A little something about the flag of Skåne

At the 1870's the flag was introduced as a symbol for Skåne. Since the 3rd Sunday in July Skåne flag1967 the flag is celebrated with an official flag-flying day. So remember to have a party 3rd Sunday in July. 1992 the flag was registered, hmm, very late. The flag of Skåne has a red bottom with a yellow cross, a gorgeous combination.

During Danish times Denmark was divided into three main parts, Jylland, Sjælland and Skåneland (Terrae Scaniae), each with its own laws. Skåneland being made up of the present of Skåne, Halland, Blekinge and Bornholm (belong to Denmark today).

1658 the Swedish king Karl X beat Denmark and at the Peace of Roskilde Skåne became a part of Sweden. The Swedish domination on Bornholm was short. The inhabitants on the island rose against the new rulers and drove them away (kicked their ass) and returned the island to the Danish king Fredrik III 1660.

The history of begins back in the beginning of the 12th century. The flag has it's origin in a Red and yellow colours on his banner already on the 12 centurysymbol used by the archdiocese in Lund. The Archbishop of Lund is said to have used the red and yellow colours on his banner already on the 12 century.

The Nordic territory separated from the Hamburg - Bremen archdiocese to form an own archdiocese. Archbishop of Lund became the Primacy for this territory and thus Nordic- Skånsk archbishop.

The archbishop of Hamburg - Bremen had a red bottom with a white cross on his banner and the archbishop of Lund choose to have a yellow cross on a red bottom.

The cross in the Nordic flags originates in the cross on the banners from the crusades. The German emperor and the French king had red standards with a silver cross. These standards still exists in the Danish and Swiss flag. The Danish flag is t he oldest national flag, it's called Dannebrogen.

I was walking around Simrishamn January 2017 and I learned somethign new. I was passing a shop with the flag of Skåne flying in the wind outside the shop. I was soon to discover that there was some green colour on the flag.

I stepped inside to tell them about the green on the flag. I was informed that this is the flag of Österlen, a flag I have never heard of before. And it is obviously a mix of the flag of Bornholm and the flag of Skåne. Yeah, I learn something every day and when I passed the shop on my way back I knew it was the flag of Österlen. So no need to stop to go in to make a tit out of myself.

Flag of Skåne
Flag of Bornholm
Flag of Österlen


According to the legend the Danes got their flag "Dannebrogen" at the battle of Reval the year
1219 during Valdemar Sejrs crusade to Estonia. The flag should have fallen down from the sky and thus have been giving the Danish troops new strength.

The Swedes seems to have copy this legend. According to the Swedes "Erik the Holy" got the yellow cross on a blue sky during his crusades in Finland 1157.

There are many theories about the Swedish flag, one is that the Swedish flag should have been a resistance flag against the Danish union in the middle of the
Valdemar Atterdag's
(1320-1375) crest
15th century. One theory is that king Erik XIV took over Riga's yellow and blue cross banner 1562 to incorporate Riga's significant trade market in to the Swedish.

First time a blue flag with a yellow cross like a Swedish flag was on a arms of a province in the south of Finland at the 1550's. It was also used 1562 on Gotland in king Gustav Vasa's funeral procession.

During the 15th century a Nordic flag was created by the Danish king Erik av Pommern. He was
Nordic union's flag
also king of the Nordic union . It looks like he got the design to his flag from the archbishop of Lund banner.

Most likely he used the colours of the Nordic archbishop's colours when he made a worldly Nordic symbol. Remember the yellow cross on the red bottom?
Yellow and red was a common colour combination in medieval coat of arms. Of course the Nordic king and Archbishop wanted the finest metal gold and the finest purple red colour on their banners and this is easy to understand.

When in foreign countries we use to hoist the flag of the host country in our mast. Whenever we comes to Skåne I use to hoist the Skåne flag. The people working in the port seems to be happy about it. They came running down to the ship.
- Very nice flag!! We never seen the Skåne flag used like that before.

Sometimes must be the first time. I only had 1 complain and it was from a Captain onboard.
- It's an insult to the Swedish flag, he said.

Well, what the Yoo!! Every one is happy and I even would like to say that the appreciate the Skåne flag as guest flag. So I don't care if some Captain calls it an insult against the Swedish flag. As long as it is not an insult to the flag of Skåne.

Flag of Skåne hoisted as guest flag in Malmö

Actually I used the signal flag "R" because it looks the same as Skåne flag. If you want to know more about signal flags visit my web ship. Anyway, I hope that you know a little more about the Skåne flag now and don't forget to celebrated the official flag-flying day the 3rd Sunday in July. Let the flag of Skåne fly from your flagpoles.

Flag of Skåne
Flag of Skåne in Helsingborg, June 2015

Flag of Skåne

Flag of Skåne
It is so beautiful you want to cry

Flag of Skåne

Flag of Skåne

Flag of Skåne

Flag of Skåne
Flag of Skåne in Helsingborg, June 2015



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