Bro Jupiter, I was Chief Officer between 16th of August 2006 and October 2006.

Bro Jupiter
Bro Jupiter in dry dock summer 2004
I took this picture when I signed on Bro Jupiter 2004

Bro Jupiter was built 1999 in Shanghai Qui Xin. It's a tanker for Oil/Chemical with iceclass 1A.
She's on 14 369 DWT and she's 120m long and 21m wide with a draft of 9,5m.
She loads 15 343m³ (98%) in 12 tanks. She have 1 FRAMO deepwell pump in each tank. We can load 12 segregations.
She have space for 390m³ slop
She have a Hudong B&W 2-Stroke main engine on 6150Kw and she make 13,5 knots.

PLEASE! Give me a few days before I can upload. You can kill the time while waiting for my next upload with my Friday afternoon boredom killer.

You can start our Main engine as many times you like. But first a word of precaution: It's addictive! But it's fun.

Before leaving Sweden I bought a new mobile phone, they call it the third generation mobile phones. Well, never mind what they call the darn thing, but I will be able to upload my web page Hip Hopwhere ever I stay on the globe,Hip Hop as long as I have network coverage of course.

I expect to be updated via e-mail from J about the “ Sveriges tjockaste Hip Hoppare” 2006 award party. I'm sure that he will steal the whole show with his new wristwatch. If he, on top of that, comes out with a few “ RESPECT! ” and “ YOO! ” there is nothing to worry about.

I have to find a new case for my iPod. I gave away my iPod sport that I bought in Saudi iPod SportArabia. Our Video Man on Rainbow Warrior thought it was a very nice accessory. I spent one afternoon in Istanbul looking for iPod Sport for him, iPod Sportbut I failed and I gave him mine.
- Easy to find a new one when I'm back in Sweden, I thought.

I was around in every shop, but they were fresh out of the iPod Sport.
- Come back in a few week. Then we have new ones in stock.
I had to buy an iPod Scooby and, well, it's not popping out as the funkiest accessory around.
Smiley Hmm, I really don't like walking around the city with this not so “ FUNKY ” thing around my neck. I hope I can find a real Sport on the airport when flying away.

Now it will be nice to leave for a ship again. After a few days at home doing nothing, except SmileyScoobyputting on my glad rags and party, I get agony for hanging around doing nothing. It's the same every time signing off a ship. First hangover and I wish I could disappear somewhere far away, like on a ship.

But it's the same story every time it's time to take the wheel Soulquake Systemon a new ship. Then you miss the good times at home. Even though it will be nice to leave this time, I wouldn't mind spending the weekend with my friend in the North of Sweden. Well, I don't have to sit on an airplane back to the South with a hangover. Coconut Surprise

We have had many good times together, I remember one time when we ordered Coconut Surprises® in the swimming pool.

I don't know what happened, but those Coconut Surprises® are very insidious. Or maybe someone dropped a Mickey Mickey in my Coconut Surprise®. I could not make it out of the pool. I checked my wristwatch and it was 1130 and I remember thinking:
- My watch must have stopped, 1130 and motion sick already.

Soulquake System

He started out as the singer in Soulquake System. Soulquake System is playing Heavy Metal. I Soulquake System - Firm Statement
Snakebyte Vs 2Tribe
2Tribe is a collaboration of club electronical music meeting the Sami and Laplandian beats that focus on the human soul. The project is inspired with lots of spirit and lots of depth mixed within a hit based pop song style.

2Tribe are taking that club feeling and re-inventing it with world and ethno rhythms? Together with Producer Snakebyte they have developed a sound with influences of tribal, ethno, folk, Dance beats, and melodies that will climb the charts.

.Snakebyte Anders Nyman, 28 year old producer from Malmö, Sweden, is the producer and the man behind snakebyte. Anders has been producing and releasing dance music for several years, but snakebyte is his first individual project. “Soul” is collaboration with 2Tribe, a band from northern Sweden. Together they mix the mid-European trance music with traditional folk music from Sweden.
think this is what they call it, or maybe it's Black Metal.

He has told me many stories about the hard life on the tours around the world.
- Tell me all about it!

After Soulquake System he started 2Tribe Soul - .Snakebytes Vs 2Tribewith his friends and now they changed style. Well, once again I don't know what they call this kind of music.

It was easier back in the days, you had techno and hardcore techno. I used to listen to German Heavy Metal, Today there is hundreds of different names for SmileyHeavy Metal. Well, I still call it Heavy Metal.
Just point you cursor to the different CD covers to hear samples. As you can hear there are a slight different. But SOUL is remixed by .Snakebyte. My friend will send the original SOUL with 2Tribe to me and if you are lucky I will put it on my web page.

While waiting for the ship I was stuck in Gothenburg, I had a ticket to Northern Sweden but no Long time no seereturn ticket. I could not go to Rome because they didn't know when the ship was leaving the anchorage. But I went to see a guy I had not seen since the end of the 80's.

They drove from Gothenburg to Båstad in J's Benz limo. He is still calling me Hip Hop.
- You liked Hip Hop 25 years ago when nobody knew Hip Hop, he said.

Well, we were sitting in a bar and I was soon to discover that it's not possible for me to wear the hat I got from our Greek Goddess anymore.
- You have a nice hat, one of the ladies said.
- Where have I heard that before?
- You have beautiful eyes!
- Where do you live?
- Far away.
- In the suburbs?
- No
- In Malmö?
- No
- How do you get home?
- By airplane
- Why don't you stop by my apartment before leaving?
- I'm married.
- Never mind!
- ???!!!???

I thought she had given up, but less than a minute later:
- You are handsome! (Obviously I can not dress in black anymore)
- Are you on drugs?
- Why don't you stop by my apartment before leaving?
- Well, it's always nice with someone bringing a glass of water and scratching your back when The Screamyou wake up with a hangover.
- Bring water! You have to get up and get your own water.

5 minutes later she changed her mind.
- OK, I can bring the water.
- Well, I'm going to throw myself in front of a bus, I said and left.

I left for Chez Ami, a place I remember from my time in Navigation OJ!School a few years ago.

Chez Ami was still up and running. But they told me that they had just reopened the placeChez Ami with the name Chez Ami.

After a few drinks I missed my hat, but I found it at the Ladies restroom on the way to the gents. I have to make up my mind, wearing my hat or buy hair on spray can.

I think I will go for the spray hair, it looks good even when I loose my hat. The inventor of the canned hair must be a millionaire by now. I wish I could come up with something like that.
 Smiley - Hmm, maybe charm on a spray can.
Smiley- Or even better, good look on spray can!

When I woke up I wasn't sure if I did throw my self in front of the bus yesterday. But I took Smileymy vitamins, double dose. But they never kicked in and I was looking forward for yet another of those days hiding and not answering the phone.

Well, I can see that we are blowing this page out of proportions with all the pictures, maybe I have to divide the pages after the month again. When I took the job I was under the impression that it was for 6 weeks.
Then, suddenly, I faced a 8 weeks contract and before I knew it I was on for 10 weeks. So when in Port Jerome I changed the page so you don't have to down load MBs of crapy pictures from the beginning of my tour at the end of my tour.
Make your choice:
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I signed on 16th of August 2006 in Tees and I signed off in Antwerp 20th of October 2006, we did the following voyages:
Voy 35/06: Tees - Hamburg. Min/ Max 13 000 MT Low Sulphur Fuel Oil
Voy 36/06: Tees - Hamburg. Min/ Max 12 000 MT Low Sulphur Fuel Oil
Voy 37/06: Brofjorden - Port Jerome.Max 12000MT/ Min 10000MT. HCB or ICB, pretty much the same as VGO.
Voy 38/06: Tees - Hamburg. Min/ Max 13 000 MT Low Sulphur Fuel Oil  Cancelled
Voy 39/06: Tees - Hamburg. Min/ Max 12 000 MT Low Sulphur Fuel Oil  Cancelled
Voy 38/06: Port Jerome - Antwerp. 12 000 MT +/- 10% S.O option of Fuel Oil
Voy 39/06: Tees - Hamburg. Low Sulphur Fuel Oil  Cancelled
Voy 39/06: Fawley - Rotterdam. 10 000 - 12 000 MT High Sulphur Fuel Oil
Voy 40/06: Rotterdam - Port Jerome. Max 7350 MTvac B/L HCB (Hydro Cracked Bottom= Low sulphur VGO)
Voy 40/06: Dunkirk - Port Jerome. 5000 MT +/- 5% VGO
25th of September to 6th of October repair jetty in Rotterdam
Voy 41/06: Fawley - Port Jerome. 12000 MT +/-10% Low sulphur VGO
Voy 42/06: Port Jerome - Antwerp. 12000 MT air B/L High sulphur VGO I'm signing off in Antwerp
Voy 43/06: Brofjorden - Port Jerome. 13500 - 15000 MT HCB Cancelled, fåck I want to go home


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