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Kvarnberget, Göteborg Spring 1990

So it's time for school again after a few weeks of Christmas holiday. So far I had missed one exam Gothenburg/ Göteborglast semester due to my visit to west Berlin to take Gothenburg/ Göteborgdown the wall. It was worth it and this exam was noting I was worried about.

I was pretty pleased with my autumn semester, I had managed to do all the exams for year 2 and 3. I also went to evening school to learn how to sew and I had had plenty fun between the exams. But now it's the spring semester and my last semester in school. I had also joined an evening school this semester. Religion Gothenburg/ Göteborgand history, 2 nights a week.

There were new faces in our student home, I don't remember when they moved in. But January 1990 is the first time I get them on picture so I guess they moved in during Christmas. But I'm not sure.

Thursday 18th of January 1990
is the date of my Gothenburg/ Göteborgnext pictures. I don't remember much from the January of Gothenburg/ Göteborg1990. But I remember this day, at least when I look at the pictures.

We were in our friend's apartment on Hisingen, I don't know why. Obviously we were drinking beer Gothenburg/ Göteborgand it was not like we needed any special reason or occasion to drink a beer or two.

We ended up at Columbus on 2a Långgatan, not Gothenburg/ Göteborgfar away from mu student home. seem like we spent a lot of time at the place back then.

By then they had rebuilt the place and it had lost much of its charm. Later on it was sold and renamed to Garlic and I never went there again.
Gothenburg/ Göteborg
Well, it started as a slow day on Hisingen Gothenburg/ Göteborgand when we were at Columbus we were a bunch of people from school.

And most likely we stayed at Columbus until they closed at 1 or 2 o'clock and unnecessary to say, I skipped class the whole Friday.
Gothenburg/ Göteborg

Gothenburg/ Göteborg

Saturday 20th of January 1990
and there was a party at the old railway station in Mölle. There On the way to Mölleare no more trains going to Mölle. But when they Mölle a long time agobuilt the station back in 1910 there were direct train from Berlin to Mölle and the by then world famous sin in Mölle. Yes, times have really changed.
Back then Mölle was the only place where girls and boys were using the same beaches. Sin! Yes, believe it or not. But back then people said that they Mölle a long time agowere going to Arild (On the other side of Kullaberg) when they were going to spend the summer in Mölle.

And I hope no one took offence because of the pornographic pictures on my web page.

Well, anyway, my friend was going down to Mölle and he asked me and my friend if we wanted to join him. Yeah, why not, it was Saturday. It was a birthday party and they had rented the old train station and On the way to Mölleaccording to my friend there was a band playing. We got in On the way to Mölleto his car and we took off towards Skåne and Mölle.
We came to Falkenberg or Varberg before we stopped for dinner and a few beers. Yes, back then the road between Gothenburg and the border to Skåne left a lot to wish for.
We arrived to Mölle and I meet a lot of people that I had not meet in many years. Looking at the Möllepicture and I remember that it was a birthday party Möllefor a guy that I only remember as a child. Of course, when your 18 and he is 12 he is a child. But when he is 20 and you're 26 it's a different story.

Well, anyway, I remember when I was 12 or 13. I and his older brother was sitting in their Mölleliving room. His parents were not home so he asked if I wanted to have a gin.

Gin, it tasted terrible and I threw it out when he Mölledid not watch. I also remember that I got very sick the day after. It was a cold, but anyway, I had never been drinking gin after that.

OK, this guy was selling “PAPAS MIX” on soda bottles. I took a few cl from each one of his Mölledaddy's bottles and sold it. Of course, he got caught. And what does this guy do?
- It was Aladdin! He stole it!
MölleMotherf@cker, I was angry. I could not show myself in that part of the village again. At least, not in a very long time.

It was fun at the birthday party, at least for a while. A little blah-blah with people you had not meet for a few years and after that it was, well, not so very fun.


I don't know for how long we stayed in Mölle, my friend that joined me had relatives in Höganäs On the way to Helsingborgand we wanted to go to Helsingborg.

The guy that had been driving from Gothenburg. I Helsingborgdon't have a clue where he went. But he was coming to pick us up in Helsingborg on the Sunday. We dropped the guy with Helsingborgrelatives in Höganäs, in Höganäs. No surprises there.

We started at Källarkrogen and then we went to 69:an. OK, I Helsingborgthink that we would have been better off staying in Mölle. I have only been a few times at 69:an and I can't remember having fun one single time.

I remember that we returned to our friend's apartment in HelsingborgHelsingborg when they closed 69:an and I guess that we had a few drinks there before falling asleep.
Sunday 21st of January 1990
and I woke up in Helsingborg. Now we had to wait for my friend so we On the way back to Gothenburgcould go back to Gothenburg. We had to pick up our other friend in Höganäs on the way. My brother was joining a ship in Gothenburg so he was going with us as well.

Sunday and it was not as fun going back to Gothenburg as it was Gothenburg/ Göteborgwhen we were going South towards Skåne.

Well, the spirit was soon high again. At arrival to Gothenburg/ GöteborgGothenburg we went to a few pubs for beers. My first picture is marked with O’Leary’s.

But I'm not sure, I never liked the place. Irish music tends to drive me up the wall after 1 or two tunes. There is a few pictures, marked with Farbror Jördis. Gothenburg/ GöteborgI remember the place, well, not the place. But I remember that we went there but not if the name is correct.

I don't know if my brother joined the ship the same evening or the day after.

Well, anyway, the month of January continued pretty in the same pattern. Party during the nights and sleeping during the days. I never went to school, I only went for a few beers at Ölautomaten.

I only went to my evening schools, I think Tuesday and Wednesday nights for my religion and history classes. 2 or 3 hours per night.

Wednesday 31st of January 1990
and the banks closed in Sweden due to a strike. So we're running Gothenburg/ Göteborgout of cash and the Entertainment and Party committee decides that we can drink on credit at Ölautomaten.

Yes, hard time requires drastic measures. And I think this credit stuff was the thing that really made Ölautomaten popular. Of course, this was the only place where to drink beer when you didn't had any cash and suddenly there were plenty new faces.

Saturday 3rd of February 1990
and remember going to Gothenburg/ GöteborgO’Leary’s with my friend and his girl friend. Yes, O’Leary’s and you understand my sacrifice just to Gothenburg/ Göteborgbe a little social.

And this Irish music really drove me up the walls so don’t blame me for being disgrace fully drunk. But that was the only way to be able to stand the Gothenburg/ Göteborg at least to say very bad music.

Well, the last thing I remember from this Saturday is my last picture taken Gothenburg/ Göteborgfrom the side walk. Well, I suppose I took a taxi home after that.

Sunday 4th of February 1990
and I went straight to pick up my friend on my way to Ölautomaten. He was living half, well, almost at school.

Strange, but I remember this moment as yesterday. Gothenburg/ GöteborgI'm knocking on his door and the first thing I see is a lot of potted plants, all dead. Except for a juka palm that was half dead.

He had bought plenty potted plants in an attempt to jazz up his student room but they were all dead with in very soon.
- HEY ! Motherf@cker, get dressed so we can go to Ölautomaten for a little something to drink.
Gothenburg/ Göteborg
We stepped in at Kåren 20 minutes later and we Gothenburg/ Göteborgwere soon having a beer in the hand.

I remember us coming to school and I remember my friend's potted plants. But that's pretty much what I remember from that day. Just one of many days at Ölautomaten drinking beer.
Gothenburg/ Göteborg

Friday 9th of February 1990
and my friend was visiting me in my student home. He was laying in Gothenburg/ Göteborgmy sofa reading MAD Magazine
Gothenburg/ Göteborg
You see, not party every Friday!!! We were talking about the good ol' days when it knocked on my door. It was one of the guys from the Entertainment and Party committee.

He had brought a mutual friend from back when we were living in Skåne. And he had been with us in Gothenburg Gothenburg/ Göteborgbefore. Yes, when I came back from West Berlin back in 1987 we drove to Gothenburg in my car. Gothenburg/ Göteborg

And he had to spend the night at the hospital. But that’s another story. He was working on a boat as a Cook and they were in Gothenburg so he paid us a visit. And the guy from the Gothenburg/ GöteborgEntertainment and Party Committee f@cked up our “QUIET FRIDAY” by bringing a case of beer.

Our friend had to go back to his ship and the guy from the Entertainment and Party Committee passed out in my bed.
Great! Where will I sleep?

Me and my friend ha d just got our “QUIET FRIDAY” destroyed and now we were left alone with a lot of beer to finish.
Gothenburg/ Göteborg
OK, so we had to finish the beer. Anyway, it would be Gothenburg/ Göteborgimpossible to get some sleep sober in my room that night. So the only chance was to drink until we passes out.

Most likely on the floor. The guy from the Entertainment and Party Committee slept in my bed so there wasn't any space for me.

Gothenburg/ Göteborg
OK, the guy from the Entertainment and Party Committee felt like he deserved the day after. Saturday so it was just to get right on to the beer drinking again.

Sunday 11th of February 1990
and it seems to have been one of those LONG WEEKENDS again, Gothenburg/ Göteborgat least by judging from my pictures.

I remember this day very well, well, how it started but not Gothenburg/ Göteborghow it ended. But seems like my student room had turned in to a boarding house.

It started as a quiet Sunday morning in our Student kitchen. When we woke up we only had a few beers left. So we had to ask the other people at the student home if they had something to drink.

Gothenburg/ Göteborg
The only thing they could come up with was a bottle of some strange stuff. Well, as long as it Gothenburg/ Göteborgcontained alcohol it was OK.

During the morning, no, it was most likely early afternoon Gothenburg/ Göteborgmore and more people popped by my room. So my room was soon full and we had the music on full blast.

And I don't know where we found the beers, but according to the pictures we were drinking beer.
Gothenburg/ Göteborg
I remember my friend playing tricks on me with Gothenburg/ Göteborgthe remote for my CD player.

He was sitting in my sofa and every time I started a new tune my friend pushed PAUSE or SKIP. I thought I had to buy a new CD player when I discovered him with the remote in the sofa.

Gothenburg/ Göteborg

Gothenburg/ Göteborg
Gothenburg/ Göteborg
As I mentioned I don't remember how the evening ended, but we were going to Columbus when we Gothenburg/ Göteborghad finished the beers at the student home.

I remember having pictures from Columbus but now I can't Gothenburg/ Göteborgfind them anymore. Actually, there are plenty pictures missing, but never mind. I will survive without them.

But the bank strike had been going on for about 2 weeks by then so I really don't understand where we got the money from.

Gothenburg/ Göteborg

Bank strike or not, we were off to Paris for a few days of party.

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