M/T Ek-River, I was Chief Officer between 20th of June 2010 and 25th of July 2010
M/T Ek-River
M/T Ek-River

Built: 1994 by Sterkoder AS at Kristiansund, Norway
Flag: Swedish
Signal letter: SGNH
Class no: 17997
LR/IMO no: 9056868
Trading area: Ocean Trade

DnV + 1A1, Tanker for Chemicals and Oil Products EO, Ice 1A, W1-OC. (Finnish/Swedish ICE 1A)
Shiptype 2, a2, b3, c3, v3, f3, k, str 0,1, hl, (1.5 t/m³) Double Skin

12 cargo tanks and 2 slop tanks with one deepwell pump (electrical driven) in each tank.
Cargo/slop tanks epoxy coated.
Cargo handling 6 grades simultaneously segregated by two valves.

Cargo pumps: 12x350 m³/h at 120 mlc
Service slop tank pumps: 1x80 m³/h at 120 mlc
Cargo discharge capacity: abt. 2.100 m³/h at 120 mlc
Ballast pumps: 2x600 m³/h at 23 mcl
Heating: Stainless steel coils in all tanks
Tank washing: (2x12/1x2) Fixed machines
Manifolder flanges: 6pcs connection each side 2x12" and 4x10".
Vapour return flanges: 2x8" each side
Length over all:
Length between p.p
Breadth mld.
Draft summer load
Draft ballast Abt
Gross tonnage
Net tonnage
144.90 m
133.80 m
22.00 m
Fore 4.70m Aft 6.70m
10.802 ton
5.602 ton
Deadweight, summer:
Deadweight, winter:
Cargo, 98% volume:
Service slop tanks:
H.F.O tanks, 98%:
D.O. tanks:
Fresh water tanks:
W.B. tanks:
17.259 MT
16.739 MT
18.910 m³
198 m³
640 m³
120 m³
150 m³
6.295,2 m³
Main engine, MCR:
Propeller, CP Stainless steel:
Auxiliary gen.sets:
Boilers, thermal boil:
Exhaust boiler:
1 x 6.600 kW, 425 RPM Diam. 5,5 m/90 RPM
4X505 kW, 1.200 RPM
2 X 2.907 kW
1050 kW
800 kW
1200 kW
Service speed loaded:
Service speed ballast:
Consumption, service 85% MCR:
Consumption, discharge:
14,8 knots
16,6 knots
Abt.23 t/day HFO
Abt.7,5 t/day GO
Abt.2,0 t/day GO

Thursday 17st of June 2010 and it was nice to leave Ek-Star behind. Can't wait to get to my hotel so I can have a diet drink. It was a very beautiful day and my driver told me it was plenty
GdanskNIGHT LIFE in the old city of Gdansk.

Good, I will get my PARTY HAIR on and I will make it out on town as soon as I have had a few diet drinks in my hotel room.

We passed a new built bridge and when we approached down town Gdansk I remembered my stay at the shipyard here like yester day. And it was terrifying to realise that it had been 11 years, disappeared Gdanskjust like that. Well, I'm not getting any younger.

We approached Scandic hotel in the city centre.
- Very good hotel, 4 star. And the first disco just 100m away, my driver said.
- Sounds good!
We passed the old city on our way to the hotel and it looked very nice. Turned out that my hotel was just next to the old city, a 5 minutes' walk and I will be down at the Canal with all the bars, and as my driver said:
- A vibrant night life.

We passed the original gate to Gdansk and according to the driver it was 1200 years old.
- Gdansk is 1500 years old, he said.
Looks impressive, wonder how many people that got killed and injured during the construction of the Gdanskgate. I guess you would have been burnt as a witch if you would have mentioned safety shoes and helmet back then.

My hotel was just opposite of the Central station, and once again I was struck by agony. Seems like yesterday we were running around the Central station drinking beer changing money. 11 years ago! DARN!

I took my bags and I checked in at the hotel. GdanskI asked them to send 4 diet drinks to my room. Of course, I managed to lock myself out of the room first thing. So when the guy came with Gdanskthe diet drinks he had to open the door for me.

He had to go down with his diet cokes' again and he was soon knocking on my door with 4 cans of diet drinks.

I had 3 quick diet drinks before I got in to the shower and then I was pretty much ready to leave for some down town exploration. “Big boned”, bald and ugly, so of course, I will not go anywhere without having a beer Gdanskfirst. Yes, the old trick “drinking yourself handsome” never fails me. And who wants to explore a foreign country ugly as hell?

And while drinking my beer I listened to my freshly down loaded Pepe Deluxe. I still have money on an old iTunes account so I could as well try to finish the money downloading all of Pepe Deluxe's records. Well, they range from Excellent to “straight to the garbage bin”. But excellent and then I really mean excellent and it's worth every cent.

And imagine all the taxi drivers back home in FUNKY TOWN I can pester with my home burnt CDs'.
- Khaosan Road, and I want to listen to this CD while going there.
And then its stop at every 7 Eleven between Sukhumvit and Khaosan. Of course, we need to stop for beer. And talking about beer. I'm enjoying a ZYWIEC, a Polish beer. And I don't know if enjoy is the word I'm looking for here. ZYWIEC it's nothing compared with a San Mig Light.

Money, I don't have any of the local currency so I had to start by looking for an ATM. I got 700 GdanskZloty and I went to a bar next to the bank. The one beer at my hotel room wasn't enough to turn Mr. Porky in to the Charisma Man.

I also wanted to check out the place because this was the place where they had the disco in the basement so I stepped inside and I ordered a beer.
- Carlsberg or Scczzzzzzrcchilisl?
- What?
- Carlsberg or Scczzzzzzrcchilisl?
- Well, I go for the Carlsberg.

I was sitting there watching the girl behind the bar.
- Isn't she gonna bring out my beer soon?
GdanskIt took a very long time and no sign of her getting a beer out of the fridge. I was about to leave when they came with a draught beer from the terrace outside. Draught beer, I hate draught beer. So I asked for a wine glass and I poured my draught beer in to my wine glass. This first beer was also a test to see how much a beer would set me back. Then I would know if my 700 Zloty would be enough. 8 Zloty for a beer, yeah, maybe I can make it with 700 Zloty.

Long gone are the days when you were sneaking around dark back alleys to change 10 US on the black market. And it was impossible to spend the 10 dollars so you had to throw away the money.
Well, anyway, I finished my beer and I went back to my hotel so I could leave my ATM cards.


I took a walk from my hotel to the old part of Gdansk, well, it was just around the corner. It isGdansk really a beautiful city. 1500 years old, but I doubt that the houses are that old. Didn't people live in caves 1500 years ago?

There were plenty bars and I was stopping for a beer at the first place with music. And of course, I had to skip Gdanskseveral places where they was showing soccer. Who the hell wants' to go see soccer in a pub? Music, that's what we want to have, and it should be good music. So I always check the music before I order my beer.

One beer turned in to three beers. They looked a wee bit puzzled when I asked for ice. I don't think they have people putting ice in the beer very often. I'm pretty sure I was the very first one to have asked for ice in this bar. But I really like ice in my beer and especially when drinking Heineken. OK, I would never put ice in a San Mig Light or a Tiger Light.
- Hmm, maybe in a San Miq Light ordered in Thailand. San Mig beer in Thailand don't taste that good.

After my third beer I felt like a million. Maybe a little bit too good for 3 beers. But I discovered that the bottles were containing 500ml instead of the usual 330ml. I thought it felt strange when I poured my beer. So 3 beers were pretty much the same as 5 ordinary beers. But I like the original 330ml bottles better.
Charisma Man
Well, the 500ml bottles explained why I had forgotten all about my bald spot and my chubby characteristic. The Charisma Man is back and he is welcome. I left the place and I walked over the square and I came down to the Canal. I remember last time here, there was a big bar with good music in the basement. So I decided to try to find the place.
Passing the square and I passed something that looked like an old city gate and I found myself at Gdanskthe Canal when I came out on the other side.

By now I really needed a bathroom so I was really hoping to find a nice place with beer, good music and a bathroom.

Well, turning in on the jetty along the Canal and my Gdanskhope to find a nice place were soon fading away. The first 200m was filled with wall to wall souvenir shops selling amber and crystal. Yes, Poland is famous for the amber and crystal, but this is not what I'm looking for.

The first shop is where I bought my crystal glasses when we were here 11 years ago. Otherwise I just Gdanskfound boring restaurants and pubs showing soccer. And ice cream in a pub, several pubs had big FUNKY TOWNSOFT ICE outside and those places were an obvious skip together with the places selling ice cream.

But maybe it's me missing something here. Ice cream and beer is maybe the thing. We remember the party at my place a few months back, before we left the ice cream came out of the freezer.
And by the way, someone told me that Margret Thatcher made her fortune inventing the SOFT ICE Gdanskmachine. She was a chemist before she became the PM in UK, all this according to my source.

I also passed the alley where I bought my Gdanskamber and silver glasses and bottles 11 years ago. I still have them, but my ice bucket was destroyed during a party. Of course, nothing else was expected. But I'm surprised that my bottles and glasses are still with me.

But honestly, I don't use them very much. It's another story with my Dutch staplebar beer glasses. I'm on my second box now.
I came to the end of the jetty and I spotted a Japanese restaurant. By then I was about to piss Gdanskmyself so I went inside. I ordered salmon sushi and hot sake and I went to the bathroom.

I got my salmon sushi and they turned out to be one Gdanskof the best sushi I ever had. I finished my sushi and 2 bottles of sake. Still hungry and the guy behind the bar made salmon with avocado sushi with sesame seeds.

Excellent restaurant and very friendly staff. I think I had 5 bottles of hot sake before I asked them to call a taxi for transportation to Sopot. But if you will end up in Gdansk in the future, I can recommend DOM Sushi at the Canal. Well, I paid my bill and I went to get my taxi.
The taxi was waiting for me around the corner, no traffic is allowed along the Canal. I asked the Gdanskdriver to turn on some good music before we took of towards Sopot.

When we were at the shipyard 11 years ago we went to Sopot many times for a few drinks. I don't remember how the road looked like back then. But now it was a nice road all the way. But when we passed Lech Walencha's favourite restaurant. When we passed I recognised the place. Strange what kind of stuff you remember.

But of course, back then the driver gave us the full song and dance about the place every time we Gdanskpassed the place. Well, today the driver didn't say anything, but he confirmed that it was the restaurant when I asked him.

We arrived to Sopot, around 19:30 according to my camera. I got out Sopotof the taxi and I asked around for the clubs
- Where is the music?
- It's too early.
- What time are they opening?
Turned out that the action didn't start until earliest 10 o'clock. Still a few hours to go and I went in to a restaurant across the street and I ordered a beer.

Well, I guess I have to walk around looking at the sights until 10 o'clock. No problem, there were pubs everywhere so I didn't had to be thirsty.

And it was a gorgeous evening so it was Sopotnice to sit outside. Most of the places had blankets if it would be too cold.

I remember sitting drinking beer at a Sopotwalking street and I remember some places I visited later on in the evening, but I don't remember if it was in Gdansk or Sopot.

I have no clue if I went back to Gdansk in the evening. And by the look of the pictures I took I had been on several different places, but of course, it doesn't say if it's in Gdansk or Sopot.

Sopot or Gdansk
Sopot or Gdansk
Sopot or Gdansk
It was a nice evening, so never mind if I was in Sopot or Gdansk. I don't know what time I came back to my hotel. But I took my last picture 20 minutes after midnight. But I remember that I was going around in a taxi looking for a 7 Eleven to buy some hangover milk.

Friday 18th of June 2010
and waking up was not a very nice experience. It must have been all the diet drinks I had at my hotel room yesterday.
I don't understand why people are afraid of the death. Today it would actually have been nice to wake up dead. Yes, is not like I'm gonna miss anything. If you wake up late you have missed something, but if you wake up dead you haven't missed anything. At least nothing you're gonna notice.

I got my flight details slipped under my door while I was writing this crap on my web page. I'm leaving Gdansk at 16:50 tomorrow and I will land in Amsterdam 20:35. The good news is that I'm flying with Lufthansa and the bad news is that I'm flying via Munich.

- Hmm, it will be nice to leave. Can't afford staying here spending 700++ Zloty every day.

Well, I had to go buy some diet drinks. 4 star hotel??!!
- Sorry, but we're out of diet drinks. We only have Diet Coke!
- You told me that you were out yesterday. It's no f@cking Christmas so it should be possible to refill your stock.
2 minutes later it knocked on my door and there was a guy with a basket, yes, a full basket of diet coke. Must have been 20 cans in the darn basket.
- No thanks, I go buy my own diet drinks.

I can as well have my breakfast as well. When was the last time you had a breakfast at a hotel? It was a very long time ago, I'm usually sleeping during the breakfast. And with a hangover force Gdansk9,7 you really don't want to meet strangers.

I applied some of my “MAGIC HAIR STUFF” and I left my room. When I came down to the reception I cancelled my GOING TO GdanskTOWN plans for tonight. The hangover kicked in full force and I decided to go get my diet drinks and then to return to my room.

Yes, it was terrible and I really don't want to feel like this when sitting on the plane to Amsterdam tomorrow. Strange, when I sit in my room I don't feel so bad, but as soon as I get out I feel like I'm about to die. So I'm better off staying home, or maybe I will take an evening stroll around town. I will see how I feel tonight.

I bought multi vitamins when I bought my diet drinks. I popped 2 tablets first thing when I came back to my hotel room. Plusssz, but it didn't alleviate my hangover.
I popped 2 more before I left for DOM Sushi. Well, didn't helped very much.
I walked down to the old city and I passed an amber shop and I went inside to have a look. AMBER ROOM and when I should pay my credit cards didn't work and I was reminded that I should call my bank so they can send two new cards. Yes, I think it was my new valet that f@cked up my credit cards. I had to walk to an ATM and luckily enough it was an ATM reading the smart chip instead of my f@cked up magnetic strip. I went back to the shop and I paid with cash.
I got my amber (a gift for someone special?) and I walked down the alley where I bought my

(German Danzig) An industrial port and Gdanskshipbuilding centre in northern Poland, on an inlet of the Baltic Sea; pop. (1990) 465,100.

Originally a member of the Hanseatic League, it was disputed between Prussia and Poland during the 19th century.

It was a free city under a League of Nations mandate from 1919 until 1939, when it was annexed by Nazi Germany, precipitating hostilities with Poland and the outbreak of World War II.

It passed to Poland in 1945. In the 1980s the Gdansk shipyards were the site of the activities of the Solidarity movement, which eventually led to the collapse of the Communist regime in Poland in 1989.
amber 11 years ago. Gdansk is a very beautiful city and what a Gdanskremarkable job they have done with the city.

At one of the old gates there are pictures from 1945 And as you can see there isn't many houses left in Gdansk, or as the name was back then Danzig.

Most of the houses were just heaps of dust and bricks. And this is how many of the big cities looked like in Germany when World War 2 was over.

Luckily enough they decided to get the city back to how it looked before the war and not to build some concrete blocks. Remember, this was under the Soviet era.
When I reached the Canal I turned left and I walked towards DOM Sushi. DOM Sushi, I think GdanskDOM is house in Japanese. But easy now! Don't run away betting on that! I just think it is house, almost sure, but not 100%.

I heard people cheering and screaming and I thought there was a soccer game going on. But when I came Gdanskto DOM Sushi there were a political meeting around the corner. And the Chef at DOM Sushi told me that it was an upcoming president election. And it was the twin brother to the previous Gdanskpresident having the meeting here trying to get votes.

Previous president died in the plane crash in Russia a few months ago. As one guy said when I asked about the hullabaloo going on along the canal.
- It's the former president's twin brother. He is as bad as his brother.
Well, I don't know anything about this, but I asked about Walencha and he was still alive and he was living in Gdansk.

I ordered salmon and avocado sushi (to start with), Gdansknot on the menu. But that's the good thing with sushi. Just tell them what you want and they make it for you. - And please, add sesame seeds!

I told the Chef that this was the best sushi I ever Gdanskhad and he was happy. This sushi beats my until now best sushi I had in Los Angeles back in 2008. Yes, best sushi, but I prefer the tapas I had at ANDERSSON FOOD & AKVAVIT on Landvetter airport last summer on my way back home to FUNKY TOWN.

Well, I hope I will fly from Landvetter again so I can have some of the tapas at ANDERSSON FOOD & AKVAVIT. I finished my salmon and avocado sushi and I ordered a salmon sushi. They put cucumber, pickled radish and something else in the sushi. I asked what it was and they said it was some kind of pumpkin. So sushi is very healthy comparing to the salmon tapas at Landvetter.

DOM Sushi
DOM Sushi
DOM Sushi

I finished my salmon and stuff sushi and I ordered a new salmon and avocado sushi and before I left I had one more salmon and stuff sushi. Yes, I was full when I asked for the bill.

DOM Sushi

And what a difference on the bill from yesterday. I ate more today and the bill was 60 something Zloty. Yesterday my bill was more than 200 Zloty and I ate less. But of course, I drank a lot more yesterday. Today it was water only, at least until I paid my bill. The waitress brought me a, well, I don't know. But I had to drink it in order to be polite.


I had 10 Zloty in my pocket thanks to my amber and ATM adventure. So I stopped to buy a soft ice cream and, well, it was not very good so I looked for a place to throw the darn thing. Of course, I could not find a place so I had to finish the darn ice cream.
Yes, you cannot walk around Gdansk throwing ice cream on the ground without people getting angry.


The sun disappeared and it was a wee bit windy. So it was a little cold walking around and I decided to get back to my hotel room.
And it will be nice to wake up without any hangover tomorrow.


I spent most of the day in my room. You might think it's a waste of time to stay indoors when I'm on a free holiday with salary. But, stay alone in my room was the best thing to do with my hangover. And I will feel much better tomorrow when I'm flying to Amsterdam.

Saturday 19th of June 2010
and I woke up at 8 thirty, after just a few hours sleep. I didn't Gdanskmanage to fall asleep until 3 o'clock this morning. Well, I woke up in time for breakfast, but the breakfast was nothing to write home about.

And I had really expected more after the sandwich I had in the restaurant yesterday afternoon. Half of a baguette topped with mozzarella and artichoke and Parma ham on top of that, very tasty.

My taxi will be here at 14:30 and I left my room just after 1 o'clock. I will have one more of the baguettes topped with mozzarella and artichoke before I leave for the airport. So I ordered tea and 2 (two) baguettes.
And the best thing was that they but both my baguettes on one plate. No need to be embarrassed Gdansksitting with two plates. When I finished my tea and baguette it was 2 o'clock. 30 minutes to go and what to do? Nothing, just to hang around doing nothing.

So I could not believe my luck when the driver came 2 minutes after 2 o'clock. Good, we took off to the airport with smokin' and screamin' tyres. Well, at least the first two kilometres, then the traffic was at full stop until we passed through an apartment area. We arrived 20 minutes before 3 o'clock. And I learned that Lech Walesa doesn't spell Walecha.


I checked in and the check in girl gets 5 stars out of 5 stars.
Gdansk- Can I please have an aisle seat all the way to Amsterdam?
- Yes
She printed my boarding pass and then she ripped them to pieces Gdanskagain and throw them in the trash bin.
- I will put you at the emergency exit all the way.
- That's the spirit! Thanks!

Well, what to do at Gdansk Lech Walesa airport? There is a tavern with snacks so I went there for a cup of tea and an orange juice. And believe me, time didn't turned quick while I was Gdansksitting at the tavern. So I was really glad to see the Lufthansa plane arrive.

It was not a big plane, but thanks' to the girl at On the way to Rotterdamthe check in I could stretch my legs.

The seat belt was another story and I reached an all time low. I had to use an extension belt for the first time in my life. But I was not the only one. Yes, the belt must have been for On the way to Rotterdamchildren or some very small people. But again, I was saved from embarrassment when the other passenger asked for an extension as well.

I arrived to Amsterdam around 9 o'clock in the evening. We were delayed by about 30 minutes due to late connection flight in Munich. I had 30 minutes to transfer and when I came onboard on the plane it was the same plane we had been on between Gdansk and Munich. The sane crew so when I was in my seat the Airhostess came with the extension belt again.

I was happy, the plane was almost empty, but 5 minutes after departure time the Pilot told us that Rotterdamwe had to wait for passengers arriving on a connecting flight. We departed 30 minutes late with an FULL airplane. DARN!

I was picked up at the airport and the Rotterdamdriver told me that I had to go stay at a hotel.
- The ship will arrive late tonight or tomorrow morning.
When we arrived to my hotel it was about 10 o'clock and now I found out that Ek-River was not arriving until tomorrow night. She is anchored waiting Rotterdamfor the jetty. OK, so I have to wait at the hotel
- DARN! Now I have to spend the night on town.

The first thing I did was to put a string on my room key and then I went for an ATM. Yes, my darn magnetic strips and the first ATM didn't work. So I had to take a taxi to go look for an ATM.

I got 300€ and we returned to my hotel and I had my first Rotterdambeer next door. Now it was midnight and I didn't got away until 1 o'clock when I took a taxi to the very same street where we found all the nice bars last time in Rotterdam. Well, things change a lot in a few years. Only 2 bars left and it was gay bars.

Well, I'm not sure about the first one, but when I Rotterdamentered the second bar they said welcome. I could only see boys inside so I asked if it was a gay bar.
- Yes!
I turned around and went for another place. And that was good, on the next bar, the bartender must be one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen. Well, of course, by now I was tipsy so nothing is for sure.
So I was stuck there until almost 4 o'clock when I left for the next place, just around the corner. RotterdamWell, I had 2 quick stops at some boring Rotterdamplaces on the way there. The last place turned out to be a very nice place with good music and a nice crowd.

And I don't know what happened in Rotterdam, but I was not allowed to carry my baseball cap inside. Maybe some terrorist have tried to blow up a place with a baseball cap. The baseball RotterdamRotterdamcap bomber. I wouldn't be surprised, there are people for everything.

The music was excellent, they were playing Stereo MC when I came in to the pub. Groundlevel from the CD Connected, one of a very few CDs' were all songs are good. Actually, I only heard one bad tune at the place this morning.
But I had to listen to millions questions about the ice in my beer. First they think I'm joking when I'm asking for ice.
- You don't have Amstel so I have to drink Heineken and then I need ice.


Yes, not one single pub had Amstel, only Heineken, except for the bar with the beautiful Rotterdambartender. They had some other Scooby Doo brand. But it Rotterdamwas drinkable after adding some ice.

Well, over 5 o'clock and time to return to my hotel. But first we went to look for hangover milk.

We found a “On the run” and I bought my hangover milk. Strange place, USA styled convenient store where the cashier was behind Plexiglas. And no bags so I asked if I could take a basket for my stuff.

Sunday 20th of June 2010
and I really hope that I can leave for the ship today. 200€ was Rotterdamspent yesterday, well, this morning. One beer is between 2 and 3€ 50 cent. So how is it possible. Of course, taxi is expensive. Well, I had a good time.

I left my hotel for a quick walk down to the Swedish seaman's church around the corner. And on the way I Rotterdampassed the Cake Architect. Yes, again, there are people for everything.

When I came to the Swedish Seaman's church it was full of people drinking coffee. Sunday, and most likely the Church coffee. Well, anyway, I didn't feel like meeting a lot Rotterdamof people so I left for my hotel again.

It was time for breakfast in the afternoon and I asked in the reception if they knew any place for lamb chops around here.
- Just go around the corner and follow the red carpet.
I asked if they had any news about my departure time. The lady called and they would call back in a few minutes.
- OK, I will go eat and we see when I come back.
I took the 2 minutes' walk and I found the red carpet. The first place was a Japanese restaurant. I approached and a girl opened the door.
- We're close.
It was 10 minutes before 3 and I asked when they opened. She looked at the sign on the door.
Rotterdam- 4 o'clock.
- But it says 3 o'clock on the sign.
- That's when we start work. We're still cleaning.
- What the ??!!
Unnecessary to say, I will never set foot at that Rotterdamplace. Well, I found a very nice place, called Ancyra. The restaurant was decorated like a ship, or a big yacht. And where I sat it was like the aft deck on a yacht. It was a very beautiful place and I hope the food is as good as expected when you see a decoration like this.


The food turned out to be excellent and when I left I was full. I stopped at a gallery to Rotterdamwatch some paintings. 2000€ for some bullshit and I didn't spend very much time at the gallery.

When I came back to my hotel they told me that I would Rotterdambe picked up at 7 o'clock.
- Good, finally out of here.

I went to my room and I spent the time waiting writing on my web page. Yes, it will be nice to leave Rotterdam. And by the way, if you will end up in Rotterdam I can recommend the restaurant Ancyra. Very good food and as you can see, very nice setting.

Well, time for me to leave for Ek-River, hang on!

June 2010
July 2010

I joined Ek-River in Rotterdam 20th of June 2010. We did the following voyages before I signed off in Gothenburg when I returned to Ek-Star in Stockholm:

Voyage No.
Load Port
Discharge Port




I joined the ship when they discharged

After 1 week anchored outside Rotterdam we heaved our anchor and we left for Göteborg to repair our boiler on the roads of Göteborg. On the way to Göteborg we got news that our voyage from Porvoo, Finland was cancelled.

After a few days anchored outside Göteborg we got a cargo from Svetly, Russia to Rotterdam.
- Hmm, maybe I'm the one to be blamed for all this anchoring.

We remembered when I was waiting for the ship in Rotterdam having my dinner at the Restaurant Ancyra. Maybe this was the thing that started all this anchoring and waiting. Well, anyway, from now on I hope that we can dodge the anchoring.



14,400 MT Gascondensate

Rotterdam, Holland



Full cargo
MAXIMUM alowed draft 9,4m

Rotterdam, Holland

Yes, anchored outside Göteborg. Ek-Star id coming to Stockholm the 25th of July and my reliever is ready to join the 25th of July. So I will leave the ship and take the train to Stockholm to join Ek-Star.

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คุณพูดภาษาไทยได้ไหม ไม่มีปัญหา ถ้าคุณต้องการไปหน้าถัดไป ให้กดปุ่ม “Next” ข้างบนนี้

Вы говорите по-русски? NJET PROBLEMA! Просто нажмите синюю кнопку "Next" с левой стороны и Вы моментально переместитесь на следующую страницу!

E ni Svenskar och inte förstår Engelska så ska ni skämmas. J och Björn, med det menar jag inte att alla mina stavfel ska ältas varje gång vi träffas.


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