Aladdin's adventure in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkok

August 2011

Monday 1st of August 2011 and a new week, and a new month, and it is time to go to Chakrit Muay Thai School after a day of rest. I didn't get out of bed until 10 thirty, one and a half hour late. A Aladdin's adventure at Chakrit Muay Thai School in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNquick breakfast before I left for Chakrit Muay Thai School.

When I arrived to Chakrit Muay Thai School I discovered that there were plenty people so I went back home.

My VISA expires this very upcoming weekend and I need to get a tourist VISA. My plan was to go to Shanghai or Laos for a weekend of fun.

But I had to cancel this plans as I have not yet reached my intermediate diet goal #1. I will not drink any alcohol until this goal is reached.

I heard of Jack Golf visa run service and I called them. I can go Aladdin's adventure with Jack Golfwith them to Poipet to get my tourist VISA. And in Poipet there is exactly nothing to do and I can keep my diet on track.
Aladdin's adventure with Jack Golf
I can spend a day at Ankor Wat trying to kill some time. Well, leaving Wednesday morning and I Aladdin's adventure with Jack Golfwill be back on Friday afternoon so I can go to Bangkok Fight Club.

I will miss 2 days of boxing, but it is better than 2 or 3 days of drinking in Shanghai.

Monday and I have to read my Thai books before going to Bangkok Fight Club. Skipping my Thai books is the only thing I get out of the weekend since I started my boxing. And I miss the weekends, coming home from school and the exercise on Friday afternoon and it was party. Aladdin's adventure in FUNKY TOWN/ BangkokIt was really nice to go have a few beers after a week of hard studies in school. Now it is Bangkok Fight Club on Friday evening, and even if it is fun there are other things I would have prefer to do.

It was pouring down when we finished the boxing session at Bangkok Fight Club so I stayed a few minutes extra hoping that the rain would stop. There were a few drops falling when I left.

I had brought 100 Baht to Bangkok Fight Club, 15 Baht for water and 84,5 Baht Aladdin's adventure at 7 Eleven in Bangkokfor a bottle of milk at my local 7 Eleven. DARN! I decided to buy some Diet MAX so I had to go home to get more money. And I came up with an idea. I will make myself a “BOXING VALET”

My valet is too big for my training shorts so I took a small valet and I can have a few hundred Baht with me all the time if I need a Diet MAX coming home from Bangkok Fight Club. Well, I should give up the Diet MAX but I will wait until I'm back home from Ankor Wat. Walking back home from Bangkok Fight Club and I came up with brilliant idea #2 for today.

I will try to stay up until 5 o'clock in the morning and I will sleep without any alarm clock set to wake me up. The bus to Poipet leaves from Sukhumvit Soi 12 and we will meet outside the 7 Eleven on Soi 12 at 04 thirty on Wednesday morning. Perfect for me, I'm tired in the evening but I'm wide awake as soon as I go to bed. So I usually don't fall asleep until between 4 or 5 in the morning.

Well, will be interesting to see how this plan works out. I'm usually dead tired as soon as I'm out of bed and when I go back to bed trying to sleep I'm instantly wide awake. But I will hopefully be able to get myself down to Soi 12 for 04:30 on Wednesday morning.

Tuesday 2nd of August 2011
and it was almost 12 before I got out of bed. I decided to Aladdin's adventure at Bangkok Fight Club in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkokskip Chakrit Muay Thai School but I will attend Bangkok Fight Aladdin's adventure at Bangkok Fight Club in FUNKY TOWN/ BangkokClub tonight.

I had planned to get out of bed late so I would be able to be up all night long. If I would have managed to fall asleep before 4 it would have been very Aladdin's adventure at Bangkok Fight Club in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkokhard to wake up again and to get down to Soi 12.

Well, anyway, getting out of bed late and the whole day Aladdin's adventure at Bangkok Fight Club in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkokwas f@cked up.

I was at Bangkok Fight Club early and time went pretty quick today and it was soon 9 o'clock and time to go home.

I was putting on my shoes outside the club and our Teacher wanted some pictures of him and the girls.

Of course I could take a few pictures and I have a little something to fill up my web page with.

The last people left Bangkok Fight Club and our Teacher could lock the place and we went down to the parking lot.
Aladdin's adventure at Bangkok Fight Club in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkok
Aladdin's adventure at Bangkok Fight Club in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkok
Our Teacher drives a small motorcycle and he asked if I wanted to have a ride. And that's even Aladdin's adventure at Bangkok Fight Club in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkokthough the American girl and the French girl are getting a ride with him to Asoke BTS station. I prefer to walk home but I could not resist asking:
Aladdin's adventure at Bangkok Fight Club in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkok- Well, there isn't much space for me. Where do you want me to sit?

He had a flower garland hanging around the rear view mirror and I asked him what the flower garland was for.
- This is for good luck. SAFETY FIRST!
And I could not help myself
- Wouldn't it be better with a driving licence?

They were ready to take off:
- See you tomorrow!
- No, see you on Friday. I'm back in FUNKY TOWN on Friday afternoon.

The American girl told me that it would be strange to come for the boxing session tomorrow.
- Now we're used to see you every day.

They took off and I crossed Asoke road and I walked back home to my shower.

Aladdin's adventure at Bangkok Fight Club in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkok
My first day with my “BOXING VALET” and I stopped at my local 7 Eleven and I bought 2 bottles of Diet MAX. Yes, not bad, first day and I found use for my “BOXING VALET”

A shower and I put a few shirts in my bag and then it is just for the clock to turn 4 and I can get out of here. I will hopefully arrive to Poipet around 8 or 9 in the morning without having bought any snacks on the way. And I really hope that I can rent a car or something that can take me to Siem Reap and Ankor Wat, but first stop Poipet so hang on.


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