June 2010

Sunday 20th of June 2010 and I was in the reception waiting when they came to pick me up. Pick up Rotterdamtime was changed from 7 to quarter to eight and my Rotterdamride arrived a few minutes' before 8. Same driver as yesterday and we took off to the immigration.

It was really nice to leave for the ship. The hotel was nice and the Rotterdamstaff was great, but now I have had enough of this doing nothing, hangover and waiting.

It took us about 5 minutes to get to the Immigration. When we came inside there was, maybe 15 sailors with their passports. I expected some waiting, but it took us about 10 minutes and we were out of there.

Nice to get in to the car again, it's darn cold. I could not believe my eyes when I caught sight of a thermometer, +8°C. That's a normal temperature for the winter, not in June.

I got motion sick on the way to the ship at VOPAK Ek-Riverterminal. OK, maybe it was the hangover, but I started to get motion sick when we were on the highway.
- PLEASE! Let us arrive to the ship very soon!

We reached VOPAK and we had to go leave the car and Ek-Riverget out in the cold to pass a security check. Security check, well, they checked our IDs'

I was onboard just after 9 o'clock in the evening. They had not started discharging yet and when I came in to my office the off signing Chief Officer was busy with the Loading Master and Surveyor.

While Chief Officer was busy in my office I went to look for my tea mug. I was dying for a cup of Ek-Rivertea and if I'm lucky I might find my tea mug. I gave it to Mess Man when I went home last time.

Yes, we remember the tea mug our Cook bought for me in Riga back in 2009 and not the one she bought for me in May 2010 when we were in Göteborg with Ek-Star.

I could not find my tea mug so I had to drink from a stainless steel pitcher. Ok, I will only be here for a few weeks and I will be back on Ek-Star and my tea mug.

We started to discharge at 23:15 and the Chief officer showed me the paper work. It was pretty much the same as when I was here last time. A few changes, but my old paper work was saved so I will use this. Most of the paper work is just “IMPROVEMENTS” of the old so it won't be any trouble. I was in bed around 2 o'clock, but didn't feel asleep until 3.

Monday 21st of June 2010
and I was tired when they called me 20 minutes before 8 o'clock. I got Ek-Riverdown to the mess room and the stainless steel pitcher I use as a tea mug.

I had a few last questions before it was time for him to leave and at 9 o'clock he took his bag and was just about Ek-Riverto leave the ship when we received my contract from Norway. So I needed to go to the Norwegian Consulate in Rotterdam to sign on. well, I have had it of Rotterdam and I really didn't want to leave the ship again. But hey! This time I don't have any bags to Ek-Rivercarry. I took a shower and I changed clothes and we left the ship.

First stop was the Immigration for the off signing Chief Officer and then we meet up with another car in Rotterdam. I changed car and we were off to the Norwegian Consulate, next to the very same ATM I had tried the first time last Saturday. And thus very close to my hotel.

I was back onboard a few minutes before lunch. I meet our Motorman and of course he recognised me. Most of the people onboard were new, but Motorman, 1st Engineer, Pump Man and two 3rd Officers had been onboard when I left last time. Motorman saw me and came in to my office. He showed me his scalp first thing.
- Hey look! I have plenty new hair, he said
I have him and his baby shampoo fresh in mind from last time onboard. Our Mess Man brought me tea in my office and we took our cups and we moved in to the duty mess next door. Our Motorman was sitting there enjoying his tea. And of course, soon time to sign off and we talked about home.

I told Mess man that he could take what was left of my “MAGIC HAIR STUFF” when I went home. I told them that this was the real deal and that it was really making wonders for your hair.

- Looking in the mirror (Shoulder up only!) was a pleasant surprise yesterday. “MAGIC HAIR STUFF” had done wonders and now I can see the difference.
- Yes, there is a difference from when you joined the ship, Mess man said.
- I also have a very good stuff, I'm using BABY SHAMPOO, Motorman said.
- WHAT!!??
- Yes, I'm using BABY SHAMPOO and I'm not losing any hair.
I could not believe my ears. Is he shitting me?
- Impossible for you to lose any hair! There is no hair to lose!
- I promise, it's very good.
- !!??? Are you shitting me?
- My hair loss has been stable since I started with the BABY SHAMPOO 2 years ago.
I was just gaping at him in disbelief and our Mess man felt of the sofa laughing. Yes, he was screaming of laughter wetting himself. But our Motorman was still trying to convince us that BABY SHAMPOO was the best thing ever happening to a bald guy.
- My hair loss has been stable for the last 2 years, I promise.
- Fer f@ck’s sake! There is only skin left to loose, I said.
- I have had this much hair ever since I started with the BABY SHAMPOO!!

Well, anyway, that was back in March. Now, yeah, I left the rest of my “MAGIC HAIR STUFF” onboard when I signed off last time.
- I mixes the “MAGIC HAIR STUFF” with my baby shampoo. Instant success!
- I'm sorry, but I just can't see it, I said.

No new cargo and we left for the anchorage at 7 o'clock in the evening. And I really hope they have a cargo for us tomorrow. I won't be able to stand many more days at anchor. Scratching my behind doing nothing drives you up the wall, and the time is very slow. Better to be busy.

Tuesday 22nd of June 2010
and I woke up to a gorgeous day on Rotterdam anchorage. I started Ek-Rivermy day with tea and then it was time to measure gas in cargo tanks 3 and 5. We have been ventilating
since 4 o'clock in the morning.

Pump Man needs to go down in the tanks to repair the bulkhead valves between the cargo tanks. Luckily Ek-Riverenough he only needed to go down to two tanks and
we were ready before the coffee break at 10 o'clock

I was calculating cargoes for a trip from Rotterdam to Denmark with 3 different parcels of HFO yesterday. So I was hoping for us to get this cargo. I have had Ek-Riverenough of waiting at the anchorage. I will only be here for a few weeks and I really don't want to start any project changing things when I will leave. It's better to let the two ordinary Chief Officers' have it as they want.

So I'm hoping to spend my time here loading, discharging and calculate cargoes. Well, at least I managed to spend the time until lunch making an instruction on how to put the OBQ in to our ullage report. And of course, I have a case of diet drink on top of my desk Ek-Riverand Nostalgia 77 on full blast from my entertainment centre.

We had planned for a MOB drill after lunch so at 1 Ek-Rivero'clock we launched the MOB boat, in Emergency mood. Of course, we need to test that we can launch the MOB boat even with a “DEAD SHIP”

When the boat was in the water our Captain donned a survival suit and he threw himself overboard before I had a chance to get my camera out of my pocket.
Out MOB boat crew had to get Captain out of the water and it's good training. But look at the weather, the sea is like a windmill pond, imagine doing this in a full gale or storm. Impossible.
It was almost 3 o'clock when we were finished with the drill. I had to write a few drill reports and Ek-Riverit was almost dinner when I was ready. Time turns quick as long as we're busy. We have planned for an ISPS drill tomorrow so hopefully this will be a day to disappears quickly as well.

Dinner started according to plans, well, almost. The whole day had pretty much been going down the way I had planned. Tuna and onion for breakfast, salmon for lunch. A few mishaps’, Ek-Riverbut nothing much.

Dinner went down according to plan, at least until our Chief Engineer started with the apple pie. One of the biggest helpings I had seen so far. And believe me, I have seen some nasty helpings in my days.

But there is a new day tomorrow and we start all over again. I think I will skip the mess room and I will have my tuna and onion in my office. I will never have to see any apple pie again. Fish is good, and it's not like we're running out of fish.

Anchored and beautiful weather so the crew are busy fishing. Yes, I have never met a Filipino that doesn't like to fish.
Well, fresh fish, I don't know what kind of fish they are catching. I could not see any cod fish so I think I will stick to the canned tuna or salmon.

Long and sunny evenings, good, the crew are busy painting while I'm on deck walking. I was a FUNKY TOWNwee bit delayed to deck so I only got a 60 minutes' constitutional. But if the weather permits it will be 90 minutes' tomorrow.

This time when I came onboard I discovered that our Engineers had bought cameras. Last time I was onboard they were always asking me why I took all the pictures. And now they know, they had all been updating themselves about Charisma Man's adventure in FUNKY TOWN.
- Party every day?
- No no, I have my school!
Obviously that one didn't work, stupid to try.
Ek-River- Well, every second day. I kept my self updated on www.aladdin.st! So don't try the school bullshit with me!

No secrets around here. So when I passed the pool our 1st Engineer wanted me to take a few pictures with his camera so he could send them to his children back home. Of course I could take a few pictures and he handed me his new camera. In video mood, so the first few time turned to crap.

But as soon as I discovered that the camera was in video mood I switched to camera mood and we got our pictures.

I studied my Thai books today and with my constitutional I can say that I'm back in my ordinary routines. Not good when I break my routines staying at hotel with hangover, for sure, no Thai studies with a rampant hangover.
OK, that's pretty much it about the 22nd of June in the year of our Lord 2010. Stay tuned for more crap online tomorrow! Who knows, it might be an interesting day with ISPS drill and stuff. But, hmm, it will most likely not be very exciting.

Wednesday 23rd of June 2010
and we were still anchored when I woke up. A beautiful morning and Ek-RiverI was in a good mood even though they called me 10 minutes late. So I had to have a quick shower before I went down for my morning tea and our last can of tuna.

Yes, I'm starting my day in my office drinking my morning tea while reading Bangkok Post. I had our last tuna so I guess I will have to come up with something different tomorrow morning. Well, as long as it is healthy food I don't mind.
OK, it had to taste good as well.

When I finished my tea I went on deck to see how our painting was progressing. The front of the superstructure will soon be ready, most likely today. And poop deck is painted three times so the last layer of white will hopefully be ready today or tomorrow.
And this is of course weather permitted, but it looks like we will have nice weather.
I went to see our Deck Cadet in action at our MOB boat. He is chipping around our MOB boat and I Ek-Riverhope the chipping will be ready today so we can put back the platform over the hydraulic pipes.

The work on deck is going forward and if we're lucky with the weather she will be ready when the autumn comes. And hopefully I will be back in FUNKY TOWN by then.

We held our ISPS drill at quarter past ten and this Ek-Rivertook us almost 1 hour. I had hidden a bomb (dummy) and our Chief Engineer had hidden one bomb in the engine room. We had three teams looking for the bombs while our Chief Engineer, Captain and I was in the “COMMAND CENTRE”
Ek-River(scratching our behinds while screaming in the radio)

When we were finished with the drill the crew could continue with the painting and chipping. Our Pump Man started to check all the flame screens on our P/V valves. Captain and I did the quarterly review of our ISPS code. when we were ready it was time to write a report and Ek-Riversuddenly it was lunch time again.

Half day disappeared real quick, good. But still no news about our next cargo. Summer time and things is a wee bit slow. Just outside Rotterdam we have numerous tankers anchored waiting for Ek-Rivercargo. So it might take some time before we get any loading orders. But I really hope that we're out of here soon.

Our 1st Engineer was busy adjusting the burner during the afternoon. I think he adjusted the air for the burner. Then he ran out on the poop deck to check the smoke from the funnel and back in Ek-Riverto do some adjustments before he went back out again to check the smoke.
Well, this wasn't all that exciting and I had more important things to do so I was soon leaving him all by lonesome.
Our Pump Man finished the P/V valves during the afternoon and I Ek-Riverasked him to prepare for us to pressure test our manifold valves. We will do this tomorrow and he can start preparing the stuff we need for the test. We will also check the gears in the valve on manifold 5 Stb so he will prepare this valve for tomorrows' adventure.

The afternoon turned quite slowly, but finally it was 5 o'clock and time for dinner.

I was not happy when I discovered a new pack (Family pack) of Ek-RiverPhiladelphia cheese. Darn! I had done my best to finish the other pack during lunch and now there is a new one. I had expected to never see the darn cheese again. If I knew I would not have bothered Ek-Riverfinish the other pack. Yes it was a family pack as well. My plan was to finish the Philadelphia cheese so I got rid of this temptation and I could concentrate on my tuna.

Of course, our Chief Engineer had to take a big load of the Philadelphia cheese on is bread. And he wasn't satisfied after the Philadelphia cheese, so he took a big helping of the dessert. But I managed to muster all my self-discipline and I rejected the dessert. Yes, I was proud of myself, until I realised that I had done my best to finish my second FAMILY PACK of Philadelphia cheese in one day.
I spent the evening in my cabin reading Thai and writing on my web page. And by the look on how many tankers that are anchored around us it looks like we have to stay here for a while.

Thursday 24th of June 2010
and we're still anchored when I get out of bed. Sun was shining and I was in a good mood even though I was dead tired. I didn't manage to get to sleep until the clock was over 3 this morning. well, I guess that I have to blame it on the diet drinks.

After my morning tea I went on deck to pressure test our manifold valves with Pump Man. He had prepared everything and it was just to open the air. A beautiful day, but I spent most of the day indoors with a new CBT. So I have not taken any pictures today. So when I came down for dinner I didn't had my camera.

Of course, I missed to get the action at dinner on picture. Today there were 2 boxes of Philadelphia cheese on the table. Our Chief Engineer noticed that I didn't have my camera. Is mood improved instantly. First he took a big plate with dessert.
- OH! You don't have your camera! Maybe I should have some cheese.
He took a piece of baguette and a spoon. Yes, a f@cking spoon. I ripped open the pack of Philadelphia. He plunged the spoon in to the Philadelphia cheese pack.
I swear to God, half the pack came out with the spoon. MOTHERF@CKER!! There was no space on the baguette so I could not believe my eyes when he dunked the spoon a second time. NO CAMERA! But I have the ship's camera in my office so I went to get the camera.

Of course, when I was back the spoon was a goner and the baguette was almost history as well. OK, I managed to get a few pictures of the spectacle before I went to my cabin for my Thai books. And hopefully I can fall asleep early today after the last few days of almost no sleep.

Friday 25th of June 2010
and yes, we're still anchored outside Rotterdam. And it's still very nice Ek-Riverweather. So I was in a good mood when I came Ek-Riverdown for my morning tea.

When I was finished with my morning tea and Bangkok Post I went on deck to check on our crew. The crew was busy on deck with chipping, painting and greasing.

The crew is making progress and the superstructure is soon ready. we don't have much white paint left, but hopefully it will be enough to finish the superstructure.
I asked our cook if he could have a chopped onion for me for lunch and dinner. I better start Ek-Rivergetting serious with my diet, or else...

Soon time to go home and I refuse to sign off as Mr. Porky again. So from now on its onion, and almost only onion.

We must have several cubic tonnes of fish onboard by now. But the crew continues to fish and there is plenty Ek-Riverfish around us. They fill a big box in no time.

So they eat their freshly catched fish both for lunch and dinner. I don't eat the fish, they have a strange way to clean the fish, well, at least for me. I'm not used to eat fish with the head, but this is Asian style.

I returned to my cabin after lunch for some Thai studies, well, honestly, I was mostly slumbering. But I was full of pep after my slumber and I went to our library to Ek-Riverdo our new CBT (Computer Based Training). Yes, where do they come up with all this bullshit? As Captain said:
- They send onboard people that don't know how to navigate and we have to do this.......

Well, anyway, our Chief Engineer and I did our CBTs' and this took hours. Yes, I spent a few hours yesterday and when we finished our CBT it was 10 minutes Ek-Riverbefore dinner. It was very nice to leave the library and the darn CBT behind and go for dinner, and that's even though we had spent most of the time laughing and Scooby Dooing around.
But now we were ready with the darn CBT #149.

When I came to the mess room I got my bowl containing a Ek-Riverchopped onion. I mixed the onion with some scrimps and a hamburger that was left over from lunch.

I finished my bowl of health stuff and I was just about to leave. Yes, this is my new plan, to leave the mess room before I get in to trouble.

But today I was a wee bit late to get my arse out of the mess room. Ek-RiverPancakes, whipped cream and blueberry jam. Not bad, but I was just about to leave when I was talked in to having a portion.
- But the pancakes weren’t all that good.
American styled pancakes and if you have had put the pancake batter in a baking tin it would have been a sponge cake.

European styled pancakes are the best. But it's a Filipino Cook so he does it the American way.

Ok, if I look at the bright side, American styled pancakes are great for my diet. I will not eat them again.

And talking about pancakes, the pancake flipping contest we had last time I was onboard springs to mind. I pepped the Mess man and our Cook to get in to a pancake flipping contest.
The winner? I don't know, but I got a few pictures out of it.



Dinner was a big setback due to the pancakes. But I asked our Cook if he could have my onion ready 10 minutes' before mealtime tomorrow so I don't have to sit down with the rest of the guys watching them eating and thus be tempted to have an extra snack.

And we got news about our next voyage, we will get confirmation on Monday night if we're going to go to Porvoo, Finland to load VGO. I really hope so, time to do something after almost one week onboard. Sounds nice to walk around scratching your behind, but it's very boring.

Saturday 26th of June 2010
and well, we're still anchored. Now it's getting real boring and I'm grateful that we have our CBTs. As it turns out Vetting Inspectors are checking our CBTs so I'm better off finish a few of them. Looks good with a few completed courses in the records. We can imagine the reaction if I have MISSED after all the mandatory courses.

But first I have to kick start the crew. It's fog so the painting has to wait for a while due to dam. But it's dry where the sun is shining so it will soon be OK to paint.

I don't know how many of the CBT's I did, maybe 7 and suddenly it was time for dinner, Actually it was so fun doing the CBTs so I was late for dinner.

And Motherf@cker, I discovered that I and Captain had spent 2 hours for dinner. DARN! No time to read my Thai books before I went on deck for my constitutional.

Well, when I came back to my cabin I had a shower and I spent the evening reading Thai and listen Ek-Riverto B-52's. And I had time to watch a stupid Cheech and Chong movie. Up in smoke
- But, hmm, maybe this movie was more fun back in the early 80's

I don't understand why I used to think these movies were so fun. But I must admit the scene where they smoke dog shit in the Ek-Rivercar is pretty funny. Chong brings out a jumbo joint and Cheech is asking Chong what the hell it is.
- It's Labrador.
- What is that?
- It's dog shit.
Well, this scene is always a laugh, but from there on it's, yeah, straight up embarrassing from time to time. And this is the 4th or 5th C&C movie I have watched in the last few weeks. I never finished 2 of the movies. And the movie Far Out Man with Chong (with a 7 seconds appearance of Cheech) took me 3 days to watch.

This movie was straight up embarrassing to watch. Well, then I'm better off study my Thai and write some stupid stuff on my web page. And I'm sorry, I just couldn't help myself, so I posted the classic Cheech & Chong scene so it's just to watch the stupid vid below

Sunday 27th of June 2010
and yes, we were still anchored when I got out of bed. But I hope that Ek-Rivertomorrow morning is the last time I wake up on Rotterdam anchorage. The company lose money and I'm getting bored.

I joined the ship 1 week ago and we have been doing almost ZIP since I joined. So please, some action Ek-Rivernow or I will go crazy!

But I think that we will get this cargo from Porvoo, Finland. Well, anyway, I finished my tea and Bangkok Post and 1 CBT before we held Ek-Riverthe management meeting at quarter past 10.

Management meeting and the new CBT #149 came up from previous management meeting. Now it was only our 1st Engineer left to do the CBT so we left for the Ek-Riverlibrary to finish his CBT.

The first thing I discovered was that he had finished all his CBTs except this very one. His record page was all green and my page is red with MISSING after most of the mandatory CBTs.

But green is how my CBT record will look like when I leave the ship. I have planned to take 2 CBTs' per day and it will not take long until I'm ready.
Ek-RiverBut I will soon have to do them all over again, they expires after 3 years.

It was almost like a class room in the library today. 4 students and it were of course more fun than to sit alone. And I think you learn more when sitting in class discussing the subject.

We were soon finished and I had a few minutes before it was time for lunch. So I did Ek-Riverone more CBT and I was a few minutes late for lunch. Never mind, my CBT record looks better by the day.

I don't know if it's the summer heat affecting me or what, but when I was back in my cabin for some Thai studies I dozed off. Well, I have to continue my studies tonight.
- Hmm, its Sunday so maybe I should just give it a skip.

But one thing is for sure, I will not buy any more diet drinks, ok, almost sure. I drink 10 cans per day and when I go to bed it's impossible to sleep. And thus I doze off when it is time for my mid days Thai studies.
A slow afternoon turned in to evening and I watched C&C The Next Movie and not surprisingly it turned out to be a real sleeping pill.
And of course, even though the movie was a sleeping pill I didn't managed to fall asleep when I went to bed. Really annoying, tossing and turning for several hours.

Monday 28th of June 2010
and last day at the anchorage? For sure, I hope so. A long shower and I Ek-Riverfelt a wee bit better. I didn't fall asleep until almost 4 o'clock so I was tired, well, almost dead after several nights without proper sleep.

Tea and 3 slices of Knäckebröd in my office while reading Bangkok Post. I checked out the guys on deck and I returned to my office for some heavy duty paper work. We have 4 Ek-Riverleaking manifold valves and our Pump Man, Deck Cadet and I started to remove the valve on 5 STB Ek-Riverafter 10 o'clock.

My hands were soon dirty and I told our Deck Cadet to have a real good look.
- It will be a long time until you see a Chief Officer with dirty hands next time.

We had to use a sledge hammer and a striking tool to take off Ek-Riverthe bolts. It went pretty quick to remove the bolts even though I told them some cock-and-bull stories and anecdotes from my life at sea.
They were listening to my stories with eyes like saucers, and of course, they were beaming of joy while wetting themselves when I told them mu stories.
Ek-River- Yeah-yeah Blah-blah

We removed the valve from the manifold with the help of our crane and we had the valve on the cat walk 25 minutes after 11 o'clock. And from there one of our ABs and Pump Man carried it down to Ek-Riverthe workshop in the engine.

I would have loved to help them carry, but I'm too old for spectacles like that. But as our AB and Pump Man learned, I'm not too old for giving stupid pointers.

I realised that I was better off leaving them alone Ek-Riverwhile carrying the valve so I made a quick stop in my office for a diet drink and when I came down to the Ek-Riverworkshop they had the valve on the floor.

Good, so they can start dismantle the valve after lunch. I was off to the galley 10 minutes before 12 to get my onion and beef. No tuna onboard, but it's ordered for our next port. I finished my lunch before 12 and I was off to Ek-Rivermy cabin and my Thai books leaving the others alone in the mess room.

Yes, they were not happy to have to sit alone. But to look good is more important than to entertain our Captain and Chief Engineer. Empty seat and I will be handsome #1 when I'm signing off and I'm out of here.

Well, handsome is not the only perk. When returning to my Thai boos full of food, of course, I doze off. But no food and I'm full of vim and at 1 o'clock I was turning wheels down the stairs to the engine workshop and our manifold valve.
We were facing a few problem, well, not any problems. But our 1st Engineer wanted to build a pipe Ek-Riverso we could put the valve on it and test if the valve was tight.
Ek-River Hmm, several hours of work and we came up with the idea of using a reducer and 2 blinds.

I went forward with Pump Man to see if we had what we needed under the fo'c's'le. Didn't take long to find the stuff. Yes, yet again the importance of good housekeeping.

We heaved up our anchor and left for Göteborg in the afternoon. Yes, finally we're out of here. But we still don't know Ek-Riverwhere we will load our next cargo. We will just stop at the roads of Göteborg to repair one of our boilers.

I was pretty pleased with my day when I returned to my cabin after dinner. My diet had been a success, almost according to plan. Now I only need a full nights of good sleep and I will be back in action tomorrow.

Coming on deck for my evening constitutional was not all that nice. After a week on anchor it was a wee bit windy on deck now when we were making speed. So I went back inside after 30 minutes, not so much due to the wind. Mostly because I was tired and I really need some sleep now.

Tuesday 29th of June 2010
and I woke up to a foggy morning. Dense fog so no painting today, at least not in the morning. I was still tired even though I had had a long and hot shower. No sleep, I went to bet 10 o'clock yesterday and I didn't felt asleep until early morning even though I was Ek-Riverdead tired. Now I'm convinced that it is due to the diet drinks and I will try to give up the diet drinks.

I took the opportunity to make a few CBTs while they were putting back the valve on #5 manifold and taking down the valve from #6 manifold. Yes, I'm eager to learn and yesterday I got my new course schedule for Manila this Autumn.

So I will fly to Manila on the 1st of November and I will be back in Funky Town mid November. Then I will have my next course in December 2010. A lot of flying between Manila and FUNKY TOWN on my next holiday. And I have to go to Singapore for a weekend of fun so I will be busy. I will also try out a new Thai school.

Wednesday 30th of June 2010
and we were anchored at anchorage “C” outside Göteborg when I Ek-Riverwoke up. Today they called me a little earlier than usual.
- The boat is here in 10 minutes
- OK, I'm coming.
I was going down to measure for gas in the boiler before the welder started the welding. They just arrived when I came down to my office. They were lifting onboard their equipments. I had time for a quick cuppa while I calibrated the gas detectors.

Captain and I tested the terrorist alarm while they were Ek-Riverwelding in the engine room. I was busy until the afternoon with our stores that we received with the boat bringing the welders.

The guys on deck were busy with the last leaking manifold valve. It was raining and blowing, typical Göteborg weather. We pressure tested our manifold valves and I had time to do one CBT before dinner.

No constitutional today due to bad weather and I spent the evening in my cabin. I had plenty to do, update all my web pages with video on.

Change all the scripts and, well that was the quick part. But to search the sides for videos that weren’t working took quite some time. And when I went to bed I was far from ready. So I will most likely continue tomorrow. A few years ago it worked perfect, but now the scripts don't work with the now browsers and thus I will have to change.

Well, looks like we have yet another month behind us and we jump right over to July in the year of our Lord 2010. Soon time to change ship again?

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E ni Svenskar och inte förstår Engelska så ska ni skämmas. J och Björn, med det menar jag inte att alla mina stavfel ska ältas varje gång vi träffas.


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