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Aladdin's adventure in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkok

Wednesday1st of May 2013 and I called the e-cigarette company listed under the Zone Rama9/ Sukhumvit Rd on Oval's web page where they listed all the authorized distributors. He didn't had Aladdin's adventure at Connect shop at the basement floor, Big C “Ladprao” in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkokany shop, only via web page and they would send the e-cigarettes to me.
- But not today because of the holiday. I will send tomorrow
- OK, I call you tomorrow

I called a second company at Platinum Fashion Mall, but no answer. I called a third shop in Ladprao. Connect shop at the basement floor, Big C “Ladprao”. They were open and I went to look for a taxi. The Connect shop at Big C “Ladprao” is highly recommended by Aladdin.

Carries a wide range of “QUALITY” e-cigarettes and accessories. Yes, I say quality. I have bought a few e-cigarettes along Sukhumvit and stupid me. They don't sell anything but shit along the road and the cheap e-cigarettes turned out to be not all that good. Cheap, I don't know, 700 Baht something for a battery and a piece of plastic. But my friend told me he had bought juice for his e-cigarette there and he had been satisfied.

But as my e-cigarettes didn't work satisfactory I checked the internet yesterday and one e-cigarette was 3500 Baht. Same when I bought my head phones, 150 Baht. They were OK, except Aladdin's adventure at Connect shop at the basement floor, Big C “Ladprao” in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkokthe distortion when touching the cord. 150 Baht for 5 Baht worth of plastic, normal I thought. I lost my headphones and I bought a pair in Sydney and they were 100 to 150 Dollars.
Yet another smiley on - What the Yet another smiley on

But as soon as I tried them on I understood the difference in price. And it was the same with the e-cigarette at Connect shop at Big C “Ladprao”.

When I searched the internet yesterday I had decided to buy Ovale Elipse, but they looked a wee bit small. And I told the guy that I didn't thought the battery would last Aladdin's adventure with a Ovale eVic in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkokvery long.
- No, the battery is quite small, he said.

He brought out a Ovale eVic, 3500 Baht for one e-cigarette. Yet another smiley on Looked like a foocking bazooka.
- That's the spirit!!!
- Battery to last you for 3 days
Aladdin's adventure with a Ovale eVic in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkok- And the tank?
- 2ml
- Will run out of juice long before the battery runs flat, I said and I asked for extra juice tanks. I bought 5 extra juice tanks and 10 extra vaporizers. And I bought 13 bottles of juice, 5 Texas High, 5 bottles Texas Medium and 3 bottles of Texas low and by then I should have give up the nicotine use. Yet another smiley on

I was very happy with my purchase and yes, the deal set me back Aladdin's adventure with a Ovale eVic in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkokby 13,000 Baht. But one puff and I was dizzy so there was nicotine in the juice. The juice from Sukhumvit was, well, it was smoking but that was it. Pretty useless in comparison.

And I was not surprised to discover that my new Ovale eVic could be connected to a computer. And there was of course a screen giving you all kinds Yet another smiley on www.aladdin.stof information. The battery and puff remaining can come in handy. You know when it is time to return back home. Can come in handy when at the pub.

I took a taxi from Ladprao to Sophia Muay Thai gym and I will start again, 3 o'clock tomorrow afternoon and I'm looking forward to some sparring with an ex Thai boxing champion. The owner told me that he wanted to bring me to a place with 700 different beer brands.
- I don't drink alcohol anymore, I said.

But I will see, I don't want to stick out as the a-hole always saying no. But as I told him: I like to Aladdin's adventure at Srinakharinwirot University in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkokgo drink alone just in case I make a tit out of myself. And I asked him if his wife allowed him to go drink beer.
- No problem!! I'm the man
Then he told me that he would ask his wife to see when we could go. Well, 700 different beers, San Miguel Light is enough for me.

I walked to my local 7 Eleven from Sophia for a few bottles of Diet MAX and I walked through Srinakharinwirot University and there were people in their graduation uniforms.

Seems like they only have people taking their graduation pictures Aladdin's adventure at Srinakharinwirot University in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkokand new students playing the drums and practising cheerleading. When do they have time to study?

I know the semester and school year finish in April and there Aladdin's adventure at Bangkok Fight Club in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkokis obviously a lot of people having their graduation pictures taken. And of course, there is a lot of new students Yet another smiley on www.aladdin.stcheer leading and stuff. But this seems to be going on year around, at least when I'm passing on my way to Sophia Muay Thai Gym and BFC.

I bought 3 bottles of Diet MAX at 7 Eleven and I went back home, soon time to go check Aladdin's adventure at Bangkok Fight Club in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkokout if I can have a session at Bangkok Fight Club tonight.

It was only our Teacher at Bangkok Fight Club when I arrived 5 minutes before 7 and our Yet another smiley on www.aladdin.stAustralian friend arrived a few minutes later and it was only we at BFC today. We started with punching the bag for a few rounds and Aladdin's adventure at Bangkok Fight Club in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkokwhen we were finished with the punching we kicked for a few rounds and the session was finished with the pads.

I was more dead than alive when we finished with the pads, me and our Australian friend took turns for 20 minutes. But Aladdin's adventure in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkokstill, there is a great improvements since I gave up smoking.

I walked back home and I had “9 MISSED CALLS” and “ONE NEW NUMBER” during the short time I had been at Bangkok Fight Club. And this have been going on the last few days.

And I think we remember my date with the cousin to my boxing Teacher at Chakrit even though it must be more than 2 years ago. He asked if I wanted to go for a date with his cousin.
- How old is she?
Better off asking, I'm not going to walk around with some 20 years old.
- 27
- OK

He sat up a date with her and we met at the big shopping mall in Rangsit. What's the name again? Internet is fantastic, took me less than 0,5 to find out the name, Future Park. As soon as I met the girls I got suspicious, and yes it was 2 girls. The cousin and the mother, the cousin was 17 and the mother was 32 years old. I was a wee bit upset with my Teacher when I was back at Chakrit.
- You told me she was 27! She is only 17
- I thought she was 27
I explained that there was no chance in hell that I would walk around town with her.
- Why? Her mother asked
- It will look to stupid with a beautiful girl, 17 years old walking around with Porky, The bald 100 years old. People will look!
- They will look because they will envy you, her mother said.

Well, since then her mother have called me 20 times per day, EVERY DAY, and she told me that she wanted to be with me. Never mind I told her that I was married. I never answered until she Aladdin's adventure in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkokused another number. I answered first time with the new number and then never again. Well, seems like she have given up after 2 years and now it is a friend of her calling me. When I came out in the kitchen this morning I already had 13 or 17 missed calls.

And the calling drove me crazy, the phone rang all day Yet another smiley on www.aladdin.stnon-stop and she even tried another number that I had answered one time yesterday. Back in the days it was quite easy, they wanted to save money and the phone rang one or two times and they hang up hoping Aladdin's adventure in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkokfor you to call back. Well, when you got a call like that you just knew that you shouldn't reply.

But today it is a different story, they don't care about the cost and they call and call, millions of signals and it drove me up the Aftonbladetwall. I don't know if I can blame it on my new shirts and that I have given up smoking and alcohol. But motherfoocker, imagine how it would be with a V-shaped torso. I would go crazy!

Well, time for bed and I have a new plan. I will change my alarm from 9 o'clock to Yet another smiley on www.aladdin.st8 o'clock in the morning and no more watching DVDs when going to bed. Coming back home from the boxing and I'm too tired to read and I just relax watching DVDs.

But no more DVDs and it will hopefully Yet another smiley on be easier to fall asleep in the future, especially if I go up at 8 o'clock in the morning. So I'm quite excited to try this new idea I have. Well, I would not be surprised to discover that all the excitement would make it impossible to fall asleep and I will spend the night tossin' and turnin' in my bed.

And I'm looking forward to my session at Sophia Muay Thai Gym tomorrow afternoon and I doubt that the extra excitement will help me fall asleep.

Well, a wee something for you to read, an article from The Nation

Thursday 2nd of May 2013
and my foocking phone continue to ring. I was foocking angry, what the foock is wrong with these people? I told all of them that I was married, yes, I answered her call around 11 o'clock yesterday evening. By then I was going crazy! I told her that I was married. And YES, I know it sounds incredibly that someone would like to marry Porky, the human balloon. But now it starts again, seriously, imagine me calling a girl 50 times per day. She would have called the Police or an elder brother that would have come over to kick my arse.

And what a simpleton wouldn't take the hint 50 missed calls, no call back and on top of that the Yet another smiley on“I'm married” And I get very suspicious when a girl tell me that I'm handsome. Well, maybe she is blind or drunk.
- You have never seen me!
- I saw your picture
Yet another smiley on - What the Yet another smiley on How do you know it is me?

Aladdin's adventure in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkok
Electric work on Kasem Rat Road

Well, never mind, I took a taxi to Rama 4 and I bought a new pair of boxing gloves. Same place as where I had bought my gloves on Tang RotFai Sai with Sophia Muay Thai Gym last time. I walked from there to Rompo Aladdin's adventure at Rompo Mansion in FUNKY TOWN/ BangkokMansion and I went to the Mini Mart to see if I was lucky, maybe the beautiful girl I remember from back in the 90's is still working there.

She recognised me as soon as she saw me in the horizon. I didn't recognised her until I was in the Mini Mart. And I realised that it was almost exactly 18 years ago I moved in to Rompo Mansion. I talked with her for 10 minutes or so before I left. And yes, she was single and she didn't had any children. I told her that her mother had told me she had 2 Aladdin's adventure at Sophia Muay Thai Gym in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkokchildren and a husband from New Zealand.
- Oh no! I'm divorced!

I would have missed my friend if I had spent another minute in the Mini Mart. He was just leaving when I knocked on his door. We were going the share a taxi to Sukhumvit, but the taxi never came and he disappeared on a motorcycle and I walked back towards Sukhumvit Road. I took a taxi from Soi 24 and I went back home to change clothes for Sophia Muay Thai Gym.

I had 10 rounds at Sophia before I walked back home and I just had time for 200 gr smoked salmon and a TUNA & ONION SURPRISE ® with a pot of tea before it was time to leave for Bangkok Fight Club. Well, I had time to start with my Thai boos, but I will have to finish them after Bangkok Fight Club tonight. If I have the energy by then.

Aladdin's adventure at Sophia Muay Thai Gym in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkok
At Sophia Muay Thai Gym

I arrived to Bangkok Fight Club 5 minutes before 7 with our Australian friend that I meet outside 7 Eleven. 15 people + me and the Teacher, and of course ++ if someone would come late. So I left and decided to finish my hours and then only go to Sophia. Yes, I just bought new hours, should not have done it, but now it is too late, when the hours are finished I will only do Sophia Muay Thai Gym in the afternoon from now on.

The only problem is how to avoid the restaurants. My last holiday and I only trained at Sophia and Magnum AlmondI spent every night at a restaurant. Same tonight, I walked up Sukhumvit and I had planned to take a taxi to MBK Center and walk back home. But I ended up at Nana Hotel where I ate.

I had fried rice and hot dog. Not so bad as it could have been, but I stopped at my local 7 Eleven for a Magnum Almond ice cream on my way back home. DARN!

If I can restrain myself from going to restaurants in the evening I can skip Bangkok Fight Club in the evenings without any problem. But now I have 10 times remaining and my plan was to finish them next week. But now it will take longer and I will most likely not be able to finish my hours before it is time to leave Bangkok. Well, one thing is for sure, I will not train with 15 people in the gym.

2 days destroyed this week, last Tuesday and I had said no to Bangkok Photographers party because I was going to do my boxing session. Another group of boxers and too much people and I left. Same today, my day was destroyed. Coming home from Sophia and nothing to do because I would soon be off to BFC. Discovering all the people and I walk back home and it was almost 8 when I was out of the shower. Not much remaining of the day.

Friday 3rd of May 2013
and I managed to get out of bed when my alarm went off at 8, and that's even though I had been tossin' and turnin' in bed from midnight until 4 o'clock in the morning.

I called my friend to ask about something and we ended up talking about Thai Script, a very old program to learn the Thai alphabet (EXCELLENT) But it doesn't work with any program after Thai2EnglishWindows XP. He suggested a program, Thai2English, 40 US and I had to open a PayPal account in order to be able to pay. My friend told me that they were going to eat at 2 thirty.
- Good, I will be on my way to Sophia Muay Thai Gym by then. Good for the diet.

I also got an e-mail and I will fly to Amsterdam on the 7th of May to join Richard Maersk in Rotterdam, and it will be nice to leave Bangkok for a while. I skipped my plans to go for some Aladdin's adventure at Sophia Muay Thai Gym in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkokshopping and I packed my bag. Plenty space remaining even though I packed a helicopter packing. I have almost given up snus thanks to my e-cigarette, only 80 cans to bring. Back in the days my bags were full, to the extent that it was almost impossible to close my bags

I walked to Sophia and they were kneeing when I arrived and I did 10 rounds before I walked back home with pain in my wrists. The gloves I bought yesterday are a wee bit small. But I guess they stretch a little. My other gloves were perfect, but after a month they were too big so I hope these gloves turns out OK.

A shower, TUNA & ONION SURPRISE ® and 200 gr smoked salmon with a pot of tea and I was ready to take off to Bangkok Fight Club

And while I'm sweating at Bangkok Fight Club you can enjoy some Yet another smiley on FUNKY music from Skåne. And as it is Friday the tune might get you in to a good weekend mood.

Of course, should be enjoyed at a “Drive the neighbours crazy” level

When I arrived to Bangkok Fight Club the door was closed and no sign of any people. Our Teacher Aladdin's adventure at Bangkok Fight Club in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkokarrived a few minutes later and our Australian friend Aladdin's adventure at Bangkok Fight Club in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkokarrived a few minutes after the Teacher.

So there will only be the two of us training tonight and we got started with some shadow kicking before we started to punch the mitts. Our Australian friend and I took turns on the mitts. And when we finished the punching our Teacher changed to the HEAVY DUTY gear and we took turns to kick. The last exercise for today.

Aladdin's adventure at Bangkok Fight Club in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkok
Kicking at Bangkok Fight Club

Aladdin's adventure at Bangkok Fight Club in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkok
Kicking at Bangkok Fight Club

Aladdin's adventure at Bangkok Fight Club in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkok
Kicking at Bangkok Fight Club

We left Bangkok Fight Club at 8 thirty and this was my last session. I might do a session at Sophia on Monday afternoon, but in the evening I have to take off to Suvarnabhumi and China Airways flight to Amsterdam.

Our Australian friend and I talked about taking private lessons at My Thai Language School when Yet another smiley on www.aladdin.stI'm back home. 2 guys in a class 2 times per week would be perfect. I want to have private lessons, but I don't want to sit alone because I use to fall asleep if I'm alone.

Saturday 4th of May 2013
and I was ready at Bumrungrad hospital at 12 o'clock. I had been there to get my second shot of Tetanus vaccine. I called my friend and we decided to meet at Fortune Aladdin's adventure at Fortune Town in FUNKY TOWN/ BangkokTown at 1 o'clock. I took a taxi to Fortune Town on Ratchadapisek and I bought a new Canon printer as my printer/ scanner capsized and sunk yesterday evening.

They had a Thailand Championship in Rubrik's cube going on at the second floor at Fortune Town. I could not help but wondering if they weren't 20 years too late. Rubrik and his cube, I thought this was popular some 20 years ago.

2700 Baht for a Canon scanner/ scanner/ copy machine and next time I buy a scanner it will be for free. Getting cheaper every time I buy a new printer/ scanner. And this machine is smaller than my old equipment so I will get more space on my desk, always welcome. Never mind how much space I have, it don't take long for me to run out of space.

Well, anyway, we met outside Kobune, The Japanese restaurant. But we decided to go to Central Rama 9 and walked under Ratchadapisek Road via the Subway. My friend was talking about the Aladdin's adventure at Fortune Town in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkokcrab sticks that they serve at Zen. I just hear the word crab stick and I get sick.

We found the Zen restaurant, and yes, it is another chain of Japanese restaurants in Bangkok. Pretty much the same food at all the places, but there is always some item that differ.

And here it is the crab stick and as it turned out, their pancakes with chocolate sauce and ice cream. I ordered New Zealand teri yaki and my friend ordered the crab stick and some teri yaki beef. The crab stick came to the table and my friend asked me to try.
- Do you want me to throw up?

I have had crab stick once in my life and it was just pressed crab and it was like chewing on rubber. Like canned mushroom. And I never understand how a Cook, hired as a Cook and consider him/ herself a professional. He/ she have something cooking on the stove. A quick sample and:
- Hmm, something is missing. What to do?
Thinking thinking thinking thinking and finally:
Yet another smiley on - YES!! I OPEN A CAN OF...
And it is never mind if it is a can of mushroom or crab stick, both of them add an equal amount of Yet another smiley on www.aladdin.stexcitement ( and the same feeling of chewing rubber) to the whatever the foock they have cooking on the stove.
- It is real crab! Not the pressed leftovers!
I tried the crab stick and it was real crab meat and it was very good. He tried to get the number to True Move when he finished the crab stick and I could not help thinking about our hero trying to give a phone number to the maid.

It isn't always that easy

The teri yaki beef was OK, but not as good as on FUJI, another chain of Japanese restaurants in Bangkok. But the food was good and when we finished we ordered the best surprise. Pancake with Aladdin's adventure at Fortune Town in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkokhot chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream

The chocolate sauce was wonderful and the foocking pancake disappeared like an Aspirin.
- Hmm, one more? Yea, why not? I thought to myself.

I called on the Waitress and I asked for yet another plate of their pancake with the chocolate wonder topped with a ball of vanilla ice cream. After a few minutes my friend started to piss and moan.
- She miss under stood your order
- No, she got it right. How hard can it be?
- I'm sure she got it wrong

After yet another few minutes I asked another Waitress for a plate of their pancake with the chocolate wonder topped with a ball of vanilla ice cream.
She left and 3 minutes later the other pancake showed up.
- YEAH! She was for sure misunderstanding the order!

I just finished my pancake when they brought a plate with 3 pancakes, but no ice cream.
- Can I have some ice cream please?
The girl disappeared to the kitchen and she returned a few minutes later with 2 plates on a tray. Aladdin's adventure at Fortune Town in FUNKY TOWN/ BangkokYet another smiley on www.aladdin.stOne plate with ice cream and one plate with pancakes.

When we were finished we paid the bill and we left and when we passed Black Canyon we decided to have a pot of tea and we stepped inside. Time turned quick and it was almost 3 o'clock when we left. I took a taxi to Big C on Ladprao Road to buy some more juice for my bazooka. Now I have spent 20,000 Baht at the darn CONNECT shop, well, more like 21,000 Baht for juice and smokers. So know I really Yet another smiley on hope this will be the last money spent on nicotine and that I'm nicotine free next time when I get back home.

But it still cheaper than snus, then I would have to spend about 10,000 ++ Baht per month, every month year around. Now this 21,000 Baht spent will last me for 3 months, hopefully Yet another smiley on

I spent the evening walking around Banglampu, only walking around, no drinking. I passed a place and there was a girl recognizing me. Stop for a beer or continue, I decided to continue and I took a taxi back to Sukhumvit where I had spinach and salmon with spaghetti before walking back home. And I passed GLOW on Soi 23 and the Bouncer called me and he was wondering what I was sucking on.
- It is a secret

He refused to give up and I handed him my e-cigarette. There was a girl and a guy sitting outside and the girl asked me if I wanted to come in. Well, she obviously don't know that I have received the RED card at GLOW Yet another smiley on So I continued back home. I spent 860 Baht at the Italian restaurant, not good for my diet. But I have saved 10 to 15,000 Baht by saying no to drinking. Not bad!

Sunday 5th of May 2013
and I took a taxi to Pantip but when we reached Ploenchit the driver thought it was too much traffic. He made a U-turn and I got out of the taxi at Sukhumvit Soi 3. He got a wee bit upset when I didn't pay. Foock it, I didn't want to go to Soi 3. Now I'm in the Aladdin's adventure at Fortune Town in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkokmiddle of nowhere and I was supposed to be at Pantip Plaza.

I walked to Nana sky train station and I took the train from there to Chit Lom and World Trade Center and I walked from there to Pantip. My plan was to walk to MBK Center after Pantip, but I ran in to a shop selling cotton fabric in World Trade Center. I bought 2 bags of fabric and I had Aladdin's adventure at Kobune at MBK Center in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkokto take a taxi back home with my stuff. The driver waited while I was up leaving the fabric in my condo. I was back in the taxi after 3 minutes and we took off Yet another smiley on www.aladdin.stto MBK Center. And we were lucky, not much traffic and I was soon getting out of the taxi outside MBK Center.

I walked around MBK Center for an hour, stopped to look at boxing gloves at a few different shops before I went to Kobune for their Tuna steak with the excellent sauce. And of course, two bowls of steamed rice.

Aladdin's adventure at Kobune at MBK Center in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkok
My second plate of tuna steak at kobune

And of course, the recognised me when I stepped in at Kobune, the Japanese restaurant.
- Aladdin, how are you?
I walked from Kobune at MBK Center to Siam Paragon via Siam Discovery and Siam Center. I went up to True and I got a new WIFI router. My old router is almost 10 years old and I suspect the darn thing have give up. Internet is very slow, and my friend got True a few days ago and he was very happy. So I suspected something was wrong with my router because my internet is coming and going. And I can't call it fast, even at its best.

Monday 6th of May 2013
and they came here from Almenta at 9 o'clock to deliver my cushions for the armchairs and sofa. The girl didn't spoke with me, Yet another smiley on hopefully because she was ashamed. 2 Aladdin's adventure in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkokmonths and my furniture are not ready. Very bad, and I told them that I was leaving in the beginning of May.
- No problem, it will take about 5 days.

I got an e-mail yesterday and I quote “After we talked with guy subcontractor he said can't do it finish on monday because he need time to put peg down on sofa it thoroughly work” They must think I'm stupid, they have been in my apartment to look at the furniture before they started. And now it is a “thoroughly work”

I was not in my best mood and they will have to hold on to my furniture until I'm back. What was that? If I will use their service again?

I called AOT limousine service but they were fully booked tonight so I had to look elsewhere. Last time it happened I ended up on a horror ride to Suvarnabhumi. I decided to try Bangkok Airport Limousine and now I could pay via PayPal or credit card. Last time I had to do bank transfers and I Bangkok Airport Limousineskipped the adventure with Bangkok Airport Limousine. Otherwise Bangkok Airport Limousine had an excellent online booking service.

No need to call AOT Limousine service with the hassle to go through the “what's you telephone number and address?” on the phone. Something I try to avoid and if they offer an online booking I go for that choice. Of course, they have to offer a good service.

Well, anyway, as Bangkok Airport Limousine accepted payment by card the choice was obvious and I had my confirmation and voucher 5 minutes later. So I'm set to go and my luggage are packed.

Aladdin's adventure with PayPal in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkok
What's so foocking fantastic?

The only disappointment with Bangkok Airport Limousine was the PayPal. Sounds excellent when you sign up. No need to remember this and that. But still they asked for my AMEX details even though Yet another smiley on www.aladdin.stit was registered with them. So I swapped to the pay by credit card option and PayPal lost Aladdin's adventure at Sophia Muay Thai Gym in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkoka few Baht. Well, if I need to log in and then give my card details I can as well go straight for the credit card option.

So it is just to take off for my last session at Sophia Muay Thai Gym for a while. And the set back with having the alarm to go Yet another smiley on www.aladdin.stoff at 8 in the morning is that I had to eat my second pack of smoked salmon before going to Sophia.

I walked through Srinakharinwirot University there was a guy coming Yet another smiley on www.aladdin.strunning towards me and he waied Yet another smiley on me while running past me. Took me a few seconds to recognise him as one of the fighters at Sophia Muay Thai Gym.

I did 10 rounds including 1 warm up and 1 cool down round. Well, the warm up and cool down starts slow, but after a few seconds it is full speed. Maybe the explanation to my constant pain. When Aladdin's adventure at Sophia Muay Thai Gym in FUNKY TOWN/ Bangkokyou're in my age warm up, cool down and stretching is very important. But it is boring.

Srinakharinwirot University was full of people in graduation uniforms when I walked through the area and they were having their pictures taken all over the area.

And there was new students Yet another smiley on www.aladdin.stpractising something that looked like cheerleading. Maybe they are here on a introduction course because I don't think school starts until June. We have one student from Srinakharinwirot at Sophia and he told me they had summer holiday from April to June. Well, never Yet another smiley on www.aladdin.stmind, I walked back home and I loaded my washing machine for the last time this time around. So all my clothes are clean when I'm back home.

I have poured out my milk and I threw my last onion. And all my smoked salmon is finished so I will most likely have to go for a snack before Bangkok Airport Limousine will be here to pick me up at 22:00 and I'm off to join M/T Richard Maersk in Rotterdam.


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