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Tärnvik - December 2001 to January 2002

I'm in progress to rewrite all my pages during 2010 and 2011. If I remember it right this were the first ship that I did during my time onboard and it is thus the very first web page I did.

All my ships before Tärnvik in the winter of 2001/ 2002 was written, well, it was mostly notes that I wrote down while scanning all my slides back in 2003 when I stayed at Tai Pan hotel during the decoration of my condominium.

So I will not rewrite this page even though it doesn't look good, well, terrible, but it's a piece of history now.

M/T Tärnvik is a 14796 DWT tanker for oil products and for Chemicals IMO II & III. She was built in Ping Pong City 2001 and delivered to Tärntank in the summer 2001. She's 141,2 m long and 21,6 m wide.
M/T Tärnvik can load 15806 m³ in 14 wing tanks (98%). She's a double skin tanker with a ballast capacity of 6112m³.
She takes 576m³ fuel oil and the consumption is 26 ton/ day. She takes 96m³ diesel for the auxiliary engines. Speed 85% MCR,� Loaded condition 14,7 knots.
She have 2 deck tanks under the manifold with a capacity for 172m³ tank cleaning water. She have 7 x Svanehöj electrically driven frequency controlled centrifugal pumps. Top of the line ship with latest technology.

Our crew from The Philippines thought it was very cold. Well; pretty much every one onboard thought it was cold.

This is the CCR located on the bridge with state of the art equipment. Every thing is controlled with 2 keyboards and 2 computer screens. From here we do tank cleaning, loading and discharging the ship.
This was Tärntank's latest ship when I was there as 2nd Officer from 12th of December 2001 to 15th of january 2002.

We were chartered by Fortum (former Neste). We were trafficking the Baltic Sea and Sea of Bothnia. So we usually load products at Fortum's refinery at Porvoo in Finland. We took this products to Finnish and Swedish ports. North of Sweden is very cold during the winter when the quicksilver goes down to 30° below 0°.

Noel The weather in the North of Europe is no joke in the winter. Gloomy and grey all the time. Several weeks can pass by without seeing the sun
We had one cadet onboard from Kalmar Nautical College in SE of Sweden. He was on his last year and are going to take his exam to the summer of 2002. It was very good to have him on watch with my outlook. He was a great help with correcting the chart and at the passage planning.
Magnus & Noel
We are only 10 crew member onboard and as deck officer we are on 6 hours watches. So there is not very much time to be social. Only work and sleep.
Here is the mess room. It's nice and tidy

This is my cabin, also nice and tidy
Here is the Steward in action. It's maybe the most important
crew member. Anyway, if the food is bad people tend to be a
little grumpy. Important with good food

Steaming towards new adventures

This is it from M/T Tärnvik. I was back as Chief Officer on M/T Tärnland after a few days holiday.


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