Aladdin's safety training at Öckerö Maritime Center, Sweden

Sunday 26th of May 2024 and I leave Kvidinge a little bit worried. The sky has turned black and it looks like it will start to rain any second.

And I have planned to stop at Morups Tånge for some bird watching on my way to Öckerö Maritime Center for my fire-fighting course.

Gloom and grey for long as I can see, but I make it almost all the way to Morups Tånge before it starts to rain. I reach the lighthouse but I never leave the car because of the rain.

Morups Tånge
Lighthouse at Morups Tånge

Morups Tånge
No weather to get out of the car

No weather to get out of the car so I leave heading for Öckerö Maritime Center. The rain turns in to heavy rain and I have to drive slowly.

Driving towards the highway and I pass another eBird hotspot but I never stopped because of the rain and strong wind

I will Yet another Smiley on hopefully be able to stop for some birdwatching when driving back to Skåne again.

Now I will have to spend the day at a boring hotel at the training center as I had planned to arrive in the early evening after the bird watching.

The rain comes to an end when I approach Gothenburg, but still gloom and grey for long as I could see. The traffic is also getting somewhat heavier when approaching Gothenburg.

Approaching Älvsborgsbron and I have sunshine and black sky at the same time, but I was hopeful that we would get good weather tomorrow.

The ferry to Öckerö is on the other side of the river Götaälv so I cross the bridge and I follow road #155 to the ferry terminal at Lilla Varholmens.

Approaching Älvsborgsbron

Crossing Älvsborgsbron

The ferry leave from Lilla Varholmens färjeterminal and will take me to Hönö and from there I will have to drive across a small bridge to Öckerö.

The ferry leaves every 10 minutes and I did not have to wait for the ferry. I boarded the ferry and the ferry started to move as soon as I had stopped the car.

The trip to Hönö took maybe 10 minutes and it was soon time to drive off the ferry and I was on Hönö driving towards Öckerö.

Lilla Varholmens färjeterminal
Reaching the ferry at Lilla Varholmens färjeterminal

Lilla Varholmens färjeterminal
Driving onboard at Lilla Varholmens färjeterminal

Lilla Varholmens färjeterminal
We meet another ferry

Lilla Varholmens färjeterminal
Coming off the ferry on Hönö

I crossed the bridge to Öckerö and I was at Öckerö Maritime Center after a few minutes. I had a code to the hotel door and I grabbed my key card at the reception.

When the luggage was in my room I went to buy milk and I enjoyed two buckets of tea before Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.stgoing to bed at 8 o'clock. And I was soon out off bed, I was hit by a cold. I took some extra c-vitamins Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.stbefore trying to sleep again.

Monday 27th of May 2024
and waking up just before 4 o'clock and the cold was not so bad. I started the day with tea and c-vitamins Yet another Smiley on

We will start the training quarter past 12 so I have several hours to kill. I eat c vitamins and I stay in my bed resting.

I drive to the supermarket to buy something for my throat and some cheese and milk that I don´t need to keep in the fridge as there is no fridge in my room.

Tea and some cheese before I leave my room for the training center next door. We should start at 12:15 but the Teachers do not show up until 12 thirty.

We have the introduction and we go to done our survival suits. We will do some swimming, entering a life raft and to turn one upside down life raft.

Öckerö Maritime Center
Our hero in survival suit

Öckerö Maritime Center
We are ready to start

Öckerö Maritime Center
We have to swim and enter the life raft

When everyone is in the life raft, we have a little bit of blah-blah-bla before we get out to swim to a bridge.

We will jump from the bridge and turn one upside down life raft. This needs to be trained as many times the life rafts are upside down when inflated.

The first thing I do when coming up on the bridge is to change my snus. We have an Inspector from the Authorities and he will check the course so there is no cheating.

Anyway, I had given him my SNUS and my phone as he will be dry. And he is the one that have taken all the pictures for me.

So we will jump in to the water to turn the life raft one by one and then we will do a group swim.

Öckerö Maritime Center
Waiting to jump from the bridge

Öckerö Maritime Center
Climbing up on the life raft

Öckerö Maritime Center
Turning the life raft

Jumping in to the water

Öckerö Maritime Center
Rinsing the survival suits

Öckerö Maritime Center
I test my new phone in the shower

Completing the drill and we walk back and return our survival suits. We need to rinse the suits in a shower to get the salt water off the suits.

I take the opportunity to test my new mobile phone in the shower. And it seems to work well, should actually be working all the way down to a depth of 1.5m

Taking off my survival suit and I go to my room to change clothes as I am soaking wet. We will do pyrotechnics after the coffee break and we get down to the bridge again.

There are three different kinds of pyrotechnics in the life boat, smoke, rocket and flares. And we will test all of them starting with the smoke.

Öckerö Maritime Center
Boyant smoke signal

Öckerö Maritime Center
Boyant smoke signal

Parachute rockets


The rest of the afternoon was spent with first aid and I could go back to have tea in my room a few minutes after 5 o'clock. We have two more days of training and it will be fire fighting on the schedule both days.

Tuesday 28th of May 2024
and my alarm went off at 4 o'clock but it was 20 minutes before 6 before I got out of bed. I made a cup of tea first thing and I enjoyed it with some cheese in my room. I went to see if the breakfast was open at 6 thirty.

We will start the training at 07:25, schedule changed from 08:30 and normally the breakfast starts at 7 but they had started a wee bit early today.

I had a passenger in the car going to the fire-fighting training field and we arrived 10 minutes after 7 o´clock.

Öckerö Maritime Center
We start the day in the class room

The Teachers / Instructors arrive to the class room in time and we go through the protective clothing we are going to use during the day. We get dressed and we go out on the training field behind the class room.

We sit down on the benches and we go through the drills that we will do before lunch. We will start with fire blankets and portable fire extinguishers. we split in to two groups, 10 trainees in each group.

My group will start with the fire blanket before continuing with the fire extinguishers.

Öckerö Maritime Center
Fire blanket in action

Öckerö Maritime Center
Fire blanket in action

CO2 extinguisher on fire in oil

Öckerö Maritime Center
CO2 extinguisher on fire in oil

We test all three types of portable fire extinguishers before we move over to have a look at foam and foam applicators. And as we will do the flashover training before lunch we have a look at the nozzles as well.

I remember the first time I saw a “fog fighter” nozzle, it was fantastic. Now they have a nozzle with pistol grip, half the size of a fog fighter. We did some training with the nozzle so we know how to use them when we are in the middle of the flashover.

It was fantastic to use the nozzle and everyone got a chance to practice before we got in to the container with the flashover.

Öckerö Maritime Center
Practicing with the nozzles

Öckerö Maritime Center

Öckerö Maritime Center

Öckerö Maritime Center

Flashover training

We completed the flashover training and it was so nice to get out of the rain clothes. They are sitting like a sausage skin. Expecting to go for lunch, but they wanted to perform one more drill before lunch.

Getting dressed again and now we had to turn out a gas fire by closing a valve behind a protective water shield from the nozzles.

It was done quite quickly and it was nice to get out of the protective clothing and to leave for lunch. We will be back in one hour.

Closing the gas valve

We have two drills to do in the afternoon. we will start with a “cold” smoke diving exercise. No smoke or fire, just to cover the face mask so we cannot see anything.

And the task is to find a doll and pull it out to safety. The second drill is to find two dolls and to fight fires in the accommodation.

We completed at 5 o´clock and there had been no time for any coffee break. I spent the evening in my room drinking tea and I was in bed just after 8 o´clock dead tired.

Wednesday 29th of May 2024
and we start the Advance Fire Fighting course at 08:25 and we meet in the class room. Last day here at Öckerö Maritime Center so the spirit was high.

Some of us will stay one more night at the hotel and leave early tomorrow morning.

We will do 4 different exercises during the day and before we go home, we will do a chemical spill table top exercise.

It was gorgeous weather so I brought my camera with me returning from the lunch and my plan is to go look for birds when we are ready.

Of course, when we were ready it was gloom and grey for long as I could see. Strong wind and it started to rain. I drove around Öckerö but the weather did not let me out of the car and I was soon giving up.

Going back to my room for tea and we will Yet another Smiley on hopefully have nice weather tomorrow.

If the weather is good I will make some stop for birding driving back to Skåne.

It will be nice to leave the hotel, when I checked-in I asked for an extra pillow but this was impossible. The bed, I have not been able to sleep in the bed so it will be nice to leave.

Click HERE to find out if I find any birds on my way back to Skåne.

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