March 2011

Tuesday 1st of March 2011 and I was out of bed at 9. Gave me plenty time to study my Thai books and to go to the gym before I was off to school. Today I went by the sky train to Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNRatchaprasong and I walked from the station to AUA. Every meter counts in my hunt for a V-shaped torso. I had 2 hours in school before walking back home.

I stopped at a Japanese BBQ on Lang Suan on my way back home. I would have time for tea and a TUNA & ONION SURPRISE ® back home. But drinking a pot of tea before the boxing is not advisable. Running to the loo at Bangkok Fight Club is a nasty experience.

So I had a Japanese BBQ and I was a wee bit surprised when I had to do the BBQ myself. Well BBQ with water, and it was only meat and an onion so my diet is not in peril. I paid 450 Baht Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNfor the Japanese BBQ buffet and I left. I had given up smoking but now I could die for a fag and I stopped at 7 Eleven.

I bought a Minute Maid and batteries for my scale with my cancer sticks. Good, now I can check my weight. I tried yesterday but the battery in my scale was flat. But now I will check my weight when I'm coming home.

I also discovered that my favourite juice, the Minute Maid came in normal size bottles. I always thought they were very small and expensive. My Minute Maid disappeared like an aspirin and I checked the bottle, 300ml. Well, it is because they taste so good so they are finished in 2 gulps. Well, I will drink water from now on.

Back home and I changed the batteries first thing. I had lost 5 or 6 kg and now I understand why
the girls are smiling at me when I'm walking to Bangkok Fight Club. I'M LOOKING GOOD!! And in a few weeks it will be better. I decided not to drink any alcohol for 2 months, no pizza during the weekends. 2 months and I will look good again.

But the best thing is that I'm back on the scale again. Well, I have been up on the scale several times, but, well, there isn't enough scale on the darn thing. But now I'm within limit and I will make a chartt in excel so I can plot the progress.

I took off towards Bangkok Fight Club quarter to 6 and when I passed California WOW I ran in to Aladdin's adventure at Bangkok Fight Club in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNthe girl running the Pilates there.
- Long time no see!
- Yes, I'm exercicing at Bangkok Fight Club on Soi 55 now.

She was going witht he sky train so we walked to the station together. I told her that I had given up on California WOW. I bought a 3 years memeber ship for 12 000 and I knew a guy that got a life time member ship for 12 000. And as soon as I had paif my member ship they called me several times per day asking if I wanted to buy this and that. Well, I skipped California WOW and Bangkok Fight Club is way better.

I continued alone to Bangkok Fight Club and darn, today they almost killed me. We didn't finished Aladdin's adventure at Bangkok Fight Club in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNuntil almost 9 thirty and I was more dead than alive. I don't know if it was because our Trainer's friend bought me a Brand's Essence of chicken, twice the size of the one he got.

Well, I don't know what it was. But we were kicking arse. Well, I can't say that I was kicking any arses. I was on the floor half dead and our Trainer's friend was screaming of laughter.

Well, it was nice when it was over and I could walk back home. Well, I don't know if I can call it walking, it was more like a shamble and it was almost 10 thirty when I came back home. And I was realy happy that I had finished gym and my Thai books before going to school this morning.

Now I could throw myself on my bed after the shower. And no, I didn't opened my book. I just turned on one of my hangover DVDs and I watched DVD until I felt asleep.

Wednesday 2nd of March 2011
and I finished my Thai books before leaving for school. But I decided to skip the gym because I'm soar all over from my training so the muscles needs one day of rest. Sitting in school and after a while I could hardly move. As they say in Thailand: ลุกก็โอยนั่งก็โอย Yes, only the sound of it reminds me of the Swedish “Åja sig” and we know exactly what it is just by the sound of it. We skipped the break at school and I could go home at 3 thirty. Walking home was a real pain and I was having serious thoughts about skipping the boxing today. I felt really bad.

Back home and I went to bed watching LOST season 4 and I was really ลุกก็โอยนั่งก็โอย. Well, quarter to six and I donned my training clothes and I walked towards Bangkok Fight Club at Thong Aladdin's adventure at Bangkok Fight Club in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNLor and as I got warm the pain disappeared. Well, at least almost.

I discovered the same thing the other day. I came to the boxing club stiff and sore. But after a while most of the pain disappeared. Of course, I could feel it, but not as bad as expected.

It was 9 o'clock when I got out from Bangkok Fight Club and I walked back home feeling better than yesterday. Honestly, I was so close to take a taxi back home yesterday. But today it felt better.

I have not had a diet drink for several days by now and I can't say that I had missed it. But today, when I passed 7 Eleven on Soi 23 I stopped to buy a few diet drinks. And as I didn't had my shopping bag with me I had to use my boxing shoes as a bag. Saving the plastic bags.

Since I bought the batteries for my scale (YESTERDAY) I step up on the scale first thing when I'm coming home from the boxing. And today, minus 0.9 kg since yesterday night. I was in a very good
Day 1 with my scale

- 0.9 kg
Average: - 0.9 kg/day
mood even though it has only gone one day. A glass of water can make a big difference, but we will see in a few days if we can get an average.
But for sure, minus 0.9 kg and I was in a good mood.

It was almost 10 thirty when I came back home so I could not call my EX Teacher with the latest “WEIGHT” report. So I sent her an SMS in case she was sleeping. But she called back after 2 minutes' and she was so impressed by my weight loss and not a word about going to Chula Hospital to cut off the belly. Cheaper and healthier with Bangkok Fight Club!

Thursday 3rd of March 2011
and DARN! It was hard to get out of bed when my alarm went off at 9. MY BACK, sore and stiff. Same with my shoulders and legs. I'm really looking forward to the weekend, 2 days of rest, well, maybe my evening constitutional.

My EX Teacher asked if I wanted to come play Squash next Saturday. No, I don't think so. I need to rest my muscles, and my 0.9 kg lose yesterday made me decide not to drink any more beers for a month or so.

Of course, I don't expect to lose 0.9 kg/ day for very long. It goes very quick in the beginning. And I think all of us can remember Jerry Seinfeld's stand up from back in 1981 about Bob. Hilarious, and as I want to look better than Bob I took a pain killer and I went to gym.

Well, anyway, have a look at the video. It is hilarious!

I had an horrible experience at the sky train yesterday so I decided to go to school by taxi. The sky train was crowded yesterday and I was standing there sweating. And the more people looked the worse it get. Yes, I'm not very fond of crowds and especially when I'm having a hangover. One second I'm Aladdin's adventure at Bangkok Fight Club in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWN freezing cold and the next second I'm sweating like there is no tomorrow. So my preferable place to be is home in bed in front of a hangover DVD.

Well, anyway, I took a taxi AUA Language Center on Ratchadamri and I started at the office. I bought 30 more hours for AT3, moving up from AT2. Strange, even though I had ever seen the Teacher before she knew that I was Aladdin. And the other Teachers came to me and asked if I had moved to AT3.
- What the are you talking about during your breaks.

Well, obviously the Teachers are talking about our hero Aladdin's adventure at Bangkok Fight Club in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNduring their breaks. Well, anyway, I walked back home after school with a stop at HomePro to buy some stuff for my bathroom. Back home and I had a quick shower and a cup of tea and a TUNA & ONION SURPRISE ® before I took off to Aladdin's adventure at Bangkok Fight Club in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNBangkok Fight Club by foot. Can't wait to come back home to my daily weight check.

The sky was covered with black clouds when I was walking to Bangkok Fight Club. And I had been at the Club for 10 minutes when we had to close the window. Thunder and lightning and the rain blow in to the fighting club.

We started class with warm up, it was only me and an American Girl in class and our Trainer were at least to say distrait. I asked if he had love problem. After a while a Thai girl and boy arrived. Aladdin's adventure at Bangkok Fight Club in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNThe very same girl that, well, I meet her for the first time last Tuesday and I remember that session. I was more dead Aladdin's adventure at Bangkok Fight Club in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNthan alive during our exercise. And the girl looked at me.
She thought that I was about to die.

Our friend from Tibet arrived a few minutes after the Thai girl and boy and we started with the kneeing of the bags. The Thai girl asked if we were going to skip the warm up. - You are late, we're finished with the warm up! Our Trainer informed her.
Aladdin's adventure at Bangkok Fight Club in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWN
Aladdin's adventure at Bangkok Fight Club in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWN
Aladdin's adventure at Bangkok Fight Club in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWN

Aladdin's adventure at Bangkok Fight Club in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWN

Aladdin's adventure at Bangkok Fight Club in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWN
When we finished with the kneeing of the bags, 20 rounds with push ups between. When I Aladdin's adventure at Bangkok Fight Club in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNstarted last week I could do 1 or one and a half push up. Now I'm doing 10, well, not the same way as I used to do Aladdin's adventure at Bangkok Fight Club in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNwhen I boxed in Helsingborg 25 years ago. Then I did push ups with clap on the chest and behind the back.

Well, today I'm happy with my pathetic push ups, but it is getting better by the day.

Of course, at the end of the session I'm able to do 1 or 2 push ups. Well, now our Trainer sat up a track that we had to run with while carrying an inner tube filled with water.

I was at the Bangkok Fight Club skipping ropes when our Trainer arrived. He had seen his pictures on my web page and he asked if I could make a web page for him.
- No problem!

Aladdin's adventure at Bangkok Fight Club in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWN
Aladdin's adventure at Bangkok Fight Club in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWN
Aladdin's adventure at Bangkok Fight Club in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWN
When we were finished with the inner tube it was time for speed kicking on the bags. This is a very good exercise for the legs and I try to alternate between right and left leg.

After a while our Trainer's friend arrived. I had been on him several times.
Aladdin's adventure at Bangkok Fight Club in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWN- Is this your girl friend.
And as he doesn't speak any English he replied:
- No, my mama sugar!
- Ah! แม่น้ำตาล?
- Yes!! แม่น้ำตาล

Of course, when she came she told her that Aladdin had called her แม่น้ำตาล. Most of the things he is saying is actually แม่น้ำตาล and of course ลุกก็โอยนั่งก็โอย. He always calling me ลุกก็โอยนั่งก็โอย since I came the other day. He was asking how I felt.
- ลุกก็โอยนั่งก็โอย
Aladdin's adventure at Bangkok Fight Club in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWN
And yes, he also asks me to do the whistle. While we are punching the bags I can hear him trying the whistle. And in the break:
- Aladdin, do the sound!

We finished the speed kicking and we were told to Aladdin's adventure at Bangkok Fight Club in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNput on our gloves. Time to punch the bags, but I don't use any gloves. I used them one time and I can't say that my hands smelled so good when I took Aladdin's adventure at Bangkok Fight Club in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNoff my gloves. So I never used them again, but if I have the time I will buy bag gloves this very upcoming weekend.

We finished our session with sparring, well, when we had finished the sparring we did some exercises to cool down. Well, it was almost killing me.

It was almost 9 thirty when I was entering the elevator. I was in the elevator when our Trainer shouted at me. “Aladdin! Come here! Time for picture!” So I had to get out of the elevator again.
Aladdin's adventure at Bangkok Fight Club in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWN

Aladdin's adventure at Bangkok Fight Club in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWN
Our Trainer wanted me to lift a big bag while the rest of the guys stood next to me. And the bag Aladdin's adventure at Bangkok Fight Club in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNmust have been a ton and he seemed to have problem with his camera.
- Take the darn picture already!!

When he finished I asked them to stay in front of the banderol so I could get a picture of them for the internet. Well, Bangkok Fight Club and I'm actually in a hurry to come back ebery day. The staff and the people training there are very nice and we have very fun.

I stopped at a SPA and massage on my way back home. I wanted to check out the place and I asked if it was real massage or if it was a whore house. The lady looked shocked.
- Of course it is real massage.

They were closing at 10 but I told her that I would be back on Saturday if I still had a sore and aching body. I can do it while on my evening constitutional
Day 2 with my scale

- 0.8 kg
Average: - 0.85 kg/day
on Saturday night. Yes, I'm better off taking a constitutional instead of drinking 30 San Miguel Light or Tiger Light. Imagine the disappointment weight in Sunday evening + 3 kilo!

Talk about weight, when I came home I stepped up on my scale, minus 0.8 kilo. Yes, I will skip the beer drinking next Saturday. A massage and my evening constitutional. But no gym, I need 2 days of rest before starting to kick arse at Bangkok Fight Club next week.

I finished my day on my bed watching LOST. Yes, hangover and a day at Bangkok Fight Club and I just want to relax in front of the TV. Not really feeling like reading my book. But I study my Thai books every morning, on weekdays only. Weekends means relaxing.

Friday 4th of March 2011
and I'm still sore and aching. Can't say that I jumped out of bed when my alarm went off at 9. Well, it will be nice with 2 days without any alarm this upcoming weekend. And it will be interesting to see which way my weight will go this weekend.

Hmm, as I have decided not to drink beer I'm sure it will go down. But I don't expect it do go down with the same rate as during the weeks at Bangkok Fight Club.

So tonight it will be interesting to see how much I have lost during the day. Will I send my third SMS tonight? My second SMS, I have not written so many SMS before. But I had to send an SMS to my EX Teacher when I came home yesterday. I don't want to call at 11 o'clock in the evening, hmm, at least not when I'm sober. But I sent her: Today, minus 0.8 kg

My French class mate called when I came home yesterday evening. He asked if I had my birthday.
Massillia wrote
“aladin many time i try to call u not answer ! happy birthday ! answer u r phone today!”
- What the
- It says it is your birthday on FACEBOOK
- FACEBOOK??!! What the

I was alone in my class and we skipped the break so I could go back home at 3 thirty. Plenty time for my tea and TUNA & ONION SURPRISE ® before leaving for Bangkok Fight Club
Charisma Man
When I'm meeting girls on my evening constitutionals they are usually just frowning and sneering at me. But after a few days at Bangkok Fight Club and the kilos are falling off like there is no Aladdin's adventure at Bangkok Fight Club in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNtomorrow it is a totally different story. Now it is smiling and “HELLO”

Are girls really that shallow? What ever happened with the IT IS THE INSIDE THAT COUNTS? Never mind how you are looking, you are so nice! Well, have anyone ever believed this bullshit? Well, now it is a different story when I'm plunging down Sukhumvit Road.
And I can just imagine how it will be in a month or two.

Well, I arrived to Bangkok Fight Club quarter to 7 and I was surprised that all the people in our group was present, even our Trainer. I shared the elevator with the girl from France and the Thai girl was preparing herself when we stepped inside the fight club. A few minutes later two Japanese guys arrived and we were soon kicking arse.

Today we were starting our session by “playing with weights” as our Trainer said. Well, of course, first it was time for warm up. The weight session was quite hilarious, there is a room, maybe 2 m³. There is a sit up bench. Next, next to? The bench is almost on the other bench. Well Aladdin's adventure at Bangkok Fight Club in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNanyway, there is another bench used for bench press. And believe it or not, there was an chining dipping exercise equipment, yes, it felt like it was on top of everything in the tiny room.

There was a bar at the back of the chining dipping exercise equipment. So 2 guys on this equipment, one guy on the sit up bench and I was on the bench press station when we started. The 5th and last of us were lifting a dumbbell. And of course, our Trainer was in the room with us. Took a while before we could start because I was all tangled up in the Japanese guy on the sit up bench.
Aladdin's adventure at Bangkok Fight Club in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWN
Aladdin's adventure at Bangkok Fight Club in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWN
Aladdin's adventure at Bangkok Fight Club in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWN
When we were finished in the gym, DARN! I should have had a picture of our gym session. Well, Aladdin's adventure at Bangkok Fight Club in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNwe did the water filled inner tube race again. And I was not the slowest to get around the track. I made it as #4.
- Hmm, there were only 5 of us.

After the inner tube race it was punching bags and sparring. We were ready quarter to 9, Friday and people wants' to go a little earlier.

And what a disappointment when I got up on my scale back home. + 0. 2 kg!! WHAT THE IS THIS? I even ate
Day 3 with my scale
What an f@cking disappointment. But I don't need to bother sending any weight report via SMS
less today than yesterday, well, what is less than nothing? And I had 3 diet drinks yesterday. Hmm, well, when I'm thinking about it I'm pretty sure I had them today.

So as you understand I was not in the best of moods when I got off my scale. I will have to have 3 or 4 hours of kick arse constitutional tomorrow and I will have to check my weight again. Maybe I should join my EX Teacher for squash tomorrow afternoon. They are going to play at a condo on Soi 31, but I don't know the people so I don't want to go. I can imagine the people when Porky, the Human Balloon showing up at the door step. I knock on the door and a total stranger opens the door. And his reaction, of course:
- Who the are you?

But this is Thai style, you invite someone just to discover 2 or 3 strangers outside your door.

Saturday 5th of March 2011
and stepped up on the scale at 03:30. I had gained 0. 2 kg since I got home. But nothing else was expected, I had been drinking 1 litre of diet drinks.
- Hmm, most likely the reason for me not being able to sleep.
Aladdin's adventure at MBK in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWN
I woke up at 11 o'clock and I had my tea and TUNA & ONION SURPRISE ® before taking off to MBK to have a look for boxing gloves. My plan was to take the sky train, but I took a taxi to Aladdin's adventure at MBK in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNSIAM and I walked from there.

I looked around MBK for a shop, but nothing and I asked in one of the gold shops. The suggested the 3rd floor at TOKYOU department store so I walked there and I found a pair of bag gloves, yes, to be used when punching the bag.

I walked from MBK to Pantip Plaza via Phayathai Road and I passed Hollywood Street on Phayathai Road.

I have not been at Hollywood Street for 15 years or so. Last time I was there was with a vacuum Aladdin's adventure at MBK in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNcleaner that I had bought at Robinson.

And after Robinson we went for a beer so this is how I ended up at Hollywood Street with an vacuum cleaner in the middle of the night.

Well, anyway, I passed the place and there were millions of people outside. All dressed in black so I went to check it out. It was like coming straight back to the 80's when Heavy Metal was really popular.

And I have never seen so many Heavy Metal fans in Bangkok before. Well, I guess it becomes more obvious when there are plenty of them. But when I saw the crowd Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNdrinking beers I wanted to drink beer as well. It was a little like a festival feeling around the place.

I asked for the name of the band. I had never heard of them before, but according to the guys (drinking beer at 3 o'clock) they were from Iceland.
- What time do they start playing?
- At 4 o'clock

Well, I had my school bag with me and I didn't want to wait for an hour. And of course, my diet, so I continued towards Pantip Plaza. And honestly, never mind the school bag, but if it wasn't for my diet I would have been drunk by now watching the band. I arrived to Pantip when my phone rang.
- Do want to join us for dinner at World Trade Center?
- What the ? Is it possible that someone have missed that I'm on a diet?

My other friend called and she asked if I was at home.
- No, I'm at Pantip
- Can we come over later on?
- Call first, I will be home in about 2 hours
I walked back home and when I came home I decided to skip my evening constitutional.
Hmm, maybe take off to the Heavy Metal crowd at Hollywood Street. Well, I need 2 Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNdays rest before Monday when it is time to start to kick arse at Bangkok Fight Club with my new bag gloves.

I had a shower and I was dressed in my robe when it knocked on my door. My friends arrived from their squash session and they were hungry.
- Let's go to the Japanese restaurant around the corner.

They thought it was a good idea so we left. Killing time Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNwhile waiting for the other girls. Ice water and salmon and avocado sushi. So it was pretty healthy food.

The restaurant was crowded and the service was a wee bit slow and we had to wait for a very long time for our food. It was around 8 o'clock when we left the restaurant and when we came back home the security told me that there had been some girls here to see me. My friend checked her phone and there were missed calls. She had not heard her phone at the restaurant. She blamed the noise at the restaurant.

The other friend discovered that he had lost his phone when he should check for missed calls. He found his phone in my arm chair and I had 3 missed calls. We called the girls and they were on the way back home. Well, I will wake up without any hangover tomorrow, good!

Sunday 6th of March 2011
and I woke up at 10 thirty. A beautiful Sunday morning WITHOUT Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNHANGOVER!! I felt like a million, no traces of the pain from last week's exercise at Bangkok Fight Club.

I called my EX Teacher and she was bored to death. She Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNwanted to do something and we called our friend from New Zealand. He was also bored to death and he wanted to do something to kill the Sunday afternoon boredom. Even after several calls and hours no one could come up with something to do.

Well, I had decided to have a Thai massage last week, but I had no time until the weekend. But it didn't felt very Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNnecessary now when the pain was gone, but I decided to go anyway. I didn't want to arrive there all sweaty so I took a taxi to Urban Retreat Thai massage. The place was fully booked so I had to wait for a while so I went next door for a pot of tea.

We started the massage with kneading of my legs. And I could feel that this was a real Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNmasseuse, not like the one I had on Soi 23 one and a half week ago.

After the kneading it was time for the interesting “Knee in my back” technique. She asked me hundreds of time if it was painful. Well, it was and I answered:
- Painful but nice.

Yes, it was very painful, actually, I had to ask her to stop several times. But all the pain from the boxing exercises disappeared.
Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWN
The knee in the back technique and I was lucky that I was on a diet. When she put her knees in my Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNback with a thrust she pushed my good morning TUNA & ONION SURPRISE ® and a little diet drink to my mouth Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNwhere it made a U-turn. For sure, if I had been eating more during the day I would have puked all over the room.

I have only have had one or two massages in my life and I had always asked them to stop after 10 minutes.

And I can imagine, well, there must have been some one shitting their paints or have let go a fart while having their massage. I was just lucky today, I was so close the puke all over the room. A major embarrassment, but still better than crapping my pants. That would have been a major “major” embarrassment.
Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWN

Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWN
Kneading, knees and elbows in the back and arms. Walking on your back and legs, felt like she was jumping up and down on me.
Well, she asked me to sit up and she rammed her elbows in to my shoulders and when she started with my head I told her that I was running out of time and I had to leave.
Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWN
I felt very good after the massage and I think I will try it again if my training at Bangkok Fight Club requires it. I left for Emporium to look for shirts for my box training. They sell t-shirts along Sukhumvit Road, take as many you can carry for 2 US dollars. Well, needless to say, these t-shirts are good for nothing.

I'm looking for something like the shirts I bought at Houston airport. Even if I'm sweating the shirts stay dry. And they are very light and easy to carry. I bought some t-shirts along the road Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNa few years ago. After 10 minutes of “kick arse” badminton it was like being wrapped in a wet beach towel.

I had no luck with the sport shirts, there were plenty shirts. But I need a shirt with a pocket for my iPod. Otherwise I can as well use the shirts I bought in Houston. Hmm, maybe I Villa Market in Bangkokwill wear one of them tomorrow, I can have my iPod around my neck.

I stopped at Villa Market on Soi 33 on my way home. I
the word, was used as an insult in both Germany and Sweden. In Sweden from the 18th century. If you read Nationalencyklopedin they think that they started to call the bread for Pumpernickel because of the effect the bread has on your digestion.

Pumpernickel means a person that is clumsy, ungainly in German dialect. Pumper= fart and Nickel is disparaging for Nikolaus. Or as a German Captain I worked with back in 2005 said:
- A farting Santa Claus!

Pumpernickel is dark, dense German bread made from coarsely ground whole meal rye. Originally from Westphalia in Germany.

Hmm, I though they called me Pumpernickel because of my healthy lifestyle.
needed detergent and I bought 3 bags and I don't know how I ended up in the bread department when I was returning to the cashier. Well, I found pumpernickel, 149 Baht. I'm running low on pumpernickel and I need more. But this pumpernickel is the very same pumpernickel that I bought at Carrefour a few weeks back. Not so very good.

So I was beaming of joy when I discovered the same brand of Pumpernickel I bought at Tops. And it was cheaper, 90 Baht and it tastes much better. So it is not all the time expensive is better. This pumpernickel is the best I have bought in Thailand. Well, Bei Otto's homemade pumpernickel was much better, but they don't make pumpernickel anymore. DARN! Well, now I have pumpernickel in my freezer, and it will hopefully last me for a month.

Monday 7th of March 2011
and a new week is taking off with my daily adventure on the scale. I haven't had the guts to go up on the scale during the weekend. Of course, after Friday night's set back. But not much eating during the weekend, and no beer or party so I'm looking forward to step up on the scale when I'm back home from Bangkok Fight Club tonight.

And of course, I'm looking forward to trying my new gloves tonight. But first gym and school.

School, My Thai language school on Asok, what a joke. I left school after 1 hour and I decided never to go back. It is the same f@cking story every time. I'm in class and when we had a guy arriving 1 hour late the Teacher started with chapter 1 again.
- You have not been here for 2 weeks so let's start with “Hello! How are you doing?” again
- What the ? I'm f@cking out of here! I said and left.

Back home and I checked internet for a new school. I found a new school that I will go check out on Aladdin's adventure at Bangkok Fight Club in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNWednesday. Tomorrow it is AUA Language Center and this new school is 2 days per week so I will start to attend AUA 3 days per week instead of 2.

Yes, what an f@cking day this turned out to be. First school and I were in a real bad mood. What the , everytime they tell me that it won't happen again and I was flabbergasted when our Teacher brought out the chapter with the “hello how are you doing?” bullshit. And Bangkok Fight Club, it started good. I ran in to our Trainer's friend outside the place and we shared elevator up to the 10th floor. When the elevator door opened our Trainer came rushing.
- Where have you two been?
- Hey! Don't be jealous!
Aladdin's adventure at Bangkok Fight Club in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWN
We did the warm up and we did some jogging around and around, 8 people chasing each other around a very small course marked with boxing gloves on the floor. The kicking and I sprained the muscle in my right thigh. Motherf@cker, it hurt and I could hardly move.

After the kickin' it was more running and I was just limping. But it was a good exercise until I sprained my muscle. And we had Aladdin's adventure at Bangkok Fight Club in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNone guy from Germany hurting his foot while kicking so he got some ice for his foot.

One of the Japanese guys had to go throw up on the toilet so it was a pretty hard session and the calories are disappearing.

Well, I had to leave early due to the pain in my leg. I was not happy to leave, but I will hopefully be better tomorrow. When I left I heard the Trainer shouting.

Yes, just when I thought that it was impossible for the day to get any worse a shitty day turned worse. I climbed up on the scale.
How the is it possible. I don't even think I have had 0.9 kg of food since Friday night. Onion
and tuna, a little sushi Saturday night. Today I have had next to nothing. Hmm, is it the diet drinks? I have had 9 bottles since Friday so I will give up this bullshit.

What the is this? Yes, I was so close to launch the scale in to orbit. Yes, a shitty day had really turned shitty and I wished I had stayed in bed all day long.

Tuesday 8th of March 2011
and for sure, I really hope my day turns out better than yesterday. Well, it started bad, when my alarm went off at 9 I instantly turned in to a bad mood. I could Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNfeel that there would be no boxing tonight, still pain in my sprained muscle. No gym, but I did my Thai books so no agony when it comes to the language department. I called my friend from New Zealand before taking my shower. No reply.

When I came out from the shower there was a missed call and I was in a hurry to get a taxi to get to AUA Language Center. I called my friend from New Zealand and we decided to meet at Time Square at 1 o'clock.

Well, the other day my friend from New Zealand told me that he wanted to join me on my evening constitutional to Thong Lor.
- I'm looking for an apartment or condo at Thong Lor and I want to join you
- Well, I don't go there anymore since I started my boxing.

But today I had decided to skip my boxing so I had the time to walk around Thong Lor with him. I skipped school and I took a taxi to Time Square. And I ran in to my EX Teacher when I was on my way to our appointment at Danube coffee shop at Time Square.
Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWN
She was waiting to see if any of her students would show up. So pointed me in the right direction towards Danbue coffee shop and I went to pick up my friend. He finished his hot chocolate and we went back to see if our EX Teacher's students had showed up. No, they had not showed up and she joined us to the 10th floor where I paid my school fee for my new school.

Then we returned to Danbue coffee shop and it was a wee bit past 2 o'clock before me and my freind took off towards Soi 39. The plan was to walk the small sois between Soi 39 and Thong Lor looking for apartments.
We came out on Thong Lor Soi 13 and I must say that it is a very nice area.
Charisma Man
We entered Soi 15 and when we were walking up Soi 15 we passed a pet shop. I have been searching at all the department stores in Bangkok and Pattaya for a doggy chew. Big size and I Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNhave not been able to find any. So I decided to try the pet shop. And I don't know if it is due to my boxing and new healthy life style.

As my friend said: I was jumped outside the pet shop. A woman, around 35 years old and beautiful stopped me.
She pointed at my shoes.
- Hey, we have the same colours.
I looked down and she had painted her toe nails in the same colours as my shoes and shoestrings.
- What does it mean? That we have to get married?

I had a quick chat with her before entering the pet shop. And I found my doggy chew, I paid 200 Baht and we left the shop.
Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWN
We continued up to Soi 19 before we turned around and walked back to the sky train station on Sukhumvit Road. My friend wanted to know how long it took to walk to the sky train station, good to have for future references.

We passed Bangkok Fight Club on our way and I felt a little bad for not being able to exercise tonight. But my leg is better of resting for one day. And I realize that I'm not 20 years old anymore, sad, very sad.

Our EX Teacher called us when we were plunging down Thong Lor and we had soon agreed upon meeting at Time Square. She had Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNfinished class and she would wait for us at Danube coffee shop.

We stepped inside Danbue coffee shop a few minutes after 4 and they were all sitting there as we had left them. Well, one guy was off to class.

What to do? Let's go eat. Yeah, skipping boxing and now eating dinner at a restaurant. Restaurant is OK, if I could only stick to one order.

But I know myself. I always order several items from the menu. And I don't order from the salad menu. SO I asked if they knew a BBQ styled place, like the Japanese Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNBBQ buffet I had at Lang Suan last week. Well, nothing like that around and we decided to go check out the American 50's restaurant next to Time Square.

We got our menus and I was quick at the salad section and I discovered a Cesar Salad with chicken. OK, American 50's dinner and the first thing that springs to mind is of course, a milk shake. And of course, a hamburger, but I was going to stick with the Cesar Salad.

While we were reading our menus our friend from New Zealand spotted a TexMex restaurant next door and they wanted to go there for dinner. Yes, I don't like Mexican food, but as our friend from New Zealand said:
- I wasn't very impressed by the menu at the American 50's dinner.

Well, salad was no option at the Mexican restaurant and we got a giant, I don't know what they call it. Buritos? Well, whatever, it was like a giant spring roll filled with a little bit of everything. Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNA mango shake, well, one and a half mango shake to chase down the burito. I ordered my first mango shake.
Of course, when they delivered the first shake they had used ice. So my EX Teacher took it and I got a new shake without ice.

My friends had not finished their food when I was finished so I ordered tea and pecan pie.
- Ice cream or whipped cream?
- Both, I said.

Our friend from New Zealand went home to take a shower and my EX Teacher and I wanted to go watch a movie. Well, our friend Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNfrom New Zealand suggested that we should meet at an Australian bar on Sukhumvit Soi 11 instead of the cinema. So we walked there to meet our friend.

Lady's night and girl were drinking for free. I had soda water and our friend from New Zealand had beer. I don't know why, but every time I'm out drinking tea or soda water with my EX Teacher I end up with phone numbers to beautiful girls. She doesn't give up trying to get me married. Well, we will see if I can muster any courage to call her.
Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWN
I had four or five soda water and my EX Teacher had a drink. Free of charge because it was Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNLady's night. She didn't know what to order so she asked the Waitress to suggest something. They brought an orange drink that she didn't like so she ordered a new one, free of charge.

My EX Teacher is leaving for 6 days holiday in Malaysia with her children on Saturday. And our friend New Zealand is leaving next weekend and they want to throw a party on Friday.
- What about my boxing and diet?

Well, they didn't want to listen to my argument. It was more important with the FAREWELL party. I told them that they could arrange it and I would join them. FAREWELL party and I think I can skip the boxing for one day.

Well, I will hopefully be able to get back to Bangkok Fight Club tomorrow evening. When we walked to Soi 11 we passed through Robinson and someone was screaming “ALADDIN!!”. It was the Japanese guy throwing up at Bangkok Fight Club yesterday. He was looking at his watch wondering why I wasn't at the training.
- I can't use my right leg!
- Yes, I'm in pain as well.
- See ya tomorrow.
We looked for a few T-shirts in the sport department before we left for Soi 11, they had my size, but nothing with pockets. So I can as well use the ones I bought in Houston.

Wednesday 9th of March 2011
and I was out of bet at 9. I could still feel that my right leg was not what it used to be. But never mind, Bangkok Fight Club or bust. I started with tea and TUNA & ONION SURPRISE ® before going to the gym.

I took a taxi to school and I started 1 hour earlier so I could go home 1 hour earlier and thus having time to have my afternoon tea and to finish my Thai books before going to Bangkok Fight Club. When I walked back home I doubt that I would make it through the exercises at Bangkok Fight Club tonight. My right thigh isn't very well, but I will give it a try. Plunging down Sukhumvit and I was hauling arse pretty confident that I would make it home before 3 o'clock.
Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWN
Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWN
Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWN
Lo and behold, suddenly I ended up behind an old lady pushing a coffee cart along the side walk. And there wasn't much space between the stalls selling knick-knacks and the coffee cart.
- What the
I was in a hurry back home and I didn't appreciate the delay, but I kept calm. The old lady struggling to support herself some losing my temper won't help her improving her life.
Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWN
Well, I made it home before 3 and I discovered that I had forgotten to lock my door when I had Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNleft for school this morning. I made my afternoon tea and TUNA & ONION SURPRISE ® and I ate it while reading Bangkok Post online.

Well, there was an article about how they are blocking web pages and stuff, but as you have followed my page for a while now you should be well aware of this. When will CYBER JUGEND knock on the door?

I took off towards Bangkok Fight Club by foot wearing one of my t-shirts from Houston. No pocket so I had to carry myiPod around my neck. Well, it was OK and what a difference to box in this t-shirt comparing to the cheapo t-shirts with pocket.

Training went pretty well and I had no problem with my right thigh, so I will be back tomorrow again so I can start lose weight again.

Thursday 10th of March 2011
and am I happy that I didn't go to FUNKY VILLA's “one night stand” party yesterday. My friend called and sent SMS, but I didn't have the energy to go after my session at Bangkok Fight Club. And today I'm happy that I stayed home. Free beers at FUNKY VILLA on Thong Lor, no, I prefer to stay home.

And obviously our EX Cook on M/T Ek-River is following Aladdin's adventure at Bangkok Fight Club. After the last few days set back with my weight she sent me an “pepping” e-mail.
Well, I could not help myself so I answered:
- Impossible for 1 cubic ton fat to become 1,2 cubic tone of muscles
Well, I appreciated her try and I'm looking forward to our session at Bangkok Fight Club tonight. But first gym and school.

I might stay for an extra hour at AUA Language Center today, depending on the Japanese lady. Yes, I had a Japanese lady in the seat behind me yesterday and she was beautiful. And she will hopefully attend class today.

And what the ? Typical, when I was in the gym they came to measure the floor for changing the carpet. Why do they have to do this when I'm there? I left the gym in a bad mood and with unfinished business.

When I stepped inside my apartment my friend called. He is going to Pattaya for 2 days scuba diving and he asked if I wanted to join him.
- No, I have school to attend to.
And I have to call the beautiful girl that gave me her number. I tried to give the number to my EX Teacher.
Aladdin's adventure at AUA Language Center in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWN- Can you call for me?
- No, you have to call yourself, don't be shy!
- Thanks for nothing!
So I will have to call and as I have both school and boxing I can't drink a 6 pack of beers before calling. Well, I decided to go check out the gym before calling the girl and now it was empty so I could do my exercise. And back in my apartment I called the girl.

She was sleeping when I called, at least it sounded like I just woke her up. Well, now I have called and can put this behind me without having to listen to my EX Teacher's nagging. I took a taxi to AUA Language Center on Ratchadamri Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNand I was a few minutes late due to heavy traffic. Yesterday it took 10 minutes to get to AUA Language Center and today it took us almost 30 minutes.

And my seat was occupied by another guy when I came. No sign of the Japanese beauty, but there was another beautiful girl in class, but I have no clue where she comes from. I was almost leaving after the first hour, but the Japanee beauty showed up Aladdin's adventure at AUA Language Center in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNand I stayed for yet another hour.

My seat in the front row was occupied so I had to sit in the back half asleep. But it was not bad in the back, I could check out the Japanese beauty and she didn't had a clue.

I left after 2 hours and I walked back home with a stop at Villa Market for a diet drink and onions. And Aladdin's adventure at Bangkok Fight Club in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNthis will hopefully be my last diet drink. And of course, on the way back home and I were soon running in the carts blocking the side walk. Never mind, I was hauling arse and I was back home at 4 o'clock.

Back home and I had my tea and TUNA & ONION Aladdin's adventure at Bangkok Fight Club in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNSURPRISE ® before taking off to Bangkok Fight Club. Of course, by foot, and today I made it in 45 minutes.

I was the first one to arrive and 3 minutes later the French girl and one of the Thai girls arrived.

Our Trainer and his friend arrived a few minutes later, and Aladdin's adventure at Bangkok Fight Club in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNthey had a baby girl with them. I meet her yesterday. Hard to say how old she is, at least for me, but she can be anything between 5 and 10. And hmm, do you call a 10 year old girl Aladdin's adventure at Bangkok Fight Club in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNfor a baby girl? I don't know for how long they call children for baby, maybe until they are 2 or 3 years old.

Well, anyway, she was very shy yesterday, but today it was a different story. She was poking my belly, the first few times she ran away. But she got bolder and bolder and when I was punching the bags she was hanging around my waist poking my belly. She was hanging in my ear counting ear rings. And of course, my camera, and I got the first picture of me at Bangkok Fight Club.

She asked if my tattoos were real and when I told her that it was “Only stickers” she tried to Aladdin's adventure at Bangkok Fight Club in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNscratch them off. Well, it was fun. And at the same time our Trainer tried to do my whistle.

And it was not the discrete Aladdin whistle, he sounded like a steam whistle. Well, Aladdin's adventure at Bangkok Fight Club in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNwe started by playing with the weights and then we kneed the bags for 5 rounds. Then it was speed kicking for 5 rounds and we were asked to take on our gloves.

Punching the bags for 5 rounds and then it was time for us to train the technique. Should be the opposite, start with the technique and then the speed kicking and stuff. As it is now I'm half dead when it is time for the technique.
Aladdin's adventure at Bangkok Fight Club in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWN
Aladdin's adventure at Bangkok Fight Club in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWN
Aladdin's adventure at Bangkok Fight Club in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWN
Well, we started, yes, by now I realise that we will spend a lot of time with the Thai boxing or as they call it Muay Thai. I have always called it kick boxing, but when I said kick boxing the other day no one understand what I meant.

We started by the right knee in the chest. Step forward with the left foot and before the foot touch the floor we have to jump forward with the right knee.
Aladdin's adventure at Bangkok Fight Club in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWN
Aladdin's adventure at Bangkok Fight Club in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWN
Aladdin's adventure at Bangkok Fight Club in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWN
Then it was spinning around and kick. And we finished off with turning around and put an elbow in the face. And of course, all this had to be done quickly. But as I had never tried kick boxing before I had to make it slow to get the moves right. And as you understand, this is nothing you learn in a day.

I like the speed kicking because it is good for my legs. But otherwise the boxing is the interesting part. And I'm not interesting in any techniques, I'm only interesting in losing weight.
I have no plans to start any fight in a bar, or at any place else.
Aladdin's adventure at Bangkok Fight Club in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWN
Aladdin's adventure at Bangkok Fight Club in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWN
Aladdin's adventure at Bangkok Fight Club in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWN
I left Bangkok Fight Club quarter to 9 and I walked up Thong Lor for 200 meters when I passed a Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNfurniture shop. Light was on and I looked inside, there was a nice set of drawers and I discovered a sign saying OPEN on the door.

Otherwise the light is off in this shop when I walk home. The door was locked, but an old lady opened the door for me.

I checked out the set of drawers when the door to the shop opened.
- Aladdin!
It was my friend from Bangkok Fight Club that had spotted me when he passed the shop on his way from the training to the sky train station.

We walked to the sky train station together and I continued home alone. And I was in for a pleasant surprise when I came home. The scale, minus 1,6 kg since yesterday.

Yes, it must be the diet drinks, 1,5 litres per day and of course, this is 1,5 kg. I was in a
pretty good mood when I stepped down from the scale. Now I hope that I can keep up this good work.

Coming out from the shower and I had a few words on my web page before going to bed watching a DVD. I find it hard to muster any energy to read a book after Bangkok Fight Club and it is nice just to watch a stupid movie while relaxing on top of my bed.

Friday 11th of March 2011
and I'm seriously think I'm too old for the boxing. Stiff and sore every morning. Took almost half an hour to get out of bed. But I made it to the gym and school. Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNBut I left school after one hour. My EX Teacher called me and she would be at my place at 3 thirty so I left after one hour in order to be back home at 3 thirty. Of course, I was walking back home.

I stopped at Soi 13 to pick up my friend from New Zealand. He had a cup of coffee to go at Dunabe coffee shop and we stopped at Robinsons so I could buy 2 t-shirts for my boxing. And as I told my friend:
The boxing, I must be on to something here. I haven't been able to buy clothes at a department store for a very very long time.

Well, I was pretty pleased when I found t-shirts in my size. Hmm, when will I have to come back Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNfor underwear.
I have millions of new unused underwear that I bought in San Francisco, but they are all getting too big by now. Give up the boxing? No I don't think so, better to buy new underwear.

I called SCAN DELI when I came home. I ordered 2 salmons and dill creamed potatoes. Ready in a hour.
And when we came to SCAN DELI to pick the salmon my EX Teacher and friend from New Zealand got a shock.

I got my dill creamed potatoes and they asked what it was.
- Well, it is.... hmm.....
- What the ? You told us that you made the dill creamed potatoes by yourself last time!
Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWN- Well, it is.... hmm.....

Well, never mind, but it was a wee bit embarrassing. Back home and it was just to start putting heat on the potatoes and this time around they were not as impressed as lat time.

I cut my hair yesterday and when one of the girls arrived the first thing she noticed was that I had missed some spots. So I brought out a pair of scissors and she fixed my hair.

Salmon and dill creamed potatoes and there were almost no left over. And the San Miguel Light disappeared pretty quick. Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNWe had a friend from Germany over and he got tipsy.
- What the ? It is light beer and I'm tipsy
- Well, light means low on calories
- Oh! In Germany it means light on alcohol!

We took a taxi to Naz around the corner and as Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNthey didn't had San Miguel Light we had to drink Heineken. They had beer Singha and Heineken so the choice wasn't all that difficult to make. But I asked for a wine glass and ice.

Lo and behold, as we were standing there drinking there were 4 girls Aladdin's adventure in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWN(I'm not sure about one of them, boy or a girl?) ordering beer next to us. AND THEY STOLE MY IDEA!!! They saw me drinking from a wine glass so they asked the bar tender for wine glass and ice as well.

Naz, or as it used to be called, Narcissus was pretty crowded and I don't remember what time I left. My last picture was taken 03:05 so I guess that I was back home at 4 or 5 o'clock.

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