Black Grouse Lek in Bergslagen

Tuesday 13th of April 2021 and my Guide will be a wee bit late as he are settling in visitors in another hide. So I start walking towards the Eagle Hide, the Black Grouse hide is maybe 50 meters further in to the bog. I follow the board walk until it ends and I sink down and get stuck in the mud. I was really angry. I had asked before booking this if there was a board walk over the bog.
- Yes, there are
- Good! I don't need any rubber boots
- Use rubber boots, if the board walk bends the water will run over the board. And if you step next to the boar you will sink down 30 cm

So I went to buy rubber boots, but there was no board walk and I sank down by almost 50 cm with my leg and the boots was full of water. I was angry, very angry. I was still stuck in the bog when my Guide arrived.
- You said that there was a board walk
- It is not ready yet!
- What the Yet another Smiley on

I decided right there and then not to use “Bird Safari Sweden” again. I really had a very good time with “Bird Safari Sweden” and that’s the reason for me to come back. But after this, no.

It was nice to reach the hide where I will stay the night and I fired up the gas heater first thing to dry my clothes. I liked the hide with 4 beds and 4 chairs otherwise they were like the bird hides I used back in February.

Black Grouse Lek in Bergslagen
The hide

Black Grouse Lek in Bergslagen
The hide

Black Grouse Lek in Bergslagen
The hide

Black Grouse Lek in Bergslagen
The hide

Black Grouse Lek in Bergslagen
View from the hide

Black Grouse Lek in Bergslagen
The tent 50 meters from the hide

But the Black Grouses are too far away from the hide to get any good pictures so we have to walk to a tent about 50 meters from the hide. And from there you are very close to the birds. Now my guide said that there will be a board walk with some missing pieces.

So this will be a nice morning Yet another Smiley on constitutional. My Guide recommended me to go there quarter to 5 but I will walk to the tent at 4 thirty in the morning.

Getting light and I want to be there before daylight and before the Black Grouses starts the fighting. I enjoy an excellent picnic dinner that my Guide had prepared. I few bottles of beers and smoothie. I made a mental note to ask him to skip the beer and to have a bottle of water instead.

Wednesday 14th of November 2017
and my alarm goes off at 4 and I leave the hide 2 minutes after 4 thirty in the morning. I can hear that the Black Grouses have started all ready. I plunged down the two first boards reaching a plank, 10 - 15 cm wide covered in ice. How is it possible to walk across boards like this?

The narrow and think board will of course bend and waddling and you fall off. It was more like a lake than a bog and it was not just to walk next to the board. So I was soaking wet and I never made it to the tent. Everything was covered in ice, the worst Black Grouse lek area and I was really angry and it took me a lot of time to get back to the hide.

Black Grouse Lek in Bergslagen
Try to cross this swamp

Now I had to spend hours in the hide trying to dry my clothes before getting back to the car. I left the hide following the sticks that my Guide told me when he left yesterday evening. Why was I not told about the sticks coming here? Maybe because the sticks disappeared in the middle of nowhere and would not be possible to find coming from the car.

Walking around looking for the track and I found my way back to the board walk. Not at the end of the board walk but at the beginning and it was marked with a green stick!!! Why the flip did he not inform about the green stick before coming here. A few more sticks from the green stick and you would have been able to walk on dry land all the way to the hide.

it was very nice to reach the car, I ripped open the door and I finished one soda water in one Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.stgulp. I was very thirsty after having drinking some orange juice earlier back in the hide.

I will drive to Sala to pick up my computers today and I decided to drive along Fläckebovägen to look for birds until the computer is ready.

Black Grouse Lek in Bergslagen
Today's track at Fläckebovägen


eBird Report

Fläckebovägen, Västmanlands län [SE-19], SE
Apr 14, 2021 10:25 - 11:02
Protocol: Traveling
15.63 kilometer(s)
Checklist Comments: Driving around waiting for my computer to be ready
9 species

Greylag Goose 8
Canada Goose 2
Whooper Swan 2
Mallard 3
Northern Lapwing 1
Great Spotted Woodpecker 2
Eurasian Jackdaw 8
Hooded Crow 2
Eurasian Blackbird 2

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This report was generated automatically by eBird v3 (

I had stopped to look for birds when they called from the computer shop. I drove to Sala to pick up my computers. Now I need to install my windows and the owner told me that he could download Windows 10 for me and to make a bootable USB for me.

Would be ready at 2 so I had lunch at a Thai restaurant before I drove to look for birds.

No birds but time passed quickly and I had time for a cup of tea before I had to drive to the Western Capercaillie Hide.

I meet my Guide just after 5 o'clock and we drive in to the forest and I follow my Guide. I pass a Common Buzzard and I stop to try to get some pictures.

Common Buzzard
Common Buzzard

Common Buzzard
Common Buzzard

Common Buzzard
Common Buzzard

We reach the parking along the forest road and we park our cars and we will have to walk up the forest to the hide, a tent where I will spend the night.

You just have to click HERE to find out if I find any Western Capercaillie tomorrow morning.

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