M/T Ek-Star, I was Chief Officer between 25th of July 2010 and th of October 2010
M/T Ek-Star
M/T Ek-Star
I got this picture from http://photos.marinetraffic.com ©Kai-Hendrik Schlenger

Built: 1999 by Jiangnan Shipyard at Shanghai, China
Flag: NIS
Signal letter: LAMT 5
Class no: 19864
LR/IMO no: 9164524
Trading area: World wide

DnV + 1A1 ICE-1A Tanker for Oil ESP E0 TMON Double Skin vessel.

12 cargo tanks and 2 slop tanks, with one deepwell pump (hydraulic driven) in each tank.
Cargo/slop tanks epoxy coated.
Cargo handling 6-8 grades simultaneously segregated by two valves.

Cargo pumps: 12x330 m³/h at 110 mlc
Service slop tank pumps: 2x120 m³/h at 110 mlc
Cargo discharge capacity: abt. 1.980 m³/h at 110 mlc
Ballast pumps: 2x500 m³/h at 20 mlc
Heating: Stainless steel coils in all tanks
Tank washing:(2x12/1x2) Fixed machines
Manifolder flanges: 8pcs connection each side 2x12" and 6x10".
Vapour return flange: 1x8" each side
Length over all:
Length between p.p
Breadth mld.
Depth upper deck
Draft summer load
Draft ballast Abt
Gross tonnage
Net tonnage
Reduced Gross
134.70 m
127.00 m
20.80 m
11.00 m
8.59 m
4.80m Aft 5.80m
8.829 ton
4.173 ton
7250 ton
Deadweight, summer:
Deadweight, winter:
Cargo, 98% volume:
Service slop tanks:
H.F.O tanks, 380 cst at 50°C:
D.O. tanks:
Fresh water tanks:
W.B. tanks:
13.683 MT
13.253 MT
14262 m³
170 m³
517 m³
103 m³
110 m³
5400 m3
Main engine, MCR:
Propeller, CP.Ni-AL bronze:
Auxiliary gen.sets:
Boilers, thermal boil:
Exhaust boiler:
1 x 5.300 kW, 120 RPM Diam. 4,9 m/120 RPM
4X500 kW, 1.200 RPM, 60Hz
2 X 2.900 kW
470 kW
580 kW
Service speed loaded:
Service speed ballast:
Consumption, service 85% MCR and AUX:
Consumption, discharge:
13.5 knots
14.5 knots

18.7+3.0 ton/day
8.0 ton/day
3.0 ton/day

Sunday 25th of July 2010 and it was almost 1 o'clock when I arrived to the train station. So it was about 2 and a half hours waiting before the train departed. I went to see if there was a place to keep my bags while waiting for my train.
I took a walk to Femman and I turned down towards the walking bridge to Götaälv. I stopped at a Göteborgfew shops on my way. It was itching in my fingers to Göteborgspend money, but I never found anything that I wanted to buy.

Well, when I came down to the part of Femman that is facing Götaälv I discovered that they had Göteborgbuilt one of those stupid Ferris wheels that have became so popular. There is a giant Ferris wheel in Singapore Göteborgand Gothenburg's own Ferris wheel looked very small in comparison.

Coming back to Gothenburg and was I happy that I had left this city for FUNKY TOWN? Yes! On my way againFor sure I don't miss Gothenburg.

I walked to the other end and when I came out to the rain in Brunnsparken I turned around. Well, better off skipping my walking around town plans and I returned to the train station.

I checked out from what track my train was going to leave from. I asked one of the crew when they started to let on the passengers.
- 10 minutes before departure.
- Thanks!
Good to know, no need to bring my entire luggage 30 minutes before departure. But I need to board as soon as possible to be able to get some space for my luggage.

Surprise, surprise, we left Gothenburg on time and I was soon snoozing. Waking up every Flennow and then to have a look at the landscape and a sip of my diet drink. Yes, the train is much more comfortable than going by airplane.

Room for my legs and comfy seats and I enjoyed the trip. We stopped in Flen and I thought it took a wee bit too long for the train to get movin'. The driver called us on the PA system.
-There is a fire in a transformer between Flen And Stockholm.

All train traffic had come to a full stop and there were no news on when the traffic would be up and running again. At first they refused to let us off the train but a few minutes later they let us off the train.

I had been in the Bistro to buy a diet drink so I enjoyed my diet drink while talking with the driver. There was one guy asking when we were expected to be on the way again. He had to be home in time because of some illness. He needed real food at regular intervals.
- The food in the Bistro is good for nothing.
He went to look for food when the driver had promised to see to that he was onboard before they left Flen. But no one expected this to be anytime soon.
We left the platform, I was in search for diet drinks and the other guy was looking for “real” Flenfood. I found a coffee shop at the train station and the guy with the stomach problem was running to a hamburger stand across the street.

I got back to the platform with my diet drink and I called Ek-River to ask them to send a message to Ek-Star that I might be late. Now the guy with the stomach problem was on the other side of the track screaming at me.
- I have found meat balls.
- Yeah??!!
- Can you please ask the driver if I have time to get the meatballs.
Outside Flen- OK
Our driver told me that it was no problem and now I had to scream that it was OK to the guy on the other side of the tracks. He ran away to get his meatballs.

The snacks on the train is nothing to write home about, but I
d e ju nästan som med din mat och sov klocka
don't think the meatballs and mashed potato is any better at the Hamburger stand. He came back from the hamburger stand and he looked happy so I guess the mashed potato was good enough.

They announced that the passengers to Södertälje should 5 minutes outside Flenget off the train for busses to Södertälje. I was in my seat watching the passengers to Södertälje was running down the platform.
- What's the hurry? I thought.

Our train was going back for an alternative route to Stockholm and next stop was Södertälje so obviously they were better off in a bus. Suddenly all the passengers for Södertälje came running back on the platform.
- What's the hurry? I thought.
Obviously they had the power back on and we could continue on the original track towards Stockholm. Well, after a few minutes we stopped again. This time in the middle of the Swedish simmer landscape.

Well, due to the stop it was congested tracks in Stockholm so we needed to stop to spread the trains a bit. Cannot have all the train arriving to Stockholm at the same time. Hmm, and all the passengers to Södertälje running up and down the platform in Flen, for what?
Södertälje Syd train station
Finally, we started to move again and the X-2000 gained momentum quite quick, but we were soon stopping at Södertälje Syd train station, the last stop before Stockholm.
Södertälje Syd train station
Södertälje Syd train station is located on top of the Igelsta Bridge about 48 meters above the Södertälje Syd train stationSödertälje Canal. So it was a wee bit scary to look
Igelsta Bridge
opened in 1994. The bridge is 2 140meters long and crossing 48 meters over Södertälje Canal at its highest point. It's the second longest and second highest railway bridge in Sweden.
down on the ground wondering if the bridge would collapse under the train.

No problem, sturdy Swedish design. But it was nice when we got back on solid ground.

Södertälje, not tempting from ground level, and for sure, not tempting from above. Nice to leave it behind and I don't have any wishes to return soon.
Igelsta Bridge
Igelsta Bridge
Igelsta Bridge
When we passed over Södertälje Canal I saw the VOPAK Terminal and the jetty where I joined Tärnvik a few years back. I even think it was at this jetty I rejoined Tärnsund when I missed the ship in Göteborg back in 1991.
Igelsta Bridge
Igelsta Bridge
Igelsta Bridge
From Södertälje it was not long to Stockholm, well, Södertälje is more or less a suburb to StockholmStockholm. We passed through a few tunnels and we were in StockholmStockholm. We passed over a bridge to the railway station and I recognised on of the houses. A church or an old castle.

Well, nice to be in Stockholm so I can join the ship. Otherwise I would have to check in to a hotel and then I would have had to Stockholmtake a flight to Gdansk in Poland. How fun is that? Train, well, not very fun. But a flight with a stopover in Copenhagen is not Stockholmmaking it high on my “wish list”

I got off the train and I had to ask for the way to the taxi station.
- Go down one level with the elevator.
- Cheers!
I went down with the elevator and I made a quick stop for a diet drink in a Kiosk. I walked under the tracks and when I was under the train station I was looking for an elevator to bring me up to the ground Stockholmlevel. I did not want to walk the stairs with my entire luggage.

I found the taxi station and I popped my diet drink open. I enjoyed my diet drink while watching the sights. Well, nothing new around here and as soon as I finished my diet drink I went to the taxi queue and 5 minutes later I was on my way. But where?

I'm getting worried about the status of Sweden. Well, I only run in to this problems in Stockholm and I
får ni vitaminerna som ni ska i Stockholm? eller e d bara jag som har sån otur varje gång jag e i Stockholm?
start to wonder if they get all their vitamins in that town. Or maybe it is something with the water they are drinking.

I have been in many big cities and Stockholm is small in comparison. In all cities, except Tokyo, the taxi drivers have been able to find their way. But at Stockholm train station. Amazing!
- Globen.
- Where is that?
- Motherf@cker, you can see it from here!
Never mind what address you give them.
- Have you been there before?

I remember back in the beginning of the 90's and it was almost a revolution among the taxi drivers when the government wanted to have a test for the taxi drivers that wanted to get their taxi licences. And it was not like they had to put together the space shuttle to get their licence.

The test was like find SPOT A on a map. And to find out what way to drive between A and B. How Stockholmhard can it be? And several drivers failed the test.
- It's too hard.
OK, I have not been around in Sweden much lately so I don't know if they still have the test. But going by taxi in Stockholm it seems like they have ceased to test the drivers. And it's the same every time. Last time I was in Stockholm they did not have any GPS so I was expecting more today.
- Bergh's oil port, I said.
- Where is that?
- You have to find out!
- Have you been there before?
- No! But you have a GPS.

He found it on the GPS and I could see the yellow spot at our destination and I relaxed for a bit in the Stockholmbackseat. Big mistake. It didn't take many minutes before he was lost.

- Where the hell are we?
- This is the place!
-No, you have an f@cking GPS and you should go to the yellow dot.
- So you think the GPS map is good.
- Yes, it shows exactly where we are!
Then he turned around.
_ where are you going now?
- This is the way we came.
- F@CK!! Look at the map, you are heading for the water and a dead end.
2 minutes later and we reached a dead end. It was so embarrassing so I had to start talking about the weather. But it looked like he got the picture and we were soon back on track. I relaxed in the back seat.

When I looked at the GPS again we had over shoot out target.
Stockholm- Now you missed it again!
- Yeah, I drove to far.
Jesus Christ, you work as a taxi driver and the guy coming to town for the first time has to show you the way. I would have planned for a new carrier. Obviously the driving stuff is too hard.

I could not believe it. I had to sit in the back seat looking at the map while giving directions to the driver. This, yes, I was pissed off. And they charge you handsomely for the taxi service in Sweden. Motherf@ckers!!
We arrived to the Terminal and I had to call a guy to open the gate for us. Unmanned gate with only a phone number to call.
- Hell, can you please open the gate, I'm joining Ek-Star.
- OK!
The gate opened and we could enter the Terminal. Lo and behold, there was another gate at the jetty and I had to call again. This time the guy asked me to call onboard for someone that could open the gate. Well, the taxi left and when I approached the gate it was opening.
I don't know if they opened the gate when they saw the taxi disappear. Well, anyway, I took my gags and I walked the last 150 meters down to the jetty. The AB on watch came down on the jetty to help me with my suitcase and I was soon in the CCR
The off signing Chief Officer was smiling when I came onboard, I guess that he had been worried about the burning transformer and my arrival in time. The first thing I did when I came onboard was to set up my entertainment centre in my office. Second thing was to take out the SHIP TO SHIP Ek-StarAID ®, yea, the scissors and stapler. And by the way, I had already got reactions about our SHIP TO SHIP AID ® initiative onboard Ek-River.
The Scissors & Staples ceremony was really. I think this is a good name for your website “Scissors & Staples”

well, anyway, as we know I filled the stapler with staples onboard Ek-River, totally unnecessary. The off signing Chief Officer told me that the previous Chief Officer (The one I relieved on Ek-River in Rotterdam back in June) had bought a pack off staples last time onboard. But I don't know if I want to go as far to call it that he was starting the whole SHIP TO SHIP AID ® thing. Back then he did not know that he was going to join Ek-River.

Departure time was set for 4 o'clock Monday morning and the off signing Chief Officer was leaving with a taxi at 10 o'clock. We had time for a coffin nail and a quick cuppa before he left.

Monday 26th of July 2010
and we left Stockholm at 05:13 and I was in my cabin 15 minutes later. I needed some sleep after being up all night. OK, I got 1 hour of sleep before they called me at 3 o'clock in the morning.

I woke up at 12 and I went straight to my office. Yes, I will skip the mess room and I will have Ek-Starmy meals in my office from now on. I got the last can of tuna and onion from our Cook.
- This is the last can.
- What the ??!! We had plenty when I left for Ek-River!

Nice, I kept my self busy all day long. Cargo planning and paper work Ek-Starso time went quick. We expect to arrive around 6 and 7 o'clock tomorrow morning and I want all papers to be ready by then. Of course, there was plenty for me to get familiarized with after my time onboard Ek-River.

Well, strange things happen. I always have to listen to how bad I behave after a beer or two. But I got a message from Facebook in the evening. Yet another friend request. I DON'T USE FACEBOOK!! I only use it to test my SHARE button Share for facebook. Well, anyway, I sent her a message wondering:
- Do I know you? Have we ever met?
- We meet at SNOP on Ratchada Soi 4. And yes, I want to meet again
- Hmm, so maybe I'm right. A few beers can turn anyone in to Charisma Man.

I went to bed at 10 o'clock and luckily enough I managed to fall asleep before soon.

Tuesday 27th of July 2010
and they called me just after 6 o'clock in the morning. I was already Ek-Starhalf awake because I had slept like a baby since 10 o'clock yesterday evening.

We were about to get our Pilot onboard so I took a shower and I went on bridge. A few minutes after we connected out tug boat aft and we turned around in the basin to back up to our jetty. The very same jetty I signed off at last time in Gdansk.

At 8 o'clock we had all fast at jetty “P” in Gdansk. As soon as we Ek-Starhad the gangway ashore the crew lifted ashore our life rafts for the annual service. Loading Master came onboard and he started to smile as soon as he saw me.
- HEY, last time I saw you at Absent you were dead drunk!
- What the ??!! Absent??!!
- Yes, a place in down town Gdansk.
- Ah, you were the one dancing on the bar!
- You remember that?
- Of course!
We were taking GO bunkers and we were not allowed to connect the cargo arm before we finished Ek-Starthe bunkering, so we had plenty time to talk about the good ol' times in Gdansk. I gave my web address to the Loading Master so he could check out the pictures from Absent. F@CK, Ek-Starthe world is small so you must always think about your behaviour.

We started to load at 10:25 and I went to get a cup of tea. Our Cook and Mess Man was wearing their new uniforms, we received them in Stockholm yesterday and today was the first time. They looked nice and of course, they wanted me to take a few pictures.

Good news: Provision will arrive today and our Cook had ordered Ek-Starplenty tuna and onion, so I will, I say maybe, be able to look good when I go home at the end Ek-Starof October.

Bad news: We will complete loading in the middle of the night. Paper work on top of that and I will have to stay up all night long again. Darn, the whole day tomorrow will be destroyed. But of course, it's better than staying anchored day after day. Much to do and times turn quickly.

I will go to bed after dinner and hopefully I will manage to fall asleep. Well, I went to bed at 7 o'clock and I think I felt a sleep around 8 o'clock.

Wednesday 28th of July 2010
and I woke up quarter past midnight when they called me. We have 8 meters draft and we expect to be ready in about 1 hour. When I'm coming down in the CCR the Ek-Starloading rate is at a whopping 300m³/h.
- They have problem ashore.
- Darn! With this rate we won’t be ready until 4 o'clock.

Good news or bad news? Coming down to the CCR and I discovered that we got diet drinks with our provision. I think I should try to avoid them this time around.

Well, anyway, at quarter past 3 I went on the jetty for the Ek-Starsecond time and this time around I stayed until we were ready. We are allowed to load to maximum draft 8, 59 meters so I need to be on the jetty when we complete loading.

OK, we have a computer but I like to do it old school. Well, I don't know if I want to call it old school, you can never trust a computer and a visual draft should always be obtained.

I have an example of a guy loading to MAXIMUM draft. He was almost sinking the ship. When he came Ek-Starout on deck he discovered that the water was almost up to deck level and they had to discharge some of the cargo. How embarrassing would it be to sink a ship at the jetty?

I was in a good mood. Was it because the Facebook message? I don't think so, most likely due to that we have stuff to do. After weeks at the anchorage it's nice to be kicking ass again. And if I manage to sleep during the night it's no problem to stay up all night long.

At least as long as I have tea and diet drinks. And I hate to say it, but I grabbed a case of diet drinks. I ripped the case open and I popped open a can with diet drink. Yeah, I was ready to take on the word!
Pilot came onboard at 06:30 and I was back in my cabin a wee bit after 7 o'clock. Now it will be nice to catch some sleep. No problem to stay up as long as there are a few arses to kick, but as soon as I have to sit down wait I'm getting tired.

Thursday 29th of July 2010
and I woke up to what I thought was a winter day. Strong winds and Ek-Stargrey sky. I saw hundreds of these wind turbines through my window so I knew that we were approaching the Rødby - Ek-StarPuttgarden ferry crossing.

I had my morning tea and tuna before going to check out our deck trunk with Pump Man. Looks pretty much the same as when I left back in June. We took a walk around deck, not very pleasant in the Ek-Starstrong but not cold wind, to check out how the painting and chipping work was proceeding.

Not much rust to start with and if we get some nice weather again they will soon be ready and they can
start with the review.

And we got tuna and onions in Gdansk so now its tune for breakfast, lunch and dinner and Ek-Starhopefully I will look good soon. I eat my meals in my office so a very slim chance to run it to Ek-Starany temptations in the mess room.

Lunch was spent in bed reading Thai, yes, slowly coming back to my old routines. When I came back to my office I popped open a can of diet drink and I started to do my discharge plan for Rotterdam.

We had a small hydraulic leak on the pilot pipe to cargo pump 6 Port so we went to check it out in the afternoon.

Nothing serious, we just had to tight the connection. At least it looked OK, but we will see tomorrow morning again if there is any leak.
I had my dinner (tuna, onion and tea) in my office and when the 3rd Officer came down from the bridge at 5 o'clock I handed Table 54B to him. I had prepared our ullage table for him yesterday so he could do a manual calculation of our cargo.

Of course, I had removed the STANDARD VOLUME AND WEIGHT from the ullage table. Now we will see how this turns out. Calculation and understanding, a must know if you want to become a Chief Officer. Imagine if the computer breaks down.
- I don't know how to calculate! HELP!
At least to say embarrassing. But this they should know from school so no problem and this guy seem to know what he is doing. But a refresher never hurts.

Friday 30th of July 2010
and I woke up to bad weather. Strong winds and rough sea so the ship
Good morning e-mail,
Well, obviously someone is on drugs
was rolling when I got out of bed. Well, looks like we have to cancel Ek-Starthe test run of our emergency cargo pump.

We had planned a test run for today, but as deck is Ek-Starunder water we can't do it.

Of course, we had other jobs planned for. No chances for sit down relax, not even for 3 minutes'.

Testing of manometers on the manifold has to be done quarterly. Next test is due at the
nu hoppas jag att du inte sitter uppe hela nätterna o surfar på www.aladdin.st.
Då måste jag reagera kraftfullt och stänga ner sidan mellan midnatt och 08:00

Jaja, du ser ju hur du har inspererat mig med ditt foto på spannen med verktygen på däck.
end of August. But as I'm new on the ship I can as well start early so I get to know our equipment.
- Hmm, did I ever tell you that the sun is shining from my behind?

So Pump Man removed all our manifold manometers and Ek-Starwe went down to the work shop to do the testing.

We have an electronic pressure gauge with a connection for our manometers. We screw a piston down a cylinder and thus we get the pressure on the hydraulic oil.

We compare the pressure on the lectronic gauge with our manometers. And ipsi wipsi wu we know if our manometers are Ek-StarOK or not. Easy peacy pancake as we use to say in Sweden. And I understand if you are under the impression that Ek-StarI'm just walking around taking pictures scratching my sorry behind.
- Aladdin does f@ck all!

Well, not quite. In today’s shipping paper work is as important, if not even more important, than the actual job. And supervising, yeah, it looks like I'm walking around having a good time. But supervising is not an easy task. Put the responsibility on top of that and you Ek-Starwill soon have cubic tonnes of work on your Ek-Stardesk. And imagine the amount of trouble we will find us self in when the supervisor is overworked so he can't find the time to supervise.

Well, I was told that the weather was going to be better in the afternoon/ evening. But as WE were doing the Ek-Starjob with the manometers it seemed like the weather deteriorated. What it this? Middle of the Ek-Starsummer and if we have any wind it usually blows over in a few hours. Strong winds for several days are something we have in the winter and autumn.

So I told our Pump Man that we would put back the manometers tomorrow if the weather did not get any better.
- We don't go out on deck today and risk to be washed overboard.

We had rough sea and the waves swept over deck so to be hit by a Ek-Starwave would be like being run over by a truck. Very dangerous, so it's better to stay indoors. Well, the crew was washing the superstructure, Ek-Starbut that’s a safe area.

We were rolling a bit and our engine Cadet was sea sick. We saw him walking around with a “PUKE” bucket when we did the manometers in the engine room. A “PUKE” bucket, first time I have seen someone walking around with a “PUKE” bucket. Well, I hope he gets better, and used to the sea, otherwise he will be feeling bad the entire upcoming autumn and winter.

Of course, you get tired with the rolling, but to be seasick is no nice Ek-Starexperience. Our Pump Man was not seasick, at least I don't think so. He was in my office asking about my music.
- You always have good music here.
- Of course, important with music!
- How can I copy the music?
- Do you have a hard drive? You will be the King back in Subic if you come home with this good music.
-I don't have any hard drive.
He would ask our Electrician how much space he had in his laptop and then he could copy it to his laptop.

It was soon dinner so we went to the kitchen and we started with fruit salad and I prepared my tea while our Cook did the TUNA & ONION SURPRISE ®. I was enjoying my TUNA & ONION SURPRISE ® in my office when Captain came.
They had discovered that one of our ladders on deck had been hit by a wave and now it was loose.
I went on deck with Pump Man and our OS when they had changed course so we would not risk get any waves over us while on deck. The whole ladder was loose, the water had smashed a 10mm steel plate to pieces ripping of the ladder from its welding. Well, we lashed the ladder with a chain block before we returned in doors. I really hope that we get better weather during the night.

Saturday 31st of July 2010
and I woke up to yet another gloomy and grey day. But the wind was gone, at least most of it. Well, the guys started with the ladder that was damaged in the bad Ek-Starweather yesterday.

Of course, this would have been impossible without our excellent crew. It didn't take long for them to straight up the ladder. Now the problem was to fit it back to deck again. Welding, as you understand, is not possible on deck when we're loaded.

But they made two angle bars in the engine room and the crew bolted the ladder back to deck. And seriously, I think it's better now than before.

Well, our crew is very good so I and our Chief Engineer only had to watch, of course, I few stupid pointers just to show that we were on top of things. But that's how it works. The company never sent any
e-mails telling the crew how good they are. It's always a very good Chief Officer this and that, and the only thing I do is walking around scratching my arse.
I was in my office doing paper work drinking tea when our cook came with my TUNA & ONION Ek-StarSURPRISE ®. I enjoyed my lunch before going to my cabin for some Thai studies.

The sea was almost like a windmill pond during the afternoon. But it was raining and I was soaking wet after finishing measure our tanks for H2S. I had to measure the tanks, well, I only measured one tank with a Dräger short term tube, 900ppm.

Motherf@cker, later on in the afternoon/ evening the wind started again. What the is wrong with this summer? Gale and storm every day, well, we better get the summer back on track. If this is a token of the weather to come in a few months time I'm better off in FUNKY TOWN by then.

Well, first we were supposed to go alongside at arrival. But later on it was changed until tomorrow, so it's the normal here in Rotterdam. Wait and see, but to be anchored waiting is good for the company as long as we have cargo in our tanks.

OK, July as come to an end and we change month again:
August 2010
August 2010 - 2
september 2010
september 2010 - 2
October 2010
Yes, the fun had to come to an end and I'm off for my holiday
I joined Ek-Star in Stockholm 25th of july 2010 when they discharged HFO from Fredericia, Denmark. We did the following voyages before I signed off in Go:teborg 24th of October 2010:
Voyage No.
Load Port
Discharge Port


Fredericia, Denmark
Stockholm, Sweden
I'm joining the ship


Gdansk, Poland

FO, Min 12,000 MT up to full

Rotterdam, Holland


Rotterdam, Holland

FO, Minimum 10.000MT

Eastham, England


Rotterdam, Holland

FO, 10.000 MT up to as much they have in shore tanks

Hamburg, Germany


Immingham, UK

High Sulphur FO
7,5KT up to 8,5KT

Rotterdam FO


Gdansk, Polan

FO 12,000 MT up to full cargo




12500 MT +/-5% of FO

About 10500MT in Helsinki and 2000MT in Hamina


St. Petersburg, Russia

Full cargo,
MAXIMUM draft 7,4m

For order
Antwerp, Belgium


Grangemouth, Scotland

Fuel Oil
12000MT +/-10%



Gothenburg, Sweden

12500MT FO

Pori and Hamina, Finland


Hamina, Finland

6750m³ FO
2 parcels to be mixed onboard

Helsinki, Finland



Min 12,400MT VGO

Le Havre, France


Grangemouth, Scotland
My last voyage?

As close to as possible, but MAXIMUM 13.200MT

Assens, Denmark Cancelled
Go:teborg, Sweden
No it was not my last voyage on Ek-Star!
Changes so, yes, I will leave the ship before the ship leaves Go:teborg after loading!!!


I left before we started to load.

Fuel Oil,
MAXIMUM 11000 m³ @ 15°C

Gävle, Sweden
Yes, I will never have to experience Gävle!!!


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E ni Svenskar och inte förstår Engelska så ska ni skämmas. J och Björn, med det menar jag inte att alla mina stavfel ska ältas varje gång vi träffas.

Flag of Skåne / Skånska flaggan Well, the flag of Skåne, just a BONUS flag.


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