Flying to Poland

Flying to Faroe Islands

Tuesday 3rd of May 2022 and I woke up before my alarm went off. I worked a little with my pictures with one hand and I packed my bag with my other hand. Breakfast was served around 7 o’clock, my last breakfast at Verada Tour Guest House

I say BYE BYE to the cats that have kept me company at every meal and we leave the hotel around 7 thirty, 30 minutes before planned departure.

Verada Tour Guest House
Last breakfast

We left early and we have time to make stops if we see any exciting birds on the way, or if we want to have a look at a certain area on the way.

I am half asleep in the back for the first hour and I keep an eye on the surroundings during the rest of the trip. The roads are very narrow so there is no way to stop. I spotted a Black Stork when we passed a reed covered creek.

Nowhere to make a U-turn and when we finally found a place the stork was gone when we came back. So, no picture and I never reported the bird to eBird. The spirit was not very high when we continued, I have seen plenty black storks in Africa. But it would be nice to be able to put one under my belt here in Romania.

We were soon on a 1 and a half laned road, never seen anything like it before. The owner of Verada Tour Guest House told me that this was an express way of some sort. Not two lanes in each direction, but one and a half lane. The cars on the outer lane (The half lane) was driving with two wheels on the side of the pavement.

Romanian high way
One and a half lane, the express way

Romanian high way
One and a half lane, the express way

Romanian high way
We stop to look for refreshments

We made two short stops for refreshments and we reached Bucharest International, Bucharest Henri Coandă International Airport about 5 hours after we had left Somova.

Check-in was still not open and they did not open until 90 minutes before departure. There was a long queue to the two desks that was open for check-in to LOT flight LO 642. And I knew that there were three seats in biz, maximum five.

I asked in the BUSINESS check-in where to check in. She was just going to check-in the family before me and then she would take me.
- Looks like biz is very very full today, I said pointing to all the passengers queuing up to the biz check-in

Now there was a guy, looking to be from China starting to scream why I was getting ahead of the queue. I told him that this was the biz check-in. - I ALSO FLY BUSINESS!!!!
- So why you line up with the economy passengers? I asked
- Why are you superior? What gives you the right?
- This is business check-in, I said pointing on the screen saying BUSINESS CLASS
- So why you line up with the economy passengers? I asked
- Why are you superior? What gives you the right?

This was a proper twat and I was very angry. It was very embarrassing and it was nice to leave the check-in behind. European Union, travel with out passports. Yeah! Passing immigration and custom for travel within EU. And custom when leaving Romania.

I found dolls for my friend’s niece in the souvenir ship. Marked with 95, about 20 Euro. I bought one of each. One Dracula and one girl. I paid and I discovered that the price tag was in Euro.

Picture Very expensive dolls
Picture Very expensive dolls
What the duck? 200 Euro for two dolls, this was daylight robbery and I was not in a good mood. What a day! Missed the Black Stork, then Twat Man at the check-in and now robbed by two dolls.

Boarding and business were full, three passengers and Twat Man were nowhere to be seen. NICE! I think he might be in the business department in the back. Good, I don’t have to bother with him again. Embarrassing to scream that you are flying biz in front of all passengers at the check-in and then you take your seat in monkey class in the back.

Romanian high way
Very expensive dolls

LOT flight LO 642 to Warsaw
I am in my seat

LOT flight LO 642 to Warsaw
Ready to take off

LOT flight LO 642 to Warsaw

We took our seat, I was last to board and a PA message that we will be delayed by 90 minutes. I learned later on that there is a strike or something among the pilots working for LOT. Well, I don’t know, something like that.

We got away after 60 minutes and the flight was OK, I had some food and a MAX and it was quite pleasant. Landing and my bag were first on the conveyor belt and I was off to look for my driver. I had got a message that he will wait for me with a sign saying ALADDIN.

No driver was to be seen and I had to call him. I was standing outside a café. Wearing blue jeans and a t-shirt with no sign saying ALADDIN. This was not what I had expected but we made it to the car.

LOT flight LO 642 to Warsaw
Getting off the plane in Warsaw

LOT flight LO 642 to Warsaw
Getting off the plane in Warsaw

LOT flight LO 642 to Warsaw
In the car going to Radisson Blu Sobieski Hotel

The driver asked where I was going tomorrow and he said the price was only for Warsaw and I told him that I sent the destinations more than a month ago. He said he was paid 100 Euro and I told him that I had to pay about 240 Euro, including the airport trips.

I told him to cancel tomorrows trip, this was not a drama I wished for. We arrived to Radison Blu Sobieski and now he wanted 30 Euro for the trip from the airport. I told him that I paid already. But he had instructions to collect cash from me.

I refused, I had paid 60 Euro already and the plan was for me to pay an additional 175 Euro, but as tomorrows trip was cancelled, I did not pay. He called the company and asked why they had lied to him. He asked them to send 30 Euro to his credit card

My luggage was hold for ransom in the trunk and how the hel* did I end up in this drama. I understand, he would get 175 Euro from me and MyChauffeurDrive would keep what I had paid as a fee. Now they had to pay him 30 Euro and they refunded all my money so the ride was for free.

Of course, I would have preferred to pay and to have a nice ride. Check-in and when I come to my room, I discover that I have forgotten my laptop at the security back at Bucharest Airport. Is it possible for a day to get shittier than this?

I spent the evening trying to contact LOT and LOST AND FOUND in Bucharest. I really hope that I can get my computer sent by next LOT flight from Bucharest.

I went to buy milk and water in a convenient store and I had a steak in the restaurant when I was back at the hotel. Yes, I was in a very bad mood after having experienced this shit for a day. But I will do my best to be in a good mood during the birding tomorrow morning. Click HERE to find out how it goes.

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