the shore people will arrive at 2400 giving us time to discharge our ballast so we can load Sulphuric Acid.

All the Finnish workers coming for the generator in Uusikaupunki came for nothing. They just said that they could not do the job. So it will be done in Rotterdam next time. Our Fitter had to weld our deck again and put back the hatch.
I hope they manage to get the generator ashore in Rotterdam. We could only use 2 cargo pumps during the discharging so we really need our 2nd generator. Anyway its plenty work for our fitter to open and close the deck all the time. But again, it's nice to have a good Fitter onboard.

At 1945 ship time (2045 Finnish time) Tahkoluoto pilot boarded us. When I came on the bridge the pilot recognized me (big surprise). He told me that he was the Surveyor last time we loaded in Mäntyluoto. Mäntyluoto is just a little south of Tahkoluoto.
- So you will inspect the tanks when we are alongside then, I said.
At 2145 we had all fast and the pilot came down to inspect the tanks before he left the ship. First time I experience this and it was very convenient. We started to discharge our ballast just before 2100.

Saturday 12th of July 2003
and we were ready to receive cargo quarter past midnight and we started to load at 00:45. Well, we had to stop loading 5 minutes later because the shore line was leaking. I asked them when they thought we could start loading.
- Maybe in 2-3 hours, they said and I was off to bed.

No use for me to hang around waiting for nothing. I put my best man in charge. I sleep until 0740 and when I came to the CCR I could see that the loading had been stopped until 0445 ST.
At 1455 we completed loading and our Surveyor came onboard and did the paperwork and calculation with me and then he transformed in to a pilot and went to the bridge. We left Tahkoluoto just after 1600 ST

Sunday 13th of July 2003
and we arrived to Gävle pilot at 0330. We had to slow down a little because M/T Margita was occupying our jetty at Kemira. They called me at 0400 for paper work and as Chief Officer I have to start the discharging. When I came down to the CCR at Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T CT Star0415 I could see M/T Margita through the door to deck. I took my camera and I was running out on deck and I had a new photo for my page with Swedish ships.

This is what I call presence of mind 0415 in the morning. It was a sunny morning and Margita was between me and the sun so the photo didn't turn out as good as I wished. But with Photoshop you can fix almost everything except fresh tea in the morning.
At 0505 we had all fast and we started to discharge at 0545.

We had bet a few $ on the horses yesterday and the agent brought our numbers. Captain had called the agent from Finland because the race was yesterday. I hope that we won. He also bought a few "Triss" lottery scratchers for us.

I hope we can leave the ship today with our pockets full of money.

At 7 o'clock when I was on the way to my cabin to upload my web page the AB told me that there was a broken valve on #6 cargo line. A Somas valve was stuck in closed position.

After breakfast we had to stop discharging so we could change the Somas valve. It was stop between 0810 and 0855. At the coffee break 10 o'clock I asked our Fitter if he wanted the valve delivered to the workshop for repair.
- I have repaired the valve already.
Quick service on this ship. Important when you are running a tight schedule. I had 2 calls to Sue and I had been treated well by the day. Sunshine and nice weather, summer is back in town.

We left Gävle 5 o'clock in the afternoon

Monday 14th of July 2003
and we arrived to Rönnskär pilot station 1530. We had all fast at Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T CT Star1630. We got provision and I got a box of snus that Captain had ordered for me so I was set for a few days more.

Our Mess man had his birthday today so there was cake after the dinner. I skipped the cake and I'm proud of myself. I had a Diet Coke in my cabin while I updated my web page.

I tried to call Sue but her phone was off. I tried my 2nd choice, my friend in Gothenburg. I wanted to know if there was any news about our move from the apartment. No answer. I really want to know when he leaves the apartment. I have to buy an apartment first thing when signing off, if there is time.

At 1830 they inspected the cargo tanks, looking good, Swedish flag. We expected to be ready with the deballasting around 1900 and then we can start to load our Sulphuric Acid.

At arrival there was a sludge truck waiting for us so the engine department could discharge the engine sludge. Sludge is oily water and oil rests from the engine. In PanamaGreek ships they discharge it in to the sea. It's forbidden but in order to save money for the company.... We order trucks so we can take it ashore even though it cost the company money.
Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T CT Star
The sludge truck on the jetty in Rönnskär

On my night watch in the CCR I had the usual gang sitting there entertaining me. Our Fitter knew a guy in Malmö that wanted to sell his apartment. We will try to call him when he comes home around 20th of July. Now I have managed to involve almost the whole crew in my apartment business. Now I can sleep well.

We expect to be ready with the loading around 0400 - 0430 15th of July and that means a 0300 early morning wake up call for me. They need me to calculate how much cargo we have onboard when leaving Rönnskär. Pilot is ordered for 0530.

Tuesday 15th of July 2003
and as I feared my phone woke me up at 0340 and 2nd Officer told me it was 1 hour until completion. Is this the best time of the day or what?
We completed loading 0455 and we left Rönnskär 0530 in sunshine and the sea looked like a mirror. I was off to bed and I had told 2nd Officer not to wake me up so I slept until 3 o'clock in the afternoon. It was very nice with a real nap, my first in a very long time. I spent the rest of the afternoon with my web page.

Wednesday 16th of July 2003
and it was time for a fire drill and life boat drill. So at 10:15 we Josesounded the fire alarm and all crew mustered on the bridge.

So we mustered at the bridge and we were ready to start with the drill. But before we could start our Cook wanted to crack a joke with us. When he was finish we could have our drill.

We simulated fire in engine room with 1 missing person. We sent down 2 smoke divers in the

Roliga timmen med kocken
Fröken frågade klassen vad dom skulle bli när dom blev stora.
- Jag ska bli Playboy, sa lille Kalle.
- Jaha, vad gör en sådan? frågade fröken
- Dricker sprit och knullar fruntimmer, svarade lille Kalle.
Fröken ringde hem till lille Kalles morsa och beklagade sig och Kalles morsa lovade att prata med lille Kalle. Fröken tänkte att hon skulle fråga klassen igen och se om lille Kalle hadde ändrat sig.
- Nå vad skall ni bli när ni blir stora?
- Jag ska bli mini Playboy, sa lille Kalle.
- Nä men vad gör en mini Playboy? Undrade fröken
- Dricker folköl och runkar.
engine room via the emergency exit. Our Chief Engineer had placed a dummy (stuffed boiler suit) in the engine room.

Our smoke divers found the dummy and brought him back up on deck were our medical team waited.

After the fire drill we held a lifeboat muster and we lowered our lifeboats to the rail. When we were ready we went to the bridge and had a MOB drill. We executed Williamson's turn.
Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T CT Star
Fire drill

Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T CT Star
Fire drill

Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T CT Star
Our Bosun

Bosun Uffe, Fitter Roger, 1st engineer Antonio, 2nd Officer Göran, Messman Datta, AB Milas, Motorman Petter, Cook Jose, AB Åge, Chief Engineer Henke. Sitting: 2nd Engineer Euforoinio, Engine Cadet Thomas, AB Garcia, 2nd Officer Lane, Captain Tommy.
The original Dream Team

After a quick lunch I went down with Bosun in port # 1 & 2 DB for an inspection. I was brown with mud when I came back up and it was nice to have a shower and a Diet Coke in my cabin.

At 1730 it was dinner. I hadn't slept in the afternoon. I spent the whole afternoon with my computer. At the dinner the Fitter told me that he had called his friend about the apartment.
- He sold it already, he said.
Bosun told me that he wanted to sell a cottage to me. Just outside Gothenburg at the beach of Göta älv. I told him that I was interested and that I will inspect the cottage.
- I pay you cash if you give me a good price, I said.

Well, it's sounds nice. I can fire up the grill and have BBQ party with fresh fish from the river. But probably there will be more beer and music than fish.

Thursday 17th of July 2003
and we passed Bornholmsgattet on my morning watch. It was a nice summer morning with sunshine, off course, what did you expect when we are passing Skåne.
Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T CT Star
Chief Officer, Mess Man and Captain on the bridge

I could see on our transponder that M/T Tärnfors was on the way. I was hoping for a picture
I'm sure you wonder what this red to red means.
Well on a ship we have a red light on our ports (left) side and a green light on our starboard (right) side. So red to red means that I will have him on my left side when we meet. He was coming on my right side so he could se my green side (during the night he would have seen my green light). That's pretty much like the traffic light. He sees my green light and I see his red, which means that I have to give way to him. I.E. change course or speed to avoid collision and he will keep his course and speed.
And about the transponder. You can find out all about it on my This takes you to my web ship web ship. This takes you to my web ship
for my new page. By now you know where to find the page so it's not necessary to put a link here.

- Tärnfors CT Star is calling on CH 16, I called on the VHF radio.
Tärnfors replied and it was my old friend Ronny answering. I told him that I would soon change course to starboard and that I will meet him "Red to red" so I could take a few photos. We had a chat about the good old times and I asked him to comb his hair before I took the photos.

After lunch I went out on deck to take a cargo sample in 6CT and then I went with our Bosun to the ballast pump room. The ejector is not working on port ballast pump. Now I will go for a nap, I need to be thoroughly rested because we will be at Kiel pilot station around 2130 tonight.

At 2150 17th of July we arrived to Kiel pilot station. We entered Holtenau lock around 2300 and we left the lock around 2340. Time for my nap and we will hopefully be out of the Canal when I come for my watch tomorrow. It's very good even though I have to spend a few hours with the pilot on the river Elbe.

Friday 18th of July 2003
and we passed Cuxhafen when I came on my morning watch and I had to spend a little more than 1,5 hour with the pilot. At 0940 we left the pilot at Elbe L/F. It was gloomy and grey with head wind force 6.

Saturday 19th of July 2003
and we took pilot @ Maas Center at 04:50 and they woke me up at 0545 and I went out on deck. It was sunshine and nice weather. Already 0600 in the morning and it's hot. At 0645 we were moored at Chemtrade's jetty in Europort.
Our Cook was going to serve shrimp omelette for breakfast. I terrorized him all morning with stuff like:
- I remember the good old days when they served macaroni gratin.
- What happened with the good old tradition with macaroni gratin with falususage for breakfast?
- Back in the days there was real Cooks on the ships that understand how to make macaroni gratin.
At quarter to 8 Captain asked me if I shouldn't eat breakfast.
- Nae, I'm on a diet, I said.
When he told me that the Cook had made macaroni gratin for me I thought he was joking. But he wasn't joking and my diet was down the drain again.

We got a gang onboard and they took ashore our burnt generator. Our Fitter had been up since early morning to cut open the deck so they could lift the generator from the engine room. He called me on my night watch yesterday and asked for a wakeup call when the pilot boarded us. That would give him time to open the deck again.
Well, this time we got a "Kick ass gang" onboard and in the afternoon the generator was off the ship. They came with a barge with a huge crane onboard and they stayed outside off us. Our Fitter had to weld our deck again after departure.
I think this gang coming onboard in Finland just came down to the ship to sit down with no intention to lift ashore the generator and then go back home to write a bill for the company.

We left Rotterdam 2130 19th of July. Tank cleaning at departure and we will be ready to load Caustic Soda in Stade tomorrow night.

Sunday 20th of July 2003
and we arrived to Elbe pilot at 1645. I went down in the cargo tanks to look for cracks and I had a little more than 1 hour to my watch. Ample time for a coke and to send e-mail to Sue. But I could not connect to my server so no e-mail.

When I came on my watch they played a song on the radio, come in to my arms, its cold and I can keep you warm. Well, I told Captain that I had paper work to do before the arrival and I was off to the CCR. At 2110 we were secured alongside jetty#1 at DOW in Stade. Tank inspection by Surveyor and we were ready to start loading at 2150. They had problem to connect the cargo arm so at 2300 the arm was connected and we started to load 2320. We had to load 40m³ in 1CT cargo tank and at 2340 we stopped. Then we had to pump the Caustic soda from tank to tank and the Surveyor had to take a sample in the last tank. This is what we call a foot sample.

Monday 21st of July 2003
and there was a heavy rain and thunder passing over Stade when we loading the foot sample. At 0035 the Surveyor had the sample and he brought it ashore for analysis at their laboratory. That gave me time to write an e-mail to Sue. At 0125 our sample passed and we were ready to start loading. But they could not open their shore valve so we had to wait until 02:35 before we could start loading. When we had started loading I could call Sue from my cabin.

I came on my morning watch and it was gloomy and grey . The sky was covered with grey clouds and it's looked like there will be rain but around 9 o'clock the sun showed up and we got a nice summer day. Hopefully we can get some paint on the ship after departure.

Loading Master came onboard just a few minutes after I got on my watch and asked us when we expected to be ready. Well, with the rate we have had during the night and morning we will be ready 10 o'clock I told him. There had been a stop between 0715 and 0745 so they could change shore tank. When they started to load again we only received half rate. At 10 o'clock I called the terminal and told them that with this rate we will be ready around 12 o'clock.

The Loading Master could not speak any English but he answered me in perfect German. We have vetting inspections long ways and sideways and complains about using helmets on deck. I think it's more important to be able to communicate with the terminal. Around 1030 the Surveyor came onboard and told us that we will soon be ready.
- What????!!!!
Hmm, it turned out that shore figures was 500 tons more than ship figure. They went back ashore to investigate and they called back and told me that we are using ship figures as B/L.

Our Cook came and served me Fläskpannkaka in the CCR. We should have Fläskpannkaka for lunch and he wanted me to try it. I had been nagging on him from day 1 about having Fläskpannkaka for lunch. It tasted great and I had been hoping all my watch for us to be ready before 12 o'clock so I could sit down eating Fläskpannkaka for lunch. I got in a bad mood when I realised that we wouldn't make it in time. So I would have to try enjoy my Fläskpannkaka on the run.

Our Pilot came onboard at 12 o'clock, great, now we had to share the Fläskpannkaka with yet another guy. Terminal had ordered him for 12 o'clock!!?? I expected them to know when we should be finished with the loading. For sure I can't know when the changing the loading rate all the time. Our agent was very angry at the Loading Master for ordering pilot to 12 o'clock. At the end of the loading I asked them to reduce the speed for topping off tanks but it was only problem for the terminal to understand. I asked him a few times before he understood that he should slow down. Very dangerous, but I'm sure the loading Master had his helmet on.

Finally at 1230 we completed loading. We did the calculation and there was time for me to have some Fläskpannkaka. Our Mess man served me, he's always very helpful and it's a nice guy.
He wanted me to take a photo of him and it was very important for him to comb his hair before I took the picture.
Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T CT Star
Our Mess Man Always happy and ready to give a hand

Aladdin's adventure onboard CT Star
Danubegas arrives with 2 tugs

We have had a tug boat waiting at our side from 1230. There is a regulation at DOW terminal that the ships must have a tug at arrival and departure. Our cargo documents came onboard at 1330 and when it was time for us to leave our tug went away to help Danubegas to come alongside. She needed 2 tugs. So we didn't left Stade until 2 o'clock in the afternoon. That means that I have to spend time with our pilot in the evening passing through the Kiel Canal.

When coming on watch we just changed the pilot in Scülp giving us an ETA Holtenau lock around 2300. My whole watch in the Canal with the Pilot but Captain was on the bridge chatting and we wrote a SAFIR (Safety and Improvement report) report about our Cook not serving chocolate mousse with wiped cream. The time went pretty quick and we arrived to the lock at 11 o'clock. When we left the lock it was just to go to the bridge ( I was stopping for a kåldolme on the way) and I was relieved by our Pilipino 2nd Officer.
I managed to connect to my server for a while and there was 3 e-mails from Sue before the connection broke down. I didn't manage to send my e-mail to Sue but I will try when passing Sweden next time.

Tuesday 22nd of July 2003
and Captain came on the bridge with a cash list on my morning watch. He wanted me to sign for money and stuff I had received during the month
- It's not much, only for the lottery tickets we bought, Captain told me.
- It can't be, there is no chocolate in the slop chest, I replied.
- We got chocolate in Germany. I will bring, he said.
- No no no, keep the slop chest locked.
He had called the company because the server was down. There was no e-mail working on any of the ships so Captain was relieved to know it wasn't him that had f**ked up the computer.
- You are going straight to Framnäs after signing off here, he said.
That's good and bad news, I have no time to spend money but neither there is time to buy a house or apartment nor to make a CD with the photos I took last time on Framnäs. I had promised 2nd Officer to make a CD with the photos for him, but he understands.

When passing Ölands Södra grund on my evening watch I tried to upload my web page. But it was poor connection so the transfer was interrupted all the time. And there was many MB to upload since I have changed my page and rearranged my folders in order to get a quicker upload. Please inform me if you find any broken links or missing pictures.
I managed to send and receive e-mails. There was e-mail from Sue and also a request for photos from my web page. There was also e-mail from SANKO, still wanting me for the interview. 1 Greek company was looking for Senior Officers from Northwest Europe, offering a salary of 7800. Well, most important is to meet Sue.

Wednesday 23rd of July 2003
and we passed Gotska Sandön on my morning watch. We meet M/S Ortviken so there are new photos for my page with ship photos. We also meet M/S Mimer but I have to find out if she's Swedish before I put her on my page. She has port of registry Brändö. I don't know if it's in Sweden or Finland. I asked around onboard but no one knew.

Thursday 24th of July 2003
and we changed an IG pressure sensor in 4CT after my morning watch and after that I was off for my nap. At 1700 they called me and it was time for arrival.
On the way to the jetty I checked all the high level alarms, emergency showers and P/V valves and stuff. While on deck I remembered Mimer and I called Captain and asked him to ask the pilot about Mimer.
- She's from Åland, he said.
So there we straightened a question mark.

1800 ST (1900 in Finland) we had first line ashore and 1830 we had all fast. Between 1830 and 1840 they took cargo samples and they expected 2 hours for lab test. I went ashore to take a Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T CT Starpicture of the ship. (Not a nice sight). So now I have CT Star on my ship page as well. My page with ship photos are growing.

While waiting for lab result I received e-mail from Sue and she was "Very Impressed" about me going straight to Framnäs after this ship. I think there must have been a miss understanding, I wanted to work the whole summer and have my holiday during the dark and cold (cosy) winter days. Hmmm, I have plenty explaining to do.

While waiting Captain had the new AB to sign his contract and the declaration that he will not drink any alcohol or take any drugs while onboard. I had time to upload parts of my web page while waiting. I have to upload the rest of the pages next time in Sweden.

Finally at 2050 ST we started to discharge our Caustic Soda. ETC around 0500 early morning 25th of July. Our Mess man had been ashore at the Seaman's mission and he came back around 2300. He had made a phone call to his mother in India so he was happy when he came back.

After completion we have about 16 hours to Mäntyluoto where we will load full cargo of Sulphuric Acid. Busy day doing tank cleaning and looking for leaks on our cargo lines. When we started to discharge we tested our new IG pressure sensor in 4CT and it looked good. It looked good in the other tanks as well.

Friday 25th of July 2003
and we completed discharging at 0450 and we left Kokkola 0625 25th of July. On the way to Mäntyluoto we did the tank cleaning. 1 hour hot water machine wash. After my watch Bosun and I put air pressure on 3 of the cargo lines and then we applied soap water on the places we had observed leaking yesterday. We found 2 leaks and Bosun fixed the leaks during the afternoon while I was watching a video. About a man in a phone booth, where do they come up with all this bullshit?
I was in my bed before his quarter was up. Captain called me 1730 and told me that I had to come down for dinner.
- It's lamb and chocolate mousse with wiped cream.
- I'm there in a jiff.
Well, it's not true when they say it's all for nothing and a waste of time to fill up a SAFIR report. After dinner I went down to the tanks to look for cracks and leaks and then I was off to my cabin to finish my video. I was happy when I reached THE END.

At 2050 ST we arrived to Mäntyluoto pilot and we had all fast at 2205. We started to discharge our ballast and we expected to start loading around 1 o'clock in the morning.

Our pilot was the Surveyor as well, very good. It was the same Pilot/ Surveyor as we had in Tahkoluoto and now he called me by my name.
And I had plenty time to send e-mails while waiting for the ballast to be ready.
Aladdin's adventure onboard CT Star
Our Pilot/ Surveyor in Tahkoluoto & Mäntyluoto

Saturday 26th of July 2003
and we completed loading at 1300 ST. Ullage and paper work ready at 1340 and pilot ordered for 1400.

We entered Ålands Hav on my night watch and I got network coverage. I received e-mail from "Unge Herr Sjö Officeren". He wrote that Brändö is on Åland so now I got it confirmed from 2 independent sources and the photos of Mimer could be deleted from my page and my computer.

Monday 28th of July 2003
and we entered Öresund just after lunch. DARN! I had hoped for us to pass Öresund during my watch in the morning. And of course with blue sky and a shining sun so I could have taken some pictures of Swedish ships. But it was gloomy and grey and we didn't meet any Swedish ships. 1 of our ABs signed off at Landskrona roads so we had a small boat
picking him up while leaving the new AB with us. I worked with this Ab last time I was onboard CT Star and now he had been home for 6 weeks and now he had to sign on for another 6 weeks onboard again.

He had spent one night at a hotel in Landskrona while waiting for us. Captain was on the bridge this morning to crack a few jokes with me. I don't know how, but we started to talk about Semlor and it must have gone down something like:
- Would have been nice with a semla
- YEAH!!
- But it is not the season for semlor
- We have Spanish Cook and he knows f@ck all about semle season and stupid Swedish tradition
- Yeah, a good semla can be enjoyed 12 months a year.
So we called the AB at the hotel in the morning. We asked him to buy 2 litres of wiping cream and 1kg of almond paste/ marzipan.
- Are you joking?
- We're dead serious!

We had been nagging on the Cook to make "Semlor" for a long time and he had told us that he didn't have any almond paste/ marzipan onboard. So when the AB came onboard with the stuff we were hiding it for the Cook and Captain called me at dinner Captain. When I came down Captain left with the Bosun to pick up the stuff, they had kept it in Bosun's refrigerator. Captain put it in the Kitchen and we were sitting there eating dinner looking like we didn't know f**k all about the wiping cream and marzipan.

El Kockenero came running with the bag and he threw the bag filled with the “goodies” in front of me at the dinner table. Hmm, why are they always blaming me when its mischief's going on?
- I will never speak to you again!!!
I took the time and I'm not sure because I have no second-hand on my wrist watch. But after about 27-28 seconds he couldn't stick to his promise anymore.
- You told me that you shouldn't talk to me anymore, I said.
- I can't remember everything I say
Later on he blamed the Captain
- When you came down Captain was shitting his pants and he ran off to the bridge to hide, he told me.

I had called my friend in Gothenburg and he told me that he will move out of the apartment 18th of August. He will pack my things and bring my stuff to Kalmar and he will send a box with some of my stuff to our agent in Stenungsund. He told me that they had called from the record shop, and the Bob Hansson record I had ordered almost 2 months ago had arrived. My friend should pick up the record and send it to me in the box.

In the evening Bob H (den gammle Skåne poeten) was on the radio, much Bob H in one day.

Tuesday 29th of July 2003
and when we reached the North Sea in the afternoon the weather turned ugly. Gloomy and grey with passing showers and increasing wind from SSW. But I must obviously have had some nice weather because I was on deck taking pictures. And as this have never been uploaded before it is like a 2012 BONUS upload.
Aladdin's adventure onboard CT Star
Our crew having lunch
Aladdin's adventure onboard CT Star
Our Cook

Aladdin's adventure onboard CT Star
AB chipping rust

Aladdin's adventure onboard CT Star
Bosun painting on deck

Aladdin's adventure onboard CT Star
Aladdin's adventure onboard CT Star
Our Mess Man

Before I got on my night watch I paid our Cook a visit in his cabin. The usual gang was sitting there having a good time and Captain told me:
- You are getting smaller now.
- Of course, he can't get any bigger, the Cook said.
Our Cook arranged a packet of milk for my tea on the bridge. When he started with the kiss kiss I sudddenly found myself in a hurry and I was off to the bridge.
Aladdin's adventure onboard CT Star
Well, yeah, what to say?

Wednesday 30th of July 2003
and I woke up when my phone rang at 0745.
- It's 0745, 2nd Officer said on the phone.
- Yippee
I took a shower and I went to the bridge to relieve the 2nd Officer. Captain came to the bridge just after 8 o'clock and asked if I had eaten breakfast.
- No, I'm on diet! I said.
Captain told me that the Cook had made "Tomtegröt"
- What the is wrong with our Cook? He knows that I'm on diet.

Well, Captain didn't help and he relieved me on the bridge while I had my breakfast. And he told me to check out the kitchen when I was half way out of the bridge.
- There is dough rising under towels! Maybe he's making Semlor, Captain said.

I had so much "Tomtegröt" for breakfast that I hardly made it back to the bridge. And Captain told me to have a “check around” the kitchen for any signs of Semlor being made before returning to the bridge. I was ready with the "Tomtegröt" and I was thinking about skipping the “check around” the kitchen for any signs of Semlor. I just wanted to go to bed after the FEAST but our Cook called me.
- Psst!! Aladdin come here. I will show you something
Aladdin's adventure with semlor and Tomtegröt onboard M/T CT Star
Baking buns to make semlor

- Don't tell anyone!! Promise! It is a secret!!
I promised to keep my mouth shut and he took me to the oven. He opened the oven and he was baking buns so he could make Semlor in the afternoon. I just wondered what happened with all the “I will never speak with you again” and all the “throwing bags whit whipped cream and Marzipan around” But I never asked him, I returned to the bridge and I was looking forward to this afternoon. I had a few pictures of our kitchen department before I returned to the bridge.
Aladdin's adventure with semlor and Tomtegröt onboard M/T CT Star
Our kitchen department busy in the morning

Aladdin's adventure with semlor and Tomtegröt onboard M/T CT Star
Our kitchen department busy in the morning

Aladdin's adventure with semlor and Tomtegröt onboard M/T CT Star
Our kitchen department busy in the morning

Aladdin's adventure with semlor and Tomtegröt onboard M/T CT Star

It was a gloomy and grey morning and the AB on my watch had to wear a rain coat on deck. Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T CT StarHe don't look too happy on the picture I took, but I had a good time on the bridge. Music on full blast and I had tea to last me until it was time to go off my watch.

The sun started to shine but after a while the sky was covered with clouds again and it was rain in the air. We meet M/T Tor Sealandia just South of Dogger Bank and I took some picture for my page. I Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T CT Starwent straight to the mess room after my watch. And I took the stairs 4 steps at the time and I'll be darned. Our Cook told me that he had made Ris ala Malta of the "Tomtegröt" we had this morning.

How bad can it get? 2 of my favourites, "Tomtegröt" for breakfast and Ris ala Malta for lunch. Chief Engineer and I were eating until we had to roll away to our beds. Yet another Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T CT Starblack day for my diet and this day will go down the history as a VERY BAD day.

But there is a new day tomorrow and I will give it a new try. I reconnoitre the kitchen area before I returned to my cabin and I found a bowl of Marzipan. So our Cook is busy making Semlor.

When I woke up in the afternoon we only did slow speed. We had to adjust our speed for arrival the pilot station at 1915 ST (1815 English time). Well, anyway, I had sleep like a baby after a cubic ton of Ris ala Malta of the "Tomtegröt". But i Was looking forward to a semla or 4. I went for a shower and Captain called me when I was in the shower.
- It is time for Semlor.
I had 3 of them and it was a giant step backwards for my diet. But tomorrow I will start again and this time it will be no joke. Linseeds and fruit only.
Aladdin's adventure with semlor and Tomtegröt onboard M/T CT Star
Sommar Semlor

Aladdin's adventure with semlor and Tomtegröt onboard M/T CT Star
Our Cook Mr. Sommar Semlan up to no good in the kitchen

Aladdin's adventure with semlor and Tomtegröt onboard M/T CT Star
Our Cook Mr. Sommar Semlan up to no good in the kitchen

Aladdin's adventure with semlor and Tomtegröt onboard M/T CT Star
Our Heroes

Aladdin's adventure with semlor and Tomtegröt onboard M/T CT Star
Our Heroes

I told our Cook that this was the worst insult to the fine old Swedish tradition and culture I had ever experienced.
- It is f@cking July and you are serving Semlor!!
I called our Cook for “Sommar Semlan” or as we say in English, The Summer Semla after this incident. What's next? "Tomtegröt" in the middle of the summer.
- Opps, we have already experienced this faux pas
Aladdin's adventure with semlor and Tomtegröt onboard M/T CT Star
Our Cook Mr. Sommar Semlan disturbing me and the Chief Engineer at the dinner tabe

Aladdin's adventure with Semlor and Tomtegröt onboard M/T CT Star
Our Chief Engineer trying to have a nice and quiet dinner

Strange, when I upload the new pictures at Singapore OPL anchorage 2012 it is almost 10 years ago since we had the Semlor and "Tomtegröt" and I remember it like yesterday. We had a very good time onboard CT Star and it was very fun, at least with this crew onboard.

River Humber Pilot boarded us at 1915 ST and when I came on my watch at 8 o'clock we were on the River Humber. We meet the Swedish ship Noren so I got 1 more photo. We had all fast at Eastern Jetty in Immingham at 2135 and at 2155 the Surveyor got ashore with his sample. Nowd we have to wait for about 2 hours for the lab test before we can start discharge our cargo.

Thursday 31st of July 2003
and we could finally start discharging at 0030 and I was off to my bed for a few hours of sleep just after 1 o'clock.

We completed discharging at 1100 ST and we left Immingham at 1240 and the Pilot was off at 1410. I was in the CCR filling each cargo tank with 40m³ water when 2nd officer came and told me that Bro Atland was taking the pilot. I was off to my cabin to get my camera and I have 1 more photo for my ship page. The pilot boat picked up our pilot after delivering a pilot for Bro Atland. Then we steered towards Stenungsund. We had received a message that our jetty was occupied in Stenungsund so we had to drop anchor at arrival to Stenungsund.
Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T CT Star
Our Cook Mr. Sommar Semlan having lunch with Captain and Mess Man

Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T CT Star
Departure from Immingham
Man ser ju att det var en “SLAPP” attityd till skyddsklädder på den gammla goda tiden

Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T CT Star
Leaving River Humber and Bro Atland behind

Captain called our "Seagoing Personnel Manager" and ordered snus, 100 cans for me. I had planned to go ashore with our Fitter to buy snus, but now it will be too late when we have to wait until Saturday afternoon. Well, it will also be too late for going ashore to eat hot dogs and other unhealthy stuff.

During my night watch I got our jukebox on the bridge computer to work again. As you remember I copied my MP3 files to Chief Engineer's computer last time I was onboard. He's computer is on Band plyingthe network so I imported all the tracks to the music library. Captain was complaining:
- What kind of music is this?
- Well, as I use to say. If you don't understand it, just admire it.

Later my AB on the watch got started as well. I told him:
- Your lucky to be on watch with a young guy that likes good music. You could have been stuck here with a guy playing Elvis Presley (King of the crap) or country & western all the time.

Well, he didn't understand my argument. But i have my first ship as a Deck Boy fresh in mind. I was on the 4 to 8 watch with the Chief Officer. Our Chief Officer was close to 200 years old and he had one cassette tape. And it was country & western music and I was about to jump overboard many times.

Hmmm, our Cook is chasing me and asking about the "Färdtjänst" in Stenungsund. 2 days ago Captain told me that our Cook wanted his girlfriend to come for a visit in Stenungsund.
- Oh yeah, do they have Färdtjänst in Stenungsund? I asked.
- Maybe he can take her to a senior citizen disco, I suggested.
Now he can't forget it and now I have to listen to Färdtjänst this and that.

Friday 1st of August 2003
was a gloomy and grey day. I got a new PMS (Periodic Maintenance System) list and there was plenty to do. So I tested high level alarm and PV valves and stuff in the afternoon. But don't worry, I had time for my nap.
After my nap I went down in the cargo tanks but I could not find any cracks or leaks. Very good. They told me that the ship at our jetty was delayed until 2300 tomorrow night. I got the excellent idea to launch our lifeboat. We can launch the life boat tomorrow afternoon at the anchorage.
- I will take you on an "Aladdin special" fishing tour.

If the time allows I will take you to both ICA and Konsum and I will show you the frozen food display were it will be possible to buy fish fingers. There should be both Frionor and Findus. The tour is only $3 per person and it's a once in a lifetime offer.
- Watch out for fake tickets!! There are a lot of swindlers out there.

Before my night watch I was around collecting money from the crew. We are going to bet on the horses tomorrow and we will buy some "Triss" lottery scratchers. I hope we can leave the ship as zillionaires. Good luck for them to find a new crew in 1 day (Sunday).

Saturday 2nd of August 2003
and we dropped our anchor outside Stenungsund at 02:45. It was a very grey and gloomy morning when I came on watch. There was 1 ship loading at our jetty and there was 1 ship waiting at the anchorage. So we have to wait or 2 ships. First they said 1 Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T CT Staro'clock in the afternoon and then it was 2300. We see, the only thing I'm sure about is that, if I estimated times for us to complete discharging like that I would have been fired.

In the morning we launched our lifeboat and our 2nd Officer, Bosun and Chief Engineer went ashore for some shopping. They bought newspapers and magazines. They went to a bakery and they got fresh Danish. But most important they got fish fingers, fresh from the sea.

They also put a bet on the horses and bought our lottery tickets so it will be a pretty exciting afternoon when scratching the lottery tickets while eating Danish. Hopefully we will be millionaires tonight so we can go home tomorrow and relax.

They changed our berthing time again and pilot is ordered for 0545 3rd of August. Hmm, as no big surprise we won f... all on the horses and our lottery tickets.

Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T CT Star

Sunday 3rd of August 2003
and I was called for at 0740. It was not our 2nd Officer calling, it was Captain calling and then I knew something was going on and I was right. At 0750 pilot was onboard and at 0810 our anchor was up.

I was so happy when they called me as usually 0740, I had expected my wakeup call at 0545. They had ordered pilot for 0545 but as mentioned before: estimate time of completion doesn't seem to be their strongest side. Now I was wide-awake when Captain called me. 0855 we had all fast and tank inspection completed 0925 and at 1035 we started to load Caustic Soda.
Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T CT Star
Our Seagoing Personnel Manager and Mess Man in the CCR

Our Seagoing Personnel Managed paid us a visit. He lives in Stenungsund and he came with a big Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T CT Starpack of snus for me and the Fitter. Our seagoing Personnel Manager got lunch onboard.

Of course, our Chief Engineer and I kept him company, but we wanted to have a pizza on top of the lunch. And we needed to buy some supplies so we left for the town and our Seagoing Personnel Manager gave us a ride to the exciting city of Stenungsund. Yet another Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T CT Starplace I'm happy not to live in. I bought shaving gel and we had an ice cream before we went to eat a pizza. We enjoyed the ice cream and we found a pizza that was open and we went inside. The place didn't look expensive if you know what I mean.

I asked if they had Ramlösa. I asked the waiter 3 times before he answered. He looked annoyed when I asked him the 3rd time. Correct me if I'm wrong but when you ask if the have Ramlösa on a restaurant they should answer yes or no. Well, he served me Loka water.
- What the h... is this? I asked him.
- It's almost the same, he said.
Hmm, maybe I'm old fashioned, But a Ramlösa is a Ramlösa and a Loka is a, well, some people call it soda water.

After the pizza we went to the "Snus boa" and bought newspaper, phone cards and a "Ut i vår hage" comic.
- Don't you offer us free chocolate when we buy so many phone cards? I asked.
- What should I give the people that buy 30 cards? Maybe the whole shop? he asked.
Well, what do I care? But I got a marzipan bar and he offered some chocolate to Chief Engineer as well. While waiting for the taxi we were munching on the chocolate.

When I came back on the ship I tried to call Sue and I listened to Bob Hansson (den gammle Skåne poeten). I had received a package from my friend in Gothenburg when our agent came onboard. I got my CD writer, mail and computer magazines.
Now I can make a CD to the 2nd Officer on Framnäs with the photos I took there.

I updated my page in the afternoon and I received e-mail from our Captain. He had signed off 2 hours before and guess what, 1st thing he did when coming home was checking my page.
Well, it must be because it's Sunday and there is not very much to do in Farmerville.

We left Stenungsund at 2300 with a new Captain onboard and I had no desire to return to Stenungsund. The old Captain that signed off liked a good laugh and yeah, well, I'm always ready to crack a joke as well. It was not quite the same onboard since he signed off. But my refrigerator was filled to the top with fresh snus when we left.

Monday 4th of August 2003
and we entered Öresund on my morning watch. I was hoping to see some Swedish ships so I could take some pictures, but we did not see 1 single Swedish ship.

After my watch I went down to the CCR and then I started to get ill. I went to bed but I could not sleep because of the pain. I went to the bridge to see our Medical Officer. I throw up on the bridge.

I went down to my cabin and I stayed there until my watch, but I left my watch after 15 minutes and the other Officers had to take my watch. I spent some very long hours in my cabin, not being able to sleep nor to do anything but lying down, sitting up and walk around. After 5 minutes of lying down the pain made me sit up and after a few minutes it was time to change position again. It was a long night

Tuesday 5th of August 2003
and I was better in the morning and after lunch I went to my cabin and I had a nice sleep.

At 1730 I went down for dinner and had some rice and salad. Our Cook was looking devastated, no one had played mischiefs with him while I was sick. I told him that I will be back in action soon, perhaps tomorrow. Then I was off to bed.
- Tomorrow we will have "Tomte gröt" for breakfast, he said.
- I don't think I can eat tomorrow, I said.
Sorry to turn him down. No one makes "Tomte gröt" like him. And as I hate to make him disappointed so maybe I pay a visit to our mess tomorrow morning.

Wednesday 6th of August 2003
and I didn't have any "Tomte gröt" for breakfast. As usually I went straight for a shower and then to the bridge after that the 2nd Officer called for my watch at 07:40. I had tea and bananas on the bridge. After my watch I went down to our Cook and got some "Tomte gröt" for lunch. Our Cook was happy to see me. He had toughened up now when I had been sick.
- I'm going to give you a jolly good beating, he said.
I crapped my pants.

1550 we took the pilot and we had all fast in Östrand 1745. At arrival we got a new AB relieving the one leaving with “BACK PAIN” in Stenungsund. Back pain seems to be plague going during the summer months. Well, anyway, I knew the new AB from Fure Sun and he had been working on Tärntank since he left Fure Sun.
When we had started the discharging I was off to my cabin for a talk with Sue and she have 3 weeks holiday in October/ November. 3 weeks of KISS KISS . I also had a few pain killers and I was in a good mood when I came on watch.

I called our Seagoing Personnel Manager before my night watch as well. He was out fishing.
- Why are you fishing? There is plenty fish fingers at the store, I said.
The reason for my call was a SMS from him. He could not visit my page on the internet. It had been down for a few hours when he should show my page for the personnel in the office.
- He has not paid his fee, they suggested.
- Impossible, he's working in Broström and thus have his pockets full of money, my friend said.
He told me that he could visit my page in the afternoon. I told him that sometimes they close the server for service and stuff.

The big boss from Chemtrans in Switzerland was onboard when I came on watch. He was in Sweden to visit his mother so he paid us a visit. He thanked me for the ship was looking so good.
- Don't thank me, it's the ABs hard work, I said.
( I was about to ask him how she looked 3 years ago, but I never did)
- Yeah, make sure you let them know, he said.
I told him that we had a very good crew on deck and I promised to tell them that he was satisfied with their hard work.

Our Chief Engineer had a commission of trust and he returned without the 16 lottery tickets. Yes, believe it or not, we won 16 new tickets in Stenungsund. We also wanted to place a bet on the horses and this time we will kick ass. Maybe we can leave the ship in Rönnskär tomorrow and GOOD LUCK finding a new crew in 1 day (again). But they had closed the shop just before our Chief Engineer arrived. Well, we have to try again in Rönnskär.

Thursday 7th of August 2003
and we left Östrand 0530 in the morning. After the tank cleaning our Bosun and Fitter had to take a look at 2 leaking valves at port manifold. We had planned to put 1 new valve but we decided to go down in the work shop to ask our Fitter for a few pointers. Now we have to test them in Immingham next time we discharge. I was off to my cabin for my afternoon nap. I had ordered a wakeup call at 1800. Check our tanks for leaks and we have ETA Rönnskär at 2230 in the evening.

I'm getting better slowly and now I'm almost recovered to 100%. During my absents (in the mess room) our Cook had served Chocolate mousse with wiped cream. Now it's the 2nd time since the SAFIR report. So at least I know that going through the problem to fill up the SAFIR isn't just a waste of time. Well, anyway, I think it was good for my diet that I couldn't eat the chocolate mousse. I had also received an e-mail from Sue about my diet. I think I could read between the lines that she wasn't very impressed by my diet.

After the tank inspection, there was so much moisture in the tanks so it was impossible to detect any leaks, I went back to my cabin for a shower before my night watch. I continued on the movie I started 1 week ago. Please help me here, where do they come up with all the crap? This was about a guy (Clint Eastwood look alike) with knifes in his hand and someone was throwing fire. I really hope I reach THE END today.

We took pilot outside Rönnskär at 2230 and we were secured alongside Boliden jetty at 2330. At 2330 we started to discharge our ballast.

Friday 8th of August 2003
and the ballast was ready at 0205. While discharging our ballast I called Sue and we had a nice chat and I was in a good mood when it was time for my nap. We started to load at 0225 and I was in my cabin just before 3 o'clock. I updated my web page before I went to bed.

I woke up at 0920 and I thought that they had forgotten to wake me up and I was happy to get a few hours of extra sleep. When I came down in the CCR they told me it was because I had wrote "Call Chief Officer 1h B4 completion". Well, that's what I write every time when we are loading. 1h gives me time for a shower and to wake up before it's time to do heavy duty cargo calculations.
At 1205 we completed loading our Sulphuric Acid for Immingham. Well, as I feared, in the middle of the lunch and our Cook had been going around the CCR in a tizzy since I came on watch.
- Will you come for lunch?
- If I'm coming I will be late.
At 1215 I completed paper work and I could go for a quick lunch. Pilot ordered for 1300 so there was time to update my web page and a last e-mail to Sue before we were off to the 7 oceans with no network coverage.

Next time I'm updating this page I will most likely have signed off and I will have signed on M/T Framnäs. I'm a little worried that I will find the French hip hop era dead when I'm back, the one we could hear the beautiful dawn of last time I was onboard. Well, I have to kick it back to life with the use of the "Kiss of life". Anyway I'm going to bring it back to life in one or another way.

I hope that I will leave CT Star in Immingham. After Immingham we should have loaded Caustic in Rotterdam for Kemi but they changed it to load Sulphuric Acid in Hamburg for Kemi. So maybe it will be in Hamburg.

It was nice to leave Rönnskär and it's about 4 days to Immingham. I called my friend on Broström and asked about Framnäs and when I should sign off. He didn't know where Framnäs would be when we arrives to Immingham. He told me that he have showed my page for the people at Broström. Well, hmm, from now on I have to think about what I put on my page. Bill & Bull with a pallet of beers. I also have to remove the picture of me eating pea soup at the Swedish Seaman's Church in Bangkok.
Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T CT Star
Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T CT Star
Scratching lottery scratchers in the mess room

Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T CT Star
Scratching lottery scratchers in the mess room

Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T CT Star
Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T CT Star
Scratching lottery scratchers in the mess room

Chief Engineer managed to get the lottery tickets in Rönnskär in the morning. So after the dinner we gathered in the crew's mess room. It was time to get the billions we were hoping fore. Well, we scratched and scratched but for nothing, well, we got a nice time together with suspense and a few laughter's.

We won 100 kr or 4 new lottery tickets but when we can swap the tickets for new ones we are already off the ship. Tomorrow is our last chance to get all the millions we wish for so much. We had placed a small bet on the horses. But no need for them to worry at the office, this time we will have signed off before we can collect the money we will win.

After the adventure in the mess room I was off to my cabin. I tried to get some sleep but I couldn't. Just before my night watch I got network coverage so I could update my page and send some e-mail.

When I came on watch we were just NE of Nordvalen L/H and we will be entering Ålands Hav around lunch time tomorrow. We will have some drills tomorrow again. Lifeboat, fire drill and some other stuff. Full day again and no time to get bored.

Saturday 9th of August 2003
and we entered Södra Kvarken and Ålands Hav on my morning watch. I got network coverage at 11 o'clock and I could send e-mail to Sue and I took the opportunity to upload my web page. I tried to call Sue but no answer but I was lucky on my 2nd try.

Fire and lifeboat drill in the afternoon, first we held a lifeboat drill and lowered port lifeboat to the rail. Fire in the pump room. We sent down smoke divers to fight the fire and to find a missing person (stuffed boiler suit). We had an emergency steering drill after the fire drill and then it was movie and shower time.

Our Chief Engineer has his birthday today so there was cake at the dinner. It was a tasty cake and maybe there will be some left over for my doggy bag. It would be nice to have some cake with my tea on the bridge on my night watch.

Sunday 10th of August 2003
and we passed Ölands Södra Grund 10 o'clock in the morning. I had been lucky this trip, we had passed the places with network coverage on my watches and I had been talking with Sue every time. After Öland we passed Vinga Helena just South of Kalmarsund and I could take a few pictures of her for my page.

Just after 11 o'clock in the night we passed Drogden L/H and at midnight we had just passed Copenhagen. I was down to my cabin and got connected to the internet. I uploaded my page and sent some e-mail before my nap.

Monday 11th of August 2003
and we only made around 11 knots when changed course to WSW and we left Denmark behind in the evening. Around 10 o'clock in the evening it started to rain with thunder and lightning. Does good with a little fresh water on the ship.
Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T CT Star
Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T CT Star
AB on my watch keeping a look out on the night watch

Tuesday 12th of August 2003
was a nice day, a little gloomy and grey but it was nice. We got orders to drop our anchor at arrival, our jetty was occupied until tomorrow morning. Nice again, I can have my power nap during the night. Otherwise we would have arrived around 2-3 o'clock in the morning and my night would have been spoiled.

Wednesday 13th of August 2003
and they woke me up as usually at 0740. First thing I did after my shower was to look out of my window to see if we were on the way. Yes, we were on the way to the jetty, nice. It was also nice weather with sun shine. The wind had increased a little, yesterday it was no wind at all. The sea was like a mirror and there were fog patches and when its foggy tankers are not allowed to navigate on river Humber. So I was happy that the fog had blown away because I'm leaving in the next port and I really don't care about waiting for the fog to disappear for a few days at the anchorage.
We had dropped our anchor at 0045 and at 0515 our anchor was up again. At 1000 we had all fast at Eastern Jetty in Immingham. Samples taken at 1035, analyse will take a few hours. Time to write e-mail and stuff.
We started to discharge at 1235 ST. We completed discharging 2155 and pilot was ordered for 2300. Pilot was onboard 2250 and gangway was onboard at 2255. We could not leave 2300 because the mooring men were delayed.

We left Immingham around 2330 ST 13th of August for Hamburg. In Hamburg we should load Sulphuric Acid to Kemi, Finland. I will sign off in Hamburg and I will leave for M/T Framnäs. Rumours say that our relievers will arrive to Hamburg airport 10 o'clock in the morning 15th of August. As mentioned before they changed our voyage from Rotterdam to Hamburg. The plan was to take onboard our generator in Rotterdam, but now we have to take onboard the generator in Hamburg. We must go to a supply jetty because we will load from barges at dolphins, or they will load, I'm off. They will shift the ship to the dolphins after taking onboard the generator and I hope I'm off by then.

Thursday 14th of August 2003
and (day before signing off) we received a TELEX from the company and they can't find my reliever. He had sent an e-mail to the company 0030 in the morning 14th of August.
I'm not feeling good. Will see a Doctor this morning. Have a nice day. I don't know why he wrote in English.

The day before it's time to sign on and 1 Chief Officer sitting on another ship waiting for me to relieve him. I had a flight from Hamburg to Brussels 15th of August in the evening. Now I don't know what's happening with Framnäs. Soon I'm running out of time and I will see Sue in September and to procrastinate is no option because as you know my relation with Sue is already at peril.
I had much to think off and I could console myself with chocolate mousse in the evening. I'm impressed by Broströms SAFIR system.

We passed Elbe L/F at 2327 14th of August. Due to heavy sea from the NW they had moved the pilot a few miles inside river Elbe. When I was off my watch at midnight we had not reached the pilot vessel even though we had the tide with us and made 16 knots (almost).

Friday 15th of August 2003
and when they called me at 0740 we were at the supply jetty. We left for the Dolphins at 1100 after receiving our generator. 1230 we had all fast at the dolphins and we started discharge our ballast and at 1610 we started to load Sulphuric Acid from barge #1. We are expecting 7 barges total, each taking 2 hours + waiting time.

Our Cook, Chief Engineer and Fitter signed off and there was a boat picking them up around 1330. Before our Cook left he fried my last fish fingers. I had to stay onboard when they left. Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T CT StarBut I think the company had found a reliever for me. I will most likely leave when we pass Simrishamn on the way to Kemi.

Our Bosun gave me a haircut in the afternoon and I was handsome like never before. (I don't know what Sue thinks) Photos have the advantage that it's possible to work them over with Photoshop.
Well, new Cook onboard and I can blow new life in my diet. My diet have been in "Sleeping mode" the last few days or so. I have a few days extra to finish my lint seeds now when I can't leave in Hamburg.

At 1955 the 2nd barge left us. Next barge will arrive 0030 16th of August. The barges are Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T CT Starloading up the river Elbe and they have to wait for the low water so they can pass under a bridge. Hmm, this will take long time. 3rd barge at 00:30 and the 4th barge around 6 o'clock in the morning. I spent the whole night watch scratching by behind.

It looks like I have to stay for a few days more. ETA Simrishamn moved from 17th to 18th.
Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T CT Star
Evening sky over Hamburg

Saturday 16th of August 2003
and when I came on my morning watch barge #4 was to be completed and she left at 0828 and at 0840 barge #5 arrived. We loaded from barge #5 Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T CT Starbetween 0900 and 1025. Only 2 barges to go and they told me that they estimated time of completion to 1800. We will see about that. They called me just after 4 o'clock in the afternoon.
- We have started the 7th and last barge now, 2nd Officer said.

I was down in the CCR after a shower and we completed loading at 1715. Now it's only the generator we are waiting for. There is shore people onboard working with the generator. They can't tell when they are ready and we can't leave before the generator is ready.

At the dinner I said that maybe the Chief Officer on Framnäs have to wait an extra week for me if they are going to discharge in Spain.
- They are going to discharging in France, Captain said.
I already suspected that the company had told him about Framnäs schedule for the next few days. But I said:
- I think it's very bad treatment of their employees not to inform me about where and when I can expect to sign on, especially when I'm sitting here and waiting on a ship, I said.
- Why do you need to know that? Captain asked.
- I will call and complain to the Seagoing Personnel Manager on Monday, they should tell me at least where and when I can expect to sign on, I said.
- They will be in Antwerp until Monday night, Captain said.
As I knew, the company had informed Captain. But he wanted to feel important, like he was a chosen one trusted with national secrets. Expecting the crew to whisper:
- Captain is holding classified material. Ooh!! He's very important for the ship.
What a twat!!!

Well, instead of admiration and an impressed crew the people onboard just think he is an oaf.
I'm not impressed, I just think it's straight up embarrassing.
Hmmm, there is not enough for the Captain to do on the ship. Reading books and watching movies. So they have to come up with schemes like that so they can feel that they are running the ship. And when there are representatives from the company onboard there is no end to how much they work.
- I'm working very hard....blah- blah...no time to sit down... blah- blah.. I did this and I did that.... blah- blah... when I was running the show.... blah- blah... when I was on holiday nothing happened onboard... blah- blah....
Luckily enough I haven't meet many of these people.

We left Hamburg at 2030. They didn't manage to get our generator working but we left anyway. I was relieved by 2nd Officer on the fo'c's'le just outside the lock in Brunsbüttel at midnight. Hopefully we will be outside the Kiel Canal when I'm coming on watch tomorrow morning. All the beaches in Hamburg were full of people and there was flames from fires everywhere. Beach parties with music and BBQ.
Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T CT Star
Leaving Hamburg

Aladdin's adventure onboard M/T CT Star
Leaving Hamburg

Maybe I can be off the ship tomorrow evening. It's about 14 hours from Kiel to Simrishamn. It's going to be nice to leave the ship. Maybe I can send some e-mail and update my page tomorrow night when I'm in Sweden. I haven't been able to connect to the internet for a few days now. Something is also wrong with my server, I'm receiving SMS from people getting the e-mails they send to me in return.

Sunday 17th of August 2003
and we left the lock in Holtenau just after 9 o'clock in the morning. Nice to leave the Kiel Canal behind. I got and e-mail from Captain just after that the pilot has disembarked. My reliever was going to arrive to Simrishamn in the evening 17th of August and I will take the rental to Malmö and return the car to AVIS. As soon as a read the e-mail I understood that I was going on a flight from Copenhagen to Brussels. When I saw that they had sent it from the company 15th of August I got pissed off. I had a argument with the Captain. What the hell, if I knew I could as well have got a morning flight from Gothenburg and there would have been time to take care of my business (important) in Gothenburg. Now the company will have to pay for hotel in Copenhagen or Malmö for me.

Now I know what you are thinking. This must be the best Captain in Broström and thus they can trust him with classified company material and I should be honoured to work with him. Well, I will tell the company that I will never set foot on same ship as him again.

Between 5th of July and 18th of August we did the following voyages:
I signed on in Immingham while discharging Sulphuric Acid.
Rotterdam - Uusikaupunki (Nystad), Finland: Caustic Soda. Voy 29/03
Tahkoluoto, Finland - Gävle: Sulphuric Acid. Voy 30/03
Rönnskär - Rotterdam: Sulphuric Acid. Voy 31/03
Stade - Kokkola: Caustic Soda. Voy 32/03
Mäntyluoto - Immingham: Sulphuric Acid. Voy 33/03
Stenungsund - Östrand: Caustic Soda. Voy 34/03
Rönnskär - Immingham: Sulphuric Acid. Voy 35/03
Hamburg - Kemi, Finland: Sulphuric Acid. Voy 36/03

Monday 18th of August 2003
and we passed Simrishamn, must have been just after midnight, and there was a small boat waiting to pick me up. I was handsomely rewarded again and I was off the ship and CT Star continued her voyage to Kemi. I checked in on hotel Svea in Simrishamn. I ordered a wakeup call for 6 o'clock in the morning. Giving me time for a nice shower and breakfast before starting my journey to Framnäs.
But before my power nap I gave Sue a call. She was sick when I talked with her yesterday so she needs a call from Dr. Kiss kiss


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