Canon EOS 5D Mark III
Aladdin's adventure with Bangkok Photographers in Bangkok

Monday 8th of June and it is time to try out my new camera equipment. I will do two ONE ON ONE Training session with a professional Photographer from Bangkok Photographers. One day light and Canon EOS 5D Mark IIIone evening session. We start with the day light session and I brought my new Canon EF 70-200/2,8L IS II USM lens and my new Canon EOS 5D Mark III

I was going to meet my friend at Ploenchit sky train station, exit #5 at 11 o'clock and I left my apartment at 10 thirty. I expected to be there in 10 minutes or so. But I got a chock coming out on the parking lot. Flooding, and not a little. One on One training with Bangkok PhotographersSukhumvit Soi 23 had turned in to a Canal.

I woke up sometimes during the night thinking that they were firing Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.stcanons on the street.

Red shirts Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.stcoming to town?

It was thunder that had woke me up and it had obviously been raining during the night. And if there is water like this in the beginning of the rainy season I don't want to be here in One on One training with Bangkok Photographersthe end of the rain season.

Usually the flooding don't set in until the ground is Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.stsaturated. The water didn't went down the drain, the water was coming up from the drains. For sure not a good sign.

Anyway, it must have been some heavy rain storm hitting Bangkok during the night and I was lucky it had been during the night and not when I'm walking Bangkok thunder stormaround town. But to get a taxi was impossible. I tried with the motorcycle taxi. But they refused to go with the One on One training with Bangkok Photographersstupid explanation that it was flooding.

Time turned quick and it was soon 11 o'clock. I called my friend and I told him that I would be a few minutes late for our meeting.

No sign of transportation and I had to walk to the sky train station, not what I had wished for as I needed to rest my feet so I can walk normally when it is time to leave for the Polar Bear Quest. So I was not happy when I started to walk towards the sky train station at the Central Embassy shopping mall. OK, burning a few extra calories is never bad, but, Yet another Smiley on hmm, I need to burn millions of them.

One on One training with Bangkok Photographers

One on One training with Bangkok Photographers

I was in pain when I reached the sky train station and all the people waiting to get on the train was Bangkok Sky Trainfor sure not making me any happier. Well, I was in a hurry and there was no option but to get on the very crowded sky train.

Only two stops so it will be over in a few minutes time.

But it was nice to get on the train as they were running the AC. We stopped at NANA and some people got off, but more people got on the train. Next stop Ploenchit and I squeezed myself out of the car.

If it was nice to get on board the train, but it was even more nice to get off the train at the Bangkok Sky TrainPloenchit station.

I walked towards Central Embassy and I called my friend to ask where he was. He was at Starbucks on the third floor and I was outside Starbucks a few minutes later.

My friend and his wife was waiting outside Starbucks and we went inside. I asked for a cup of tea and we took a seat at a table. My friend have a Canon EOS 5D Mark III as well so we started by having a look at the menus. I was a little bit disappointed with my new camera. I have been using my EOS 60D for 2 years or so by now.

I asked how much they wanted to give me for the camera when I bought my new camera, 15000 Baht. Well, then I can as well keep it. Anyway, my new 5D Mark III is protected against water and dust so the buttons are a little different. This is also the reason why there is not a built in flash. Well, anyway, it was hard for me to use the camera, but I will soon get used to the new buttons and where they are located. It is a little bit like when you buy a new mobile phone.

One on One training with Bangkok Photographers
ISO 25600  F-stop: f7,1  Exposure time: 1/125sec  Focal length: 28mm
Impossible with my EOS 60D, ISO3000 and over that it will be too much noise

One on One training with Bangkok Photographers
ISO 25600  F-stop: f5,6  Exposure time: 1/250sec  Focal length: 300mm
Impossible with my EOS 60D, ISO3000 and over that it will be too much noise

One of the reason for me to buy the camera even though there wasn't any built in flash was the possibility to use high ISO speed. If I use more than ISO 3000 on my 60D and the noise made the picture finding it's was straight to the garbage bin.

But according to the reviews of the 5D Mark III the camera could handle very high ISO speed. My friend told me that he had taken pictures with ISO speed of 50000! And he was very satisfied with the result, and he is a professional photographer.

One on One training with Bangkok Photographers
Over exposure

One on One training with Bangkok Photographers
Under exposure

One on One training with Bangkok Photographers
Normal exposure

One on One training with Bangkok Photographers
HDR and this is the picture the camera made for me combining the 3 pictures above

My friend had chosen Central Embassy for all the white. I had asked him to try to think of a place that could be something like the environment where I will take pictures of the Polar Bears. And as Eathai at Central Embassyit is the rainy season it was gloom and grey outside. But all the picture taking made us hungry and we were soon on our way to Eathai in the basement.

Eathai, street food in a clean environment. I loved the place. Same food you eat along the streets, of course with a different price tag. But the price includes that you don't have to see:
• Rats running around
• Dishes cleaned in water grey of dust from the streets
• Birds leaking in the back jumping around in the food

And as an extra bonus you had real cutlery and porcelain plates. And a real chair and table, in other Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.stwords, a winner. This was actually something that Aladdin can recommend.

Eathai at Central Embassy
This is how I like my street food, at least when sober

Eathai at Central Embassy
This is how I like my street food, at least when sober

Eathai at Central Embassy
This is how I like my street food, at least when sober
Eathai at Central Embassy
We took a seat at a table and there was a lady opposite from us and I asked her how she was. We started to talk and she asked if I was a professional photographer. Yeah, this is the reaction when Eathai at Central Embassyyou run around with a Canon EOS 5D Mark II with a 28 to 300mm lens around your neck.

We talked and she invited us to something next Saturday. Ambassador of Bhutan would be there together with some other people. It sounded interesting, but we're out taking pictures of Bangkok Saturday evening.

We spent an hour with her before we left. Will be interesting to see if she will be joining Bangkok Photographers. I took a taxi back home and as it Thai language schoolis Monday it is time for my evening class, yeah, time to study Thai again.

I'm usually walking to school, but today I took a motorcycle taxi Bangkok motorcycle taxi as I wanted to rest my feet.

We were supposed to make another “One on One” with my camera tomorrow. I postponed it until Thursday trying to give my feet a chance to recover from 2 days with too small shoes on my feet.

Coming to school and my old class was finished. The girls in the reception was trying to find out how many lessons I had remaining. I had two remaining lessons and I will pay 9000 Baht for 60 new Thai language schoollessons next Wednesday.

Not bad, home for two days and already boxing exercise and Thai studies. A good start, well, not all that good when leaving school as I stopped at Tony Romas on Terminal 21 for a “FULL SLABB” of the baby backs plus side orders.

And a taxi back home as I want my feet to get better. But I bought onions, and I have Papayaasked the security to buy 10 kilo of Papaya for me.

Tomorrow boxing again and me friend will bring a few bags of pineapple so my healthy life is on the right track. Well, this is pretty much it for today and now we just wait for my next photo session on Thursday evening.

It is nice to be back home in Bangkok again
No need to think for myself, the government is even choosing what I can read or not

Polar Quest - Artlista Svalbard
My Svalbard check list over animals and plants that I will see

I received a list of different animals and plants in Svalbard in the mail. A booklet to bring to Svalbard and I can thick of the different animals and plants I see. Well, the Svalbard list of different animals and plants on Svalbard is as far as I know still possible to read without running in to the dreaded GREEN SCREEN.

In English, Swedish, Norwegian and the scientifically name. Click HERE to read it. This sights will most likely be gone in a few years, nothing left for the next generation to see.

Well, anyway, we have mobile phones and other more important stuff. You can kill sometimes flipping through the list while waiting for my next “One on One” camera training. And this time it will be in the dark with my new Canon EF 70-200/2,8L IS II USM and I'm delirious with anticipation.

Well, just to click HERE and you will find yourself in Benjasiri Park in the heart of Bangkok

Sverigedemokraterna fighting modern slavery in EU
Are you blind to whats happening?
NO! This was the whole purpose with EU and the globalisation!

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