Aladdin's adventure at the Camillian Hospital in Bangkok

Monday 9th of February 2015 and I was off to Camillian Hospital when we had finished the boxing session. I have had some pain in my stomach, back going down to the crotch. Cancer, hernia or a sudden death? My friend was worried and he asked me to call him when I had been at the hospital. I told him not to worry
- If it is something serious, just burn me and throw me in the river!

I took a taxi to Thonglor, I knew that the hospital would be on the left hand side coming from Sukhumvit, but not where. I have passed the hospital when I'm on my constitutionals Yet another Smiley on down Bumrungrad Hospital in BangkokThonglor. First time at Camillian Hospital as I have been using Bumrungrad Hospital for the last 20 years.

I don't know what have happened with Bumrungrad, but I don't like to go there anymore. And my friend had been at the Camillian and he recommended it.
- It is a NON PROFIT Christian hospital

Non-profit sounded good, then maybe they don't try to give me a bag of medicines as they do at all the other hospitals in town. Yeah, you walk by a hospital in Bangkok and suddenly you find yourself Aladdin's adventure at the Camillian Hospital in Bangkokcarrying a few kilos of medicines.

I usually ask the Doctor what all the medicines are for, yes, I have some basic training in medical care. And a Thai Doctor is not to be discussed with as you can do with a Swedish Doctor.

If a Thai Doctor tells you that 2+2=5 there are no way in the world that you can tell him it is 4 without upsetting him. Because SHE/ HE is the Doctor and you should just shut the foock up and listen. And many times I have ended up in an argument about all the medicines and they get upset when I take away medicines on their list. I only take medicines if it is really Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.stnecessary, and then only medicines that makes sense.

I remember one Doctor at a very expensive hospital in Bangkok. I needed a medical certificate and we did all the checks and I got the medical fit certificate. Impossible to read, it was like a 4 year old had scribbled on the certificate. I had paid PREMIUM dollars for the certificate and this was for sure not good enough.

I knocked on her door and I stepped inside
- This is not good enough!
- It is very good, she replied
The Doctor was not happy, but she made a new certificate and this time I could read what it said. Aladdin's adventure at the Camillian Hospital in BangkokWell, anyway, I was hopeful about the Camillian Hospital.

I got out of the taxi and I was soon in front of a desk registered as it was the first time at Camillian Hospital. They pointed me to another desk when I was registered. There were four Nurses at the desk checking patient’s vitals.

Yes, in Bangkok they always check you vitals before you see the Doctor. And yes, I have ended up in a discussion about this many times as well. I'm at the hospital to check my eyes and they have to check my weight!? Aladdin's adventure at the Camillian Hospital in BangkokAnyway, we checked my vitals and the Nurses were happy.
Blood pressure

And a good sign, they went to get a normal size cuff for the blood pressure test. Last time I checked my blood pressure I got the not so good remark “hypertension” They only had a mini cuff and there were 4 or 5 Nurses trying to hold the cuff together when they measured the blood pressure. Also something I “discussed” with the Doctor, in vain. But here at Camillian hospital they had the right equipment and my blood Aladdin's adventure at the Camillian Hospital in Bangkokpressure was OK and I was happy. They told me to wait outside the door marked 5 and I was soon called to see the Doctor.

I was prepared to die but as soon as I showed him where I had the pain the doctor told me that it might be a joint. I was relieved, experienced Doctor should have been able to tell me if it would have been cancer, hernia or a sudden death by my description of the pain.

He suggested a damaged joint and I was sent to the X-ray section. I didn't turn cartwheels to the Aladdin's adventure at the Camillian Hospital in BangkokX-ray machine, but I was pretty happy. I was told to take off my clothes and the X-ray guy brought a gown for me to wear. The gown was several sizes too small.

I asked the X-ray guy why I should wear the gown, I could as well wear my shirt.
- The gown is better as it is big size
- It is a tenth the size of my shirt
I kept the gown and we took a few pictures and the X-ray guy left the room. He told me to wait. Wait for what? I got dressed and I Aladdin's adventure at the Camillian Hospital in Bangkokleft the room. I saw the X-ray guy and a girl looking at the pictures. And they were not happy with the pictures. They told me that we had to take Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.sttwo more pictures.

I asked them if it wasn't any danger with all the X-ray pictures.
- NO NO! Very low power

I was not convinced, but I went in to the room again, but this time I kept the shirt on instead of the gown.

We took two more pictures and this time they were happy with the pictures and I could get dressed Aladdin's adventure at the Camillian Hospital in Bangkokagain. I asked them if I could return to the Doctor's office. They told me to wait at the Doctor's office and they would send the pictures there.

I took a seat and I fired up my phone to surf the internet. Yes, I had brought my phone so I could surf the internet while waiting as I use to do a Bumrungrad.

But I have never had any chance to surf the internet here on Camillian Hospital. Not much of waiting time and same now. I was actually surprised when the Doctor called me after just a few
Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.stminutes. And he was looking at the X-ray pictures when I stepped in to his office. And yet again I was relieved, nothing wrong with the joints. He asked if I wanted to have some anti-inflammatory and muscle Aladdin's adventure at the Camillian Hospital in Bangkokrelaxant medicines to try for a week. And if this did not help I had to come back for a scan. This sounded serious and I really hope the medicine Yet another Smiley on will get rid of the pain.

I said good bye and I went to pay the bill and to pick up my medicines. This just took a few minutes and I was soon on my way. It was just after 3 and I had not spend as much time as I had expected. So no need to go to a Papayarestaurant before my Thai class tonight.

I have plenty time to go back home to eat papaya instead of going to a restaurant. I was soon on Thonglor waiting for a taxi.

Selling stickers on Thonglor
Well, road safety

Selling stickers on Thonglor
Well, road safety

Selling stickers on Thonglor
Well, road safety

Well, Thai School in the evening and when I was back home I checked the internet for my next “What to do for fun when you're too old for party - How to kill a day in Bangkok” adventure. And I decided to take off to Museum of Siam after the boxing tomorrow. And you just need to click HERE to find yourself at the Museum of Siam.


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