Aladdin back in Skåne - October 2014

Saturday 17th of May 2014 and I bought a ticket to Helsingborg and I went down to wait for the train. 10 minutes later and the train came in and we were soon on the bridge crossing Öresund. And Aladdin back in Skåne - October 2014what a difference from when I crossed the bridge back in May. Back then it was light green and colourful and we looked forward to the summer. Now it is dark green and brown and we look forward to the winter.

We stopped at a few places and we skipped Lund as there were working with the tracks in Lund. It was a nice ride even though the landscape of Skåne was gloomy and grey.

Last time the fields were yellow and light green. Well, I'm only going to stay for a few days and next time I'm back it will be summer again when I'm back from my Polar adventures.

Aladdin back in Skåne - October 2014
Gloom and grey for as long as you can see

I took a taxi to the hotel and I checked in to what must be the smallest hotel room I have ever stayed in. And I have been in Tokyo a few times. I put down my bag and there was no room for me to stand in the room. Well, thinking about it, the room I stayed at in Rome was smaller.

But BEST WESTERN Hotel Duxiana in Helsingborg, what a disappointment. Designed by DUX, what a shitload of crap. The matrasses was made by DUX and the rest is, well, it was more expensive Aladdin back at Österns Pärla in Helsingborg, Skåne - October 2014than Elite Hotel Marina Plaza. And Elite Hotel Marina Plaza was an excellent hotel, but fully booked this time.

I had stopped at Pressbyrån on my way to the taxi so I had a bag of Diet MAX and I Pressbyrånripped open a bottle. I enjoyed my Diet MAX while putting in my new SIM card, also bought at Pressbyrå. I called my brother and he will pick me up at the train station in Bjuv when I get there.

But before going anywhere I as off to Österns Pärla around the corner for some Swedish spring rolls. I asked for two of the Swedish spring rolls and when they came to the table I asked for two more.

I went back to the train station and I had just missed the train to Bjuv and I had to wait for an hour for the next train. I enjoyed 2 cups of tea at a coffee shop next to the ticket office while Aladdin back in Skåne - October 2014waiting. In Bjuv and we went to ICA first thing to pick up my parcel with my new Polar Bear hat.

The post office section was closed and I could not help but remind the lady at ICA Supermarket about when they closed the Post Offices in Sweden 20 years or so ago.

The Swedish population was upset, and rightly so, that the post offices would disappear, but the government was quick to blow smoke up our asses. Exactly the same as when we had the referendum about EU. It would be
Kalle på Spången

Spången ligger vid Rönne å, vid en liten övergång.

Här växte det för över 200 år sedan upp en marknadsplats, Spånga Torg. En naturlig mötesplats där det såldes kreatur, kött, fläsk, och ägg. Här träffades folk från när och fjärran och här passerade också postdilligensen som gick mellan Klippan och Höör. Vid marknadsplatsen byggdes en krogstuga där köpare och säljare kunde besegla och fira sina affärer.

Spången-krogen är känd från 1846, då traktören Pål Lundberg svarade för spis och logi. Efter tio år upphöjdes Spången till Gästgivaregård, och blev samtidigt ordinarie station för postdilligensen. Vägfarande övernattade, åt sig mätta och vilade ut efter sina strapatser.

Edvard Persson gjorde Spången legendariskt redan på 40-talet.
so good, 24/7 service.

Well, I will have to come back tomorrow. Bjuv, what to do now? I called Kalle på Spången to see if they were open. Some nice Skåne food would be nice. We could come, but they started to interrogate me and I asked what was going on.

They were booked tonight, but we could come, but they wanted to know how many of us there were and what time we would like to come. I told them that we would come tomorrow instead. So this is something we're looking forward to.

Kalle på Spången

And it is important for my nephews to learn something about the classic places in Skåne. We went back to my brother’s house and my nephews wanted to play. And my feet was hurting from my Aladdin back in Skåne - October 2014shoes. And running around playing seek and hide in the Supermarket had done nothing good for my feet.

I had asked my brother to order semlor from some bakery. I don't know what the foock he think a semla is. He made them by himself, FIRST MISTAKE! Then he used hamburger buns!

My nephews were nagging on me to come out and play in the garden. My feet was in pain, but after the semla (two) I had no choice but to go out to burn some calories.

I had asked for 4 semlor, from a bakery with a professional baker. But my nephews helped me to Aladdin back in Skåne - October 2014eat them so it was not as bad. But my diet had already suffered a serious blow since I left Roy Maersk in Fujairah.

I was out in the garden in it didn't take long before I had destroyed their inflatable ball. Then my youngest nephew lost our tennis ball, just in time for dinner.

I had too much to eat and no more playing, well, it was time to get back to the train station and the train back to Helsingborg. I was not looking forward to get back to my hotel room. But I was looking forward to get back to the DUX mattress and a good night of sleeping.

Aladdin back in Skåne - October 2014
Playing with my shoes

Aladdin back in Skåne - October 2014

Aladdin back in Skåne - October 2014

Sunday 19th of October 2014
and I woke up 20 minutes after 8 and I had had a very good night's sleep on the DUX mattress. But the room left a whole lot to wish for. Well, I went to check out the Kalle på Spångenbreakfast, it was full so I took a walk to the train station to buy some Diet MAX and train tickets.

The ticket office was closed so I had to come back. There is a train, or as they call them in Skåne: Pågatåg to Bjuv at 12:17 and my plan is to take that Pågatåg.

Pick up my darn polar Bear hat and then to take off to Kalle på Spången. Well, anyway, I walked back to my room with my Diet BEST WESTERN Hotel DuxianaMAX and I stopped at the restaurant for breakfast. I was not impressed and I guess BEST WESTERN Hotel Duxiana is in business only because of Elite Hotel Marina Plaza being fully booked.

Well, that's not the way to run a hotel. I left my room and I was limping my Aladdin back in Skåne - October 2014way back to the train station. By now the ticket office was open and I bought a 2 way ticket to Bjuv. I bought a 2 way ticket to Copenhagen for tomorrow. And I bought a ticket for Copenhagen airport for Thursday morning.

I was getting worried about my “sturdy safari boots” as it is about two weeks before I'm of to Victoria Falls and my African adventure

I was ready way before I had expected, 30 minutes to kill. But I was lucky, the train was waiting on track 2A and I got o board. Aladdin on board Pågatågen in Skåne - October 2014Skånetrafiken have WIFI on Pågatågen so I read the news while waiting.

Time turned quick and we were soon on our way towards Bjuv. WIFI is not so bad on board the trains, well, as long as you have something to connect to the WIFI with.

Bangkok Post and some other online news and I kept myself busy. I was alone when I got on board but there were plenty people when we left Helsingborg. But not so much people so it turned uncomfortable. So I enjoyed the ride to Bjuv

Aladdin on board Pågatågen in Skåne - October 2014
Pågatåg in Bjuv

I like these trains and they are running every hour, on weekends. I think they are more frequent on weekdays. Takes me about 20 minutes to get to Bjuv where my brother and youngest nephew was waiting with the car.

We took off towards ICA Supermarket with screamin' and smokin' tyres. And ICA Supermarketthey were open at the Post office counter and I could get my Polar Bear hat. About foocking time that was. They would send back my parcel to USA tomorrow.

Aladdin at ICA Supermarket in Bjuv, Skåne - October 2014

Aladdin at ICA Supermarket in Bjuv, Skåne - October 2014
Never need to be any doubt who is going to look the stupidest during the Polar Bear Quest

Aladdin at ICA Supermarket in Bjuv, Skåne - October 2014
Never need to be any doubt who is going to look the stupidest during the Polar Bear Quest

We left ICA Supermarket behind and we had decided to drive to Kalle på Spången. But we needed Aladdin back in Skåne - October 2014to stop at my brother’s house so they could change from pyjama. You don't go to Kalle på Spången in pyjama.

Of course, this took longer than expected and my youngest nephew was playing around with my hat for Aladdin back in Skåne - October 2014an hour and then he refused to change from pyjama. And when he got is jeans on he was crying for an hour.

He was crying in the car, well, not crying, it was one of those “feel sorry for me and I need attention” cry. Very annoying and when we Kalle på Spångendrove through the forest I asked him to help me keeping a look out for all the Trolldangerous trolls living in the forest. And we were lucky.

I took great interest in his task and he stopped crying. I told him that this was very big and angry trolls, not like the small trolls living in the grove outside their house.

So a sharp look out was needed and we were all depending on him to spot the trolls before they attacked us.

We arrived to Ljungbyhed without spotting any trolls, and without spotting Kalle på Spången and I checked our position on my phone. Well, we were on the right way and we were soon parking outside Kalle på Spången.

Kalle på Spången, a classic place in Skåne and their classic smörgåsbord is a must. Well, it is like a Kalle på SpångenChristmas dinner without the brunkål so no Christmas at Kalle på Spångenthere is no need for me to have any Christmas dinner. So I can spend Christmas in India looking at Tigers and Asian lions.

Smörgåsbord at Kalle på Spången is not bad, but the main reason to go there was Edvard's Siraps kavring. And I had several slices. I was full and I decided not to have any Skånsk chocolate mousse with Skånsk whipped cream. And Skånsk whipped cream, I have not had this good whipped cream Kalle på Spångenfor a very long time and I was soon having a second plate.

This was the best chocolate mousse and whipped cream in several years, and no fancy names in French. Just simple bowls and take as much you can eat. I could hardly make it in to the car, not only because of the chocolate mousse, also because of my shoes.

We decided to drive to Hyllinge Storköp to see if we could find any shoe tree for my
A shoe tree

is a device approximating the shape of a foot that is placed inside a shoe to preserve its shape, stop it from developing creases and thereby extend the life of the shoe. It is a reusable alternative to wadded rags or newspapers.

Higher quality shoe trees are made from solid wood, usually cedar, which helps control odor and absorb moisture. Wooden shoe trees are often made with two or three pieces of solid wood with a solid metal stem inserted between the heel piece and the single or double toe piece/s which have a spring action so the trees fit more snugly into the shoes. They often have handles or brass knobs at the heel piece for the fingers to grasp and pull out the trees from the shoes when removing them.

Shoe trees may also be made of plastic or stamped sheet metal, with or without a coiled steel spring stem; these are typically cheaper, lighter, and are better suited for travelling. Types lacking a flexing steel spring may use extension springs or adjustable two-piece stems having an over-center mechanical action to wedge them in place.

Advanced shoe trees have a "toe flair" which keeps the toe of the shoe in shape without stretching the shoe along its entire length.

From Wikipedia
shoes. Shoe trees are not exactly used to stretch new shoes, but it is worth a try. I will fill the shoes with some plastic bags in order to put more pressure on the shoe trees.

The first shop, only customers and no staff and we went in to another shoe shop. They had shoe trees but they Shoe treewere too small. I went back to the first shop and now the customers were gone. They had shoe trees, and cheaper than in the other shop.

I bought a pair and we left Hyllinge Storköp. I had my return ticket with the train, but I didn't feel like going on the train and I asked my brother to drive me to Helsingborg and BEST WESTERN Hotel DuxianaNo 2 in Copenhagen No 2 in Copenhagen No 2 in Copenhagen

Aladdin back in Skåne - October 2014
My nephews having a good time in the shoe shop

Aladdin back in Skåne - October 2014
My nephews having a good time in the shoe shop

I asked them to drop me at Knutpunkten, the train station in Helsingborg. I stopped at Pressbyrån Trisslottand I bought 5 bottles of Diet MAX. Their last bottles and I walked back to Shoe treemy room at BEST WESTERN Hotel Duxiana. First thing, I put my new shoe trees in my shoes and I started to scratch my lottery scratchers.

I bought 8 yesterday but I only had energy to scratch one of them so I have 15 to scratch today. And I grew tired of it after a few of them. And nothing, well, I won on 2 of them, but not enough to retire.

Well, time to go to sleep, I spent a few minutes trying to figure out how to set the alarm. I will be off to Copenhagen and Maersk Office tomorrow to get Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.stscolded. So I expect some walking around in Copenhagen so I really look forward to try my shoes tomorrow, will the shoe tress turn out to be my best investment ever?

Monday 20th of October 2014
and the first alarm went off 5 minutes past 7 and my second alarm went off 10 minutes after that. But by then I was up and about, already finished half a bottle of Diet Aladdin’s adventure on board Ørsundståget to CopenhagenMAX. I had a shower and I went for breakfast. And what a difference it was today. I was almost alone at the breakfast and I enjoyed a extra bun with Skånsk Skånska flaggan liver pate and Skånsk Skånska flaggan cucumbers
Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.stwithout having to be embarrased.

I left the breakfast around 8 thirty and as there was not much time before it was time to leave for the train station I grabbed my new jacket and I left. I was early at the train station and I had to wait for 10 minutes or so Aladdin’s adventure on board Ørsundståget to Copenhagenbefore Ørsundståget to Copenhagen arrived on track 4. I stepped on board and I connected to their WIFI and I started to read Bangkok Post online news.

And I say it again, the bridge over Öresund have really improved the train service in the area since I lived here.

One hour and I'm in Copenhagen. Just to get on the train. Back in the days we had to take ferries and changing trains in order to get from Helsingborg to Copenhagen. We were soon on the way and the train was quite full, but most of the people got off in Malmö and Kastrup, Copenhagen International Airport. Aladdin’s adventure on board Ørsundståget to CopenhagenOne or two stations later and we reached Copenhagen train station. And it was about, well, a wee bit more than one hour after departure from Helsingborg station.

The door was not working in the car I was sitting in, luckily I discovered this at Kastrup. Well, all the passengers getting off at Kastrup discovered the broken door. They had to take all their luggage and walk through the train and I made a mental note to move to the other car before arrival to Copenhagen.

Arrival around 10 thirty and I will meet the people at Maersk Office @ 13:30 so I have 3 hours to Copenhagen train stationkill. Good, I have time go to Thai Airways office at Rådhusplatsen 16 to upgrade my ticket to Bangkok.

One thing is for sure, my new shoe trees had not impressed me. I was limping from the train station to Thai Airways office. But I won't give up as I must have these shoes during my African and Indian safaris

I got the last business seat on Thai Airways flight TG 951 from Copenhagen to Bangkok and I was happy. I was so happy that I forgot the pain in my feet, at lest until it was time to leave Thai Airways and limp back out again.

Thai Airways office in Copenhagen
Thai Airways in Copenhagen

Rådhusplatsen in Copenhagen
Rådhusplatsen in Copenhagen

I limped may way down Strøget towards Nyhavn. It took me quite some time to cover the distance. I made a stop at FONA to have a look at Bluetooth headphones for my phone. All the limping around Copenhagen made No 2 in Copenhagenme hungry and I took a taxi to Maersk office. One hour early, but I was going to look for a place to eat.

With all the offices there should be at least one restaurant in the area. The taxi driver told me that there was a restaurant next door, No 2 when I got out from the taxi.

It was one of those fancy restaurants and I regret my choice when I saw them bringing a plate to a table. Nothing on the plate and it looked like they were more interesting in having a modern looking restaurant than serving big helpings.

I asked for tea, Earl Grey and the Waiter told me they had some lemon tea.
- That's the only tea you have?
- Yeah, we pick our own tea
- On Ceylon?
- No we have the flowers in the kitchen
- Well, I have water only then

I got my starter and my main course and I was kind of impressed, the food was excellent. But not much of it, but I got 2 baskets of fresh bread so I was full when I left for the office next door.

No 2 in Copenhagen
Starter - Fish and chips

No 2 in Copenhagen
Main course - Lucky I got all the bread

Well, expensive and I had expecting some kind of lunch restaurant in this landscape of office buildings. Well, maybe the reason for the place to be almost empty in the middle of the lunch hour. Well, the place is worth a visit, if you have a lot of money because you need to order “DOUBLE” Österns Pärla in HelsingborgAnd don't forget to bring a tea bag or two.

I spent two hours at the office before taking a taxi back to the train station. Seven minutes of waiting before I was on my way back to Helsingborg. I stopped at Pressbyrån and I bought 8 lottery scratchers and 4 bottles of Diet MAX before I went for my dinner at Österns Pärla for some Swedish spring rolls.

I have to take the opportunity while in Sweden and I have two more days before leaving for Bangkok on Thursday morning. And back in my room I decided to check out South African Airways web page. I booked a ticket from J'burg to Victoria Falls on the 5th of November and now I will Yet another Smiley on hopefully be able to find a ticket from Bangkok to J'burg on these dates.

South African Airways

An e-mail from my British friend and I guess he have read my updates about BEST WESTERN

Glad to see you made up and looking very dapper in your new winter coat :-)

We were looking for a new mattress and saw you mentioned the dux, did some research and the only place they sell them is in the most expensive store in the UK, Harrods in London, so you can add a thousand or two on the price... 7,600 usd or about 4 grand, wow it would have to be good "Aladdin approved" or not..

For now I will have to have back ache with the one I got

Hotel Duxiana. He was looking for a new mattress and he also sent me a link to and I checked out DUX first thing.

Of course, they had reviews of DUX, and this is what I wrote to my friend: Maybe the last product marked “Made in Sweden”. Well, yet another day have come to an end and with the day several bottles of Diet MAX. Why is it that the smallest cup of coffee can last for a life time but a bottle of Diet MAX is finished in a jiff?

Tuesday 21st of October 2014
and my alarm went off just after 7 and I enjoyed a quick Diet MAX before I went for my shower and breakfast. I was happy to see that I was almost alone at the Aladdin back in Skåne - BEST WESTERN Hotel Duxiana - October 2014breakfast again. I started by pouring 4 cups of tea.

I tried something that looked like Edvard’s Siraps kavring back on Kalle på Spången. It was almost the same and I had 2 extra slices and as I was “almost” alone I had a bonus slice of some other health bread

I felt like a million after the breakfast and I called my brother, I will take the train to Bjuv when I have been at the local tax office.

Skånsk liver pate and Skånsk cucumber on top of the bread and it was a guarantee for success. They open the local tax office at 10 and I left the hotel at 9 thirty. Misjudgement, big time, it was not so far away and I was outside the local tax office 15 minutes before they opened. And that's even though they Helsingborg in Skåne - October 2014have changed address and my map in the mobile was out of date.

I was at the old address and I asked a guy there and he pointed me in the right direction. 15 minutes before and when it was 10 o'clock it looked like a popular night club on a Saturday night.

The regional social insurance office are in the same local so there were plenty people queue up outside waiting for hand outs. And when they Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.stopened the door they had a security guard keeping an eye on the people getting in. What have happened to Sweden? For sure, nothing have gotten better since I left. OK, the train service around Skåne have turned excellent!

Helsingborg in Skåne - October 2014

Helsingborg in Skåne - October 2014
More and more people waiting outside the door

My shoes have turned a wee bit better but it is still painful to walk around and it took me quite some time to walk back to the hotel. I informed my insurance company about my new address so they can send me the invoice. I called my brother and I took the 12:17 train to Bjuv where I arrived about 20 minutes later.

I had been looking for Bluetooth headphones trying to kill time in Copenhagen. I found nothing that I liked but I ran in to a guy on the train back home. He had a pair of Bluetooth headphones. I Net on netasked if he liked them, he was satisfied and I asked Jaybird Bluebuds X Bluetooth Stereo Headphoneswhere he had bought them.
- Net on net
- Where is this shop? In Helsingborg?
- No, you have to go to Väla Centrum

So my brother came to pick me up and we took off to Väla Centrum. Took us some time before we found Net on net and it took even longer to find the Jaybird Bluebuds X Bluetooth Stereo HeadphonesBluetooth headphones. There were a few brands to choose from, but the guy on the train had Jaybird headphones.

The Jaybird Bluebuds set me back by 200 US but I was quite happy with them

We drove back to Bjuv and as I'm leaving on Thursday morning we have to act if there is going to be any Semlor before I go Semlaback home to Bangkok.

I checked internet on my phone and after a few calls I was at a bakery in Bjuv. I ordered 8 Semlor, and a few minutes later Bjuv in Skåne - October 2014I had changed my order to 10 Semlor. I will pick them up tomorrow afternoon and I'm really looking forward to this. I have not have had any Semla for a Semlavery long time now.

My nephews came back home from school at 3 o'clock and they were going to their juijutsu or Thaikwondo training at 6 o'clock. So we had to eat dinner and I had asked them to make Falukorv & makaroner.

So when I go home I have had everything I wanted to at while in Skåne:
Skånsk liver pate and Skånsk cucumbers
Swedish spring rolls
Swedish smörgåsbord (Christmas dinner) Kalle på Spången

So when I board flight TG 951 to Bangkok on Thursday I will Yet another Smiley on hopefully have completed my TO DO list. And I finished the whole Falukorv by myself.

Well, time for my nephews to take off to the Juijutsi or whatever it was and they Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.stshould drive by the train station so I could take the train back to Helsingborg and BEST WESTERN Hotel Duxiana. We came out and as it is autumn the ground is full of leafs and my nephews started to attack me.

So it didn't take long before the air was full of yellow leafs and children have fun like only children can. Yes, I wish I was 7 years old again.

Bjuv in Skåne - October 2014

Bjuv in Skåne - October 2014

Bjuv in Skåne - October 2014

Bjuv in Skåne - October 2014

Bjuv in Skåne - October 2014

They dropped me at the train station. I bought my ticket at the vending machine and I had to wait Bjuv in Skåne - October 2014for about 10 minutes before the train arrived. Late by 4 minutes, but that is not so bad.

The battery in my new Jaybird Bluebuds X Bluetooth Stereo Headphones was running dry after 15 minutes and I will have to charge the headphones and then they will last for about 8 hours when they are fully charged.

I stopped at Pressbyrån and I bought 8 lottery scratchers and 6 bottles of Diet MAX before going back to my hotel. And no stop at Österns Pärla for Swedish spring rolls today. But I think I will stop there for lunch tomorrow, my last lunch in Sweden. Well, there was an e-mail from my friend with the DUX mattress.

“It will be a long time before I get my head on a DUX, my budget will be in the "IKEA range" budget” I sent him a quick reply hoping Yet another Smiley on that I could prevent him from shopping at IKEA. I'm happy if I can prevent one guy from shopping at IKEA. But if I can help preventing a million people go to buy their cheap shit I'm happy.


The owner and founder is a Nazi!


The owner and founder is a Nazi!

Stay well clear of IKEA!!!!!

And I don't mean a hobby Nazi complaining about Rumanian beggars. He is the real thing from back in the time.

I was soon having a reply and he had checked out Mr. IKEA. And he was not impressed by Mr.

A windy day here, been blown all over the place today, some hurricane, Gonzales or something like that, reaching 70 to 80 mph up on the coast, not as bad as the storm we had in first part of the year..

I did a quick search for Mr IKEA and yes there is was reports about his activities, well well something I didn't know about, if he's getting this stuff made in China and Romania he is having his dream come true by paying peanuts to its workers. Shame.

IKEA's history. I could not help myself and I told him about IKEA's history in East Germany. He and his friends failed to Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.stbuild Nazi concentration camp. What to do?


I was relieved when I got his answer: “So will take your advice and stay away” He had asked me what I did in Sweden and I told him that I change my official address and he was soon back with an e-mail: “So the address is needed in case Thailand military government fooks up :-))”

IKEA use slave labour

IKEA's Nazi founder


IKEA's Nazi founder

Wednesday 22nd of October 2014
and as this is my last “FULL” day in Skåne I had a plan. My alarm went off just after 7 followed by my second alarm 10 minutes later. We have 10 Semlor to IKEA's Nazi founderbe picked up in the afternoon and after that feast there won't be any room for Swedish spring rolls at Österns Pärla.

Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.stSo I came up with the best idea in a long time. I went for breakfast early, yes, I don't want to skip the kavring with Skånsk liver pate and Skånsk cucumbers.

So an early breakfast and I will be able to have Swedish spring rolls at Österns Pärla before going to Bjuv for Semlor. Planning and nothing left to chance. Breakfast and I was early so there Yet another Smiley on www.aladdin.stwere quite a few people. But they were soon leaving and I could have a bonus slice of freshly baked bread.

I'm booked my ticket to Victoria Falls and I asked Siyabona Africa for my bill for the safari. I got my bill from Siyabona Africa, 18,000 US Dollars.
Yet another Smiley on What the Yet another Smiley on
Previous quotation was 13,610 US Dollars and now they have added an extra 4400 US. That is about 30% extra. Is this a scam? The bill was on 200,000ZAR. Exchange scamWe have been discussing everything in US and now they sent a bill in ZAR. I sent them an e-mail and there were soon a reply: It should be about USD 13 800 according to the website convertion option I looked at

My good mode was gone, they could as well have told me that 200,000 South African Rand was 500 US and I would have been in for a surprise when they were deducting the ZAR from my credit card. And yes, I have been excited to take off to Africa for the safari, but now I just feel like cancel the whole thing. Can I trust this company? Look at this exchange of the last 3 to 4 emails. According to their “online currency converter” it was 1380US. But they didn't use the correct amount.

OK here is what I think happened. If they had sent me 18,000 US from the beginning it would have been OK. But now they try to Scooby Doo. They knew that the 13610 US is not correct and they try to hide it by sending the invoice in ZAR. When I ask for the exchange they give me 13800 US hoping that I should send my credit card details without checking the rate.

Of course, Aladdin check the exchange rate and it is 18000 US and now they give me some
Hi Aladdin

I checked now where I made the mistake today with the exchange rate – I did not choose USD but Euro!

My previous quote before the changes was correct and I will gladly make changes if you prefer and can you let me know what you would be happy with if I change it.

Looking forward to your feedback.

BS about an online currency converter. And they didn't use the correct amount!

But it is getting worse and needless to say, I'm already online looking for a new tour company in Botswana. I would like to cancel, but i already have my ticket to Victoria Falls and it is Devil's Pool or bust.

Well, anyway, it is getting worse and now they give me a story about how they have mixed up US $ and €

Ursäkta min Skånska Skåne

I was chatting with one girl at go2africa and I sent some emails inquiry about safaris in Botswana. I booked 6 nights at Victoria Falls Hotel just to make sure I have the nights at Victoria Falls booked. I left for SemlaÖsterns Pärla and my last Swedish spring rolls for this time.

I was soon on my way to Bjuv and my brother picked me up at the train station and we took off to the bakery to pick up our fresh made Semlor.

I step in to the bakery and I ask the girl if they have Semlor. They are usually only sold during January and February and now we're writing October.

So for sure, no one is buying semlor in Sweden now. The girl looks at me and she tell me that it is Semlanot season for semlor now. So she tells me to come back in January.
- Don't you have 10 Semlor for me?
- Oh, is it you that ordered the semlor.

I was puzzled, here is a guy coming in asking for SemlaSemlor in the middle of October. At the same time she have an order for 10 Semlor, most likely the first time anyone have ordered Semlor. So yes, I was puzzled that she didn't realise that it was my Semlor on order. I got two boxes, one with nine and one Semlasmall for the last Semla as there was no room in the big box.

I paid 240, or Yet another Smiley on hmm, was it 230 Scooby Dollars for Semlathe Semlor? Never mind, we took off with smokin' and screamin' tyres.

My nephews were in school so we had to wait for them before we could eat. I was still full, but today I only had three spring rolls instead of four at Österns Pärla to make some space for Semlor. This is what I call it advanced planning ahead.

Making hot milk

Making hot milk

The noise started as soon as my nephews came home and they were going for the Juijutsi today Semlaagain. So we we're soon getting started with the hot milk for our Semlor.

My youngest nephew was eager to help and it didn't take long for him to have a pan with milk on the stove.

As soon as the milk was hot I poured it over three Semlor that I had prepared in a bowl. I had expected to eat four Semlor but there was only room for three.

This was of course good for my diet. And I was full when I finished my Semlor, but I had my fourth Semla 30 minutes later. Now I won't have any Semlor for a very long time.


They dropped me at the train station when they drove to the Juijutsi training. I had to wait for Bjuv train stationabout 10 minutes before the train came in to the station.

We left Bjuv behind quarter to 6 and I was in my room 30 minutes later with a bag containing six bottles of Diet MAX.

2 quotations for me from Africa in the e-mail. Made in Africa Tours and go2africa. I sent a few questions and I will Yet another Smiley on hopefully be able to book and confirm tomorrow without any currency exchange trouble. At least I have the first five days booked at Victoria Falls.

Well, more news about this when I'm back home. I'm off to Bangkok but first I have to experience a train adventure going from Helsingborg to Kastrup, Copenhagen International Airport.


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