Aladdin back in Skåne - July 2015

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27 July '15 FI206
08:30 - - 13:25

Monday 27th of July 2015 and as I had been sleeping since just after 10 o'clock yesterday evening MAX Icelandic Volcanoit was not too bad to get out of bed at 5 o'clock. A shower and some Gravlax with Diet before I went to the reception where my Driver was waiting for me. We were soon on our way towards Reykjavik’s international airport.

It will take us about 1 hour to get there and I will have 2 hours before departure.

And I really look forward to getting to Helsingborg to check-in to Hotel Marina Plaza, first thing I have planned to do is to get to Österns Pärla for some of the “really” good stuff

Österns Pärla

PAP & Emblem - Skåne Staajl

So Skåne next, but first a boring flight to Copenhagen. Icelandair, same service as SAS and it was the machine self check in but as I had done it on internet I went to the baggage drop. And as I had checked in on my hotel room I could not print my boarding pass. And as this is Icelandair it Icelandairturned out to be a problem and I had some difficulties to get the girl to print out my boarding pass
- Where is your mobile phone?
- I checked in on my lap top!

I got my boarding pass and now she discovered that I had two bags, exactly the same bags and content I had when I was flying with Icelandair to Reykjavik. Well, I had a small clay Puffin in my Icelandairbag. But I had been throwing some shirts during my stay. So pretty much the same luggage.
- Do you want to pay for the extra bag?
- What extra bag?
- You are only allowed to have one bag
- I had 2 bags coming here
- Well, Icelandair only allows one bag
- So how come they allowed me to have two coming here?
- You can pay or take it as “carry on”

Smart move, I'm really impressed by Icelandair. Cannot check-in your luggage so the cabin will be Keflavik International Airportfull of luggage. Really smart and what on earth were they thinking when they came up with this idea. Other airlines try everything to avoid people having too much “carry on” in the cabin.

Keflavik International Airport, the security was not a pleasant experience. They had signs that they were sorry for the “inconvenience” but we were in the PEAK hours. The sign was permanent so I guess it was like this all the time.

At least in the summer, winter time and Keflavik International Airport must be one of the most deserted airports in the world. At least in the civilized world.

No place to sit down with my lap top to update my web page. I bought a milkshake and a Diet MAX and I spent 90 minutes in the coffee shop updating my web page.

I bought some gifts for my nephews and the time was passing pretty quickly. I left for gate #3 Keflavik International Airportand Icelandair's flight FL 206 at 8 o'clock and the queue was long for the boarding.

Internet check-in and I had selected row 7 as this was the last aisle seat. There was a window seat available at row 6 when I checked in. On Icelandair's webpage row 7 was 3 seats and row 6 was 2 seats.

Small business class and the last 3 rows with biz seats row 4 to 6 was tourist class today. I had not chosen the seat in row 6 as I was not sure why there was only 2 seats. I was not happy when Copenhagen, Kastrup International AirportI discovered that I was sitting in a monkey class seat when I could have been in a biz seat.

I was suffering a restless leg and the flight was terrible until I managed to fall asleep on the decent to Copenhagen, Kastrup International Airport. I woke up when we hit the runway. It felt like the plane was about to flip over when we hit the runway. And of course, I had to walk across the whole airport to reach the luggage claim.

I bought a train ticket to Helsingborg. 45 minutes until the direct train to Helsingborg was leaving so I took the Öresundståg to Malmö where I changed to a Pågatåg. And yet again I have a reason Copenhagen, Kastrup International Airportto complain about Kastrup. The train as so full it was just so all the passengers made it on board the train.

And of course, as the Kastrup train station is at an international airport all passengers had luggage. And they wanted to bring on board the luggage on a train without any space for luggage. Believe me, it was nice to get off the train in Malmö and change to the Pågatåg bound for Helsingborg.

I checked in at Marina Plaza in Helsingborg and I was at Österns Pärla a few minutes later. A few of their delicious spring rolls and I was back to my room. I arranged a car for tomorrow and then I spent the rest of the evening with my pictures. I even skipped the dinner that I had planned to have at Kitchen & Table at Clarion Grand Hotel. Smoked salmon and Skånsk new potato.

Tuesday 28th of July 2015
and my alarm went off at 8 o'clock. I have to be at the rented car company at 10 o'clock. They have an Audi for me. First they only had a Mercedes E class, but who want to drive a Mercedes when there is an Audi?

PAP & Emblem - Ursäkta min Skånska

I picked up the car and as there was no parking available at the hotel until 11 o'clock I had a drive up the West coast of Skåne and I reached Nyhamnsläge before I turned around and drove back to Marina Plaza in Helsingborg. I got to see a few of the laces I lived some hundred years ago. And I also got to see some of the schools I was going to hundreds of years ago.

I was in one school 1975 to 1978. I stopped the car and I had a look around. Now it was redecorated and turned in to a day nursery since 1982 I think. I don't remember what they told me. The trees were still there and we used to play football on what was then a gravel pitch

Nyhamnsskolan's annex 1975
Nyhamnsskolan's annex - I was in school here between 1975 and 1978
Today a day nursery and redecorated - No fence when I was in school here

Nyhamnsskolan's annex 1975
Nyhamnsskolan's annex - I was in school here between 1975 and 1978
Today a day nursery and redecorated - Some mounds made here for the children to play at.
Used to be a gravel pitch where we played football

Nyhamnsskolan's annex 1975
Nyhamnsskolan's annex - I was in school here between 1975 and 1978
Today a day nursery and redecorated - The red annex was not here 1978

I was driving back to Helsingborg and I got my parking space. I packed the car with stuff that I had Puffin hatbrought form Thailand. I also brought some Puffin hats that I had bought for my nephews at Puffin hatElding on Iceland.

I drove to see my nephews and I had planned to bring them to Kalle på Spången for some lunch. But lunch turned in to dinner as I ended up playing football in the garden.

And to find Kalle på Spången was not all that easy. I had forgot how to drive there. And when we arrived we discovered that they only had Smörgåsbord on the weekends. They had a herring buffet, for sure nothing we were going to eat.

But they had Edward's kavring and we took a seat at a table and we asked for the menu

Kalle på Spången

There were some specialities from Skåne, but not any chocolate mousse with whipped cream. And as we were in Skåne this was not any problem, they would arrange this for us. I started with Kalle på Spångensmoked salmon dill creamed potato. As a “TOP UP” I asked for a Skånsk äggakaga med fläsk. And they brought the biggest pot of tea since I had my meal at Sjavarbarinn Sea food in Reykjavik.

The food was good and we got a basked with Edward's kavring, and there were soon a new basked with the excellent Edward's kavring. By the time the Skånsk äggakaga med fläsk arrived to the table I was full and I needed help to finish the food. Lucky I had 3 more Kalle på Spångenmouths with me.

We could not finish all of the Skånsk äggakaga med fläsk and we were very happy that they had forgot about the chocolate mousse when we asked for the bill.

We were soon on our way back home and we kept our eyes out for a place where we could buy a croquet set. We had to drive all the way to Hyllinge and Hyllinge StormarknadHyllinge Stormarknad where we could by the croquet set. I had been in to a few shops without any luck.

I dropped my nephews at their house and I told them to set up the croquet so we could play tomorrow. I took off to Helsingborg and my bed at marina Plaza Hotel.

I was dead tired and it will be an exciting day tomorrow with croquet and a visit to Laxbutiken and their buffet, the best Laxbutikenbuffet in the world? I had planned for my lunch here today, but, well, it was afternoon by the time I was ready, so tomorrow instead.

The evening was spent in my room updating my web page. I was tired and I went to bed at 9 o'clock but it turned out to be very hard to fall asleep.

Wednesday 29th of July 2015
and my alarm went off at 8 o'clock. I felt asleep again and I didn't woke up until 11. I had missed the breakfast, good, I have planned for some restaurants today. But I will play croquet so I skipped the lunch at Laxbutiken or it would be too late. I checked the Margretetorp Gästgiveriinternet and I found Margretetorp Gästgiveri not far away from here. And according the their web page they had Smörgåsbord until 14:00. So Margretetorp Gästgiveri it was!

I was soon on my way and I was getting hungry so this was good as I expected much from Margretetorp Gästgiveri's Smörgåsbord. Food from Skåne at it's best!

PAP & Emblem med General Knas - Röd & Gul

I arrived to Margretetorp Gästgiveri and it looked to be a nice place. Same when I stepped inside, looked to be a nice place. I told the Waitress that I wanted to enjoy the Smörgåsbord. It was instant disappointment.
- We only have summer buffet
I was about to say something, but I asked for a pot of tea instead and I dug in to the summer buffet. There really wasn't much. Gravlax and Skånsk new potato. Could as well have stayed in Helsingborg for the gravlax and boiled potato. I had 2 plates and a plate of chocolate cake with whipped cream. I asked for my bill and I left Margretetorp Gästgiveri never to return again.

Margretetorp Gästgiveri
Margretetorp Gästgiveri looked nice

Margretetorp Gästgiveri
Margretetorp Gästgiveri looked nice

Margretetorp Gästgiveri
Margretetorp Gästgiveri looked nice

Margretetorp Gästgiveri
Margretetorp Gästgiveri looked nice

Margretetorp Gästgiveri
Margretetorp Gästgiveri looked nice

Margretetorp Gästgiveri
Margretetorp Gästgiveri and a NOT so impressive “summer” buffet

Seriously, I had expected a Skåne style Smörgåsbord and I get a summer buffet that I could have lived without. Why did I drive all the way to come here? The salmon and potato was Croquet in the gardenexcellent, but not the reason for me to come here. If it wasn't fro the new potatoes from Skåne I could as well have eating this in Bangkok.

But I was full and I was looking forward to Laxbutiken in the evening. Now I was going to play croquet with my nephews. It will be interesting to see if they have set up the game. They had not done it when I called at 12 o'clock. Maybe they had done it by now, or by the time I arrive.

Well, we had to set up the croquet set when I arrived and we were soon on with the game. I have not played croquet in a very long time by now. But there was a “rule” book with the set.

Croquet in the garden
Croquet in the garden

Croquet in the garden
Croquet in the garden

Croquet in the garden
Croquet in the garden

Croquet in the garden
Croquet in the garden

Croquet in the garden
Croquet in the garden

We played Croquet for a few hours and I had a cup of tea before I left for Laxbutiken. It is quite a few years ago I had the salmon buffet at Laxbutiken and I was hungry and drooling Croquet in the gardendelirious with anticipation. The best salmon you can get in the world.

I was so excited driving the car I missed the highway, but never mind as I ran in to a beautiful sight on the country side of Skåne. I had a few pictures and I was soon on the highway driving north towards Laxbutiken and their delicious salmon. Smoked salmon in all the different flavours you can wish for. And I was getting hungry again just thinking about it. So I kept a good speed on the highway.

Darn! I did it again, I missed the exit from the highway when I reached Laxbutiken. Never mind as next exit was 2 km away and I was soon back on the highway southbound towards Laxbutiken Laxbutikenand I turned off the highway a few minutes later. Laxbutiken just a few hundred meters away.

Darn, there were many cars on the parking lot and I was worried that the second floor would be full. When I called the told me that they had the buffet on the second floor. I made sure it was not the “self service” styled restaurant on the first floor. No, this was on the second floor. The first thing I saw was that they called it summer buffet just as they had Laxbutikencalled it at Margretetorp Gästgiveri. I got alarmed. I also got alarmed when I saw that they only served the buffet to 18:00.

Closing time at 19:00 according to their web site. I was quarter to 6 and I rushed up the stairs. When I discovered the buffet I realised that it would not be any problem to finish before 6 o'clock. This was for sure not how I remember the salmon buffet from back in the days when they served it in the old restaurant.

The once so grand salmon buffet had turned in to something that reminded me about a 99 Baht breakfast buffet in Pattaya - Where is the Oak smoked salmon? Where is the juniper smoked salmon

The once so grand salmon buffet had turned in to something that reminded me about a 99 Baht breakfast buffet in Pattaya - Where is the Oak smoked salmon? Where is the juniper smoked salmon

The once so grand salmon buffet had turned in to something that reminded me about a 99 Baht breakfast buffet in Pattaya - Where is the Oak smoked salmon? Where is the juniper smoked salmon

Ok, it was better than a buffet in Pattaya. But the smoked salmon and potato, well, I could have had that in Bangkok. I started to regret that I had not stayed in Helsingborg for spring rolls at Svanhalls Krog- Engelholms glassÖsterns Pärla. For sure nothing I can get back home in Bangkok.
Österns Pärla

Two plates of salmon and potato. They had a salmon boiled in dill and that was very good. Well, the food at Laxbutiken is always very good. And it is not expensive. OK, I had filled gas in the car for about 2500 Baht to get here. Plus 1200 Baht for the buffet, About 100 US Dollars, so yes, it would have been cheaper at Marriott in Bangkok. well, I will never come back, same as I said last time. But this buffet was noting to miss back in the days.

OK, now i only have one more thing on my list before flying back home. Engelholms Glass and I drove south towards Skåne is search for the Engelholms Glass.

I have an extra bag with me for sausages and Skånsk potatoes to bring back to Bangkok. But I got an e-mail this morning and they want me Engelholms Glassto join the ship in Cape Town. I will see how this turns out, I'm planning for some safaris. So I will not bring back any food to Bangkok.

I had to drive all the way to Svanshall before I found Engelholms Glass (the best ice cream in the world) There was a sign saying Svanhalls krog and that they were Engelholms Glassopen. There was also an Engelholms Glass sign. So I turned off the road and I drove down to the marina.

Svanshall, I had for sure not expected there to be a restaurant in the small village with jus a few houses on the south shore line of Skälderviken. I arrived to the marina and the first

Svanshall is a small fishing village on the western coast of northwest Skåne County, southwest Sweden, about 25 km north of Helsingborg.

The nearest village to the south is Jonstorp; north along the coast are the villages of Skäret and Arild.

The village has a small marina and lighthouse. On July 15, 1749 it was passed by Carl Linnaeus on his Scanian trip.

Svanshall is a surfing location??!!

Most important: Svanhalls krog have Engelholms Glass

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
thing I saw was a sign that I could drive over the edge of the jetty and in to the water.

Svanhalls Krog- Engelholms glass

I passed a house and I could see the flag of Skåne behind the bushes and I guessed that this was the restaurant. And there was nothing else reminding about a restaurant in the small marina.

Svanshall marina
Svanshall marina

Svanshall marina
Svanshall marina

I stepped inside and I told them that I had seen their sign that they sold Engelholms Glass. The girl told me that the ice cream hut were closed but she would go get an ice cream for me. She Svanshalls krogbrought back a Engelholms Glass stor strut for me. I paid her for 2 and I told her that she could bring back one more when I was ready with the first one.

I finished my ice creams while talking to two guys eating at Svanhalls krog. They were outside smoking and they knew the owner of Engelholms Glass living not far away from Svanshall.

I finished my ice creams and now there was nothing else on my “must” do list while here in Skåne.

I drove back to Helsingborg and Elite Marina Plaza Hotel. I will try to sleep early today so I can get up early for the croquet game. And getting to bed early didn't turned out successfully as it was 3 thirty before I felt asleep. I changed my alarm from 8 to 9 o'clock at 3 o'clock in the morning.
Engelholms glass
Thursday 30th of July 2015
and I left my room at 1 o'clock to go to play croquet with my nephews. We played for a few hours and I had to go back to Helsingborg to return my rented car. I drove around looking for a place where they served Falukorv, but no luck. Only Kebab and Pizza.

I was at Österns Pärla for some spring rolls in the evening while my Windows upgraded to Windows 10. My last spring rolls for only God knows how long as I'm flying back to Thailand tomorrow. I stopped at Pressbyrån to buy a Diet MAX on the way back to Marina Plaza Hotel.

I will leave with the 11:12 Öresundståg/ Ørsundståg for Kastrup, Copenhagen International Airport tomorrow. And by clicking HERE you will soon find yourself on board the train.

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