Written onboard M/T Ek-River July 2010

Nils Dacke
I did not take any picture on this trip

Nils Dacke
Nils Dacke  © Foto Andreas Wörteler.
Thanks to Micke. Visit his page www.faktaomfartyg.crosswinds.net

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M/S Nils Dacke was a trailer and railway ferry and she was built 1988 by Schichau Seebeckswerft AG, Bremerhaven in Germany. She was on 24 745 BR ton and 177,2 m long and 28m wide. She could take 284 passengers. There was 870 m railway onboard but she never carried any wagons only truck and trailers.
She should be delivered 16th of June 1988 but her engine didn't work and she had her trail trip 25th of October and was finally delivered to Swecarrier Rederi AB, Stockholm 28th of October 1988. 31st of October she was in traffic between Trelleborg - Travemünde.
Huckleberry Finn
Huckleberry Finn  © Foto Andreas Wörteler.
Thanks to Micke. Visit his page www.faktaomfartyg.crosswinds.net
In the summer 1993 Nils Dacke was rebuilt to a car and passenger ferry at Masa Yard, Åbo, Finland. She was renamed to Peter Pan and she was back in traffic between Trelleborg - Travemünde autumn 1993.

2001 she was renamed to Peter Pan IV and in the winter 2001/2002 she was rebuild again at SSW Fähr- und Spezialschiffbau GmbH, Bremerhaven, Germany.
Well finally in January 2002 they changed her name again to Huckleberry Finn and she got on traffic between Trelleborg - Rostock. Only God will know what will happen to her in the future.
Visit www.faktaomfartyg.crosswinds.net a very good site for interesting info about ship's and shipping company.

After signing off Tärnvind I was waiting for my 2nd Officers license. Finally when I had received my license I was offered a ship by B & N, I think it was M/S Bremön. But they called me back and cancelled the offer. The ship had run a ground after leaving shipyard in Finland. They had been on the shipyard to repair the damage from grounding and when they left they run aground again. Hmmm, no job for me. Then the called and asked if I could sign on M/S Storön as 2nd Officer. But I had booked a flight to India on the 1st of January 1982 so I could not take that job. I called TT-line where I had worked before and they needed an AB.

I signed on 10th of December 1991 in Trelleborg. I was supposed to stay 1 week but I called the office and told them that I wanted to stay longer.
- OK, you can stay longer, Björn at the office in Helsingborg said.
During the Christmas holiday we were just laying at berth in Trelleborg. We were just a few of the crew onboard during Christmas watching the ship.
I signed off 30th of December 1991 and I went back home to Gothenburg. I had planned to leave for Copenhagen during the night between New Years eve and 1st of January 1992 in order to be in Copenhagen to catch my flight in the morning of the 1st.

Then I could have been celebrating New Year with my friends in Göteborg, but when we were sitting Helsingborgin my friend’s apartment on Hisingen, Göteborg I decided to leave for Denmark in the afternoon. I'm pretty sure that there would be more action in Copenhagen than in Göteborg.

So I went to the train station and I took the train to Helsingborg. I have always remembered it as I went straight to Denmark from Göteborg. But when I wrote this I discovered pictures from Helsingborg on New Year's eve.

I don't remember Helsingborg at all but obviously I spent time in Helsingborg with some friends. HelsingborgAnd according to the pictures I meet a guy I went to school with back in the days.

The only memory I have from New Year's Eve is from Denmark is a New Year's eve party in a big apartment. So I must have take the ferry to Helsingør. I'm almost sure that it was in Helsingør, but now I'm not so sure. It might have been in Copenhagen. Well, never mind, I had a good time but I can't remember how I got to Copenhagen (it's a long time ago) but my flight to Bombay was early morning from Copenhagen airport.

I wish that there were computers and digital cameras available back then, imagine what a shit load of crap I could have been writing about my adventures. Well, now I have to do it from my memory and pictures only. Of course, most of the pictures are without the dates. But I will try to manage.

Well, I'm off to India so hang on, it might be fun.


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