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Aladdin's New Year adventure in Singapore

Monday 30th of December 2013 and my alarm went off at 6 o'clock. It was OK, I went to bed at 22:00 with a Robin Hood. I woke up again at 23:30 and I dropped half a Robin and I watched a Aladdin's New Year adventure in Singaporelittle bit on a DVD before I felt asleep again. I wasn't full of vim Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.stwhen the alarm went off, but it was OK.

Breakfast and a shower, I also had a quick haircut. I cut my hair before leaving for the potluck the other day, but the battery was running flat halfway through the haircut so I looked a wee bit strange Saturday night. But now Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.stthe battery was fully charged and I needed to cut the remaining half of the head. Or they would think I was Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.stcrazy, maybe even refuse me on board with my haircut. I was ready to leave, I grabbed my pass port and just to make sure, I opened my valet to make sure I had my cards with me. I shat myself, where are my cards. I checked my safe, 2 times. I looked everywhere and no sign of my cards. Lucky I checked, have happened more than one time that I had to return home to Aladdin's New Year adventure in Singaporeget my money, passport etc. My cards were nowhere to be found. Darn! I was desperate!

I opened my safe and I took my Euros and US Dollars, would not last me long, but better than nothing. Then I realised that I would not be able to check-in without showing the card I had booked my ticket with. FOOCK! After 30 minutes I found my cards in my passport and we took off towards Suvarnabhumi with smokin' and screamin' tyres.

My friends were waiting for me, disappointment! Instant disappointment, my friend was not waving any flag for her group. And no sign of her group. I asked where her flag and group was, I got out of bed at 6 to see this! Her group had already checked-in. Well, I went to check in and my friend got a Aladdin's New Year adventure in SingaporePRIORITY PASS as well. Well, the ground staffs at Suvarnabhumi are the best!

We went to the immigration and it took us 2 minutes to pass through and we went to Singapore Airlines lounge. This was one of the saddest lounges I have ever experienced. OK, Calcutta back in the 80's, flying business with Thai and I was in the lounge. I asked for juice and I got a glass of something that looked like something they had poured from the sewage. Of course, I said no thanks.

Our friend the Tour Guide was flying monkey class so they refused to let her in. Me and my friend grabbed two bottles of water. No Pepsi Light or MAX and I asked them why they didn't have Pepsi
- We have Coke
- I can jump in front of a bus

We left for the smoke room at Gate C1A where the girls enjoyed a coffin nail while I was sucking on my e-cigarette. We were soon at the gate waiting for the boarding watching our friend taking care of her group. Time was slow and I was happy when it was time to board flight SQ973.

Aladdin's New Year adventure in Singapore
Eating brunch

Singapore Airline is operating the Bangkok to Singapore route with an Airbus and I could not help but thinking about the difference between Airbus and Boeing again. I'm from Europe and should of Aladdin's New Year adventure in Singaporecourse support Airbus so my fellow Europeans can have their jobs. Well, maybe most of it is made in China. Well, anyway, Airbus sucks, Boeing is much much more comfortable.

We arrived to Singapore and it was nice to get off the plane. I made a mental note to go Thai Airwayswith Thai Airways next time. Well, I always try to go with Thai Airways.

We walked towards the immigration when my friend heard our Tour Leader friend and we looked around. Yes, there she was with her sign waiting for her group to catch up. We joined them through the immigration and me and my friend went to look for a Chrysler car to take us to the hotel.

Our friend took her group on a city tour and we would meet her at the hotel at 9 o'clock in the evening. So we had time for “free activities” as they call it at the travel agency

Aladdin's New Year adventure in Singapore
Yes, we see you

Aladdin's New Year adventure in Singapore
At Singapore Immigration

There were millions of people at the immigration and I had asked for any FAST TRACK ticket before getting off the plane. But this was not available for Singapore, only when returning to Bangkok. According to him the queues were terrible at Suvarnabhumi.
- We don't have that in Singapore, it is very fast

Well, maybe they should reconsider that decision. We had to wait for quite a while before it was Aladdin's New Year adventure in Singaporeour turn at the immigration. Of course, Charisma Man let one of the families in the group go ahead of me. They were carrying 2 small children so I thought they would appreciate to get out of there as quick as possible.

Well, anyway, they didn't had any Chrysler and we had to take a Benz. It was quite quick to go to the hotel, just time for 2 Tiger Light in the back seat. Check in and me and my friend went for a walk around China Town while waiting for our friend the Tour Leader.

Well, she is walking in high heels and we were soon stopping for a beer. Didn't take long before we had Niz & Emblem on full blast thanks' to youtube. And the bartender loved it and he kept it going for our stay.
Way better than the “Radio Hits” bullshit he was playing when we came in to the bar.

Of course, with music like that we stayed for longer than we had planned. We stopped at one more place and suddenly it was 9 o'clock and we returned to the hotel to meet our friend the tour Aladdin's New Year adventure in Singaporeleader. We took a taxi to the Boat Quay and first stop was Prince of Wales where I had met the American girl last time in Singapore.

Our friend was only talking about a place calling the Red Dot and their green beer.
- The beer is fantastic!
So we left Prince of Wales and we walked down Boat Quay to have look for the Red Dot. I asked for San Miguel Light, but they only had homemade beer so I had to drink the green beer.

Yet another Smiley on What the Yet another Smiley on is this?
It was the worst beer ever and it was only our friend the tour leader that enjoyed the beer. Impossible to drink even if I asked for a wine glass and ice. Please, just put some green colour in a San Miguel light next time. That would be a green beer I can drink.

Aladdin's New Year adventure in Singapore
They found the green beer
What's so foocking fantastic? Me and my friend thought it was the worst beer ever

Aladdin's New Year adventure in Singapore
They found the green beer
What's so foocking fantastic? Me and my friend thought it was the worst beer ever
Aladdin's New Year adventure in Singapore
We ended up at Cuba Libre on Clarke Quay

Aladdin's New Year adventure in Singapore
We ended up at Cuba Libre on Clarke Quay
The music was not bad

We took a taxi from Boat Quay to Clarke Quay and we ended up at a place called Cuba Libre. They played some very funky music and we had a good time. But when the band stopped we decided to Aladdin's New Year adventure in Singaporeleave to look for a Thai disco. There should be 2 in the vicinity of our hotel but they were closed. I dropped the girls at the hotel and I continued to Duxton Hill and everything was about to close.

I stopped a taxi and I ended up at a Thai disco on Beach Road. It was a big block of only Thai shops and several Thai discos. And well, it was Thai music and not Isan music and I had one beer only. I took a taxi back to the hotel and my bed.
Tuesday 31st of December 2013
and my friend called me at 12 o'clock. In the nick of time, I checked my e-mail and I had to be at Cavendish Park to pick up my computer at 13:30.

I had planned for a little more time in bed, but now I needed to have a shower and I was soon off to pick up my computer. The taxi driver was a nice chap and we were chatting about this and that. As soon as he learned that I lived in Bangkok he asked about the protests.
- What's going on there? It is like they are gangsters all of them.

Well, we reached Cavendish park at 1 o'clock and I called the guy, no answer. He sent the address but no unit number. I'm not very impressive on how he do things. No answer on the phone and I Aladdin's New Year adventure in Singaporeasked the driver to take me to a 7 Eleven and we left Cavendish park.

I had 2 bottles of strawberry milk before we returned to Cavendish Park. We tried to call again and now the driver discovered a missed call from the guy. We called again, no answer. We reached his house and it was impossible to find his apartment, no names at the entrance and no one I asked knew the guy.

Finally, he called back and he came down with the computer. He had cleaned his dishes and he didn't hear his phone. But he was expecting me so he should have made foocking sure that he could hear the phone. Foocking attitude and I will never do any business with this guy again. Seriously, selling this shit and just creating a shit load of problem for me and his attitude “not my problem” on top of that.

I was soon back at the hotel and I stopped at the reception to ask Miss Gorgeous if I could check Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.stout at 2 o'clock tomorrow afternoon instead of 12 o'clock. No problem, she is so sweet. She was of course recognising me when we checked in even though it is 2 or 3 years ago I stayed here last time.

I went up to my room and I called my friend, we would meet in the reception at 3 o'clock and we took off to Boat Quay to have some breakfast.

We took off with smokin' and screamin' tyres and I told the girls that I had asked for a 2 o'clock check out time. Our friend the group leader was leaving at 9 o'clock in the morning to take her group to Orchard Road. I told the other girl that she could not sleep in my room.
- Why?
- Then we will return to Bangkok as a couple and she will move in with me
I told them that I had gone to a movie with one girl and she moved in with me for 2 or 3 years.
Aladdin's New Year adventure in Singapore- Why didn't you throw her out?

The Driver asked me if this was true. I discussed this with the girls until we arrived to Boat Quay 4 minutes later. We paid the driver and we got out.
- You just went to a movie?
I could see that he was on the way to book a ticket to Bangkok on the first flight available trying to invite someone to see a move.
- Yes, we went for movie and she moved in

I could see that he was already on the way to Bangkok in his mind and I had to slow him down a bit. Imagine his disappointment coming to Bangkok taking someone out for a movie.
- Of course, you need the looks!

We walked to London or whatever the place is called where I had my breakfast last time in Singapore. The food was good and it was soon time for our friend the tour leader to go pick up her Aladdin's New Year adventure in Singaporegroup at Sentosa. We walked towards Clarke Quay and we left her at the subway station. Me and my friend decided to go for a river side cruise when we saw the boats on the other side of the river.

We crossed the river to Clarke Quay and we bought the tickets. 10 minutes to departure and I needed a bathroom. So I bought a beer and used their bathroom. Coming back to the boats was a disappointment, 1 million people waiting to get on board and we decided to take the next boat. And now my hangover hit me with a full force 9,7. Charisma Man was gone and it was all Hangover Man. And I was for sure not going on a boat Aladdin's New Year adventure in Singaporewith all these people.

Ice cold one second and sweating like in a sauna the next second. And the queue was building up and I told my friend that she had to go alone.
- I'm waiting here.
They boarded the boat and I waved farewell to my friend but when I discovered that the boat was almost empty I jumped on board. And as soon as we took off I felt much better. The wiev wasn't much to write home about. But they had a video with some quite interesting information about the old Singapore so I was happy I joined the cruise.

Aladdin's New Year adventure in Singapore

Aladdin's New Year adventure in Singapore

Aladdin's New Year adventure in Singapore
She is ready to board the boat

Aladdin's New Year adventure in Singapore
She is boarding the boat leaving “Hangover Man” behind

Aladdin's New Year adventure in Singapore
“Hangover Man” discover that the boat is almost empty and he decide to join the tour

Aladdin's New Year adventure in Singapore

Aladdin's New Year adventure in Singapore

Aladdin's New Year adventure in Singapore
She is enjoying the tour

I felt quite good when we returned from the adventure on the river. We heard music when we left for the Riverside Experience and we went to check it out. They were working on a stage for the Aladdin's New Year adventure in Singaporecountdown and we sat down to have a few beers.

We were going to meet our friend the tour leader around 8 o'clock when she was coming back to the hotel. We went to look for an Italian restaurant at Clarke Quay but we failed to find one. We took a taxi to Duxton Hill for the Italian restaurant I had been eating at when I stayed at the Mariner's home a few years ago.

They only had a New Years set menu and no pasta. We could not believe our ears.
- No pasta? Why go to an Italian restaurant if there is no pasta?
- No, this is what we have
- Is there any Italian restaurant close by?
There was 2 restaurant and we asked which one that was the best. We left and after 2 minutes Aladdin's New Year adventure in Singaporewalk we arrived to the Italian restaurant. We had our dinner and 5 pots of Earl Grey tea before we returned to the hotel.

We decided to meet in the lobby 10 minutes past 9 and I went to have a shower. They called me after a few minutes and we decided to meet at 9 thirty instead. I took the elevator to the lobby on the second floor and the elevator stopped on the 6th floor. A girl and 2 guys stepped inside and the girl screamed:
- ALADDIN! Do you remember me?
- Of course
Yes, of course I remember her. She is a friend of the tour leader. She is also a tour leader and she was here with another group. And my friend had told me. She was very impressed that I remembered her.

She was on the way to do some shopping with her boss, he had also brought a group here and the hotel was full of Thai people. I waited for a few minutes and my friends came down and we took Aladdin's New Year adventure in Singaporeoff to Clarke Quay where we were going to meet another friend. She had been working at Walen Thai School as well, but now she was working at a bank or something here in Singapore.

We went to Little Saigon and I asked for a San Miguel Light, but they only had Tiger beer. Well, they had plenty beers, but the Tiger was the only beer that I liked.

It was crowded and my hangover was back in full force so I was very happy when we left to watch the fire work. The girl living in Singapore recognised me from Walen School, I also recognised her but I don't know from where. She Hangover Manbrought her husband and we had 2 new friends, and both of them were really nice. Just ashamed that I was in a middle of a hangover. I did not feel very good there on the floor at Little Saigon.

Well, anyway, we walked to New Bridge to get a good view of the fire work and the bridge was full of people. New bridge is actually 2 bridges and the sidewalks were very crowded. But there was a platform on the other side of the street and there were no people. I went there and my friends were soon coming after. We got a good view of the fireworks and suddenly it was 2014.

Aladdin's New Year adventure in Singapore
They start the fire work at Marina Bay

Aladdin's New Year adventure in Singapore
We were alone on this side of the road

Aladdin's New Year adventure in Singapore
We were alone on this side of the road

Aladdin's New Year adventure in Singapore
We were alone on this side of the road

Aladdin's New Year adventure in Singapore
We were alone on this side of the road

Aladdin's New Year adventure in Singapore
Fire work at Marina Bay

Aladdin's New Year adventure in Singapore
We were alone on this side of the road

Aladdin's New Year adventure in Singapore

Aladdin's New Year adventure in Singapore

Aladdin's New Year adventure in Singapore
2014 already, in Singapore

The fireworks were soon over and, well, they could have spent the money to build a school instead. If you ask me. We walked towards our hotel, only a few minutes' walk away from the New Bridge. Aladdin's New Year adventure in SingaporeAccording to our friend the Tour Leader the girl I meet in the elevator was throwing a party on the hotel.
- Why on earth are they at the hotel drinking? I asked

My friends were going to bed and my 2 new friends were going to have a drink and I joined them. They lived just next to Club Street a few minutes' walk from the hotel. A beautiful area and we passed a few bars with not many people. There was some karaoke places with plenty people but as we don't like karaoke we crossed the street and ended up on Club Street. We had a few drinks before we walked back to a bar across from their Aladdin's New Year adventure in Singaporeapartment. I asked for Terayaki Salmon and the girl asked for Thai fish cake. Well, my salmon never came so there must have been a misunderstanding.

But they were playing some really good music and I was surprised when I heard them playing “Vagga vagga” with Hjálmar, a band from Iceland. I thought I was the only one that had heard this tune. And the tune is 5 years old so it was even more surprising that they played it here 2014. Well, Iceland is far away from Singapore so it might take a few years.

We stopped by at their apartment, they lived in one of those old China styled house beautifully renovated. For sure the most beautiful area of Singapore I have visited. It took me a few minutes to walk back to my hotel.

Wednesday 1st of January 2014
and I woke up at 12 o'clock. No hangover! I called my friend but she wasn't in her room so I went for breakfast. I called my friend when I came back to my room and now she was back. She had been to Marina Bay for some sightseeing. We met Aladdin's adventure at Singapore Airportin the lobby at 2 o'clock and we checked out. Taxi to Singapore airport Terminal 2 and we were cruising down the high way when I realized that I had forgot my pass port and cards in the safe in my room.

We had to turn around and I got my stuff in the safe in the room and we were soon on our way again. Check in and we got the boarding pass, boarding at 18:15 and I asked when the flight departed.
- At 18:45
Yet another Smiley on - I thought the flight departed at 5!

Well, we have 3 hours to spend on the airport, yeah, I really look forward to this. We went for some food trying to kill time. This is an extra unexpected 2 “BONUS”hours to Aladdin's adventure at Singapore Airportkill on the airport.

Luckily enough time turned pretty quick, but I had time for 5 cans of Pepsi Light before it was time to leave for the gate. My friend watched a movie and I


Just reading about the airbus and Boeing,

The wings for the airbus are made just 2 miles from where I live, very busy place. Company my wife works for makes the carbon fibre for both airbus and Boeing, so lots parts Made by the same companies for each.

I have been on both and agree the Boeing does seem more "confutable"

China do make either airbus or Boeing planes for their own domestic use only, US companies build factories to make them, as the US can't export the parts to china.=

wrote some e-mails. I had a reaction about my opinion about Boeing being more comfortable than Airbus.

Well, anyway, suddenly it was quarter to 6 and we left for gate E8 and Singapore airlines flight to Bangkok. We had a stop in the smoking area for a quick coffin nail and a Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.stlast Pepsi Light. We walked to gate E8, of course the last gate. As soon as we had passed the security check we saw our friend the Tour Leader. We walked over to her but Aladdin's adventure on board Singapore Airlines flight to Bangkokwe just had time to say hello and it was time for boarding.

It was very nice to leave Singapore behind. I don't think I will be back for quite some time. By now I have been here so many times it is getting boring.

Well, we will see, it is convenient to go here. In the summer time I can go to Japan or Korea instead. But these Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.stdestinations are a NO GO AREA during the winter. Well, of course this is the place you want to visit if you like Yet another Smiley on skiing.

I was sitting down waiting for the take off when someone hit me on my back and I turned around. I saw our friend the Tour Leader running down the aisle. We were soon airborne and we got some good food, well, of course not as good as on board Thai Airways Boeing they use to have on the Bangkok to Singapore route. But it was good and the crew were friendly, well, of course not as friendly as on board Thai Airways Boeing they use to have on the Bangkok to Singapore route

Aladdin's adventure on board Singapore Airlines flight to Bangkok
On the way back to Bangkok

Aladdin's adventure on board Singapore Airlines flight to Bangkok
Aladdin's adventure on board Singapore Airlines flight to Bangkok
On the way back to Bangkok

2 and a half hour to Bangkok and time were not passing very quick. I read The Nation as they didn't had Bangkok Post on board. Then I read the in flight magazine and this took me about 2 or 3 Aladdin's adventure on board Singapore Airlines flight to Bangkokminutes. I threw myself over the Tax-free catalogue and that one did not even last a minute. But they were eventually telling us to fasten seat our belts as we were approaching Bangkok.

Back home and I loaded the washing machine with the bed sheets from my guest room. The American girl is coming to Bangkok on Saturday and she needs a place to stay and I need to wash Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.stthe bed sheets in the bed room. Have never been used, but they have been Youtubethere for a very long time so I'm better off washing them or they will be full of dust. When the washing machine was loaded I went to make a play list on youtube. I got a hot tip from my friend our first day in Singapore.

We came in to the bar where they played “Radio Hits” Yes, as soon as you hear someone mention “Radio Hits” you know that it is some very bad nonsense music. But we turned on Niz & Emblem and the guy asked if there was a way to keep the good music on Hot tipCONTINUOUS playing and me friend mentioned a play list.

This guy was running to his computer to play a new song from Skåne every few minutes and he really liked it. Of course, who doesn't like PAP & Emblem. Well, anyway, the playlist was a great idea and I made my own TAXI CD on Youtube. Will come in very handy next time at a bar with internet connection. And now you have the link to the TAXI CD as well, so enjoy!

Believe it or not, but while you're enjoying the TAXI CD I will be at Lumpini Stadium to buy new boxing gloves with the American girl.


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