Aladdin's adventure in Hong Kong

Friday 21st of September 2012 and I had a shower and a change of clothes after checking in at Aladdin's adventure in Hong KongKimberly hotel and now I'm ready to go explore Hong Kong's night life.

I already had a beer with Pump man while waiting for the check in. We ordered two bottles of San Miguel Light and they brought San Miguel.
- What the

The beer tasted bad even though I had a wine glass and plenty ice. Well, when we had finished the beer they were ready with the check-in. They deducted 1000 Scooby Dollars from my AMEX for the room service and mini bar.
- Just as a guarantee
- No problem

I called room service first thing coming to my room. And yes, they bumped me to a “EXECUTIVE” room. Seriously, wått's dö madderfakking diil with this “EXECUTIVE” room? On the 21st floor but I had to walk the stairs from the 20th floor. “EXECUTIVE” room, this must be a way to get some sucker to accept a sub standard room with a smile.
- OH!! “EXECUTIVE” room for me. I must be special.

Same in Singapore, they gave me an “EXECUTIVE” room and I had to trot all over the hotel lobby to a special desk to check-in. Well, anyway, I was sweaty when I got to my room and I ripped open the MINI BAR first thing, no beers? I called room service and I had 2 bottles of Tsingtao with in a jiff.

I signed the bill and I slammed the door shut. There was a knock on the door.
- You have to pay cash
- I don’t have any cash
I explained about the AMEX GUARANTE deposit and I slammed the door shut again. I was in a hurry for a shower, I was going to meet the guys at 8. There was another knock on the door 5 minutes later.
- Do you have any credit card
- What the

I explained about the AMEX deposit and I really didn't want to pay with my card. She would have to get to the restaurant to check the card and then she would have to come back for signature and I really wanted my privacy. A quick shower and I was going to meet the boys in the lobby bar at 8 o'clock.

Charisma Man in Hong Kong

I told her that I didn't had any cash and I had no intention to pay with my credit card and I closed the door. I had my shower and I was of course late to meet the guys. But I took the time to stop in the reception even though I was late. They were so sorry about the inconvenience with the room service and it would never happen again.
- We haven't updated the record in the restaurant so they don't know.

I was surprised to see our Chief Engineer in the lobby bar/ restaurant with the other guys. I was told that he was going to stay at anther hotel because Kimberlyn Hotel was full. But they had Aladdin's adventure in Hong Kongobviously managed to get him a room at Kimberlyn

Our Superintendent and the IT Technician was there as well and we had a few beers before we moved to the restaurant for our dinner.

Well, I'm on diet so I only drank beer. Drink as much as you can for free. Beer and wine and I had a beer and it was a faulty tasting beer.
- What the is this?
Valor, I never heard of a beer called Valor before and of course, they can offer you as much as you want when the beer taste like this. I asked for a Tsingtao after half a can of Valor and now it was a different price.

When the guys left for the restaurant I said good bye, but Captain talked me in to join them
- 20 minutes and we will leave for the clubs and bars
- OK, 20 minutes tops

Well, it took more than 20 minutes and there were some nice looking girls at the table next to us so it was OK. Well, except for the Valor beer. There is a diamond shop at the hotel entrance and I have been looking for a diamond earring for quite some time now. When we arrived to the hotel I Aladdin's adventure in Hong Kongchecked the place and they had a pair of ear rings that I liked and he was asking for 23,500 dollars. I was sober at arrival, but I was a wee bit tipsy after the dinner and when we left the hotel we waited for a taxi outside the hotel.

I called the guy in the shop, he provided us with Heineken beers and I bought the ear ring, I think it was 900 or 1000 US Dollars and as I didn't had any cash I borrowed 800 US Dollars from our 2nd Officer

Well, 900 or 1000 US for an ear ring and I really hope that I manage to keep this for a while before I lose it. We left the jewellery shop and we Aladdin's adventure in Hong Kongwalked down the road for a few hundred meters and we ended up at something called the Terrace or something like that.

The Terrace was a road lined with bars and restaurants. We had a few beers while waiting for our 2nd Engineer. They didn't let him in so he had to go back to the hotel to change shoes.

When we grew tired of the Terrace we went to look for a taxi and we took off to Hong Kong Island. And I had an accident first thing arriving to Hong Kong Island. It was like in a movie, I fell over a pyramid of chocolate boxes and there were chocolate all over the 7 Eleven. I paid for the destroyed chocolate, luckily enough it was only one box destroyed.

Saturday 22nd of September 2012
and I was out of bed at 10 thirty, I wasn't back until 4 or 5 in the morning so I hadn't had much of sleep. And they called me from the reception.
- You have to come down to sign your bill
- What?
I was not in a good mood, yesterday the room service fiasco and now they are calling me on a Saturday morning. Yes, I told the guy something I didn't want to write here just in case you have turned off the “parental filter”

I called the reception when I got out from the shower. I wanted to call Captain to see if he was up for some breakfast. Obviously they have some problem in the reception because I never managed to get his room number and that's even though I spelled his name for the girl 5 or 6 times. Yes, I hang up and she called me back
- Don't hang up on me! Now I got you the number.
- What's the number?
- 2110

It must be frustrating to go from failure to failure, well, maybe not. I don't think she is aware of it. But I was 100% sure that this was not Captain's room number because I knew that this was the 2nd Engineers number. And believe me, their names are very different so I Really don't know how she came up with this room number

Our 2nd Engineer and 2nd Officer joined us for breakfast and we were going to the Victoria Peak Aladdin's adventure in Hong Kongafter the breakfast. Captain was leaving for the airport at 12 but he asked me to come with him to the jewellery shop first. He was going to buy a diamond pendant or whatever they call it for his wife. He was looking at a 2000 US Dollar diamond and he asked me if it was real.
- What the do I know?
- You were talking like a professional when you bought you diamond yesterday

OK, I might have had a few beers and I was pepping myself before spending the 1000 dollars and now Captain is asking for advices. Well, I found a way out of this.
- If you're going to spend 2000 US I think it is better that your wife chose the pendant so she get something she likes.
- You are right

We said good bye to Captain and we left the hotel, first of all I was looking for cash for our 2nd Officer, he gave me 800 US yesterday and I wanted to return the money as quick as possible. But to find cash was not as easy as I had expected. I was running around town and I even tried the jewellery shop. If I could get mu US dollars back I could pay with my card. But the boss wasn't there and I asked the 2nd Officer and 2nd Engineer to wait for me at the hotel and I went to arrange money. I managed to get the cash and I returned to the hotel.

I meet the 2nd Officer in the restaurant and I gave him the money.
- Where is the 2nd Engineer?
- He went to Victoria Peak. He is waiting for you there
- We should meet at the hotel
- He said that you were going to meet at the Victoria Peak

I skipped the Victoria Peak, never mind, I was there 25 years ago and I don't think it is any more Aladdin's adventure in Hong Kongexciting today. Our 2nd Officer was going to buy SAMSUNG phones so I joined him. I brought my passport so I could get some money from the bank. I tried before, but they didn't accept a driving license.

And of course, by now all the banks were closed. So I will have to get back to my hotel to return my passport. But our 2nd Officer must be back at 6 o'clock to check-out and they will leave for the airport at 8 o'clock. By then I will be tipsy.

My friend bought 2 SAMSUNG phones, 1350 US Dollars. I paid with my card and he gave me the cash and I had money to spend. Very good, no more worries about banks and Aladdin's adventure in Hong KongATM and cash. Now I could concentrate on the beer drinking.

We walked around Kowloon looking for a duffle bag for our 2nd Officer when we passed a bar. Music and they had San Miguel Light, well, only 3 bottles so I had to drink Carlsberg with ice when we had finished the San Miguel Light.

We found another bar as well, and I had about 10 beers before we returned to the hotel. I left my pass port in my room and I said good bye to the 2nd Officer, Chief Engineer and 2nd Engineer and I walked towards the Terrace.

Aladdin's adventure in Hong Kong

I found a place on the way towards the Terrace and I had a few beers while listening to the TAXI CD, and the remote was conveniently located just in front of me. 2 or 3 Carlsberg before I left for Aladdin's adventure in Hong Kongthe Terrace.

I passed a Japanese restaurant and I had 4 plates of salmon sushi and a jar of hot sake. I had not had anything to eat since breakfast so I was hungry and salmon is always right

OK, farmed salmon is not good for the environment. But farmed fish is soon the only option we have, we have soon managed to kill all the wild fish in the oceans. Well, anyway, I finished my salmon sushi and Aladdin's adventure in Hong Kongsake and I took a taxi to Hong Kong Island.

I don't know the name of the place I went and I don't know what time it was when I came back to my hotel room.

Sunday 23rd of September 2012
and I discover that the wardrobe next to my bed has the doors covered in mirrors. Not a sight I want to wake up to on a Sunday morning. It took me quite some Aladdin's adventure in Hong Kongtime to get out of bed. I went down to the restaurant and I had the same food as I had yesterday for breakfast. Smoked salmon baguette and bacon/ sausage with fried eggs.

I walked around Kowloon for an hour or 2 in the afternoon. I discovered that they have some excellent mango smoothies at 7 Eleven in Hong Kong

I can't drink smoothies without thinking of the guy in Friday Night Light. Coming down in his underwear making a smoothie. For sure, I would have said NO THANKS to anything a guy in underwear offers
me to eat. Well, also reminds me about our Cook on Master Cody. I'm coming down in the morning and he is in the kitchen making breakfast in his underwear. I lost a lot of weight onboard Master Cody.

I had a few hours of rest on top of my bed before I left to look for an Italian Restaurant. I walked around Kowloon for 2 or 3 hours before I went back to the hotel. I asked for a 8 o'clock wakeup call and I will leave for the airport at 9 thirty.

And I will hopefully be at Sophia Muay Thai Gym in the afternoon. No training, but I will go there to set up my training times. 5 days a week at Sophia and I will go to Bangkok Fight Club to see if I will attend their classes 3 or 5 times per week.
Aladdin's adventure in Hong Kong
Hong Kong by night

Aladdin's adventure in Hong Kong
Hong Kong by night

Aladdin's adventure in Hong Kong
Hong Kong by night

Aladdin's adventure in Hong Kong
Hong Kong by night

Monday 24th of September 2012
and I woke up at 5 in the morning. Luckily enough I managed to Aladdin's adventure in Hong Kongfall asleep again and I woke up 20 minutes before 8 o'clock. 20 minutes before my wake-up call, plenty time for breakfast and a shower before the airport shuttle leaves at 9 thirty.
I can't pay with card in the taxis so I decided to take the airport shuttle and I bought the ticket yesterday. And I didn't had to run around looking for cash.

But as soon as I realised that it was a airport shuttle serving all the hotels I regreted my move. I expected it to be a bus belonging to the hotel but we had to go around picking up passengeres at all the hotels on the way to the airport. Well, it wasn't any problem and I arrived Aladdin's adventure in Hong Kongto Hong Kong Internatinal Terminal 2 just before 11.

I checked-in and I got an aisle seat and I left the terminal for a quick coffin nail. There was a girl outside the terminal that I recognised from the check-in and I asked her for a lighter.

And yes, she was beautiful, but as I was travel as Aladdin and not Charisma Man I left her alone. I was soon running in to her again and she was on the transit train on the airport whe we left for the gate. Aladdin's adventure in Hong KongShe was in the other end of the car.

There was a another guy coming onboard and he chose to stay in her end of the car. It took 3 seconds and she came over to me. A good sign, hmm, maybe I lost some weight onboard Maersk Claudia.

Departure from gate 42 and there was a TAX FREE shop just close by so I stopped to buy some Whiskey for my boxing Teacher. I also found a chocolate shop next to the gate and I bought some Aladdin's adventure in Hong KongHong Kong chocolate for the girls at the condo office.

Hotel breakfast, it sounds like a dream. Bacon and egg and toast and as much as you can eat. Well, sounds good, when you're sitting there it is hard to eat anything and I was hungry. I asked for a restaurant in the TAX FREE shop.
- Just behind the shop

I went to check out the restaurant and there was a place with salmon. I ordered a plate of salmon and I asked for a Diet MAX
- We only have Coke
- Then I prefere to drink from the toilet bowl. Water and tea please!
I got a bottle of water and a pot of tea with the smallest helping of salmon I have ever had. And Aladdin's adventure onboard Thai Airways flight TG 601 from Hong Kong to Bangkokthey charged me more than 400 Hong kong Dollars. It was a very good salmon, but darn, if I pay almost 500 Hong Kong Dollars I expect to leave the place full and not hungry.

Departure time for Thai Airways flight TG 601 was scheduled for 12:45 and I was looking forward to get back home to Sukhumvit Road Soi 23. But we didn't left Hong Kong until almost 1 hour late because of missing passengeres. Very anoying, when I sat down in my seat I was surprised, plenty space. But after 20 minutes in my seat I was going crazy.

And of course, I ran in to the girl again.
- Hello again, I said
She wished me a nice flight, yeah, fat chance!

I was looking back at my visit to Hong Kong, a very big difference from when I was there for the first time 25 years ago. Change for the better, well, no. Today it is the same to walk down the strets of Hong Kong, Bangkok or in any Swedish city.
Well, not excatly, you will most likely see more beautiful girls in Sweden and Bangkok. And of course, the chance to run in to some one harrasing you with: Watches? You want to buy Rolex? In Hong Kong the were standing in every street corner. Well, hmm, maybe not any difference. I have not been in Sweden for a long time, but at the rate they destroy Sweden and NW Europe I won't be surprised to run in to any one offering me a LOLEX.

Suvarnabhumi, Bangkok International next!


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