Aladdin's adventure on board Thai Airways flight TG 951

Friday 31st of July 2015 and it is time to leave Skåne. I have had Engelholms Glass, Soft Ice cream and Engelholms Glass. So I'm in no hurry to come back.

The train to Copenhagen was full, very full. But as I was one of the first to board the train I Copenhagen International Airport Kastruphad a seat. Departure from Helsingborg 11:12 and it took about 1 hour for the Öresundståg/ Ørsundståg to reach the Copenhagen International Airport Kastrup.

Thai Airways check-in was open and I had soon checked in. Security check was pretty quick and I was soon in the SAS lounge drinking soda water updating my web page. I was also looking for tickets to Cape Town. I Copenhagen International Airport Kastruphad already discovered that Turkish Airways were fully booked on the 2nd of July at the hotel this morning.

Boarding TG 951 at 13:45 so I didn’t had very much time in the lounge. But I was dead tired so I will Yet another Smiley on hopefully be sleeping all the way to Bangkok. But I will drop a “back up” sleeping pill.

Immigration and there must have been a million or two lining up, yes, discovering the queues had a real bracing effect on me. Then I spotted a booth with an Immigration Officer. Above the booth was a Copenhagen International Airport Kastrup-Thai Airways flight TG 951sign saying EU citizens and I went there and I was through immigration in 0.2 and I was very happy coming out on the other side.

Actually, first time I had ever had any use for the EU line. Otherwise it is usually kaos at the immigration lines on the European airports and no one gives a flying f**k about EU or NON EU citizen lines. I was soon at gate C33 Copenhagen International Airport Kastrup- Boarding Thai Airways flight TG 951and they had just started with the boarding. Row 60 to 72 was boarding but as I was sitting in the pointed part I could just board when ever I wanted.

I got my seat and I was greeted with my name, impressive how they could memorise the name of their passengers.

I asked for a bottle of water and I was soon in my seat waiting for take off so I could turn my seat in to a bed and get some sleep. The brought Copenhagen International Airport Kastrup- Thai Airways flight TG 951a tray with drinks and I told the Stewardess that I was happy with my bottle of water.

We took off towards Bangkok and I could see Skåne through my window and I was waving good bye. The crew were soon bringing the drink cart and I told them that I was satisfied with my water. I popped my sleeping pill and when they brought the menu I told them that I was on diet.

I turned my seat in to a bed and I asked for an extra pillow and I was soon asleep. I had turned my wrist watch from Skånsk to Thai time and it was around 8 o'clock in the evening Bangkok time. We will arrive 6 in the morning and I hope I can sleep until then.

Thai Airways flight TG 951
Cloudy over Skåne

Thai Airways flight TG 951
We're coming out from the clouds

Thai Airways flight TG 951
We can see Skåne through a hole in the clouds

Thai Airways flight TG 951
We can see Skåne through a hole in the clouds

Saturday 1st of August 2015
and I woke up a few times during the night, but finally at 4 o'clock in the morning Bangkok time I woke up. I asked for tea and I started a new movie with Jason Thai Airways flight TG 951Statham. He was in Las Vegas and seriously, Jason must have enough money and he should not have to embarrass himself by participating in a crappy movie like this. This was a disappointment. Seriously, the movie left a bad taste in my mouth.

I was jumping out of my chair when I discovered that Jason Statham had made a new movie. Yippee AYE AYE motherfockers, Aladdin is going to watch a movie. Something a really not do very much. And all I got out of it was disappointment and a bad Thai Airways flight TG 951taste. Lucky I was on Thai Airways as they always have good food. The breakfast was very good and I was kind of satisfied after 10 of the Thai Airways special cup of tea. If it hadn't been for the movie...

Approaching Bangkok and I could see that the sky started to light up in the west. It would be day light when I was in the taxi on my way back home. It had been a nice flight and I had been sleeping most of the time, just the way I like to fly. Sitting for 10 hours wishing that we arrive soon is not exactly a nice way to go. Well, the first 5 minutes of the flight you're surprised how nice the seat it. After 10 minutes it starts to be kind Thai Airways flight TG 951of uncomfortable and then you spend the rest of the flight looking at your wrist watch wishing that you had arrived already. GET ME OFF THE PLANE!

We landed in time and I was through the premium lane in the immigration in less than 5 seconds. Now I had to wait for my bags, but it is better to wait for the bags than to stay in a line at immigration. I booked a taxi while waiting for my bags. My bag was the first bag to come up, but that didn't helped very much because my two remaining bags were quite far after the first bag. I bought milk and diet Boxing in Bangkokdrink at Family Mart before we left Suvarnabhumi International behind us bound for Sukhumvit.

I was back home before 7 and we will do a boxing session at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, I'm better off to get started with the exercise ASAP as I have grown a wee bit while in the arctic. I had Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.stexpected to come back home with a V-shaped torso. Yes, what is there to eat in the arctic? Well, obviously much more than expected!
So some exercise will do me good, just a shame that I will have to join the ship already.

Well, one night in Bangkok and I'm off for Cape Town for safari. I will just stay in Cape Town for three nights so it will be one day gaming drives in national parks close to Cape Town. So I'm off again and you just need to click HERE to find out how Cape Town are at this time of the year.

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