Rewritten onboard M/T Ek-Star October 2010

M/T CT Sun, I was 2nd Officer from 18th of June 1997 to 29th of July 1997

M/T CT Sun
M/T CT Sun
Photo from Photo by Christer Carl.

M/T CT Sun was built in Kalmar, Sweden 1980 and her previous name was Coppelia and she's on 6275 Aladdin's adventure with ChemTrans AGton DW. She loads 5752 m³ (98%) in 10 stainless steel cargo tanks.
She has 10 FRAMO deep well pumps.
She's 101,4 m long and 15,9 m wide.
She is making 13,5 knots.

We transported Caustic Soda, sulphuric acid and phosphoric acid.

ChemTrans AG owned the ship but Ferm Ship Management had the technical and crew management for M/T CT Sun.

Here are some interesting Milestones from ChemTrans AG web page.

Wednesday 18th of June 1997 and I took the morning train from Göteborg to join M/T CT Sun in M/T CT SunNorrköping. I took a taxi from the railway station to the ship and I think they discharged Sulphuric Acid in Norrköping.

When I arrived I recognised 1 of the ABs and one of the 2nd Officers, I had been working with them on M/T United Polaris when I was there 1995.
M/T CT Sun
We loaded Sulphuric Acid and Caustic Soda all the time. We discharged Caustic Soda at the Swedish paper mills M/T CT Sunin the North of Sweden. Then we loaded Sulphuric Acid at Rönnskärsverken in the North of Sweden and we discharged in Helsingborg or Europe.

I don't remember where we discharged. But I remember discharging Sulphuric Acid in Helsingborg, which was like the old times when we discharged Sulphuric Acid in Helsingborg with Vestria.

My friend came to visit me with his children one time when we discharged in Helsingborg. Yes, like the good old day when I used to come to Helsingborg. Always someone visiting, or we went ashore to visit some friends. But this is a long time ago and I don't know anyone in Helsingborg anymore.
M/T CT Sun
I also remember one time in Helsingborg. I went ashore with one of the ABs to buy a new mobile phone. At the shop I saw a guy that I thought I recognised. It turned out that we had been M/T CT Sunclass mates 20 years ago. I got scared, he looked very old, and then I must look very old as well. I don't like to meet people you haven't meet in a long time. You remember how they M/T CT Sunlooked when they were 20 years old.

I tend to keep the image of how I looked when I was 20 in my head. Well, all of a sudden you realize that you're old
- How fun is that?

In the cargo control room we had tank radar and remote control for the cargo and ballast valves. It was a Skarpenord tank radar and they are not as good as the SAAB radar.

We were lucky because we had an AB onboard that actually was an electrical engineer. He had been 4 years at technical college. He had sail ship as his hobby. He had been sailing on a few sail ships and that's why he started to work as an AB.

He could repair everything electric onboard. He was busy to keep our tank radar on good condition, well, it was not a radar. It was Skarpenord's pressure sensor system. He also repaired our video players, toasters and all the electrical stuff.
I wish we had a guy like that on every ship.

One time in Rotterdam there were 2 representatives from the union coming onboard. 1 from the Officers union and 1 from the Engineers union. They came onboard in the afternoon.
- Hello, we're from the union and we spend a week here in Rotterdam visiting Swedish ships.
Well, now we know how they are spending the membership fees. I bet they didn't dwell on a hostel.

I think I could have managed a job like that. Living on a nice hotel and sleep until the afternoon. The go to a ship drinking coffee and leave some pamphlet.
- The union is very good and we do so much for the members.
Bla bla bla and you're getting tired of listening to all the bullshit. I'm not a member. Yes, we remember that I left after M/T Argo Pallas. I always try to convince as many as I can to leave the trade union. I got a few to leave already. They have their TAP members and they are compulsorily enrolled. That's mafia methods, they allow the shipping companies to hire cheap 3rd world crew as long as they pay a FEE to the trade union.
Why should I pay a member fee to these crooks?
M/T CT Sun

Tuesday 29th of July 1997 and I signed off in Stenungsund. And I remember having to wait for my reliever for several hours. Oh yeas, I was angry and I was disappointed that I wasn't coming back to relieve this motherf@cker. Then I would have been very late to come onboard.

I took the bus to Go:teborg and I stayed home until 7th of August when I joined M/T Tärnfjord in Go:teborg. When I review my records I found that I did not spend much time for holiday. Spending too much money???


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