Kastrup - Copenhagen internatonal airport

Thursday 23rd of October 2014 and my alarm went off just after 7 o'clock. I popped open a Diet MAX first thing. Took me about 2 hours to get ready for breakfast and at 10 o'clock I was in the Kastrup - Copenhagen international airportreception to check out. They called a taxi and we were soon on our way to the train station and was very lucky.

There was a train leaving in 1 minute and I just made it on board before the train left. I saw the departure time on the monitor when I entered the train station and I thought it was a goner. But I made it on board before they closed the doors.

And I was pleasantly surprised to discover that there wasn't many passengers on the train and I Kastrup - Copenhagen international airporthad no problem with my luggage.

Seems like it is my day today, 3 hours before departure and check in was open. Check in and security was very quick and I was in SAS - Star Alliance lounge 10 minutes after getting off the train. And that was less than 90 minutes after checking out from BEST WESTERN Hotel Duxiana in Helsingborg.

I fired up my computer to see if there was any updates on my African safari. There was an e-mail from Siyabona Africa and they asked if I still wanted to go if they could ask for Kastrup - Copenhagen international airportdiscount. Well, it was not about the price, it was about how they were handling the whole thing.

I got an e-mail from Made in Africa with an updated quotation and I decided to choose this company. Well, they were firs and I really need to make sure I get a reservation as I have booked my flight and 6 nights on Victoria Falls Hotel in Zimbabwe.

I spent the evening yesterday to set up the tours in Zimbabwe and Zambia while staying at Victoria Falls Hotel and I found that they had Devil's Pool as an option. So yes, it looks to be OK.
Made in Africa - Botswana Safari

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Made in Africa - Botswana Safari

TG 951 depart at 14:25 and I left the lounge one hour before to have time for immigration and a few minutes of walking time. I could see on the monitor in the lounge that boarding had started and when I Thai Airways TG 951 - Copenhagen to Bangkokarrived to the gate boarding was in full swing.

The flight is full and I was so happy that I managed to get the last seat in Biz when I saw all the people at the gate. And I had the horror flight with Lufthansa's Airbus between Dubai and Frankfurt fresh in mind. I'm still amazed how airlines can buy Airbus. Nazi IKEABoeing and Airbus, it is like comparing my DUX with a mattress from IKEA.

And I don't think neither Boeing nor Airbus have had East German slave labour to make the seats. Imagine to have been involved in East German slave labour, I really don't understand how people can shop at IKEA. Well, we have 7 Eleven and CP food fresh in mind.

I have not bought anything there since and I changed my internet provider. But in most cases people forget this after a week or two. So who cares about IKEA using forced East German labour? The sales take a dip for a week or two and then it is forgotten. And they have saved millions by not paying any salary so a week or two with a dip in sales are never mind.

A public excuse and everything is forgotten.
- I'm sorry I was a Nazi
- I'm sorry we used slave labour in East Germany

Yeah, yesterday I was a Nazi wanting to build concentration camps using the UNTERMENCHEN to make my furnitures, and the ones that could not work we use for medical experiments or we just Thai Airways TG 951 - Copenhagen to Bangkokgas them. That was yesterday, today I'm a pacifist!

- OK OK! It is all forgotten, you go see the King and Queen now. We have more serious problem, Sverigedemokraterna, they say that they don't want millions of Rumanian beggars on the streets in Sweden. They are real Nazis!

Well, I boarded TG 951 and I took my seat 15K and I prepared myself for the 9 and a half hour long flight. I was soon up again, I had forgotten my sleeping pill in the computer bag in the overhead compartment. I took the pill and I put it stand-by next to me. I was very tired and I was half asleep and I forced my self to stay awake in order to Thai Airways TG 951 - Copenhagen to Bangkoksleep as long as possible.

Fall asleep at 4 and wake up at 9. Better to try to stay awake for 2 hours or so. Dinner was excellent, deep fried Mozzarella followed by what must have been the best salmon I have ever had.

Yes, there is something with Thai Airways and salmon, I can't remember any flight with Thai Airways were the starter haven’t been salmon. And it had been excellent every time. Shrimps in sweet and sour sauce for dinner and we finished with a cheese platter.

And Thai Airways cake cart is always something special. OK, the best cake I have ever had on a flight was on Emirates. But this cake was as good, some chocolate mousse covered in hard chocolate, excellent. I popped my pill and I turned on a video and I was soon asleep.
Friday 24th of October 2014
and I woke up way too early, at one thirty it was impossible to fall asleep again and I continued with my video from yesterday.

Thai Airways TG 951 - Copenhagen to Bangkok
I wake up in the middle of the night

Thai Airways TG 951 - Copenhagen to Bangkok
I wake up in the middle of the night

I started a second video, about a girl getting fired from a fast food place and she goes on a road Thai Airways TG 951 - Copenhagen to Bangkoktrip with her grand mother, needless to say, I turned of this less than 15 minutes later. Seriously, and if you got an offer to participate in a movie like this, wouldn't you have turned it Thai Airways TG 951 - Copenhagen to Bangkokdown? Well, maybe if they offered a Billion, and that is a million with a B!

I turned on another video and they started to serve breakfast and as it is Thai Airways I asked for a big tea cup. And when the other passengers saw my cup they started to ask for the bigger size tea cup as well. Aladdin don't follow the trend, he is setting the trend, and that is not my words.

I was home at 6 o'clock and my friend will be here at 11 o'clock and we will start with the boxing, all the spring rolls and Semlor in Skåne and I need to start moving my arse if I want to obtain my V-shaped torso.

My friend was at my door 1 minute after 11 and he had 3 big bags of pineapple. I had not seen him for 3 months and I asked what was going on in Thailand. I told him that I was soon having to move to Malaysia or Singapore.
- Why?
- Now the Red Buffalo stickers are banned
But I was quick to add:
- But the crazy buffalo are allowed
I was laughing and my friend told me that Thailand was much more fun with all the red Buffalo and the Crazy Buffalo, they don't have this problems in Malaysia.
Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.st - Hmm, it is quite fun, I said and we were laughing.

But it is also sad and scary, but at least the “Crazy Buffalo” are still OK to buy.

Red Buffalo sticker

Crazy Buffalo sticker

Less than a week after coming home my safari in Africa was set up. Victoria Falls Hotel booked for 6 days and my tour around Botswana is booked and paid. Thai Airways ticket booked, I was at the Thai Airways to JohannesburgSilom office and I bought a two way ticket, tourist class as I have a voucher for a free business class upgrade, saved me 2500 US or something, not bad.

I already have my ticket with South African Airways between Johannesburg and Victoria Falls.

But now, almost one week later and I have not received my e-ticket from Thai Airways. When I was at the office I told them that they could send me the e-ticket, no need to print anything and no need for me to hang around Thai Airways office waiting. I left and no e-ticket in my e-mail when I was back home. I wrote them the day after, no action.

I called Thai Airways and they told me that the e-ticket was sent to me already, but they would send it again. Well, no e-ticket. I sent e-mail asking about my e-ticket, I sent to 4 different departments at Thai Airways and now 3 days later no answer. Time to find another “favourite” airline?

Made in Africa Tours

OK, I have booked and paid the whole trip, only the activities at Victoria Falls remaining. I checked the internet in Sweden and I found a few tour companies in Victoria Falls and I sent an inquiry to Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.stall of them. Victoria Falls Guide answered ASAP and we had soon made an itinerary.

Didn't take long before I ran in to my first set back, there was not enough passengers for some of the activities and we had to cancel 3 of the activities. Well, that gives me some time to relax at the hotel.

But it looks good and I'm confirmed for the Devil's Pool, the reason for me to go to Victoria Falls. And I have a day of canoeing down Zambezi River. And then I got to do 2 activities I had wished Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.stfor. Drive along Zambezi River Drive and cruise along River Zambezi. OK, it will not be Aladdin's adventure on Zambezi Rivera cruise listening to a band while sipping on a drink, but in a canoe.

This activity was cancelled as there were no other people wanting to do the canoeing. I paid 90 US extra and I will Aladdin's adventure on Zambezi Riverbe alone, very very good. I can look as stupid as I want going down Zambezi River in a canoe.

Yes, 500 kilo lard in a safari uniform going down Zambezi River in a canoe. Just to hope Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.st no one is around to see me. And how to stop before reaching the Victoria Falls? I quote “Paddle and drift down the Zambezi River – the game and bird watching is fantastic as is the wonderful scenery. There are Aladdin's adventure on Zambezi Rivera couple of grade 2 white water rapids to negotiate which are great fun and gets the heart racing”

Drifting down until I fall over the Victoria Falls. Excellent gaming, I have checked the internet and there are plenty videos and pictures of crocodiles and hippos along the river. They find crocodiles and hippos that have felt over the Victoria Falls. So Aladdin's adventure on Zambezi Riverif the hippos and crocodiles are in trouble, then we can imagine our hero in a canoe.

But I'm looking forward to the cone trip down Zambezi River. But the helicopter trip is cancelled, I was also looking forward to flying over Victoria Falls and up the Zambezi River “Helicopter Flights- Zambezi Spectacular -25 mins - US$265+ US$10 National Parks fee. Highly recommended way to see the Falls. Same as the 12-13min flight except add on a spectacular 12min flight up the Zambezi river affording you the opportunity of seeing plenty of game from the air”

But I still have hopes for the helicopter tour, but I will see when at Victoria Falls.

Victoria Falls Guide

But my Indian adventure have run in to trouble. I came home from Copenhagen, I went to bed at 11 o'clock in the evening and I woke up 1 o'clock in the afternoon. In the evening I went to bed at 11 in the evening and I slept until 11 o'clock. 2 nights of good sleep.

I went to bed at 11 in the evening again and at 6 o'clock in the morning i gave up trying to fall asleep. I went to the Indian Embassy to make a tourist visa and I was there before they opened and there was so much people waiting that I decided to go back home.

I was back the day after and now they told me it would take 8 days and I left again. I need my passport when going to Africa and I decided to apply for the visa when I'm back home from Africa. The visa service have moved from the Glas Haus on Sukhumvit Soi 23 to Asoke. Glas Haus was kind of Aun Trainer in Bangkoknice, the place on Asoke is, well, maybe they want to prepare you for the Indian experience. And on top of everything there were no air condition and hot like hell.

Home just for a few days before it is time to take off for Africa, but I have got started with both the Thai school and we do some boxing every day. Well, I have been stiff and sore most every day. I have a friend from Bangkok Fight Club and Aun Trainer in Bangkokhe have started at Aun Trainer and I went there to check it out.

I want to start with the boxing in the evening again, and there is no one I know at Bangkok Fight Club anymore. Well, I will see what I will do.

I spent 30 minutes at Aun Trainer and it is ONE ON ONE training and the equipment seems to be nice. But to get there! 7 o'clock and Asoke is bumper to bumper and it will take a long time to get there. The problem with my day time training is that I'm available for restaurants etc. during the evening and, well, I have been at restaurant every day since I came back home. And that's even though my friend and I said “NEVER AGAIN” after the two first days.

Aun Trainer in Bangkok

I had asked Victoria Falls Guide for some tips for photographing around Victoria Falls. I have been looking at the pictures on internet and there is a lot of mist around the falls. I also read a blog from a guy that had been there taking pictures. Victoria Falls Guide sent me a link. Taking photos at Victoria Falls

Have the camera in a plastic bag and rubber band, well, I checked internet to see if there was something I could buy. They had nothing at Pantip and I continued to MBK where I found a Camera Waterproof bag. The G-Link CW-605 in the fifth shop I was in. Looked like a rain coat for my Canon and I was happy when I left MBK.

Camera Waterproof bag G-Link CW-605

Camera Waterproof bag G-Link CW-605

I had to go buy a neck strap for my new water proof camera bag. I grow to like the bag mere and more every time I try it. But as I'm going to Victoria Falls for a swim in the Devil's Pool it means it is dry season and not too much water at Victoria Falls.

So I don't expect too much mist in the area. Thinking of it, maybe I will have to come back again to get a glimpse of Victoria Falls in full force. Victoria Falls Guide's web page have some nice pictures with the difference between dry season and the wet season.

Victoria Falls Guide

Victoria Falls Guide

Full page available HERE, can be worth a click so check it out. Well, also good news when I was walking to Emporium to buy the neck strap for the waterproof bag. One of the 7 Elevens were Family Martclosed down and they were in progress to open a Family Mart at the same spot. One down, eh, Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.st hmm, plenty to go.
So now I hope Family Mart behaves so I don't have to find another mini mart, AGAIN!

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Well, I'm ready to take off to Africa, all my activity vouchers etc. are printed and ready. My friend Chiang Mai Safariasked me why I wasted money to go for safari in Africa.
- We have very good safari in Chiang Mai
- I want wild animals, not drugged up animals
- We have night safari, do they have that in Africa?
- Of course you have night safari as the visitors can't see how the animals feel
- The animals have a good time, no need to run to find food
- Well, it is NOT a safari!
- Why do they write safari then?
- Hey, the write Rolex on all the shitty wrist watches they sell along the roads here in Bangkok!

Click HERE for a little something to read about the zoo. I have never liked zoo and I avoid them. But up to you, if you want to go on a Chiang Mai safari knock yourself out. And going to Africa is a way to preserve wildlife, as long as they make money out of it they will keep the wild life. At least until they find something more valuable in the area.

CHIANG MAI SAFARI: Rare animals on the menu at zoo

Published on November 17, 2005

Visitors offered daily buffet of lion, tiger, elephant and giraffe meat; conservation groups outraged. Lovers of 'wild' cuisine are in for a treat when Chiang Mai's Night Safari opens next year, project director Plodprasop Suraswadi said yesterday. Visitors to the park's Vareekunchorn restaurant will have the option of tucking in to an 'Exotic Buffet' of tiger, lion, elephant and giraffe, for just Bt4,500 a head.

The park, which had a soft opening yesterday, officially opens on New Year's Day.

The animal-buffet idea has drawn strong protests from wildlife groups, which have expressed concern that the menu of endangered and protected animals will confuse the public and foreign visitors about the real objective of the zoo, as well as Thailand's stance on wildlife conservation.

According to Plodprasop, animals for the buffet would be imported daily and legally to the zoo.

Ironically, the prime minister said the park would aim to increase public awareness of natural science and wildlife.

'The zoo will be outstanding, with several restaurants offering visitors the chance to experience exotic foods such as imported horse, kangaroo, giraffe, snake, elephant, tiger and lion meat.

'We will also provide domestic crocodile and dog meat from Sakon Nakhon province,' Plodprasop said at a press tour before Thaksin presided over the soft opening.

Plodprasop said food provided at the buffet restaurant would be fresh daily and cooked by five foreign chefs.

Wildlife Fund Thailand secretary Surapol Duangkae said yesterday that although consuming wildlife didn't violate Cites [Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species], it could fly in the face of moral issues and worsen the country's image on wildlife-trade issues.

The idea will set the country's image back a century, because nowadays zoos around the world aim to educate and conserve wildlife, as well as campaigning to stop the killing of animals,' he said.

He said the action of the government would appear to the world as if Thailand approved of the endangered-wildlife trade and consumption.

There have already been cases of 100 tigers exported to China, elephants planned to be transferred to Australia and the illegal import of orang-utans.

Surapol said the country has also been accused of trafficking endangered species, and being a trading centre and hunting ground for endangered species.

'The government's action seems to confirm these accusations, Surapol said.

Petch Manopavitr, a Wildlife Conservation Society activist said this was a sensitive issue as the prime minister had previously declared that the country wanted to suppress wildlife trade in the region.

'I see it as a bad idea to market the zoo. In fact, it was wrong from the start with the idea of importing wild animals from Kenya,' Petch said.

Petch was also concerned about illnesses from eating wild animals.

'The zoo should be a place for study and conservation, not killing. Promoting the eating of wild animals will confuse adults and children about what's right and what's wrong,' he said.

However, the prime minister seemed unconvinced by Plodprasop's idea as he said that only part of a crocodile's body could be eaten and it therefore wouldn't be worth killing.

Piyanart Srivalo,

Chatrarat Kaewmorakot

The Nation

Come to our zoo... then eat the animals!

But before going to Africa we have to survive Halloween and a possible hangover. I have to do my boxing exercises tomorrow, but they are going to celebrate a birthday. Seriously, what is there to celebrate?

Well, I haven't had any San Miguel Light for a very long time now, maybe time for a bottle or two. Hopefully not enough to make a tit out of myself!

Well, we will see about that on Saturday morning, until then....


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