The beautiful part of Sweden

The King of Denmark and the King of Sweden did always fight. Back in the days (way back before there was something called microwave oven) it was always war between Denmark and Sweden. Warring began during Viking age, a thousand years ago, when the Danes and the Swedes fought bloody battles in Öresund, and continued right up to the beginning of the 19th century. The last battle between the countries was fought in 1808, when the Danes made their last attempt to retake Skåne.

During Danish times Denmark was divided into three main parts, Jylland, Sjælland and Skåneland (Terrae Scaniae), each with its own laws. Skåneland being made up of the present day provinces of Skåne, Halland, Blekinge and Bornholm (belong to Denmark today). 1658 the Swedish king Karl X beat Denmark and at the Peace of Roskilde Skåne became a part of Sweden. Denmark had declared war on Sweden the previous year, at a time when the Swedes had their hands full fighting the Poles. The reason for the declaration of war was that Swedish King Karl X Gustaf had threatened to attack Denmark after the end of Polish war.

The Danish declaration of war came at a good time for the Swedes, since they got their ass kicked in Poland. They gladly withdrew from that war in order to fight Denmark with hope of greater success.

The Danish army was not ready for war, since the declaration of war was more or less forced out of them by the Swedish King's threats. The Swedish army attacked Denmark with full force and captured a great deal of Danish wealth and Jylland and Fyn lay at their feet. The Swedish army marched across the Little Belt covered with ice, from the already plundered Jylland to the island of Fyn and then continued across Great Belt with their sights set on Copenhagen.
Things went less well for the Swedish army in Skåne. They were forced to retreat at Ängelholm, but returned after licking their wounds a few weeks later, only to be beaten again by the Danes.
The Swedish army got their ass kicked in Skåne even though they outnumbered the Danes. The reason for the success of the people in Skåne was probably that the farmers were irritated by the Swedes after their previous ravages, and fought tooth and nail to remain Danish.

The Swedish domination on Bornholm was short. The inhabitants on the island rose against the new rulers and drove them away and returned the island to the Danish king Fredrik III 1660.Danish flag

It's no surprise that the winner ended up with the "Jewel of Scandinavia" or "The Scandinavian granary" or the "Nordic crown". Well you get the picture, many names (epithets) for Skåne which explain why they where fighting for it. I have not mentioned all the nice people living there.

1675 the Danish king Kristian V landed in Skåne to try to take back Skåne. He occupies the whole of Skåne except Malmö 1676. But at the “Battle of Lund” 4th of December 1676 the Swedish king recover foothold over Skåne, but the war did not end until 1679

Sweden and Denmark is not fighting any more and today Skåne is the beautiful part of Sweden.

Skåne is the Southern most part of Sweden with a bridge between Malmö and the Öresunds bridgeDanish capital Copenhagen. On your right hand side you can see a picture of the bridge between Malmö and Copenhagen (Denmark to the left in picture and Skåne on the right).

The island you can see at the end of the bridge is man made and from there it's a tunnel to Denmark. As you understand there has not been war between Denmark and Sweden for a couple of years. Before the bridge we had to go by ferry if we wanted to go to Denmark.

The ferries between Helsingborg and Helsingør are still operating. Between Map of SkåneMalmö and Copenhagen there is now train going over the bridge. Very convenient.

Before when the Swedish currency was the Scandinavian fist against the South it was very cheap to go shopping for meat and alcohol in Denmark. The ferries where full every day with people from Sweden going shopping in Copenhagen and Helsingør. But now Scooby Doothe Swedish Scooby Doo money make it expensive to go shopping in Denmark. Today the Scandinavian fist only strikes ourselves when we go abroad.

On you left hand side you can see a map of Skåne. Kullen is the South peninsula of the two in NW. The North peninsula is called Hallandsåsen ending with the island Hallands väder¨.

Kullaberg from West. Kullaberg is in the NW part of Skåne

The light house on Kullaberg "Kullens fyr"
Kullens fyr was built by the Danish king (not by him in person as you understand) in the middle of the 16th century. The light house which stands there today was built at the end of the 19th century.

Mölle is a small fishing village on Kullaberg. Or it was, Mölle marinatoday there are no fishing people living there. Maybe at the turn of the century (not the last) they fished there. I lived there for about 9 years. It was very nice during the summer but the winter is terrible.

At the turn of the century (It doesn't make you a millionaire if you can guess what century) Mölle was known in the whole Europe as the Sin City.

This was the first place in Sweden where women and men did swim together. This was a sensation The Sin in Möllein Europe. There was direct train from Berlin to Mölle. But going for a holiday in Mölle was nothing you told your friends at home about. This was considered a very sinful place and the people did live a life of sin in Mölle.

Pictures and post card like this spread the rumor about Mölle around Europe. These pictures were considered outrageous and that women and men where swimming together was a sensation trough out Europe. Who can believe that today? All of this and more can be readIf you read Swedish I recommend this book about in the book "Vad gjorde farfar i Mölle"

Båstad is situated on Hallandsåsen (The North of the 2 peninsulas in NW of Skåne).Båstad It's famous for tennis, well, it used to be anyway. Today no one knows about Båstad, except for you who reads about it on

Båstad municipality in Skåne and Halland covers 218km² and has 14 158 inhabitants (1999) according to Nationalencyclopedin

The railway between Gothenburg and Malmö passes through Båstad, or will do until the tunnel is ready through the Hallandsåsen. If it will be ready? I don't know, they been working there for many years by now (2006).

1885 the railway reached the Båstad city and a upswing followed with tourists and industry.

I was living in Båstad for a few years during the 80's, and that was the 1980's.

The beach

Båstad marina

Church in Båstad

Österlen is the SE part of Skåne

The name Österlen means the country in the East and was usedÖsterlen by the inhabitants in the West. "Österlen" was introduced 1929 when the first tourist guide was made. The boundary is generally made by Simrishamn and Tomelilla municipality.

In this area they speak the same dialect and have the same culture. Österlen

On the right hand picture you can see the open fields with the Baltic sea in the back. It's easy to understand why Skåne is called
Österlen“The Scandinavian granary”. Anyway it's beautiful. I would like to call it VERY beautiful.

Its views like this that makes Skåne very popular Kiviks apple cultivationwith the tourists. In the summer time you see cars from all over Stens HuvudEurope. If you spot a car from East Europe, then you knows there will soon be fresh strawberries to buy in the shops.

There are people from Poland working on all the farms, well, this was before they joined EU, now I don't know if they come any more. I haven't been in Skåne for a long time.

Now we have people from Eastern Europe stealing from all the summer houses. Glimminge Hus It's also popular to sell vodka from back of the cars, well, working for a living is out of fashion.

The picture on your left hand side shows "Glimminge hus". The Danish knight SkåneJens Holgersen Ulfstrand started to build this house 1499.

The goose is also a common sight in Skåne.
The goose is popular in Skåne. Every year in the beginning of November we celebrate mårtensafton (Mårtens eve).

This tradition was imported from Europe. This is a custom which canGoose be traced back to the 12th century. In November the goose was fat and the wine harvest was ready to be consumed. So why not having a party Smileyand they know how to throw a party in Skåne.

In Skåne you also find Sweden's #1 Soccer team Malmö FF and the best ice hockey team in Sweden MIF. And as the best ice hockey team in Sweden it also makes it one of the best in the world.

!! I suggest that you read a little something about the flag of Skåne before returning to the action on It is a beautiful flag.



Malmö FF, One of the best soccer teams in the world!
MIF, One of the best hockey teams in the world!
HIF, One of the best soccer teams in the world!
Landskrona Bois, One of the best soccer teams in the world!

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