July 2010

Thursday 1st of July 2010 and July starts as June ended, anchored on the roads of Göteborg. We had a cargo from Göteborg to France. But they cancelled the cargo and only God knows how long we're going to stay here.

Bunker barge arrived around 9 o'clock and 2 hours later a service boat arrived with our on signing Chief Engineer and an DNV Ek-RiverInspector. We will have an external ISM & ISPS audit. No end to the excitements.

ISM audit and they will check so we follow procedures onboard. We have check lists and flow charts for everything. And ISPS, he will check so we have a security plan and that we follow the plan.

The Inspector left us at 7 o'clock in the evening and I returned to a diet drink in my cabin. I'm still busy with the videos on my web page. Of course, this is nothing that will be done in one evening. But today I managed to correct the scripts for Rainbow Warrior so now you can see the video with the angry Italian fishermen again. Yes, they were not happy running around with machetes trying to get their swordfish.

And there are plenty other videos available again after, well, I don't know for how long they have been unavailable. But they will soon be back online so keep an eye out!

Friday 2nd of July 2010
and we were still anchored when I woke up. And I was tired after being up late checking the videos on my web page. And there is plenty more to do.

I had my morning tea in my office and I really hope we get news about a new voyage today. They Ek-Riverwill call us at 2 o'clock if we get the Svetly to Rotterdam voyage.

So before 2 o'clock we don't know anything. Well, anyway, I started to take the inventory in our hospital. Good to have an updated inventory when we arrive to Svetly. Farmer John will most likely come onboard with his colleagues to check our stuff. Well, the Inspection is more like they are begging. And no sign of embarrassment.

I spent time in my office doing a new inventory list of our PPE, the last one just disappeared when I sent it to the company. And while I was doing this I had the music on full blast. I have about 20 new CDs' with Trip Hop, Jazz Hop and Acid Jazz.

I'm not finished with the CDs' yet, but if I'm lucky I will get 20 good tunes out of them. Now we’re talking real good tunes and the rest will find their way to the waste basket. But it's a Ek-Riverlong process to listen to new records to find out which tunes that are worth saving so I will be busy for quite some time.

I don't think I will be ready here so I will have to continue the work back on Ek-Star. Good, no need to waste time in front of the TV or something mind numbing like that.

Well, anyway, I was sitting there minding my own business when Captain came in to my office.
- FUNKY!! Can you copy the music for me?
- I wish I had the time!
Everyone wants’ me to copy music for them and there Ek-Riveris a few tunes on my hard drive so it takes some time. Well, it's nice with people that understand how to appreciate good music. Is there anything worse than someone putting on a TOP 10 CD? Especially if they give you a ride somewhere and you can't complain.
- Hmm, well, maybe.
That would be when they tell you to listen EXTRA CAREFULLY Ek-Riverbecause they turn on their favourite tune.
And they turn on some shitty Boy Band or whatever they call them.
- HEY! Don't bother stop the car, I just throw myself out of the car!

Copy music and taking pictures. That's the kind of requests I'm running in to from early morning to late evening on the ships. They want to end up on the internet and who am I to say no? So I always take a picture.

We got confirmation to go to Svetly 2 o'clock in the afternoon. Yesterday was a very quick day with Audit and stuff and today was a very quick day as well. Taking the inventory of the hospital, making a new PPE report and cargo calculations. This is how I like my days.

Hopefully I will find tomorrow as quick. We will heave anchor after breakfast and proceed to Svetly. Arriving Sunday and hopefully going alongside on Monday.

Saturday 3rd of July 2010
and we were still anchored outside Göteborg when I woke up. But I could hear that the engine started just before 8 o'clock and we were soon on our way towards Svetly.
I started my day by scanning documents and stuff and then I started with the cargo and loading plan. Sequence step by step and when I was ready we were passing Kullaberg when entering Ek-RiverÖresund. Passing Flinten in the South of Öresund and we want a maximum draft of 6,4 meters. So we need to discharge ballast before we reach Flinten.

I started the ballasting and I went on the bridge. A beautiful summer day and I don't want to miss the opportunity to see beautiful Skåne. We had just passed Ven when it was 5 o'clock and I went for dinner.

Never mind that I had told our Cook thousands of times that I'm only eating onion and beef for lunch and dinner. He and our Mess Man always trying to talk me in to having ice cream and all kinds of other unhealthy stuff. No matter what I say.
- No, I stick to my burger and onion. NOTHING ELSE!
- But that's just a starter.
Today was no exception, they were both eating ice cream trying to get me to eat.

Sunday 4th of July 2010
and I woke up at 1 o'clock. And I mean 1 o'clock in the morning, DARN! I felt asleep over my Thai books yesterday evening. It was around 7 o'clock and it was impossible to fall asleep again.

What to do? OK, let's watch Бумер (Bumer), a Russian movie from 2003. After looking for several years I finally got my hands on the movie. I got the soundtrack from our 2nd Officer onboard Ek-RiverPegasus. I thought that the movie must be good with a soundtrack like that. But, well, I would have been better off without the movie. What a disappointment.

And the subtitles. WOW, I don't speak Russian but I understood that the guy translating the movie mastered the Russian language as bad as I do. Or it was simply due to lack of basic English knowledge.

I was very happy when I discovered the advantage of subtitles with the DVD. Back in the days of the video you were restricted to English movies and now I can explore new movies and I have seen a lot of Thai movies since the introduction of DVD.

But I have discovered (Not any scientific research in any meaning) that about 50% of the DVDs' are useless due to the subtitles. Same when I go watch a movie at the cinema. For example, 2 guys are waiting for the bus.
- What time is the bus coming?
- I like chocolate ice cream
And everyone in the movie theatre is bursting out of laughter. So it doesn’t take much to realize that the translation sucks when the people around you are screaming and crying of laughter.
- Hmm, or maybe they have a strange sense of humour around here.
I never have time to watch movies, except when I have a hangover. Yeah, when I have a hangover it's impossible to do anything else. Just to stay in bed drinking water and watch movies.

Even when I watch an English movie I use the subtitles. Yes, getting old is not fun and my hearing deteriorate with my age. And in order not to disturb my neighbours 3 o'clock in the morning with my home cinema on full blast I read the subtitles. - Hmm, strange, no problem with the neighbours 3 o'clock in the morning after 2 bottles of vodka when having the music on full blast. YEAH, THE PARTY PIT!

But of course, it's a giant difference when you're suffering from a force 9,7 hangover. And the English subtitles to English movies are even worse and in combination with the hangover it is WHAT THE F@CK WAS THAT MOVIE ABOUT? I usually buy 20 to 30 hangover DVDs and I have to watch the movies several times and thus one “HANGOVER PACK”® last forever.
I managed to fall asleep around 4 or 5 o'clock and I was dead tired when they woke me up 20 minutes before 8 o'clock. Tea in my office while reading Bangkok Post. I know that you don't bother reading Bangkok Post, but here is a link to one of today’s top stories in Bangkok Post.

Yes, never a boring moment with Bangkok Post and my GOOD MORNING tea.

I was sitting in the ship's office with Captain and the Chief Engineer when our mess Man came with Ek-Riverfreshly baked bread.
- What the is this? I asked.
- Cheese bread.
- What the have I told you about my diet?

Well, I'm better off leaving before I start with the cheese bread. And what the is cheese bread?

I don't have a clue, but it is for sure not sound like Ek-Riveranything that will do my diet any good. So I left the sofa.
- Are you leaving?! Captain and Chief Engineer asked.
- Yes, I'm better off getting the f@ck off out of here.
Ek-River- Are you sure?
- Yes!

I pulled our Mess Man's ear and I started to scold him.
- I'M GONNA GIVE YOU A KICKEN IN THE ASSEN!! Ek-River- Why? This is good!
- I thought we had a deal about my diet!

And it didn't help that Captain and Chief Engineer was nagging on me. But I managed to resist all the nagging. And by the way, how tasty does cheese Ek-Riverbread sounds? Not very so this was an easy one.

Sunday and I have prepared all the papers for the port so I could as well do a few CBTs before lunch. I did 2 before it was 12 o'clock and I went to the Ek-Rivermess room for my beef and onion.

I got the last onion so for dinner I will have to have cucumber instead of onion. Yes, we're running low on provision after 2 weeks at the anchorage waiting.

And we have not been able to order provision when we have not Ek-Riverknown where to go. But I guess it will be in Rotterdam next time. I'm looking forward to tuna and onion.

We dropped our anchor outside Baltiysk just before lunch on a beautiful day. The sun was shining and the Baltic Sea was like a windmill pond. The Ek-Rivercrew was busy painting on deck so hopefully all the rust will be gone before the arrival of the autumn. And I will hopefully be in FUNKY TOWN by then.

I continued with the CBT after 3 o'clock in the afternoon. There is one CBT, I did it once but it never got recorded. So I thought I have recorded it with the wrong number. I did it the second time and it is still not recorded.
- What the duck!
I will try to do it again in a few days, maybe tomorrow if I have the time. But I managed to finish 3 or 4 new CBTs before dinner. And when I came to the mess room our Mess Man was trying to hide something.
- What is that?
- Nothing.
- Nothing.
- Neger bollar.

Yes, we're not allowed to call them Neger bollar in Sweden anymore. If you do you will end up in prison for being a racist. But they still call it Neger bollar on the Philippines. But I praised our Mess Man for hiding them for me.
- But it's not necessary, I don't like whatever they are called now.
But even if I don't like them I can serve the rest of the guys so after dinner I went around with the tray. And they didn't need very much pressing to take a bolle, yes, I really don't know what to call them. But I don't want to spend time in prison so I just call them bolle.
I returned to my cabin after dinner. A few words on my web page and I watched a movie before going to bed. And of course, a few pages in my Thai books.

Monday 5th of July 2010
and we were still anchored outside Baltiysk when I woke up. We got ourEk-River berthing prospects and it looks like the Pilot will be onboard at 2 o'clock S/T, 3 o'clock L/T and that we will be at the jetty 2 hours later.

OK, an f@cked up nigh, but never mind, getting back to action is more important now. It will actually be nice to get some cargo in the ship again. Well, I spent the day completing a list of COMPANY STICKERS onboard.

Taking all the revision numbers and notices we have on the bulkheads and I put them on a list and at the same time I checked so we had the latest edition posted. Makes it a lot easier to check that everything is up to date. I was also tearing down a few notices that I deemed totally unnecessary and a waste of space.

In the afternoon, but first I did a CBT, we did all the pre arrival tests so yes, I'm ready to come along side. And after dinner I went to bed trying to get some sleep.

Luckily enough I managed to fall asleep for a few hours and I woke up at 10 o'clock. I checked my e-mail before going for a quick cuppa. There was an e-mail from an AB that I had been working with on Eken. Darn, it's almost 20 years ago. Time turns fast and I got hit by agony again. Darn!

Well, anyway, he had found my page about Eken when he had searched internet and he had found his picture. Or as he wrote “I'm almost sure it's me on the picture from Gdynia”

Tuesday 6th of July 2010
and I was at my desk writing on my web page when they called me at 3 o'clock in the morning.
- 15 minutes to go
- OK, I will be on the bridge in a jiff

I had been up since 10 o'clock and luckily enough I managed to fall asleep after dinner. 3 hours of sleep and I hope this is enough to keep me full of vim until we have started to load.
It was a gorgeous morning, a little fog on Kaliningradskiy Zaliv and the , but the horizon was orange Ek-Riverin the East so I guess the fog will be history very soon. We had all fast at 4 o'clock in the morning ship's time.

All fast and we had to wait for about 1 and a half hour for the Custom and Immigration and Loading Master and Ek-RiverSurveyor came 30 minutes later. I spent the time waiting on the internet reading Bangkok Post. I was dead tired and I just wanted to start load so I could go to bed.

Yes, hurry up and wait. Well, when we were ready with the Ek-RiverImmigration I could make the paper work with the Loading Master and Surveyor and we started to load quarter past 7 o'clock. And I was in bed 1 hour later. But impossible to fall asleep. I was tossing and turning to until about 10 o'clock.

At 12 o'clock I went out of bed and I went to the CCR. we expect to be ready around 8 o'clock tonight and departure around 1 o'clock in the morning. Yet another full night and I went back to bed for a 90 minutes power nap. I don't want to sleep too much even if I'm tired. Then it will be impossible to sleep after departure.

We completed loading quarter past 8 o'clock and we finished ullage and sampling. Our Surveyor took the samples ashore so they can determine the final density and then we can finish the cargo calculations and the paper work.

Wednesday 7th of July 2010
and I was dead tired when they called me. And that's even though Ek-Riverthey called me 20 minutes late. well, 20 minutes extra sleep didn't made any difference.

I went to bed around one thirty this morning after departure from Svetly. But I didn't fall asleep until almost 5 o'clock. Well, anyway, a hot shower and I was down to get some tea. I finished all the paper work from loading yesterday while drinking my tea.

We have strong head wind so there is water spray coming over deck so painting is impossible. So the crew were busy washing deck and I went to do a CBT before lunch.
Ek-RiverIt's not like the CBTs are any hard. but you're just so angry. A total waste of time and when thinking of how much money the company spends on the computer based training. What you learn? Exactly nothing.

And this is what they describe as the best thing that happened to shipping. The future in training. We got a Cadet from Manila and the school sent us a letter. Our Cadet is in a new improved course were they use the latest teaching techniques that were developed after alarming rapports of new Officers with an alarming incompetence.

New teaching technique?? What the ??!! 1+1 is 2 never mind what teaching technique you are using. And in the trade press the computer based training is the cure for incompetence. And today's CBT, how do you recognise a drug smuggler?
• He is buying expensive clothes.
• He is wearing unusual clothing (e.g. bulky or out of season clothing)

Well, I guess they get the Officers they deserve, using common sense it's nothing that they desire. Fill up a paper and everything is OK. As Captain said:
- They send onboard people that can't navigate and we have to sit here and do stupid CBTs. I agree, and when you ask them something. We have this training for next level and familiarisation when they join a new ship. People are just guessing until they give you the right answer.
- How much is 5x5?
- 13 and a half??
- 29??
- 7??
- Hmm, 27??
Throw in about 12 “Sir”, 8 “Excuse me” and 5 or 6 “Thank you” in the above conversation and you get a pretty clear picture of what I'm talking about. Guessing until you get it right.

As I say, I prefer a guy coming in to my office.
- HEY! ASS HOLE!! 5x5 is 25!
- That's the spirit, skip all the f@cking “Sir” and “excuse me” bullshit.
I can't help it, but I get nervous around people talking to you using Sir as every second word. But don't come in to my office and tell me:
- HEY! ASS HOLE!! 5x5 is 17!
We will get new crew when we're passing Simrishamn in the afternoon. A new 2nd Engineer, Pump Ek-RiverMan and 3rd Officer Jr.

So our Pump Man and 3rd Officer Jr. are happy to go back home after 5 to 6 months onboard. 2nd Engineer will stay until Rotterdam so he can show our new 2nd Engineer the ship for a few days.

We arrived to Simrishamn Roads just after 16 thirty and the on signers came onboard and the off signers left with Österlen. They will stay at hotel in Simrishamn until tomorrow when they will go to Copenhagen airport. So they will have the opportunity to drink a few beers tonight. Summer and there should be some dance in the woods and I guess new blood is welcome to the village.

We watched Österlen leave and we went for dinner in the mess room and then I was off to bed.

Thursday 8th of July 2010
and I woke up to a gloomy and grey day. Well, seems like the summer Ek-Riveris gone again. Gloom and grey as long as I could see. So the painting has to be put on hold.

I had my morning tea and then I started to do my discharging plans. We got a new 3rd Officer Jr. outside Simrishamn and I had him in my office for some familiarisation of the CCR and cargo handling. We got a new 2nd Engineer as well and our off signing 2nd Engineer was showing him around outside my window.

Time turns quick when I'm busy and it was soon time for Ek-Riverlunch. I had time to study some Thai before I left for our management meeting on the bridge at 1 o'clock.

It started to rain it became cold outside so I spent the afternoon in my office. And when I was filling up inventory lists over our Gas detector school on Ek-Stargas instruments our Chief Engineer came by. He asked about our gas detectors and what a coincident. I was just taking them out from the cupboard to do the monthly test.

I had a school on Ek-Star for our Captain and Chief Engineer and I told him about that. - OK. let's start. Teach me everything.
- OK! Sit down and take a few deep breaths.
We started with our personal gas detectors and then we took the big Dräger detectors that we use for pre entry measurements.
Well, yet another day has come to an end and I was in a hurry back to my cabin. I'm in progress to change all my old pages to the BLUE WAVE layout so I'm pretty busy. Captain gave me a bunch of DVDs, but I have so far have time to watch ZIP movies. OK, I watched Bumer the other day, but that’s the only one I have had time to watch.
I have started a few movies but I never finished them or in some chases I have been writing on my web page while the movie has been running in the back.

Friday 9th of July 2010
and I woke up to yet another gloomy and grey day. But as time turned the weather did an remarkable improvement. Well, I went down to my office for my GOOD MORNING Ek-RiverTEA and today's Bangkok Post.

I did not have time to finish my tea before our Electrician came by my office. He told me that there was some problem with the indicator to the valve on manifold 6 Stb. I had asked him to check the indicator yesterday and it turned out to be an mechanical problem Ek-Riverand not an electrical problem.

Well, anyway, he asked if I could come with him to have a look at the valve. I could not beleive my ears. Do they realy expect early Ek-Rivermorning action?
- What the ?? I'm trying to enjoy my tea here!!
We went out to the manifold and we were soon discovering the Ek-Riverproblem and I called my best guy and he was soon on to the problem.

He removed the ring around the shaft and they brought it to the engine workshop. The screw to thight the ring around the shaft was worn so they needed to replace it.

I was busy with my PRE ARRIVAL gas measurements of the cargo tanks. We don't need to heat this cargo so the temperature decrease day by day and thus there is no pressure in the tanks.

So I went to the engine work shop to see if the had a 4 mm pipe that I could use when I measure the gas. Putting a hose through a small sampling point and I the hose will be mucky with oil.
I got a long pipe from our Chief Engineer and I cut of about 1 meter and I was ready to go. A Ek-Rivergloomy and grey morning had turned in to a beautiful day so it was nice to be on deck measure our tanks for H2S.

We had between 30 and 40 ppm of H2S in the cargo tanks, except in 6 Stb Ek-Riverwhere I found 90 ppm. When I was ready with the H2S I went in to my office to get our Dräger pump. Mercaptanes has to be teste with a Dräger SHORT TERM tube. I found around 10 ppm of mercaptanes in our tanks.
Our manifold vale were soon working again and I was in a good mood when I went for lunch.

We got a new 3rd Officer when we passed Ek-RiverSimrishamn and today it was time to train him in the use of our cargo pumps. he had to fill ballast and to use the emergency stops. He was taking notes and hopefully he will soon be able to take his own watches. I have other more important things to do.

We managed to keep our selfes busy until 4 o'clock in the afternoon, soon dinner. I Ek-Riverwent to look for Captain and I passed our CBT room. Lo and behold, Chief Engineer was sitting there doing CBTs. I don't know what happened onboard. The last few weeks everyone has been very interesting in doing CBTs.

I found Captain in the gym and I discovered that there was an exercise mchine and I decided to start going to the gym tomorrow and everyday after that. A wise decision, when I came for dinner I delerious with
anticipation over my weight lose when starting in the gym. So I had my 2 burgers in the kitchen and I never had to go sit in the mess room with all the temptations.

When I finished with my dinner I hurried back to my cabin so I could continue updating my web page. I made my web page several years ago and I was in a hurry to finish all my ships after spending 2 years of acanning thousands of slides. But it wa snever realy ready and now I have started to finish my ships one by one.

And of course, internet is way quicker today so I put new and improved pictures on my old ships when I change the design to the by now well known BLUE WAVE look. And not only do I update my old ships with pictures and design. I find a lot of other pictures and yesterday I spent hourst to write aboute a trip to India. I only finished up to New Dheli so today I will continue with Goa and Varanasi. So I will be busy for several hours.

I was so full of spirit after the almost going to the gym experience so I tok a break from my web page for a constitutional on deck.

When I went to bed at midnight I had managed to come to Goa via New Dheli on my web page so I will hopefully be ready with this page on Monday.

Of course, this takes a lot of time from my current page. But I have to do it, will be fun to read in yet another 20 years when I have forgoten even more about the trip. And I also have todo a page about me in navigation school. Well, the whole of aladdin.st will be updated and I hope my web page will be ready before the end of 2010.

Saturday 10th of July 2010
and we dropped our anchor outside Rotterdam at 9 o'clock Ek-Riverin the morning. Yesterday they told us that we would go alongside tomorrow evening, then later it was changed to Monday morning. So its business as usual, no one knows.

No problem, we will manage to keep ourselves busy. We have planned for several drills today. The first one, oil spill, after the 10 o'clock coffee break.

But first my morning tea and Bangkok Post in my office. The crew was busy on deck, but it was still a little damp so no painting. Pump Man and our deck Cadet was filling up oil in our cargo pumps.

I talked a little with our Pump Man about our oil spill drill. He had prepared water on deck so we could Ek-Riveruse our drain pump to pump it up from deck and thus simulating oil spill.

We have 2 new deck Officers onboard so it was good for them to see how to operate the oil spill pump. I had them in the pump room to check the piping and then they had to line up for oil spill on the computer screen. The pump worked well and we could Ek-Riverfinish the drill. The drill turned out to be nothing less than the success we had expected.

Almost lunch and I went to the galley. Our Cook spotted me.
- HEY! Lunch time!
He started to do my two burgers and I finished them 10 minutes before lunch time. Good, I could go hide in my cabin avoiding the temptations in the mess room during the lunch.
At 1 o'clock it was time for more drills. Life boat, MOB boat, Life raft and enclosed space rescue. Ek-RiverI told the crew that we would meet on the bridge at 1 o'clock. The only reason for this was for me to get a picture of the whole crew.

If we would have meet at the life boat I would never got a picture of the crew with Duty officer Ek-Riverpresent. He has to stay on the bridge watching the ship.

I got my picture and we went to the life boat, just outside the bridge. Our new 3rd Officer asked all crew about their duties in the life boat.
Ek-River When the muster was completed the whole crew entered the life boat and they took their designated seats.

Luckily enough I had my camera in the pocket so now you know how it looks inside a life boat. Nice, for 5 minutes. Imagine to sit in this one for 2 weeks, a 12 hour flight to FUNKY TOWN makes you crazy so I guess that you would jump overboard after a while.

Well, we're never far from land so I guess Ek-River(Hope ) that we will be saved within very soon. But, hmm, you never know so I might be better of hiding a deck of cards in the life boat.

When we were finished with the life boat we went to our life raft and MOB boat 2 decks below. We started with the life raft and then we launched the Ek-RiverMOB boat.
The MOB crew need all the training they can get in manoeuvring the MOB boat. It's a water jet so it's not like driving a boat with ordinary motor and rudder.

There is no end to the excitement today, when the MOB Ek-Riverboat was back onboard we went forward to ballast tank 1 Port where our Pump Man had prepared the dummy and our tank rescue winch.

we finished all our drill just in time for the coffee break. Of course, Chief Officer has no time for coffee breaks so I went to my office. I turned on Nostalgia 77 on full blast and I started to write reports for our drills.

I have not have had any lunch or dinner in the mess room for a few days now. Chief Engineer ask me if I'm serious with my
Wadeeka Nong A ti narak ti sud

I really want you join in this party and every party. Roo mai ka? Cause the tasty Swedish sticky rice.
I will take pictures of people and send it to you. Ok mai ka.

Can you diet ?

Take care naka NA
diet now. Of course I am. The other day I got an e-mail from my Teacher. Can you diet?
- What the....?
Of course I can, if I want!

The only problem is that I'm under a lot of pressure from the rest of the guys around the table to come and entertain them during our meals.

Sunday 11th of July 2010
and I started my day with tea and Bangkok Post. When I was ready I tested our gas detector in the pump room and I inspected our Port FW tank.

The original plan was for us to go alongside tonight, then it was changed until tomorrow morning. Now it is changed until tomorrow night. I'm not surprised.
Well, we will try to keep ourselves busy. Yesterday we finished all our drill except the fire drill. So at 1 o'clock we will sound the fire alarm and have our last drill for this month.
I had two teams, one on starboard side and one on port side. They had to bring out fire hoses so we could reach the fo'c's'le with fire hoses when they were connected aft.
When the first team reached the fo'c's'le we started the fire pump to get pressure on the hose. Ek-RiverThen the smoke divers had to bring the pressurised hose when they entered the fo'c's'le.

When we were ready the crew started to put back Ek-Rivereverything. But we had a surprise fire for them.

Suddenly the fire alarm went off again and all crew mustered at the fire station.
- Fire in the CCR!

I'm sure that some of them dropped a shackle or two when the alarm went off for our unannounced fire drill.

Team-1 and Team-2 donned their smoke diving set while the Tech Team prepared fire hoses for the smoke divers. Team-2 entered the accommodation while Team-1 was stand-by. Team-1 found their way to the CCR and they managed to put out the fire thanks to preparedness and a lot of practice during our drills.

When we were ready I wrote the report after that I was back in my cabin for a diet drink, 3 cans to go and then I have to drink water and tea, I'm already looking forward to it.

Monday 12th of July 2010
and Spain had won the world championship in soccer. Who cares? Not Ek-Riverme, at least not until I heard that they were playing against Holland in the final. Whatever, as long as Holland loses I'm OK.

So I was pretty happy when Captain told me that Spain had kicked Dutch asses yesterday. I called the bridge and I asked our 3rd Officer to bring down the Spanish flag when he came down after his watch.

We were supposed to come alongside tonight and we were hoping to PISS OFF the Dutch Immigration with the Spanish flag. Yes, the Dutch Immigration, running around in the port having face check with the crews. As I said when I signed on last time in Rotterdam. We bring money to the darn country.
Half the city is full of East European prostitutes, African drug dealers and South American Riff Raff, what a disgrace. And Immigration is running around in the port looking at our passports. I remember a few years ago when I was in Amsterdam with Donsötank's M/T Prospero.

Immigration came onboard and asked to see the Filipino crew. They looked in the passport and they asked 2nd Engineer when he was born. Next guy in line and they asked for his given name. I lost it when they asked the 3rd guy about his place of birth.
- Hey Columbo! Don't you think they would have memorized their new names if they had fake passports? What the !!?? Running around here when it's impossible to walk 5 meters around Dam Plein without being harassed by illegal immigrant wanting to sell dope.
So we don't give a shit who's winning the stupid soccer games, as long as it's not Holland winning. it took us quite some time before we found the place for the flag. we started in my office, but it was highly unlikely that the Immigration would come in to my office so we changed location closer to the ship's office. Finally we hanged the flag to cover the door entrance.

And of course, we had to move the flag every time going in and out from the ship's office so Ek-Riverfinal position was to cover the door opening to the mess room just across from the ship's office. Will be impossible for the Immigration not to notice it

But for how long will this be fun, if we has we thought would have going alongside tonight it would have been fun. But now it's changed for tomorrow night. Maybe still effect full, but to arrive in two weeks with the Spanish flag would not be all that fun.

But it reminded me about Rainbow Warrior when I put up the American flag on my cabin door. It took them less than 20 minutes and they had removed the flag from my door. Well, you know me, 5 minutes later the flag was back up.
Rainbow Warrior
Rainbow Warrior
Rainbow Warrior
I remember Bosun asking for a flag to put on his door. (Not the American flag) I told him that I would find something suitable.

He was not happy when he found one of my old socks on his door.

Well well, we finished out flag business and we went to my office to have a chat about the good old days. we also had time few slaps on our backs telling each other how good we were before our Mess Man arrived with fresh made bread. - What the is this? TAKE IT AWAY!

What is this? Sabotage? Well, he got a kicken in the assen and he disappeared quite quickly with the darn bread. I had our new 3rd Officer in the CCR during the afternoon. we have this training report form. I have a Training Report From checklist and I should thick off the items when we have discussed the different ship specific items.
But as I say, this is no f@cking school. They should come here to work and I should introduce them to the ship specifics. Not Ek-Riverto teach new officers the basic stability. F@cking hell, when you say the word “ejector” or “free water surface” they look at you like you're from a completely different planet.

We were in the CCR when Captain came by. He got Ek-Riverstraight to the white board started to draw a ballast tank. Then he showed what’s happened Ek-Riverwith the G when we filled up the tank.

we went to the kitchen to get some “HANDS ON” experience of the free water surface. Yes, we used the old baking pan trick. Fill a baking pan with water and you will soon understand the Ek-Rivermeaning of “Free water surface” and its effect on a ship. Well, most of you will understand it, obviously not all of you.

While I and Captain had our afternoon tea on deck our new 3rd Officer was reading about “lose of intact stability” in the Ek-RiverCCR. It was quite nice on deck even though the sky was covered in black clouds.

I managed to do one CBT before dinner, totally 4 CBTs today. Every time I have a few minutes I make a CBT. Well, I made Ek-Riverit in time for dinner even if Captain was disturbing me talking about the good ol' days.

I should have skipped the mess room, but I need to socialise a bit. Today it was chocolate mousse for dessert and our Chief Engineer helped himself to the largest helping I had ever seen.

While we enjoyed our dessert captain was reading out loud from a grounding report. I told them that 50 years ago Captain was reading from the holy bible. Well, times are changing. So we have to spend yet another night at the anchorage and I returned to my cabin and my web page after dinner. That's about how exciting things get around here.

Tuesday 13th of July 2010
and we were still anchored when I woke up. But we will go in late tonight so it will be a full night of work. So I returned to bed trying to get some sleep when we got our berthing confirmed by our Agent.

Well, when I woke up they told me that it was postponed until tomorrow night.
- What the ?! Now it will be impossible to sleep tonight. DARN!

And our Spanish flag, I told Captain that if we would not come in tomorrow we could as well take down the flag. Not very fun to come 1 week after the final with the flag.
- Spanish flag! Why the hell do you have the Spanish flag in the door.
Yes, we could as well be coming with the Greek flag, or as Captain said:
- Yes, is like the party ran out of steam.

Wednesday 14th of July 2010
and we were still anchored when I woke up. But now we had Ek-Riverconfirmation about berthing in the late afternoon.

Later on it was in the evening and then they moved it to 22:00. I'm not surprised!

I had a power nap in the afternoon and I had expected our main engine to be running when I woke up. The only thing I could hear was gun shots from Captain's cabin.

He was watching a movie and, well, things didn't got good until I got a diet drink from our Chief Ek-River Engineer. And when we finished the movie it was almost eight thirty and still no news. But 10 minutes later we got news from MAAS approach to be at the Pilot station at 22:30. And that's even though we got info about more delays 5 minutes earlier. So we're really not shore about anything until it actually has happened.

Well, quarter to nine and they finally started the engine. We will take the pilot at 22:30 and I hope we have started the discharging at 2 o'clock in the morning.

Thursday 15th of July 2010
and we had our gangway down 10 minutes after midnight. Our Surveyor Ek-Riverwas onboard 15 minutes later and we finished our paper work Ek-Riverpretty quick. But no sign of the Loading Master and according to the jetty man there was a problem on the other ship.

Well, it was almost 2 o'clock before the Loading Master came onboard so we were Ek-Rivernot ready with the paper work until 2 thirty. Shore was ready to receive cargo 20 minutes later and we started with the 600m³ line displacement at 02:50. We made a quick stop between 03:35 and 03:50 for the line displacement.

I was off to bed at 5 o'clock when we had topped off all our cargo tanks to less than 95%.

I woke up 20 minutes before 11 and I felt good even though I Ek-Riverhad not managed to get much sleep. Tossing and turning most of the time in bed.

I took a shower and I went down to the CCR to relieve our 3rd Officer. He was keeping an eye on our new 3rd Officer Ek-RiverJr. Our 3rd Officer went to bed and I had my morning tea while giving pointers about the discharging to our new 3rd Officer Jr.

When I came down to the CCR the garbage barge had just left and a little later the fresh water barge arrived. We finished the fresh water in the middle of the lunch and a few minutes later our provision arrived.

I was in the CCR looking for the diet drinks. When the last pallet arrived I think I could see something so I took a look with our binocular and darn! It looks like diet drinks, of course, I did the old binocular trick with my camera.

I took 2 cases as soon as the diet drinks hit deck, 1 case for my office and 1 case for my cabin.

We completed discharging 10 minutes after 5 o'clock in the afternoon. We had a lub oil barge waiting for us to be ready. As soon as we were ready the lub oil barge came alongside and we started to take onboard lub oil.
We left Rotterdam just after 7 o'clock and we dropped our anchor a few hours later.

Friday 16th of July 2010
and we were anchored outside Rotterdam when I woke up. We were Ek-Riversupposed to go load Gas Condensate in Svetly, but this cargo got cancelled due to late berthing in Rotterdam. Well, I hope they come up with something during the day.

We were in the ship's office when the phone rang. It was the company and I was hopping for them to have a new cargo. Go to svetly and load so we could pump out the 100m³ of water we filled in Svetly for cleaning. Well, no new cargo. But they told Captain that they were watching him on internet.
- Am I on internet??!!
- Yes
- It must be aladdin's page
Last time I was onboard I gave Captain plenty reading material on how to make a web page and now he was all over me about making a web page. well, I wish I had the time.
we took onboard 100m³ fresh water when we left Svetly last time. We need the water to do tank cleaning and we usually fill from the sea after leaving the Pilot outside Baltiysk. Baltic Sea and the Ek-Riversea water is almost fresh water. We can not fill water in Svetly because maximum draft is 9,4 meters and 100 ton water in the AP is maybe around 200 tonnes cargo with the water compensation in the FP.

No next cargo and we will spend the weekend anchored waiting and the company thought that the chance to load Gas Condensate again was less than 10% so we could as well flush the bottoms and make the tanks gas free.

We don't wan't to use too much water just in case we're going back to load in Svetly. Maximum draft 9,4 meters and then we don't want to have any extra water onboard.

Our deck crew prepared deck and we started to flush our Ek-Rivertanks through the drop lines. I was in the CCR opening valves and starting pumps while the guys were on deck changing the hose. When we were ready the blow the cargo lines to our slop tank and when we were ready we had 25m³ of slops.

We were 15 minutes late for dinner when we finished the tank cleaning. Now we will force ventilate the cargo tanks during the night and tomorrow I can start to measure the gas.

The evening was spent in my cabin writing on my web page. And suddenly it was midnight. Time turns too quick.

Saturday 17th of July 2010
and we're still anchored outside Rotterdam. And the wind had Ek-Riverincreased and by the look of it, it looked like it was autumn. +15°C and it was, well, not cold but a little chill when I was on deck measuring the tanks for gas.

We had between 0% LEL and 9% LEL in the tanks so the ventilation had been successful.

Before I left for deck Captain and Chief Engineer had agreed on to make CBT #149 after 10 o'clock and they asked me if I wanted to “keep an eye” on them. When I was ready on deck they were already in progress of doing the CBT and honestly, I can't say that they looked very enthusiastic. We failed the first and second assessment and we decided to give it another try after lunch.

We got 80% on the assessment after lunch and we need 75% so it was not like we passed the test with flying colours, but it was enough.

Coming to my cabin after dinner and I discovered an incoming e-mail. 18 MB and the satellite went down on it knees. A few minutes later I had an e-mail with pictures from my Teachers house warming party. Well, as I wrote her: They are better off never to meet me!
I hope that they never have to experience Charisma Man at his peak
Sunday 18th of July 2010
and we were still anchored outside Rotterdam when I woke up. But at Ek-Riverleast it was a gorgeous day. Sunshine and the wind had disappeared. So I was in a good mood coming down to my Ek-Riveroffice for my morning tea and today's Bangkok Post.

When I finished my tea I went on deck to measure our tanks for gas. Between 8 to 11 % LEL. Well, I will start ventilation tonight so the tanks are ready for tank inspection tomorrow morning.

Can as well take the opportunity to do our annual tank inspection when the tanks are gas free. Of course, we can only check for Ek-Riverlose bolts, tank bottom is covered in HFO so any condition of the paint will be very hard to estimate.

We discovered 4 tanks that's needed some extra stripping so we did these 4 tanks and blowed the lines. We also had time to test our ODME before lunch. Kickin' ass!

Today I have decided to put a few pictures of our Captain on my site. Obviously they have discovered my web page at the company in Göteborg.
So our Captain is talking web page, html code and web design all day long. And he gets news about my web page from the company every day. Today I had to ask him if they only talked about my web page when they spoke on the phone.

We talked about Semlor at dinner. Our Captain told me that we have had Semlor.
- Hell, I even bought Semlor when I joined the ship in Göteborg last winter.
- Motherf@cker! It was you that ordered Semlorna.
- HEY! I'm on diet and I'm not eating Semlor.
- Last time I spoke with the company they told me that they had read about Semlorna.

Well, anyway, I was in a hurry back to my cabin after dinner. If they read my web page at the office I have plenty to write about on how good I am.

They will soon be convinced that the sun shines from my behind.

Monday 19th of July 2010
and we were still anchored outside Rotterdam when I woke up. Well, anchored or not, never mind. Today we will be busy inspecting our cargo tanks.
But before we started I needed my morning tea and a few minutes with Bangkok Post. I also Ek-Riverneeded to check our gas instruments and I made Enclosed Space Entry Permits. And of course we needed a risk assessment. We were not ready to go down our first tank until around 9 o'clock.

We started with cargo tank 6 Stb. We found that the last cargo, Gas Condensate had removed most of the HFO ROB. The tank was almost clean, some black mousse like residues remaining on the bottom.

So obviously this is the cargo they want to have before going to the shipyard next time.
We made 3 tanks before 10 o'clock and while the crew had their coffee break I was making new Ek-RiverEnclosed Space entry Permits.

Plenty paperwork, safety first. Sometimes it's too much just so the company can cover their asses if something happens.

But as I have mentioned many times before, common sense is not allowed anymore. Now it's check lists and CBTs. And how many people are filling up these checklists without having a clue what they are doing? Believe me, many.

I have the story that a Surveyor in Freeport told me. Purging operation with nitrogen in progress and the Officer on watch is to check the atmosphere. He drops his gas detector down the tank. Accident happening Ek-Riverall the time and will continue to happen no matter how many check lists you fill up. Normal, but from the dropped gas detector things turned abnormal, quickly.

Officer on duty is donning a filter mask and he enters the tank. 2 steps down and he is what we call, stone dead.
This poor guy, leaving a wife and children without any support behind, had no clue what he was doing. When asking people on drills if it's possible to enter a tank or the engine room when we have released CO2 you still get the answer that you can enter with a filter mask.

And asking Officers in charge for the difference between LEL% and Vol%, how many times have I asked this question without Ek-Rivergetting the right answer. And this question can be, I say maybe, the most important question. Well, the answer is maybe the most important when it comes to gas handling.

Well, while we did the tank inspection they had heaved up our anchor and we were on the way to Göteborg anchorage fort some welding on the boiler. And on Friday we will load Gas Condensate in Svetly. Yes, back to Rotterdam.

I hope not, but maybe I have to go back to Ek-Star when we're in Rotterdam next time. I like it better here on Ek-River.

Well, anyway, we had finished half of the tanks in time for lunch. I went to my office to write tank inspection reports and our Pump Man went for a shower. I had my tea and tuna/ onion while doing the reports and then I was off to my cabin for a shower and some Thai studies.
I don't know if it's the new discovery of my web page at the office or if it's a genuine interest. Hmm, most likely genuine interest, so Captain wanted to join us after lunch to check a tank.
Up and down in the tanks, a lot of climbing and I was burning calories like there was no tomorrow. God for my diet and I hope that I can restrain myself from going to the mess room during dinner.

Lunch, partaking of tuna and onion with a cup of tea in my office while doing paper work. Good, I didn't had to go to the mess room and I never had to experience the lunch temptations.
We have a Deck Cadet onboard and he joined us when we entered cargo tank 1 Port. Good for him to see how it looks, or as I told him:
- So you don't look like a question mark when you join a ship as a new Deck Officer!
When we came up from cargo tank 1 Port we only had 3 more tanks to do. But first a coffee break. Ek-RiverI did tank inspection reports and the 3 last Entry Permits while the crew had their coffee in the duty mess.

It was just past 4 o'clock in the afternoon when I measured the last tank for gas. When we're finished it will be nice to go for a shower.

At 16:35 we were ready with the tank inspection and Ek-Riverall tanks looked very good. Like new, a few rust spots, but nothing to write home about. She will be good for many years to come.

I completed the last paper work and I was off for a shower. Big mistake. I should have had my TUNA SURPRISE ® and my tea in my office while doing the paperwork. I never learn, after my shower I went to the mess room for my TUNA SURPRISE ® together with the other guys. And as I could have guessed, things got out of hand.

But bad luck for our Mess Man, I told him that I would give him my camera if he managed to keep me out of the mess room.
- And every time I'm in the mess room you have to give me 100 US!

Tuesday 20th of July 2010
and we started the day by discharging our tank cleaning water from the Ek-RiverAP. We only used around 20 to 25m³ so we can discharge the rest of the water. I had our Cadet to discharge the water while I had my tea and TUNA SURPRISE ®.

Our Cadet needs all the training he can get. He will be onboard for 12 months and then he will be a Deck Officer. I don't kno if he has to go back to school when he coems back home or if he can join a ship right on.

We will arrive to Göteborg's anchorage tonight and the welders will come onboard 6 o'clock tomorrow morning. Our Chief Engineer needs to measure for gas before they start the welding and he dropped by my office to get a REFRESHER about our gas detectors.
Göteborg and I had expected us to go to load Gas Condensate in svetky after the welding. But the Svetly cargo was cancelled so we might have to stay waiting for cargo in Göteborg.

Wednesday 21st of July 2010
and we were anchored outside Göteborg when I woke up. We dropped Ek-Riveranchor at 10 o'clock yesterday evening. It was a gloomy and grey morning, well, nothing else was expected from Göteborg.

I went for my tea and tuna after my breakfast and when I came down to my office I could see that we had received stores.

When I finished my tea I went to lock for Captain and our Chief Engineer. They were in the ECR looking at a blue print over the boiler while the welders were working in the boiler.

Our welders came onboard 6 o'clock this morning and the launch service brought the stores. Stores for the ship and a parcel for me.

My friend had sent me my birthday gifts. Ek-RiverAnd I was disappointed, last time it was Merry Christmas. Instead of HAPPY BIRTH DAY he wished me MERRY CHRISTMAS, way better than having a birthday.

I also got my ballot for the upcoming election in Sweden. Is it any meaning to vote? Well, obviously, I found Jakop Dalunde's blog on wordpress. He had a list of parties and how many votes they had received at the last election back in 2006.

Scooby Doo had received 1 vote and that was my vote. As I say, 1 vote for Scooby Doo is a lost vote for Mona Salhin.

So I have it black on white, I can see my vote among Ek-Riverall the millions of casted votes. So of course, I will vote at this election as well. The Ek-Riverelection is on the 19th of September and I'm not allowed to vote before the 5th of August.

And my ballot must be sent from abroad or my vote will become worthless. But this year I'm not voting for Scooby doo.
I and Pump Man took care of our stores and filed the paper work and when we were ready I went to check out the progress with our boiler. Captain and Chief Engineer were down in the boiler to inspect the crack in the coil. And of course, I took a picture when they climbed up from the boiler.
When they came up from the boiler I asked Captain to attest my vote. Not only do I need to send Ek-Rivermy vote from abroad, I need two witness to attest my vote. Captain is one of them, I can use a foreigner also. But Ek-Riveras we had 2 Swedish welders onboard I could as well ask one of them.

My voting for the year of 2010 was completed, now we just hand over the votes to our Agent where ever we will be after the 5th of August.

Well, I don't even know if I'm onboard by then. Our welder Ek-Riverleft us just after 3 o'clock in the afternoon and the launch service brought back our life rafts when they came to pick up the welders.

They were sent ashore this morning for annual service and we don't have to think about this for another year. Nice!

The crew are working as day men now while we're at anchor, no need for them to stand watches and they are kickin' arses all day long on deck. Painting and chipping, and as a gloomy and grey morning had turned in to a gorgeous afternoon I could go on deck to inspect the work.

The crew had put back the life rafts in time for dinner and I went in. my plan was to have my tea and dinner in my office. But I need to be a little social so I went to the mess room for a chat. And well, tomorrow I will stay in my office for my meal avoiding the mess room.
I spent the evening in my cabin writing on my web page, yesterday I had planned to watch a movie. But it was over midnight when I gave up writing about my adventures in India back in 1988.

Thursday 22nd of July 2010
and we were still anchored outside Göteborg when I woke up. Damn, Ek-Riverthis day was slow, one of the most boring up until now. We really need a cargo, soon!

I'm running very low on diet drinks. What to do? Well, we're very close to the Göteborg archipelago so it is just a few minutes with the MOB boat to the closest island and some shop that will be able to provide us with the diet drinks.

I gave then detailed instructions for the purchase. Yes, I have the PEPSI drama in Ventspils when on Ek-Star fresh in mind. They delivered 10 or 20 cases of ordinary PEPSI. Impossible to drink.
- Buy diet MAX if they have!
- OK, we will call you if they don't have any diet MAX for further instructions.
Well, I went straight to my cabin and I popped open a diet MAX. Captain came by with bad news.
- Now they have started to nag about your transfer to Ek-Star again.
- Don't they give up?
Well, the guy I'm here for are back from his sick leave on Sunday and Ek-Star will be in Stockholm on Sunday so I will transfer to Stockholm on Sunday. That is if we're still here waiting for cargo. So hopefully we will get a cargo tomorrow and we're out of here.

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Friday 23rd of July 2010
and we were still anchored outside Göteborg when I woke up. I Ek-Riverstarted my day with tea and tuna in my office while reading Bangkok Post. I had planned to pack my bag today because I will leave for Ek-Star on Sunday.

But I found other things to do. We got an e-mail from Ek-Riverthe company yesterday and they asked us to take pictures from the ship. Captain thought that they had been inspired of my web page.
They want pictures from work on deck and engine room. Mooring operations and picture of the crew when they are off duty. They Ek-Riveralso want pictures from bridge work, sunsets and Canal passages. well, I don't know about engine, but on deck there are plenty of opportunities for pictures of the crew working.

Well, I gave our Ships camera to Captain.
- So get started!
He started right away and of course, this was the only day when I had forgotten my camera in my cabin. And there were a few pictures of Captain taking pictures that would have been worth having.

Captain disappeared out on deck to take pictures and I went to my cabin to get my camera. And www.aladdin.st would not be www.aladdin.st if I had not been taking some pictures for you to see. So enjoy:

Yet another stupid slide show on www.aladdin.st

Click for previous Picture Click for next exciting picture

Well, he really got a taste for the picture taking. So before we went for lunch I asked our Pump Ek-RiverMan to prepare the MOB boat for us after lunch.
- We will go on a photo safari after lunch.

So, my lunch break was spent checking the pictures I had taken during the morning. So I skipped my Thai studies.

So after lunch when the crew had prepared the MOB boat we took off to get some pictures of our ship. Our Chief Engineer took the opportunity to practice driving the boat. He is the one that will bring me ashore on Sunday. And we're going to use our MOB boat. We will have a pizza in Fiskebäck with my reliever before they return onboard and I take a taxi to the railway station. So training in driving the MOB boat is needed.

Stupid Slide Show #2

We were back onboard just in time for the coffee break and we browsed our pictures. I had been taking over 100 pictures, and Captain something like that as well. Of course, he forgot to empty the card before we took off with the MOB boat. So he could only take a few pictures on the boat.
well, luckily enough I had my camera with us. I always empty my camera when I have been taking a Ek-Riverfew pictures. Well, Captain got a picture of me this morning and he Ek-Riverprinted it and we laminated it. So now I'm hanging the mess room and I will keep an eye on them even after that I have left for Ek-Star on Sunday.

Well, the last few days our Captain has been like a new person. Yes, as mentioned before he is only talking Ek-Riverabout HTML code, web hotel and “How can I learn to make a web page in 10 minutes”. He was mighty impressed that my web page came in as second or third result when he searched for Ek-River on internet.
- How did you do that?
- Is it a special program?

Now he has added questions about pictures and stuff. It's nonstop and maybe I should start charging him as a Consultant. Well, a beautiful day turned in to a gorgeous evening and I'm sorry to say that I skipped my constitutional. I have more than 100 pictures to put on my web page so no problem to keep myself busy. A cubic ton of job every day.

Saturday 24th of July 2010
and we were still anchored outside Göteborg when I woke up. Captain had prepared SJ's web page so we could book a ticket for me to Stockholm. well, the web page Ek-Riverdid not work so I had to call SJ.

20 minutes' later I had my ticker for tomorrow, leaving Göteborg 14:42 arriving to Stockholm at 17:45. IF THEY MANAGE TO RUN THE TRAIN ACCORDING TO SCHEDULE! But there is no guarantee for that. And I will be onboard at 18 thirty.

I went in to Captain's cabin and he was busy with his pictures. He asked if he could get my pictures from when we sent ashore the Fitter with the helicopter outside England last winter.
Ek-RiverWhen I was in his cabin I spotted the picture I took of him yesterday. It was hanging on his wall so I ripped it off the wall.
- This belongs on our wall of fame!

I had my ticket and packing my bag is the only thing left to do. Captain handed me a stapler and a pair of scissors. We were running very low on these items onboard M/T Ek-Star. There is one stapler and we have to share it. So sometimes you have to run around looking for the stapler and thus loosing valuable time. Same with the scissor, but now I have my stuff and I will chain it to my desk onboard Ek-Star.
It was a very ceremonial atmosphere when Captain handed over the scissors and stapler to me and Ek-Riverthere was not a dry eye in sight. And thanks to our Chief Engineer we got the whole thing on picture so you can enjoy it as you please.

Yes, it was a very touching moment. But my guess is that it had become much less touching if they knew that I had filled up the Ek-Riverstapler with staples.
We were very low on staples when I left Ek-Star in Gdansk back in June. So of course, I filled the stapler with staples (there is a box full of staples in my office and I really don't know who the that is responsible for trusting me with Ek-Riverall the staples) in my office before putting it in to my bag.
- Shh, don't tell anyone, this will be our secret!

Well, our dinner, my last Ek-Riverdinner onboard M/T Ek-River. My next dinner will be on Ek-Star and
hopefully there will be some of the tuna left for me. But we ordered plenty Ek-Riverlast time and if I'm the only one eating tuna there should be plenty onboard when I'm coming back.

Well, after dinner I was back in my cabin to finish my web page and to prepare the new Ek-Star page. I also finished my page about India 1988 after spending several evenings in my cabin writing and preparing pictures. And most of my pictures left much to wish for after more than 20 years in a box. Well, my last evening onboard and we will leave for Fiskebäck at 10 o'clock tomorrow morning.

Sunday 25th of July 2010
and I woke up to a gloomy and grey day on Gothenburg anchorage. I Ek-Riverstarted my day with tea, tuna and Bangkok post in my office. Of course, the day we have to go to Fiskebäck it is raining and blowing.

We were very disappointed, we had expected sunshine and a blue sky. Now we had to wear winter parkas on Ek-Riverour trip ashore.

I got my discharge book and we were pretty much ready to leave for Fiskebäck. My bags were prepared on the MOB deck and Captain took my first bag and computer.

Pump man took care of my suitcase while I went to find a winter Ek-Riverparkas in a man's size. I found one in the CCR and when I was back at the MOB boat my luggage was stowed onboard and we were Ek-Riverready to take off.
The weather was gloomy and grey, but that was nothing comparing to how gloomy and grey our Chief Engineer was. He was not too pleased to leave in the MOB boat in this weather.
- This will be fun, I tried.
- It's an f@cking hurricane!

Rough see and when we were on the way down we bumped in to the ship side and the windshield was destroyed. But I think they have some glass under the fo'c's'le so they can make a new.
It was rough sea so we could only go by slow speed until we were protected by the shore. And even On the way to Fiskebäck in our MOB boatthough we drove very slowly we were soaking wet after a few On the way to Fiskebäck in our MOB boatminutes only.

But as soon as we had passed Donsösvartskär we were behind the shore and we could speed up and our spirit improved a lot.

Our Chief engineer was driving and I was in charge On the way to Fiskebäck in our MOB boatfor the navigation.
Of course, we cannot us a chart. It would have been On the way to Fiskebäck in our MOB boatdestroyed in a jiff. So we used laminated printouts from the online phonebook.

But we would have found our way anyway, it's not all that hard to find the way from the anchorage to Fiskebäck.

On the way to Fiskebäck in our MOB boat
On the way to Fiskebäck in our MOB boat
On the way to Fiskebäck in our MOB boat
We passed between Donsö and Styrsö and we stopped by just to have a look at Donsö marina. We entered the marina and we drove to the end where we turned around and left again.
The original plan was to stop in the marina to buy ice cream, but we skipped the idea due to bad weather. we wanted to get to the Pizza restaurant in Fiskebäck as quick as possible so we could get indoors. Outside it was windy and raining, +15°C don't make any summer.
Donsö marina was fun for a few minutes so we left North bound under the bridge between Styrsö and Donsö. We had passed 1 sailing boat on the way from the anchorage to Donsö, but when we were on our way to the North we meet a few boats and we were overtaken by several boats.
On the way to Fiskebäck in our MOB boat
On the way to Fiskebäck in our MOB boat
On the way to Fiskebäck in our MOB boat
OK, we overtook one boat just before we passed under the bridge, but that was the only one. But On the way to Fiskebäck in our MOB boatwe were not in a hurry. We expected my reliever to arrive to Fiskebäck around 12 and when we left Donsö it was only Fiskebäck10:40.

OK, now we had had it with these boring pictures from our boat trip. I had never expected to get any pictures this Fiskebäckyear. There were plenty last summer when I was on FiskebäckTärnvåg and we were cruising and buying ice cream in Bohuslän's archipelago with my friend's boat.

Yes, impossible to forget the drama at the Restaurant in Lysekil. One of the worst I have ever been to.

We arrived to Fiskebäck just after 11 o'clock and after a Fiskebäckfew bounces from the berth we had our MOB boat securely tied up. What to do while waiting for my reliever? We asked a guy for a place to buy ice cream.
- I think there is a kiosk in the next marina.
He suggested that we should take the boat there. FiskebäckBut as we have found such a nice place for it we did not want to move and thus risk that anyone else would show up and take our place.
- Is it possible to walk to the kiosk
- Yes

So our Chief Engineer and I started to walk and when we came to the Pizza restaurant we saw the ice cream adds. But they were closed.
Fiskebäck- They don't open until 12 o'clock.
- But the owners are here.
- How do you know that?
- They have a red car.
- What? Did you ask him about the colour of his car last time you Fiskebäckand Captain was ashore?

We walked back to the MOB boat and there was exactly nothing to do. So we took my bags and we walked back to the Pizza place. Well, when we arrived the door was open so we stepped inside. I got a diet drink and our Chief Engineer got a Fiskebäckcup of coffee.

We decided to wait with the order until my reliever arrived with the taxi. Well, 5 minutes later we ordered our pizzas and my reliever arrived 5 minutes after that.

30 minutes of blah-blah-bla and I asked the Fiskebäckrestaurant owner to call a taxi for me and a few minutes later the taxi arrived and I could leave for the train station.

I only needed to make one stop, at a post box. Captain had burnt a CD with all his pictures and he wanted me to put it on the mail box. So I asked the driver if we would pass a post box on the way to the train station.
- I don't know.
He stopped at a bus stop.
- There is a post box!
I went out and I posted the CD and my last task onboard M/T Ek-River was completed.

Well, I left Ek-River on Gothenburg anchorage on the 25th of July and I will join Ek-Star in Stockholm tonight in the year of our Lord 2010. Soon time to change ship again?

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ORIGIN late 18th cent.: of unknown origin.

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E ni Svenskar och inte förstår Engelska så ska ni skämmas. J och Björn, med det menar jag inte att alla mina stavfel ska ältas varje gång vi träffas.


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