Aladdin's adventure in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkok

Aladdin's adventure in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkok

Thursday 11th of October 2012 and I discovered that I looked like Adolf Hitler Yet another smiley at with a red Aladdin's adventure in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkokmoustache. It is from the weekend I spent at Chatuchak weekend Aladdin's adventure in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkokmarket.

I was looking for diffusers and I spent quite some time walking around different shops sniffing on the branches and sticks sticking out from the bottles. After a while I noticed a stinging sensation under my nose. So I gave up my plans to buy any diffusers and what the Yet another smiley at do they put in the oil or whatever it is in the bottles? Acid?

Well, anyway, I left my apartment 20 minutes after 12 with an apple walking to the subway station. Aladdin's adventure at My Thai Language School in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkok3 stations to my school and I arrived to the school after 40 minutes. I had to wait 5 minutes at Asoke subway station and I was surprised, I had never been waiting for this long before. I was wondering if something Yet another smiley at www.aladdin.sthad happened when I saw the train approaching.

Class starts at 1 o'clock and I was at school 10 minutes before 1. No sign of the American class mates. Turned out that there weren't any CLASS II. They were moved to 10 o'clock Mondays and Wednesdays, too early for me. No more CLASS II in the afternoons and I had to take the beginners class if I wanted to study in the afternoons.
Tuesday afternoons and they have a 4 hour class, 2 hours speaking between 13:30 and 15:30 and reading and writing between 16:00 and 6 o'clock. I signed up for this class and I paid the guy before I returned back home with the subway.
But it was strange, I called them and they told me that they had the classes Tuesday and Thursdays and I asked them if the 2 Americans were still in these classes.
Yet another smiley at - Yes
Well, I realised that they had said yes to everything.
Yet another smiley at - Do you still have the CLASS II on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons?
Yet another smiley at - Yes
Yet another smiley at - Are the Americans still in this classes?
Yet another smiley at - Yes
Yet another smiley at - Then I come to start CLASS II on Thursday?
Yet another smiley at - Yes
Yet another smiley at - Is there a seat for me at 13:00?
Yet another smiley at - Yes
Yet another smiley at - Am I the most handsome guy in town?
Yet another smiley at - Yes
Yet another smiley at - Am I the most handsome guy in the world?
Yet another smiley at - Yes
Yet another smiley at - Can you give me a million, or two?
Yet another smiley at - Yes

Yes, you get the picture. Well, anyway, I took the subway back home and I walked up Sukhumvit Aladdin's adventure at Sukhumvit Soi 23 in FUNKY TOWN/ BangkokSoi 23 from the subway station when I discovered water coming out from the road surface.

The asphalt had cracked and water was coming up and my first thought was flooding.

But I checked the gutter and the water disappeared down the drains. So no flooding and it must have been a cracked water pipe under the road. It looked like the whole road surface was floating on the water and there was going waves in the asphalt when the cars passed. People were Aladdin's adventure at Sukhumvit Soi 23 in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkokarriving in a pick-up truck to take care of the problem when I passed on my way home.

I was back home way earlier than expected so I called Sophia Muay Thai Gym to ask if I could come earlier than expected.
- No problem!

The American girl told me that she never heard me swear before. And yes, I was in a bad mood when I arrived to Sophia. When I left my apartment is started to rain. Every foocking day! And of Aladdin's adventure at Sukhumvit Soi 23 in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkokcourse, I was soaked when I arrived to Sophia Muay Thai Gym.

Yes, a very good start of the session and I was seriously thinking about leaving Bangkok. Yet another smiley at www.aladdin.stJoin a ship and come back when the rainy season is behind us.

Rainy season, but it still better than Sweden where the rainy season last for 12 months, at least in Go:teborg. But in Skåne it is a wee bit different with 12 months of blue sky and sunshine. Well, I wish, and it is cold in Sweden so I'm better off in Bangkok.
Aladdin's adventure at Sophia Muay Thai Gym in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkok

Aladdin's adventure at Sophia Muay Thai Gym in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkok

But I was soon in a good mood again and I did some stretching while our Teacher and the American Yet another smiley at www.aladdin.stgirl finished their session. She have 2 matches coming up in November, 2nd Aladdin's adventure at Sophia Muay Thai Gym in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkokand 28 so this is something I'm looking forward to.

But she will fly to USA tonight and she will be back in 2 weeks so let's hope Yet another smiley at she manage to keep fit so she can kick behinds on the 2nd of November.

I started my session while the rain poured down and the American girl had to sit behind waiting for the rain to stop. I finished my 11 Yet another smiley at www.aladdin.strounds and I stayed behind for 30 minutes chatting with the Teacher before walking back home.

And I will stay home tonight in order to avoid any restaurants. Boring it is, but my diet is #1 priority and if staying home is the only way to avoid eating at restaurants, well, then I stay home. I enjoyed my tea when the phone rang. Aladdin's adventure at Sophia Muay Thai Gym in FUNKY TOWN/ BangkokAnd it was the girl calling me 11 times per day.

And why is it OK for girls to call millions of times? And why is it never Miss “Most beautiful in the world” calling? If I would have called Miss “Most beautiful in the world”, or any girl for that matter more than 1 time she would have called the Police.

But for girls it is OK, and now she had called so many times so I promised to go watch a movie on Sunday. I could not say no, and I only wished it could have been working like that with Miss “Most beautiful in the world”

Friday 12th of October 2012
and I took off to Chakrit Muay Thai School at 10 thirty. When I Aladdin's adventure at Chakrit Muay Thai School in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkokarrived the Teachers started to scream
- You have destroyed your Teacher!!!!
- What??
They told me that my Teacher had to quit his work Yet another smiley at www.aladdin.stbecause of pain in his shoulders.
- You have pounded the mitts so he can't use his arms again.
- When is he coming back? 2 or 3 weeks?
- He is never coming back again.

When the other Teacher arrived he started to scream as Aladdin's adventure at Chakrit Muay Thai School in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkoksoon as he saw me. Yes, I got it confirmed, my old Teacher is not coming back. He is back Yet another smiley at www.aladdin.stin his village Teaching young children Muay Thai now. Or he will do when he is getting better in his arms.

They had a new Teacher for me. They told me that he was Yet another smiley at www.aladdin.sta Muay Thai champion and they showed pictures of him with all the cups, trophies, medals and stuff they have hanged on him.

We did 6 rounds before I walked back home. It was very hot and I Aladdin's adventure in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkokwas half dead after 6 rounds so I decided to call it a day. I will Yet another smiley at hopefully be back tomorrow, depending on how I feel.

I walked down the street when my Teacher from Sophia came up to me from behind. I Yet another smiley at www.aladdin.stdidn't hear him because I had my music on full blast.

He asked if I was on the way to my training because he thought I was coming from Soi 23 via the green line. I told him that I was on my way back home and that I would see him at 3 o'clock in the afternoon for a session of Thai boxing. And as I suspected, it was not a very good afternoon session. I have some pain in my legs and my arm is for sure not any better after the acupuncture.

Yet another smiley at www.aladdin.stI asked the Security guard at Sophia if his back was better after the acupuncture. And as no surprise, it was not feeling any better. So this is nothing for us and as I suspected, hocus-pocus. Well, they can guarantee that you feel better after millions of treatments.

Yet another smiley at www.aladdin.stAnd of course, you can never prove them wrong because you're dead long before the million sessions “TREATMENT” have come to an end.

Saturday 13th of October 2012
and I had a quick pot of tea and friend minched meat before I left for Chakrit Muay Thai Gym. I have grown a little tired of the TUNA & ONION SURPRISE ® so I Aladdin's adventure at Chakrit Muay Thai School in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkoktried to make some minced meat and onion with sweet chilli sauce.

I was at Chakrit around 11 and I was alone with the Teachers. But there were some workers building a sleeping cabin for the Teacher. After a while there was another guy coming and when I was ready with my session there were 2 girls arriving.

I was half dead after the 7 rounds and I thought I was going to die one or two times during my session. The sessions are very good for the cardiac, well, as long as it don't kill me. Would be a Aladdin's adventure at Chakrit Muay Thai School in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkokdream come through to die of cardiac arrest at Chakrit.

Especially if there is a beautiful girl watching me. I walked back home and my down quilt was washed and dry when I arrived back home. I really like me new LG washer and dryer combo.

Washing my down quilt would have been impossible in my old washer. But my new LG takes everything I feed it with.

And it takes about 4 hours to do all my bed sheets, pillow cases and the mattress cover. And this is in one load, with my old machine it took 2 loads and around 6 hours to get everything washed and dried. I don't recommend anyone to buy the LG, but I'm very satisfied with my machine.

So Electrolux, never again. They can put their DESIGNED IN SWEDEN stickers on their stuff and, hmm, I wonder where the sticker is made.
By child labour in China?

Yes, all these European companies chasing every cent putting their factories in countries where they don't need to pay much of a salary and nothing to clean up the waste leaving the factory are now Yet another smiley at www.aladdin.sthaving problem selling their products. I guess they forgot that people need money to be able to buy stuff.

So they have lost their jobs in Europe and they are in crisis and cannot buy all this “made by cheap labour” products. The shipping companies are in trouble, throwing ashore the expensive European crew and now there is no more requirements to ship consumer products to Europe and container ships are either anchored awaiting better times or running half empty. Maybe they are expecting (hoping) for some other companies to reopen their factories in Europe so they can get back in business providing Europe with consumer products.

Sunday 14th of October 2012
and I had a slight hangover when I woke up. I don't know what time I got home, 4 or 5? Maybe 6 o'clock, well, anyway, much later than midnight. I had planned to be Aladdin's adventure at The Overstay in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkokback home at midnight when I left for “The Overstay”

I watched a hangover DVD while drinking my Hangover milk and drinking yogurt and I left for Future Park at 3 o'clock to meet the girl. I found a taxi and I told him to enter the toll way at Sukhumvit Soi 1. He suggested that we should go to Thong Lor to get up on Rama 9 there. Can't say that I was suffering from any severe hangover, but I didn't want to get in to a discussion so I just said:
- What ever
- Traffic jam on Sukhumvit, he said.
It is Sunday you stupid twat, I was only thinking for myself and I never said anything. Took like forever to get up on the toll way and when we paid the 45 Baht toll fee for the second time I didn't said anything. When we ended up in Changwattana I asked him where he was going.
- I told you to take the toll way! I said.
- You're wasting money on the toll way.
I had been quiet for the journey, but now I exploded in the back seat
- SAVING MONEY!! You bipping twat. I wasted 90 Baht on some toll way fee all for nothing and now... You f****ng Yet another smiley at

But as my Life Coach used to say: Never get in to an argument with a stupid guy. He will bring you down to his level and beat you with his experience. This f***er, what a loser! Well, I don't blame him, maybe he was brought up on cockroaches and twigs diet and his brain stopped to develop at the age of 12. Cockroaches and twigs was the most people ate in Thailand 25 years ago due to poverty. And we realise what happens to a baby's development if cockroaches and twigs are the only thing they are feed with. And back then al Thai people was very small.

Today it is a different story when people have more money, hell, sometimes even I feel small walking around on the street. Parents walking around with their children brought up with proper food and they are twice as tall as their parents at the age of 15.

The driver didn't get any tips when he dropped me at Future Park and I went to look for a KFC. I wanted to have some of their fish fingers with the dill sauce, the reason for me to leave home early Aladdin's adventure at KFC in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkokand I had time before I was going to meet the girl at 4. I asked for 21 fish fingers and a large fries. Well, I had spent 20 minutes waiting before I could place my order, things were really going in slow motion at KFC. Well, Aladdin's adventure at KFC in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkokto make a long story short, I didn't finished my fish fingers and I made a mental note never to come back to KFC.

I went to meet the girl and we went to an Italian restaurant and then we went to the cinema. Almost an hour before the movie started so we went to Robinson.

My Teacher at Sophia will be a father next month so I decided to buy him a gift, a baby carrier or whatever they are called.

I asked the girls if they had any and now my date started to scream
- You don't have any baby
We went to check out a baby carrier, 500 Baht and I asked if they had something better. I don't Aladdin's adventure at Robinson in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkokwant to give him a 500 Baht baby carrier, who is going to get the blame if he drops the baby. They had another one for 1859 Baht and I bought it.

My date told the girl working at Robinson that I was not having any baby and that I was not buying the carrier.

The girl was really confused and it took me a long time to convince her that I was buying the darn baby carrier. And from that moment there was nothing stopping my date's interrogation of me.
- Why you buy this?
- Do you have a baby?
- For whom did you buy the baby carrier?

The movie, Argo, it took us less than 20 Aladdin's adventure at Tops Market in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkokminutes to grow tired of this what they told us would be an ACTION and we Aladdin's adventure at Tops Market in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkokleft the cinema for Tops Market.

I needed some groceries and I went to get onions. I spotted a bag of chilli and I remembered an article about chilli working wonders for your diet. I cannot eat chilli, but I decided to try to swallow the chilli whole and thus dodging the burning sensation when Hangovereating the chilli.

I was back home around 9 o'clock and I watched some hangover DVDs. My hangover wasn't much to write home about, but I could feel that I had had a late night on town with a few beers, well, maybe a few more than a few beers.

Apple pie - The Reunion, what a foocking waste! It was pure embarrassment to watch the darn movie, and then imagine how embarrassing it would have been to starring in the movie. A real low water mark and I never finished the movie.

Monday 15th of October 2012
and I started my day with a pot of tea and my minced meat & onion surprise. And I chopped 2 chillies while waiting for my breakfast to be ready.
Aladdin's adventure in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkok
Aladdin's adventure in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkok
Starting my day with Chilli
To be swallowed whole, carefully not to chew, as part of my new “Best looking guy in town '12” diet

I was a little bit tired after the weekend so I skipped my session at Chakrit. But I left for my afternoon session at Sophia. And I brought the baby carrier for my Teacher. We had a good Aladdin's adventure in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkoksession, 10 rounds and it was very fun. There is a guy from Germany living in the apartment house and he came out for a smoke.

We started to talk and we ended up talking about Vang Vieng (ວັງວຽງ) in Laos. According to our German friend this was called the party town. He had never been there but he wanted to go. He had a news paper from Germany and they had an article about the place. Mostly about how much the back packers drank and how much drugs they were taking. And of course, how many back packers that got them self killed in Vang Vieng every year.

I checked internet for Vang Vieng, Laos when I came back home. I found an article in The Guardian/ The Observer and they wrote pretty much the same about Vang Vieng. And of course, as this is a European newspaper there was a lot Vang Vieng, Laos: the world's most unlikely party townabout how the tourists destroyed the village. Strange with Europe, they always blame them self for all racism and everything that is wrong in the world. Racism in not a European invention and this part of the world wasn't any better before the Europeans showed up on the map.

It is easy to imagine the locals sitting in huts/ caves singing and eating whatever they came by while beaming of joy before the Europeans came. Of course, this is not the case. And all the locals complaining about the tourists and how their culture is destroyed in Vang Vieng. What an embarrassment, if they are so concerned they should ban the tourists from coming. And shame on them, the money is obviously more important than their culture. Read all about it HERE

Well, anyway, after reading the article I decided not to go. Sitting 4 hours on a bus and spend a weekend with a lot of back packers. Fun? Maybe 30 years ago, now I prefer a weekend in Tokyo or Singapore in a hotel with hot shower and a real bed. Not a 2$ guest house.

Tuesday 16th of October 2012
and it took me half an hour to get out of bed because I was very tired when my alarm went off. I had a MINCED MEAT & ONION SURPRISE ® with a pot of tea for breakfast. I had plenty time, my Thai school didn't start until 13:30. I had planned to go to Sophia at 10, but my Teacher called yesterday and cancelled the session.

I was full so I could hardly move when I finished my MINCED MEAT & ONION SURPRISE ® and Aladdin's adventure at Sophia Muay Thai Gym in FUNKY TOWN/ BangkokI was on my way back to bed when I discovered 2 missed calls on my phone. It was my Teacher and the session was on again.
- OK, I'll be there at 10:30

I was happy to do a session before my Thai language school, but I didn't feel very good after my breakfast. But after 5 rounds it felt better and it Yet another smiley at www.aladdin.stturned out to be a very good and fun session.

I was back home around 12 so there wasn't much more time Yet another smiley at www.aladdin.stthan for a shower before it was time to leave for the subway station and My Thai Language School at Aladdin's adventure at My Thai Language School at Ratchadapisek in FUNKY TOWN/ BangkokRatchadapisek Road.

The sky opened up and the rain poured down when I came out from the shower, but the rain stopped after 5 minutes and I left for the subway and I was half way when the rain started again. I was soaked when I reached the subway and the water was dripping from my shirt.

And it was strange to come up from the subway at My Thai Language School, here everything was dry and no sign of any rain. So I was the only one with soaked clothes.

Wednesday 17th of October 2012
and what a shitty day this would turn out to be. I got out of bed Aladdin's adventure in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkokalmost 1 and a half hour late so I missed Chakrit Muay Thai School in the morning. I was all stiff and sore when I got out of my bed. I was a wee bit puzzled, I had done my Thai boxing yesterday but I was for sure note expecting to be sore today. Yet another smiley at www.aladdin.stThen I realised that it was because I had been sleeping for too long, maybe 8 or 9 hours.

But I woke up 1 hour before my alarm was set to go off. I had a burning sensation in my stomach, most likely due to Aladdin's adventure in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkokthe chilli I have started to eat.

And even though I swallow the chilli whole I can feel how I'm getting warm all the way down the stomach. A wee bit burning in my mouth, well, not burning, but there is for sure a BUZZ even though I only have the chilli in my mouth for 0, 1. I managed to fall asleep again and I didn't woke up until 10 o'clock. Well, of course, I woke up at 8 thirty when my Aladdin's adventure in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkokalarm went off. But I was asleep after 2 seconds again.

Well, anyway, I missed Chakrit and when I came back home from Sophia I had a shower and I went to leave 2 pair of shoes at Mister Minute at Tops Market on Soi 19.

I crossed Sukhumvit Road via Time Aladdin's adventure at V8 Diner in FUNKY TOWN/ BangkokSquare and I decided to go for a hamburger at V8 next to Time Square. I had not been eating since breakfast, and of course, I have had Aladdin's adventure at V8 Diner in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkokmy 2 apples and a glass of flaxseeds. But now it was 7 o'clock and I was hungry.

V8 Diner is a retro 1950’s American Theme restaurant and I tried their double cheese & bacon burger with fries.

It tasted very good, maybe because I was so hungry. A yummy hamburger and a very shitty day for my diet. And to make things way worse, I walked to NANA Hotel for some pancakes and tea. And I had 4 plates of pancakes, the smallest pancakes I have ever seen, but any way, a Aladdin's adventure at V8 Diner in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkokshitty day turned in to a VERY shitty day regarding my diet.

And what have happened at NANA Hotel, the parking lot Yet another smiley at www.aladdin.stwas full of prostitutes harassing me when I walked past the parking lot to the coffee shop.

Same when I walk up Sukhumvit towards Soi 23, there are prostitutes hanging along the side walk all the way and this is for sure not making the walk between all the stalls selling shit any easier. And who in their right mind buys any stuff here? The whole stretch between Soi and Aladdin's adventure at NANA Square in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkokand Soi 23 looks like shit and I try to avoid the area as much as I can. It is quite OK to walk from Soi 23 to Robinson and Tops Market at Soi 19 but as soon as we have passed Robinson it is like a refugee camp.

I finished my pancakes and I crossed Sukhumvit Road and I decided to go have a look at NANA Square on Soi 3. NANA Square is a huge building and the whole building and the land at a prime area like this Aladdin's adventure at NANA Square in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkokmust have cost very much money. So I don't understand how they can make any money out of this. They sell the same QUALITY stuff as they sell along Sukhumvit Road and there were no people to be seen inside NANA Square.

An empty massage shop and some other empty shop. Well, at least I can't understand how selling 50 Baht t-shirts and knick-knacks can pay for all this. Well, of course, unless if they sell millions of t-shirts, but I could not see anyone looking at t-shirts. Well, there was one tourist looking at t-shirts, but as he was dressed in a Singha Beer tank top and plastic flip flops I don't think he was going to spend any millions, not even a few hundred.
Aladdin's adventure at NANA Square in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkok
Aladdin's adventure at NANA Square in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkok
Inside NANA Square, looks like an empty Bazaar

I stopped at my Tailor at Soi 15 on the way to Tops to pay him 8500 Baht for a few shirts he had made for me. He will deliver them to me at 11 o'clock tonight. But I want to pay him now or Aladdin's adventure at NANA Square in FUNKY TOWN/ BangkokI might forget to go to the ATM and it would have been embarrassing to forget to go to the ATM and thus having no money when he arrive with the shirts.

I walked from the Tailor to Tops Market and Mister Minit. I picked up my Ice Cream shoes that I bought in Miami 4 or 5 years ago. I have had them in my cupboard and the soles are falling off. Must be something with the weather here in Bangkok.

I have many new shoes that I have had to throw away because of the soles falling off. But I can't Aladdin's adventure at Mr. Quickie in Manilafind these Ice Cream shoes again so Mister Minute is the place to go to.

I did one pair at Mr. Quickie in Manila back in 2010 when the sole was falling off. Mr. Quickie did a excellent job stitching the soles and I have kept my shoes in the cupboard for transportation to Manila and Aladdin's adventure at Robinson in Bangkok/ FUNKY TOWNMr. Quickie. But I asked my Tailor where to do my shoes last Monday and he suggested Mister Minit at Robinson.

And yes, they could do the job and I was to pick up my first shoes today and I left 2 more pairs for stitching. And when I was back to pick up my shoes they had already finished 1 of the 2 pairs I gave them today. So I brought home 2 pairs and I will return with my last 2 pair tomorrow evening.
Aladdin's adventure in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkok
Aladdin's adventure in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkok
Ice Cream shoes “before” and “after” Mister Minit at Robinson on Sukhumvit Soi 19

Thursday 18th of October 2012
and it took me quite a while to get out of bed when my alarm went off at 8 thirty. But I managed to stay awake and I went to the kitchen to make a pot of tea and a Aladdin's adventure with chilli in FUNKY TOWN/ BangkokTUNA & ONION SURPRISE ®. I had my chilli while waiting for the tea to be ready and when I started my chilli diet a few days ago I had 2 chillies.

And this is not enough according to some information I found on Aladdin's adventure with chilli in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkokthe internet. 30 grams per day is recommended.

So I have to eat way more than 2 chillis per day for the chilli to get any effect.

I was enjoying my tea and TUNA & ONION SURPRISE ® with my eyes running. Strange, I have not had any Diet MAX for a long time so my eyes should not be running. But the eyes were not itching, more like burning and I realised that it was the chilli. It was also burning a wee bit around my mouth.
Aladdin's adventure with chilli in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkok
Aladdin's adventure with chilli in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkok
2 chillies is not enough, so I have to eat 10 to 15 chillies 3 times per day

I was chewing on my first apple for the day when I left for Chakrit Muay Thai School at 10 thirty. Aladdin's adventure at Chakrit Muay Thai School in FUNKY TOWN/ BangkokI discovered that the new cabin was ready when I arrived. Looked like it was used as office and the boxing ring was Yet another smiley at www.aladdin.stmoved to the other end of the place.

There was one guy and a Thai girl when I arrived. The guy was almost ready and left after a while. The girl did a few more rounds and I was all by myself with my Teacher. First round was a Aladdin's adventure at Chakrit Muay Thai School in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkokwarm up round without the gloves Yet another smiley at www.aladdin.stand then we did 6 more rounds with the mitts.

I was dead tired and it was very nice when we came to round 7. But I decided to have one more Yet another smiley at www.aladdin.stround and I had a round 8 as a cool down with light jabbing and punching on the Teacher's Aladdin's adventure at Chakrit Muay Thai School in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkokmitts. It was nice to cool down for one round and I decided to do this at every session from now on.

Stretching, of course, but it is easier to do it in a group. Self motivated stretching tends to be quite quick, at least when I Yet another smiley at www.aladdin.stdo the stretching. Same with the warm up and that's why I want to do a round of easy punching and jabbing Yet another smiley at www.aladdin.stbefore I start the real pounding.

I stayed behind for 10 to 15 minutes for a chat with the Teachers before I walked back home for a pot of tea and flaxseeds before going to Sophia Muay Thai Gym.
Aladdin's adventure at Chakrit Muay Thai School in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkok
I'm ready and the Teachers can relax at Chakrit

I started my computer first thing when I was back home and I prepared my chilli while the Aladdin's adventure at Chakrit Muay Thai School in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkokcomputer was firing up. E-mail from Maersk and they want me to take a course in Denmark and one course in Manila.

I did a pot of tea and a protein shake. I started with the shake and then I had a glass of flaxseeds with electrolyte before I enjoyed my tea with honey. I called the office in Singapore while drinking my tea.

They will send me the dates for the courses in the afternoon. I left for Sophia Muay Thai Gym when I finished my tea and I had yet another good session there.

I asked the Security Guard how his back was and what he thought about the acupuncture.
Aladdin's acupuncture adventure in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkok- การใช้คาถาที่ไร้สาระ (mumbo jumbo)
Yes, I agree and I threw away my patient card from the place a few days ago. I realised that I would never go back so no use for the patient card and it ended up in the sack for paper garbage to be sent for recycling.
Aladdin's adventure at Pro Express in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkok

I had my TUNA & ONION SURPRISE ® with a pot of tea when I was back home from Sophia. Now it was changed from Denmark and Manila and I will have to go to India to take my courses. The courses were available in India before they were available in Denmark and Manila and as I'm joining the ship in November we're in a hurry.

When I came to Robinson to leave my last 2 pair of shoes I discovered that the place was named ProExpress and not Mister Minit. I got one pair of shoes and I went to the Customer service at Tops Market and I gave them the bag. They have a service where they keep you bag while shopping. So I figured that I could leave my bag there and then I could take off and I would pick up the bag when I came back before closing time to buy some tuna.

I crossed Sukhumvit Road via Time Square and I took a taxi to Silom Road. I had decided to walk around Silom Road before returning to Tops Market and home. I got off the taxi at Sala Daeng and Yet another Smiley at www.aladdin.stI walked from there to Silom and as I was walking I was about to piss myself. I had have a pot of tea before leaving and now I really needed a bathroom.

So I was walking around looking for a coffee shop and I was at Silom before I found a place Pain France or something like that and I stepped inside. I had planned to ask for a cup of tea “ONLY”. Aladdin's adventure in FUNKY TOWN/ BangkokNeed to buy something, cannot come in like a back packer and ask for the bathroom without buying anything.

Of course, my plan backfired on me. I discovered that they had some smoked salmon baggle or whatever it is called. On top of that a cashew nut roll and something with blue berries.

They started to prepare my stuff and I asked for the bathroom. They told me it was in the back and I went to look for the bath room. I could not find the bathroom and I was soon back to ask again

One of the girls showed me and it was for sure in the back, out on the parking lot and then I had to trot through a garage for 5 minutes. Could as well have stopped along the street to have a piss and I would have saved my diet from all the cashew nuts and blue berry stuff.

I was back at Tops Market after an hour or two of walking around Silom. I bought 1 kg of SirloinsAladdin's adventure at Villa Market in Bangkok beef and 1 and a half kilo of smoked salmon at Villa Market on the way to Tops.

So I only had to buy tuna and pumpernickel at Tops Market before walking back home.

Friday 19th of October 2012
and I was late to Chakrit Muay Thai School. My visa expires next week and I will be busy with my Indian visa application. And I don't think a current overstay in Thailand will speed up the progress at the Indian Embassy. So I called my travel Agent.
- Does Thai Airways fly to Siem Reap? I want to go today!
- 15500 Baht with Bangkok Airways
- Singapore?
- All flights are full
- Tokyo?
- All flights are full
I told her that i would be back to her, I had to think of a “FUNKY” place where I wanted to spend Aladdin's adventure with Bangkok Airways in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkokmy weekend. Drunk Smiley

So I was almost an hour late to Chakrit and when I was back home I called the Travel Agent and I asked her to book me on Bangkok Airways PG909 from Suvarnabhumi to Siem Reap at 18:45.
- I will be there to pay the tickets in 30 minutes.

I went to pay my ticket at Soi 19 and then I went to ProExpress to pick up my two last pars of shoes. I was back home at 15:25 and I asked the Security if they could have taxi for me in 25 minutes. I came out from the shower when they called me.
- Your taxi is here
- 5 minutes

I took my weekend bag and I went down to the waiting taxi and we took off towards Suvarnabhumi and my flight to Siem Reap in Cambodia leaving a kilo of Sirloins and 1 and a half kilo of smoked salmon behind. But this will hopefully be OK when I'm back home on Sunday.


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