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Entry no. 5 from Medha from Galle , Sri Lanka.
on 13.02.2020 at 02:14

Every day I see a bird, pecking on small fruits of "lovi' tree in my garden. Actually there are two coupled of birds.
They swollow the whole fruit without eating part by part.
Earlier they were 'shy' when I looked at them and flew away . But now they are familiar with my

Entry no. 4 from R.R. Thaman (Randy Thaman) from Suva, Fiji
on 24.09.2019 at 20:58

To whom it may concern Wonderful entry on the bulbul, absolutely beautiful photos. Am currently writing a nomination for Dick Watling for an IUCN life membership and would love to have you says a few words about Dick's work which you have obviously seen. Send me a note and it would be good to be in toauch and see some of your other work. Sinc

Emeritus Professor of Pacific Islands Biogeography

Entry no. 3 from Aladdin from Bangkok
on 18.02.2018 at 00:26

Dear Sheila

I took the whale watching tours. And we came very close to the whales as they came all the way up to the boat

Entry no. 2 from Sheila Morris from Westminster
on 17.02.2018 at 22:41

Some nice pics of gannets (and whales!!)! We didn't see any on previous trips...could you tell us where you were in Reykjavik when you took these? Or did you go out on one of the boats?

Entry no. 1 from Aladdin from Bangkok
on 28.08.2017 at 17:06

Testing the guestbook

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