Written onboard M/T Ek-River July 2010

Queen's Day in Amsterdam 1991

Tuesday 23rd of April 1991 and coming home to Göteborg and I had a hot shower and a change of Frassesclothes. Not to fresh after a night sleeping on the Frassesfloor at a Statoil in Oslo.

Young and handsome, so a shower was enough to fill me with vim and I took off to Frasses, the pub at my old navigation school on Kvarnberget in Göteborg. I have finished school, but I still have a few friends at the school. And the pub is quite On the way to Skånenice, so why not.

Of course, we got drunk. I told them that I had planned to go to Amsterdam to celebrate Queen's Day next week.
- Let's go tonight!
- OK, why not.
- We take the train to Malmö and we can buy plane On the way to Skånetickets there.
There is a train leaving from Göteborg 3 o'clock in the morning. Yes, it's not the first time we're leaving Göteborg in the middle of the night for Copenhagen airport. dangerous, you're drunk and bored of Göteborg and it's just to get on the train to Copenhagen. You never know where you wake up.

We went to pack our bags and my friend left a note to his girlfriend and it went something like this: “Sneckat nisse On the way to Skåneamsterdam” and that's something like “Telk Aladdin Amsterdam” in English. So I understand that she did understand f@ck all.

When we arrived to Helsingborg we had to change train. We had time for a breakfast at Grand Hotel and, well, we have felt better, believe me. But we managed to board the train to Malmö.

On the train I meet a few guys I knew back from when I lived in Båstad. They studied at the university of Lund and they take the train every day. Nice to meet them when we Tivoli, Copenhagenlook like scavengers. Not to talk about how we must have smelled. Well, a few beers and we would be fit for fight again.

We stopped at the bank in Malmö, my friends were students with no money so they borrowed money from me. Then we went to buy the plane Tivoli, Copenhagentickets. We had to take 2 different planes so one of us left with an earlier plane. Actually it was several hours between our flights.
- I will arrange a hotel and I will pick you up at the Central station in Amsterdam.
Tivoli, Copenhagen- Good, we will take a tour to Tivoli while waiting for our flight

We spend a few hours in Copenhagen and we arrived to Amsterdam in the evening, in a very mood. We meet our friend at the Central Station.
- I have arranged the hotel for us.
- Good! Where?
- Just a few minutes away!
Turned out to be the very same hotel I have stayed at when I Amsterdamcelebrated Queen's Day a few years ago. And then I had promised myself never to stay there again.

First time I stayed there I had a good excuse. I Amsterdamarrived to Amsterdam dead drunk and when I woke up at the hotel I didn't had a clue where I was.

Never mind, we had no plans to stay at our room, and we would be drunk the time we would spend in our room. We were soon Amsterdamleaving for the pubs just around the corner from the hotel.

One night we had a guy knocking on our window. I don't know Amsterdamwhat he had been eating. But obviously it was not vitamins. Well, we let him in and he told us the he lived a few rooms down from us.

He must have been crazy climbing between our windows, intoxicated and several meters above ground. Sure Amsterdamdeath to hit the ground from our floor.
Well, we have experienced stranger stuff than that. well, it was several days to Queen's Day and we would go crazy if we would have On the way to Brusselsspent all days in Amsterdam. So we decided to take the train to Brussels in Belgium. Just a short trip with the train. You have time to drink a six pack.

So we got on the train, and please not the jacket my friend on the right hand picture is wearing. I made it myself Brusselsand my friend borrowed it. Of course, I never saw it again after the trip to Amsterdam. Well, I had not expected to. I was during the autumn semester on my Brusselslast year in navigation school. Yes, I took a sewing course at an evening school.

OK, the trip to Brussels was quick. we had a few beers and The Dragon with Biz Markie on full blast the whole trip. BrusselsDamn, that's good music! My friend is stall talking about Biz Markie, and that's even 20 years after our trip to Brussels.

Well, that's how we operate when it comes to music. AmsterdamShould be good!

I don't remember how many night we stayed in Brussels, I think it was 2. Anymore and we would have jumped in front of a train. Amsterdam is better than Brussels so we took the train back for some good night life. And Queen's Day was just a few days away and we want to be there the day before Queen's Day. This is the best day in Amsterdam.

Tuesday 30th of April 1991
and it's Queen's Day and the Amsterdamplace to be at is in Amsterdam. They close the city for cars Amsterdamand all the restaurants, bars and discos moves out on the streets.

Well, actually, the day before Queen's Day is the most fun. Everyone has a day off during the Queen's Day so they can party. The day after queen's day it's back to work again. But we don't ave any work to think about.

We walked around drinking beer all day and there was no problem finding music. Party everywhere and no one got embarrassed if you had a beer or two too many.
But of course we could notice that we had been partying for a week or so. Even though we were Amsterdamyoung, but last night of part we will return to AmsterdamSweden on the 2nd of May, but I guess that we will stay cool tomorrow.

1st of May 1991 was not a very nice day. To wake up at this at least to say terrible hotel room was not a nice feeling. especially when we had decided to Amsterdamtake it easy today so we were fit for our flight back home tomorrow.

2nd of May 1991 and we bought a MAD magazine and my friend was busy with the last page. Yes, we remember MAD magazine and the folding extravaganza. How fun was that? I don't know, but it seems to keep him occupied while waiting for our flight.

I received following e-mail the 5th of September 2010 when I was on M/T Ek-River. So a few days after I uploaded our adventure in Amsterdam there was reactions. And he writes that we had to pay 60 Guilders for the broken window that our nocturnal guest had destroyed. We told the manager about the crazy guy, but when he looked out the window he said it was impossible to clime there and we had to pay.
And by the way, Guilder was the currency used in Holland before the €.
Kollade in våran Amsterdam resa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Vilken flaschback, den gubben som klättrade på väggen och sparka in rutan mitt inatten, vi ju pröjsa 60 guilden för den för när managern kollade ut på den smala kanten sa han att det omöjligt kunde vara någon som klättrat där.
Vilka bilder, som man såg ut. Pilsner överallt, man ligger utslagen på trappan & Åpsis kalopsis står å spyr

Bra att inte skrev några namn som framtida arbetsgivare kan googla på, hade inte varit så bra på CV’t.
Simma lugnt.

It was nice to come back home to Göteborg. I had been home Helsingborgfor not very long when an AB I had worked with on Nordic Link called. He was living on a farm outside Helsingborg and now he was moving.
- We're gonna have a “MOVE OUT” party, do you want to come?

“MOVE OUT” party, what a good idea. Why having house warming parties? The neighbours will hate you before they have learned to know you. when you're moving out, who cares?
Saturday 5th of May 1991
and my friend and I Helsingborgdrove to Helsingborg from Göteborg and we arrived in the early evening. We had stopped at every restaurant and bar we could find to see how Sweden did in the World championship in ice hockey. When we arrived there were plenty people at the party, mostly farmers from around the area. Well, this can be interesting.
It was a darn good party so I was very disappointed when my friend told us that we had to go back to Göteborg. He had almost ended up in a fight because a girl had looked at him.
Helsingborg I was sitting with one of the farmer girls and for sure, I didn't wanted to go back to Göteborg.
- What’s the problem?
- Our hosts younger brother wants’ to fight with me all the time.
- Why?
- I was speaking with his girlfriend.

Obviously things had got out of hand and I tried to speak with the guys, but my friend was attacked a few times so we left. I think we stopped in Båstad on the way back to Göteborg. But well, how fun is Båstad?
Monday 7th of May 1991
and I signed on M/T Eken, no end to the excitements.

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