Written onboard M/T Ternvik May 2011

Aladdin's first digital camera -  Konica Revio
Wednesday 16th of October 2002 and I came back home to my sofa in J's apartment in the Aladdin's adventure with Cambridge Weight Planafternoon. It was a quick drive from Malmö to Go:teborg, but I had a stop at Laxbutiken for a snack. My last snack? I had just spent a fortune on diet powder so in order to avoid a complete waste of money I will have to get serious with my diet.

I had been home for a few days when I got my next ship, M/T Fure Sun
Sat 14 Sep 2002 09:21
Thanks for your email. I have printed it out and passed the copy to Win. The new quotation will be sent early next week. From speaking to Raymond, he said that you maybe go with the ceiling mounted unit in the living room, so maybe he'll do the pipe work next week, when he does the other preparation work.

I'll send the ammended quote through next week.

at the end of November/ beginning of December so I was looking forward to a few weeks of relaxing.

No use to go to Bangkok to check out my condo, I was confident that the work was progressing according to plan. After all I had hired a guy from Finland to do the job, so I expected some serious arse kickin' to take place in my condo.

I called them from M/T Tärnvind and asked for their bank account, I had expected to pay my 2nd instalment in september.
Sun 15 Sep 2002 21:02
Dear Mr.aladdin,
This are teak wood doors design. We can make according to your design aswell. I ' ll mail you more the photos from your damage room next few days.

Aladdin's redecorating his condo
I remember that we passed Esbjerg when I called.
Aladdin's adventure in Göteborg - Hey, you never sent your bank details so I can transfer the money.
Aladdin's adventure in Göteborg - No worries, we're a wee bit delayed.
Aladdin's adventure in Göteborg - OK, send me the bank details ASAP when you have finished my condo up to the 2nd instalment
Aladdin's adventure in Göteborg - I will do!

Yes, I want to pay everything as ASAP, I really
Mon 16 Sep 2002 08:46
Sorry my reply was a bit late. Here is the office address to send the package to

Win is on it and we will have a quote for you very soon, sorry Aladdin, paperwork is not his strongest point.

Speak to you soon,
don't like to owe money to people. I got e-mails with pictures of the progress in my condo when I was onboard M/T Tärnvind and I had expected to visit Bangkok in November so we could start the second stage.

Well, I told them that I was coming to Bangkok to check out the progress in an e-mail I sent on the 15th of september.
They thought it might be better if I came in January 2003 instead.

Wed 25 Sep 2002 07:11
Dear Aladdin ,
Sorry keep you wait. There are some photo I took last week. Today I ' m going to take the photo and mail to you. Raimond comes today to the apartment for the airconds. The quotation I ' ll give you soon.


Aladdin's redecorating his condo
Aladdin's redecorating his condo
Aladdin's redecorating his condo
Aladdin's redecorating his condo
Aladdin's redecorating his condo

OK, so I cancelled my trip to Bangkok in November 2002, aiming for January 2003. But I thought
Mon 30 Sep 2002 09:51
Hi, it's Kieran, hope you are well. I received your parcel, unfortunately one of the silver coloured lights was smashed, there was glass all over the package, it must have been at the Thai end, the bloody idiots. The other three were O.K ( two brass and one silver). Win called me early this morning and he mentioned that we could not remove one of the walls we had planned to do as it is a supporting wall, I think it is the one near your toilet but I'm having a meeting with Win and he will bring me a photo to explain. I will give you more details later as I learn them. Apart from that everything is going as planned and progressing quite nicely according to Win.

it was strange because according to an e-mail I got on Aladdin's redecorating his condothe 30th of September “everything is going as planned and progressing quite nicely according to Win”

Well, nothing to worry about. I will just join one more ship before going to Bangkok and M/T Fure Sun came in handy. And I think it is pretty normal with a set back or two during a renovation. As he write to me “Unfortunately, some things do not become apparant until you start a job, so some plans have to be changed a little, but not so much”

Tue 01 Oct 2002 11:40
Hi Aladdin
I have just had a meeting with Win, he has explained to me that there is a supporting wall that cannot be opened where we intended to create the doorway to the closet (next to the new guest bathroom). We can still make the doorway for the guest bathroom from the living area, but we cannot for the closet, this entrance will have to be from the kitchen area. From the photo in the attachments you can see the edge of the wall we are talking about.

Unfortunately, some things do not become apparant until you start a job, so some plans have to be changed a little, but not so much.

What are your thoughts?

Kind Regards

P.S Also in the attachments is a photo from last week, that Win took of the new master bathroom, now that everything is removed inc the wall.
Aladdin's redecorating his condo
Aladdin's redecorating his condo
So I was still in a good mood back in October of 2002 full of confident that I would be able to move in to my home with in very soon. And never mind the set back with the supporting wall. I had an back up plan. And now you know why the door to my guest bathroom are so small. The original plan was to have it through the wall.
Mon 07 Oct 2002 00:01
Dear Mr. Aladdin ,
I mail you more photo . In these photo you can see the thickness wall 40 cm. along from the kitchen to the entrance door. I can not cut out to make the door for the closet room and the door for the guest bathroom . I stop the boy to work for 2 days till the manager allow to continue to work . [ after I paid 1000.- THB to the manager ] Because they are not allow to break this wall . So my idea is we keep the mate bathroom for laundry and guest bathroom will be the room next to the kitchen . The closet room and laundry room will enter from the kitchen . How is your idea ?? We took out all inside , tiles on balcony aswell . The quote for put tiles I 'll give you later. This week I 'll do the piping and ceiling . For your traveling I think you should go last week of november. Mid of this month we ' ll have 5 days holidays that can not work in the building .

Aladdin's redecorating his condo
Aladdin's redecorating his condo
Aladdin's redecorating his condo

So no worries and I was looking forward to come down to Bangkok to have a look at my condo.
Tue 08 Oct 2002 07:41
Dear Mr. Aladdin,
This is the window at the master bathroom . There are 2 windows on left and right side. If you ' d like to closed or change , please let me know.
Aladdin's redecorating his condo
It seemed like things were working out just Aladdin's redecorating his condofine, at least according to the e-mails.

Well, I got a suggestion from the contractor that I could come to Bangkok end of November, but by then I will be on a ship.

And according to all reports things worked out just fine so I decided to stay in Sweden to wait for M/T Fure Sun and I would fly to Bangkok in January 2003. So this was pretty much the situation in October 2002.

Fri 11 Oct 2002 09:46
Dear Mr. Aladdin,
Here are the photoes from guest bathroom and maid room.
Aladdin's redecorating his condo
Aladdin's redecorating his condo
And my web page have grown since I started with a few lines onboard M/T Tärnvik back in 2001. Almost exact one year ago and if we want to go RETRO just click HERE!! So the page is growing and Aladdin's Olympus MjuI'm writing more and more. So far I have only used my Olumpys Mju with slide film. And the few pictures Aladdin's redecorating his condoon my web page have been taken with the ship's digital camera.

How did all this start? Yes, I had a few pen pals and Aladdin's adventure in Göteborg 2002as I don't like to write, still doesn't, I came up with one of my bright ideas. I make a web page and they can get updated with pictures from Skåne and I don't have to write any e-mails.

Well, it didn't take long before I didn't have any pen pals. Well, they grew tired of me after two e-mails (3 weeks between) saying pretty much nothing. But I don't know if they are still visiting www.aladdin.st. Maybe, but anyway, this was how it all started back in J's apartment in the year of our Lord 2000.

But now I'm tired of borrowing the ship's digital camera and I had decided to buy my own digital camera. So I went to Backa plan to look for a good camera. Canon or Konica. Konica had a lens cover and that was what I needed.
I will need a camera that can take heavy duty use onboard a ship.
Konica KD400Z Features Aladdin's first digital camera -  Konica Revio

  • 4 Megapixel CCD for images up to 2304 x 1704 pixels.
  • 3x (39-117mm) optical zoom lens, 2x digital zoom
  • 1.5-inch TFT color LCD, approx. 120,000 pixels
  • AVI Motion video w/audio 320x240, max. 15 secs
  • Attach 15-sec audio memos to still images
  • White balance options: Auto, daylight, cloudy, tungsten, fluorescent
  • Shutter speeds from 1 seconds to 1/2000 second
  • TTL Evaluative and Spot Metering
  • Built in flash with Auto, Red-eye reduction, Fill, Forced off and Night Portrait
  • 12x enlarged playback function with scrolling
  • Secure Digital, MultiMediaCard or Memory Stick flash media
  • USB 1.1 connectivity
  • Exif 2.2 compatible
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery with charger
  • Small, lightweight and durable stainless steel case

  • The Digital Revio KD-400Z is the world's smallest camera (as of Feb 2002) in the 4.13 megapixel, 3X zoom class. Other features include a stainless steel alloy exterior that provides a high-class appearance, ultra slim body that enhances mobility and a sliding lens cover that protects the lens while preserving mobility and enhancing visual appearance.

    From www.steves-digicams.com
    Back then there wasn't all that many digital cameras to choose from and the camera was quite Aladdin's adventure in Göteborg 2002expensive. Today you get several good quality cameras for that price. And what did I use the camera for?

    What a waste, me and J had a “TAKE A PICTURE” war Aladdin's adventure in Göteborg 2002taking pictires of each other eating.

    I don't remember what date I bought my camera, but my first picture (That I can find in my files) is taken 16:17 on the 30th of October 2002. And of course, it is J on the picture. Well, maybe, most likely, it is due to our “TAKE A PICTURE” war taking pictures of each other eating thing we had Aladdin's adventure in Göteborg 2002going that I can't find any of the old pictures. They went Aladdin's adventure in Göteborg 2002straight to the waste bin.

    Talk about nonsense, I mean, I was sitting in the Aladdin's adventure in Göteborg 2002sofa chewing on my evening carrot and I had to be on the lookout for J and his camera. I never knew when he was about to show up Aladdin's adventure in Göteborg 2002with his camera.

    Yes, when I thought he was watching TV he was suddenly standing next to me.
    Aladdin's adventure in Göteborg 2002- PEEKABOO!!!
    Yes, buffoonery is what I want to call it and today in the year of our Lord 2011, thinking back on it is quite embarrassing.

    Well, if we only could keep it to J's apartment. But we Aladdin's adventure in Göteborg 2002continued when we were eating at restaurants as well, and that was something we did every day. We had our favourite Chinese restaurant on Aladdin's adventure in Göteborg 2002Kvilletorget.

    J was always leaving a quarter of a potato on his plate when we left.
    Just making sure that no one would come under the impression that we suffer from any eating disturbances. And of course, we stopped at the bakery next door on our way home.

    Aladdin's adventure in Göteborg 2002Tuesday 12th of November 2002
    and I discovered snow when I went to walk J's dog in the Aladdin's adventure in Göteborg 2002Aladdin's adventure in Göteborg 2002morning. Yeah, snow, a real dream came Aladdin's adventure in Göteborg 2002through

    Snow or not, the dog needs to get out and we had a park, or a small forest just a few minutes away from J's apartment.
    Aladdin's adventure in Göteborg 2002And the dog liked the place so this was the place we went every day. Keilers Park is the name, or at least I think so.

    Aladdin's adventure in Göteborg 2002
    Well, it was nice to get back inside when the dog was finished and I spent the most of the days Aladdin's adventure in Göteborg 2002inside. Our friend has his birthday on the 9th of Aladdin's adventure in Göteborg 2002November so we needed to Aladdin's adventure in Göteborg 2002buy a gift for him because we were expecting cake when he came to Go:teborg. Luckily enough there was a knick-knack shop at Kvilletorget.

    Thursday 14th of November 2002
    and we stopped at the bakery shop on our way home from the Aladdin's adventure in Göteborg 2002Chinese restaurant. Yes, we did the same stop at the Aladdin's adventure in Göteborg 2002bakery shop pretty much every day.

    And I had spent a fortune on this darn Cambridge Weight Plan diet powder just a few weeks ago when I signed off M/T Tärnvind in Malmö. What an utter waste of money!

    Well, I can take the diet powder to M/T Fure Sun and I can enjoy my leave with a piece of cake or two.

    Aladdin's adventure in Göteborg 2002
    I remember one time when I bought my favourite cake at the bakery shop. Schwartswald cake, and Aladdin's adventure in Göteborg 2002Aladdin's adventure in Göteborg 2002they are very good, at least when I bought them in Skåne back in the days. But obviously they only use whipped cream and chocolate in Go:teborg. Yes, who wants' to eat whipped cream and chocolate? Not me and I gave the darn cake to the dog.

    Saturday 16th of November 2002
    and we were not only eating cake. We were also drinking beer. We had it all at Kvilletorget: Aladdin's adventure in Göteborg 2002Pasta House, Chinese restaurant, bakery and knick-Aladdin's adventure in Göteborg 2002knack shop. There was even a pub and pool hall.

    And both the Chinese restaurant and the Pasta house had a bar, or at least a bar counter where Aladdin's adventure in Göteborg 2002Aladdin's adventure in Göteborg 2002the locals had their beers.

    We had a few beers at the Pasta House before moving on to the Chinese Aladdin's adventure in Göteborg 2002Restaurant. We made a stop at the pool hall, but that was, well, not our kind of place.

    So we continued to the Chinese restaurant, first time for me drinking beer there so it was new territory for me. Well, actually, I had never been drinking beer at Kvilletorget before and the whole area was new territory for me. But I had J as a guide.
    He knew the area quite well, and he was also quite well known in the area.
    Aladdin's adventure in Göteborg 2002

    And honestly, the reason for us going there was because there was one Waitress that was very Aladdin's adventure in Göteborg 2002Aladdin's adventure in Göteborg 2002beautiful. She was from Skåne, but she was studying at the University and she worked extra at the Chinese restaurant.

    Well, anyway, after a few beers Aladdin's adventure in Göteborg 2002 we decided to go Charisma Man on Kvilletorgetmake complete tits out of ourselves at the Aladdin's adventure in Göteborg 2002Chinese restaurant. Yes, Charisma Man never sleeps.

    We were having more beers and while we sat there talking to the owner A Cook that I had been worked with onboard M/T Eken came in. Of course, we had plenty more beers and then we decided to go to Aladdin's adventure in Göteborg 2002a disco next door. Yes, we even had a disco, but I don't think they were open for very long and I was at the place this one and only time.

    I think it was an old theatre and then it was a pub and a Thai restaurant. And I don't remember the disco lasting for many months. But I can be wrong, this was my only time drinking at Kvilletorget. It was OK, quite fun. But it isn't anything that I miss.

    Saturday night and it was Kvilletorget by night so we spent the Sunday at home in the sofa. Well, except for a quick visit to the Chinese restaurant for some spring rolls. And when we finished the spring rolls it was straight back home to the sofa, the bakery shop was closed on Sundays.

    I remember one day when I ran in to a guy outside the DVD shop. I had not seen him for many Aladdin's adventure in Göteborg 2002years and I had always thought of him as a PART GUY. And now I run in to him outside the DVD shop.
    - What are you doing here?
    - I just been at the DVD shop
    - Doing what?
    - I bought some movies to watch Saturday night.
    Aladdin's adventure in Göteborg 2002 - What the Aladdin's adventure in Göteborg 2002

    Thursday 28th of November 2002
    and the birthday boy Aladdin's adventure in Göteborg 2002came to town. His birthday is on the 9th of November but he was out of town. J and I had bought the Aladdin's adventure in Göteborg 2002present at the knick-knack shop 2 weeks ago.

    And we had bought a cake so Aladdin's adventure in Göteborg 2002everything was ready when our friend came to Go:teborg.

    We had the darn cake, it didn't take that long to finish. Aladdin's adventure in Göteborg 2002And I don't remember what we bought as birthday gift, but I'm sure it was something stupid.

    Well, November was soon coming to an end and December Aladdin's adventure in Göteborg 2002and Christmas are approaching by leaps and bounds. Snow and Christmas decorations and we're only in November. It will be really nice to leave all this behind onboard M/T Fure Sun.
    Friday 29th of November 2002
    and we had time to go watch a hockey game before November came to an end. Malmö Ice hockey Club were in Go:teborg to beat Frölunda and my friend and I didn't Aladdin's adventure in Göteborg 2002Aladdin's adventure in Göteborg 2002want to miss this event.

    It is not fun to go watch ice hockey with my friend, Frölunda is Aladdin's adventure in Göteborg 2002his favourites and he is getting so angry every time Malmö kicks their asses.

    We usually start our ice hockey adventure with a pizza at a restaurant close to the ice hockey rink or arena or what ever they call it. Just across the street from the Pizza.
    Aladdin's adventure in Göteborg 2002
    Aladdin's adventure in Göteborg 2002
    Aladdin's adventure in Göteborg 2002
    The game come to an end and I don't remember the result 100 or 200 something to NIL for Malmö. We left the arena behind and we walked through a Christmas decorated Go:teborg towards Femman and I took the tram back home from there.
    Aladdin's adventure in Göteborg 2002
    Aladdin's adventure in Göteborg 2002
    Aladdin's adventure in Göteborg 2002
    Christmas is lurking around the corner and as M/T Fure Sun was delayed I got my share of the Christmas adventure before I left to join the ship.

    And by the way, why isn't there any pictures of me eating? Well, J took millions of Aladdin's adventure in Göteborg 2002embarrassing pictures and he kept them on his computer. Protected with a password. He was always browsing the pictures in windows explorer. Thumbnail size and he was laughing at the pictures of me.

    What he didn't know was that I had ACCESS to his computer. So the worst pictures were, well, not deleted. Yes, I had deleted them, but first I had to change the size to 1 pixel by 1 Aladdin's adventure in Göteborg 2002pixel before deleting them. Or he could have recovered them.

    But there were plenty of the embarrassing pictures so he would have noticed if they were gone. So I changed them to 25 by 25 pixels and he never noticed when browsing the thumbnails.


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