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Entry no. 37 from Francesco Sinibaldi
on 10.11.2022 at 17:52

Tu chantes avec le soleil.

Tu chantes
dans le soleil
avec un sourire
très délicat et
aussi perpétuel,
tu cherches
l'harmonie d'une
rime éclairée
par la voix
du matin.

Francesco Sinibaldi

Entry no. 36 from Clay from Magliana Trullo
on 20.10.2022 at 08:42

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Entry no. 35 from Andrew from Szczecin
on 17.10.2022 at 15:06

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Entry no. 34 from Latesha from North Kununoppin
on 15.10.2022 at 13:40

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Entry no. 33 from Betsy from Collinasca
on 01.10.2022 at 12:52

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Entry no. 32 from Tami from Mordano
on 30.09.2022 at 22:51

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Entry no. 31 from Elvis from Vitoria
on 30.09.2022 at 14:47

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Entry no. 30 from Jenny from Kamp
on 28.09.2022 at 23:03

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Entry no. 29 from Caleb from Biebesheim Am Rhein
on 23.09.2022 at 12:00

Thank you!

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Entry no. 28 from Aladdin
on 26.07.2022 at 01:36

Hello Gill

Here you can find pictures: http://www.aladdin.st/bird-watching/saarc/laughing_dove.html

Kind Regards

Entry no. 27 from Gill Bennett from Vrysoulles
on 25.07.2022 at 15:34

I believe I have a Laughing Dove currently nesting in my garden. If you would like me to send you photos for identification then please feel free to email me.

Entry no. 26 from TextGB.GA
on 20.06.2022 at 08:31


Entry no. 25 from Aladdin from Bangkok
on 25.05.2022 at 16:35

Thank you Lisa!

I was in UAE a few years back to look for birds.

You were lucky to see seven and I am looking forwards to your pictures.

Thanks again for your kind words

Kind Regards

Entry no. 24 from Lisa M. Griffin from Dubai
on 22.05.2022 at 08:38

Hi. Sorry no photos. I saw 7 of the Parakeets on my tree this morning in Al Furjan! I looked the birds up because ive never seen that many together. Happy I found this website. Next time I'll take pics.

Entry no. 23 from Devika Rani from Mumbai
on 09.05.2022 at 14:02

Crested Hawk eagle photos with id and location is useful for other birders to log their sightings.

Great photos. There was a slight confusion between crested hawk eagle, mountain hawk eagle and the Legges hawk eagle.

There were 3 birds at Pench sighted.

Entry no. 22 from Francesco Sinibaldi
on 23.04.2022 at 21:41

La fleur et cette rose.

Dans le
sourire d'une
rime délicate
je vois le soleil,
le souffle de
la vie et le
tendre oiseau.

Francesco Sinibaldi

Entry no. 21 from Aladdin
on 11.07.2021 at 14:37

Dear Abhay

Nice video! Is it your own video?

Interesting with the "Mad Parakeet" and I really like to watch the Bee Eaters hunting. Just sitting there and suddenly taking off to catch an insect.

Kind Regards

Entry no. 20 from Abhay Dandekar from Pune
on 11.07.2021 at 13:56

Wanted to share some addtional details. Small Green bee-eaters are called as “Veda Raghu” in Marathi language.. this literally means "Mad Parakeet". The name is mainly because the way these birds acrobatically catches the prey in mid-air. Look at the below video the way they catch and eat their prey. And add in this post if you find it good.


Entry no. 19 from Janez Leskosek from Slovenia
on 19.05.2021 at 09:55

Thank you for your response! And sorry that I forgot to include my email.
Janez Leskosek

Entry no. 18 from Aladdin from Bangkok
on 16.05.2021 at 11:57

Dear Janez Leskosek

No e-mail in you message

Bird feeder in the southern pacific and I don’t think it is a great idea. It is not like in Europe etc. where it is cold during the winter and the birds are dependent on our help to get food.

Warm 12 months a year and the food is plentiful. I think the best idea is a bird bath to attract birds.

But as in Europe, you see the birds in the winter and in the spring they leave the inhabited areas to get back to the wilderness as there is now plenty food for them. I am sure you have noticed a lot of birds around your house during the winter that you will never see in the spring / summer.

In habituated areas I would expect finches, bulbuls, sparrows, honey eaters etc.

Kind regards

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